Patience’s VirtuePatience’s Virtue


Dear Readers,

A while back, I submitted a scene from this novel to the website under the title “Patience’s Virtue, an Excerpt.” Well, I got some negative feedback about not submitting the entire novel. So, I decided to do just that. It is my favorite novel. I know that it is silly, and romantic, and idealized, but I don’t care. Call it a new category: “Idealized Erotic Relationship Fiction.” I write for my own enjoyment, and to make up for what is lacking in my own life. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Patience and Langdon Mackenzie were two very special youngsters. They were born on the same day to the same mother, but they were not identical twins. Instead, they were fraternal twins, which means that two separate eggs were fertilized when they were conceived. They were thus true brother and sister, and they resembled each other as brothers and sisters do, but they were not identical.

Even so, they were close. When they were young, they were each other’s only playmates. As they grew,

they fought as brothers and sisters often do, but they were still very, very close. That is not to say that there was anything improper about their relationship. They related to each other in the way that most siblings do, but on the whole, they were closer and fought less.

Patience was a slender girl, and stayed slender as she grew up. Her hair was fine and blonde, and she always preferred it short. She had pale blue eyes and a spray of freckles about her pert, upturned nose. Though small in stature, she was athletic and physical, aggressive and passionate.

Langdon was also slender as a boy, but by the time he had grown into a young man, had filled out nicely. He had his sister’s blue eyes, but his hair was a darker brown and he had no freckles. His nose was normal, medium and straight, in no way remarkable (something he was secretly happy about). He was also athletic and physical, but not as passionate or aggressive as Patience. Langdon was more thoughtful and methodical than his sister.

Patience and Langdon, as it was explained before, were often each other’s only playmates. Their closeness was such that, if they became separated, for example if one was away on a camping trip or sleepover, the other often had difficulty sleeping.

It was Patience’s misfortune to be afflicted with asthma early in her childhood. Her attacks could be quite severe at times, and Langdon became an expert, at the age of 11, at ascertaining how bad an attack was, and whether it warranted a trip to the doctor’s. He became proficient at administering Patience’s medication to her, and was often the only one who could get his sister’s attacks under control.

When Patience and Langdon were 12, the boy was awakened one night from a deep sleep by the awful certainty that his sister was in deep trouble. He could hear nothing–they had been placed in separate bedrooms years ago by their parents–yet he knew something was wrong.

He got out of bed and walked out into the hall. The entire house was quiet. He could hear his father snoring. He tiptoed down the hall to his sister’s room. The door was ajar. From inside, he thought he heard a gasp, combined with a wheeze. He went inside and crossed the room to his sister’s bed. “Sis?” he asked. No reply. He shook her gently, and was shocked at the clammy feel of her pajamas. “Sis?” he asked again, this time louder and more anxiously. Still no answer. Langdon reached over and turned on the lamp that sat on her bedside table.

His insides congealed with fear as the light came on and revealed his sister. Patience lay in the bed, her face pale, her lips bluish. Her eyes were wide open and unseeing. From her mouth came the faintest of wheezes and nothing else. Her chest rose and fell in spasms, as if trying to breathe, but unable to. She was obviously having an attack, and a very, very bad one at that. “Oh, shit!” the boy exclaimed, and ran from the room to get his mother and father.

Once the ambulance had taken Patience, barely breathing and wearing an oxygen mask, to the hospital, the parents had tried to convince the brother to stay with relatives. They would go to the hospital and call him as soon as they knew anything. But Langdon would have none of that. He insisted on going to the hospital with them. They finally gave in, and he rode in the back seat of the car, where he and Patience usually rode together.

Patience had been admitted to the intensive care unit. This attack had been bad enough to require putting her on a ventilator. There were IVs in her arms, and a tube down her throat. The machine quietly breathed for her.

Langdon once again insisted that he be allowed to visit his sister’s bedside. When he got there, she appeared drugged, but her eyes opened wider when she saw him. He grabbed her hand and squeezed it, and she squeezed back. Their mother was crying softly, but trying to appear brave. She leaned down and kissed Patience on the forehead. Their father, a quiet man, seemed not to know what to say. He also escort kartal kissed Patience and squeezed her hand. Langdon looked down at his sister and said three words, “I’ll be here.” She nodded.

They went back to the waiting room. A doctor came in a few minutes later, sat down, and went over Patience’s condition. It was a close call, he explained, but she would be all right. She would require the ventilator overnight, but could probably come off tomorrow. After that, she would need to stay for about a week so they could run tests, administer medicine, and make sure she was all right. Then he asked, “Who found her tonight?”

“Langdon did,” the mother said.

The doctor turned to Langdon and said, “Young man, if you hadn’t found your sister when you did, she would have, in all likelihood, died tonight. She’s extremely lucky to have a brother like you.” Then the doctor left. The parents were very proud of Langdon, and from that time on, he saw Patience whenever he wanted.

The next day, good as his word, the doctor removed the ventilator from Patience, and she could once again talk. Langdon visited her every day after school. He did his homework at her bedside, and brought her sodas and snacks from the lounge. When she was better, he brought her books. On the weekend, he spent the night in the room, sleeping on a cot beside the bed.

On the outside, their relationship changed very little. But inside, each knew that they had ascended to another level. They spoke very little about it, but each knew that they would never, ever be very far away from each other.

A year later, when they were 13, the unthinkable happened. They were staying with an uncle for the weekend while their parents were away on a trip. The phone rang, and the uncle went to answer it. After a whispered, urgent conversation which caused Patience and Langdon to look, concerned, at each other, the uncle came into the room to say that both of their parents had been killed in an automobile accident.

The next few months were a nightmare from which there seemed to be no awakening. Patience and Langdon, as any children would be, were devastated by the loss of their parents. Their only comfort was each other. Many nights, while staying with this or that relative, they sneaked into each other’s room, and stayed up most of the night talking and consoling each other. They knew little of the court system, or of their family’s situation, but they could not envision any situation in which they would be separated. And together, they would be all right.

And then, the unthinkable happened again. One day, they rode downtown with the uncle they had stayed the most with. They went into a courtroom, where they were shown places to sit. After a lot of mumbo-jumbo that they did not understand, the judge said something they did understand. In essence, he said that, owing to the precarious financial nature of the families involved, the brother and sister should be separated. Patience would go and live with her paternal uncle and his wife. Langdon would go and live with his maternal uncle, who was a widower.

The brother and sister were shocked and dismayed. Separated! They were to be separated! It was impossible! Patience began crying loudly, and so did Langdon, though quieter. They clung together, and Patience shouted “No! No! I want to be with Langdon! I want to be with my brother!”

But it was not to be. They were driven back to the house of the uncle with whom they were staying. There, gently but firmly, they were told that they were to be separated, that there was nothing to be done, and that was that. The move would take place three days from then. They were slightly consoled by the fact that they would still be in the same town, and could see each other often. But they would not go to the same school, or stay in the same house.

For the next three days, Patience and Langdon moped about, desultorily packing their belongings. They dreaded the awful moment when they should be separated. They stayed up all night once, vowing to write, to call, to stay as close as possible.

When the day came to go to their new, separate homes, Patience thought her heart would break, and she saw that Langdon felt the same way. Still, they were only 13, with no control over their fate. They were loaded into separate cars, and driven to separate houses across the city from each other.

For about a year, it was not too bad. Although they lived in separate houses, they were together alot. They still kept close with phone calls and visits, and the pain of losing their parents, and each other, began to fade somewhat.

Then, the unthinkable happened again. The maternal uncle that Langdon lived with died of a sudden heart attack. Although Langdon was sad–he had begun to like the guy–he was secretly glad, because he thought that the uncle’s death would mean that he would be living with Patience again. But it was not to be. The aunt and uncle whom Patience lived with made it clear that they could not take another child. With no other alternative, uğur mumcu escort Langdon was placed into a foster home.

Langdon’s foster parents were okay, and he liked them, but they were not as understanding as his uncle had been. He saw Patience less and less often, and it made him feel very sad, and very alone. One day, his foster father came to him and told him that they were going to another part of the state because he had received a promotion. Langdon was seized with fear, and he immediately called Patience and told her. Once again, there were mutual vows to keep in touch at any cost.

A month later, Langdon was moved along with his foster family to another part of the state. He called as often as he could, and wrote when he could, but the distances involved were not conducive to maintaining contact. One day, a letter he had written was returned to him stamped, “No longer at this address”. He immediately tried to call, but the phone service had been disconnected.

With a heavy heart, Langdon realized that he had lost track of his beloved sister. He wondered when, or if, he would ever see her again. That night, as most 15 year-old boys will do, he cried in the privacy and darkness of his room.

Chapter Two

Langdon Garroway graduated with honors from high school. He was a tall, muscular young man. He had lettered in several sports. Due to his outgoing nature and quick wit, he was popular among the girls. However, at 18, he was still a virgin. He had a job working as a lifeguard for the summer. That fall, he would return to his home town to attend college. He planned to major in physical therapy. Although his foster parents, the Garroways, had often struggled for money, Langdon’s trust fund, left to both he and Patience after the death of their parents, had not been touched. As such, it was ample to pay his tuition and expenses for college.

One day in late June, Langdon was working at the pool when a young woman with heavy breasts and long, thick red hair approached him on the lifeguard stand. “Hi, Langdon,” she said.

“Oh, hi Bonnie,” Langdon said. He knew this girl. This was Bonnie Cates. She was a bit of a tart, and Langdon knew several boys that had been with her. Up to that point, she had never shown much interest in him, though. Langdon had been mildly interested in her, and thought she was good-looking in a slightly trampy way.

Bonnie had always worn tight jeans and tank tops, or very short skirts. She wore plenty of makeup, but it was always skillfully applied. She had full red lips and big green eyes. Today, her large breasts were almost spilling out of the top of her skimpy bikini.

“So, are you going to the softball game tonight?” Bonnie asked.

“Yeah, I’ll probably go, for at least a little while,” Langdon replied.

“Good, I was hoping I would see you there. My brother’s playing, so I’ll be there. Maybe we can do something after the game.”

Langdon was suddenly very interested. Bonnie, though not the most attractive girl in school, was still a pretty one. He wasn’t sure why she was suddenly interested in him, but he wasn’t going to ask. “What would you like to do?” he asked.

“Oh, I don’t know. Drive around. Maybe go to the drive-in. I’m sure I can think of something to do.”

“Okay,” Langdon said, “I’ll pick you up at the game.”

“I’ll be there,” Bonnie said, giving him her best smile.

Langdon’s cock stayed hard the rest of the day, as he sat thinking about what he hoped would transpire later that night. The rest of the day seemed to drag on and on. After work, he went home, showered, put on cologne, and dressed in a loose, comfortable sport shirt and baggy shorts.

He saw Bonnie right away at the game. She was sitting with some of her girlfriends. When she saw him, she left them and came over to sit with him. She sat very close to him the entire game, and Langdon could smell her perfume. Sometime during the seventh inning, she took his hand and held it. Once, she let

go of his hand long enough to play with the hair that spilled over the back of his collar. He became aware of the heat and lushness of her body. She wore a brief tank top that exposed both the tops of her breasts, and her navel. Her jeans were very snug, and she often, perhaps unconsciously, adjusted them at her groin area. The thought of what might await him on the other side of that fabric drove Langdon crazy. Finally, it was the ninth inning, with two outs. The last batter was a notoriously poor hitter, so Langdon turned to Bonnie and said, “What do you want to do after the game?”

“Well,” she said, “my parents are out of town for the weekend, and my brother won’t be back until tomorrow. Why don’t we go to my house?”

“Okay,” Langdon said, his excitement rising a notch higher.

On the way to her house, Bonnie sat right beside Langdon on the seat with her hand between his legs, stroking his inner thigh. His cock was rock-hard and seemed enormous. Bonnie let her hand pass idly over it a few times.

She çavuşoğlu escort unlocked the door of her house and let them in. The interior of the house was dark and quiet. “Let’s get something to drink,” she said. She went to the refrigertor and brought back two beers. “Let’s go upstairs to drink these,” she said.

He followed her up to her room. Bonnie’s room was a typical teenager’s room, with a stereo, a desk, posters of hunks on the wall, and a double bed with a pretty, flowered bedspread. Bonnie put some music on the stereo, turned down the lights, and they both sat on the floor drinking their beers. After a while, Langdon put his arm around her, and pulled her close. She fell against him, offering her lips. They kissed, a little clumsily at first, then with more passion. Bonnie was a very good kisser. She sucked Langdon’s tongue right down her throat.

“Langdon,” she said huskily, “put your hand on my breasts.” Langdon massaged her generous tits through the thin fabric of her top. The nipples became hard. Bonnie removed the top and offered her breasts to Langdon to suckle, which he did, ardently. “Let’s get your shirt off, now,” she said. Langdon scrambled to remove his shirt. Bonnie bent down and took one of his

nipples into her mouth. Her mouth was hot and wet, and Langdon felt an electric jolt to his cock as she sucked him avidly.

They moved to the bed. Langdon clumsily removed his shoes, while Bonnie did a slow striptease for him. She was only in jeans and panties, but she unbuttoned them slowly, smiling and looking into his eyes all the while. Then she turned her back, and pulled the pants slowly down over a curvaceous ass. She had on very skimpy red panties, and she briefly pulled them down, but then pulled them up again. “You get to take them off,” she said.

She crawled up on the bed and they embraced. Bonnie rubbed her hot tits on Langdon’s chest, and the boy planted hot wet kisses on her neck. “Touch my pussy, darling,” Bonnie whispered. Langdon reached under the waistband of her underwear and pulled them down, then felt around in the thick nest of her pubic hair until he found her wet slit. She groaned in pleasure as he massaged her clit gently. “Now let’s see what you’ve got under these pants,” she said.

She knelt beside him on the bed and whipped his jockey shorts down. Bonnie gasped at what she saw.

First of all, Langdon’s cock was truly massive. It was at least nine inches long, and three to four inches around. Second, it was only semi-erect, at best.

“What’s wrong, honey, aren’t you excited?” she asked gently.

“Yes, yes I am. I guess I’m just nervous,” he replied.

“Langdon, have you ever been with a girl?” she asked.

He was embarrassed, and blushingly he shook his head.

“I can’t believe it! You really are a virgin!” Bonnie exclaimed. “Well, don’t you worry about a single thing,” she said, “because Bonnie’s going to take care of everything.” She stooped to look at his still-soft dick and said, “Langdon, you have a nice, big cock, did you know that? And Bonnie here knows just how to get it nice and hard, ’cause Bonnie intends to have that thing in her pussy tonight!”

Having said that, she laid down on the bed beside him with her head on his lap. Langdon felt her breath on his dick, and then her warm wet tongue circled the head of his cock. “Mmmm,” she purred, “tastes good. I

love sucking cock, Langdon. You are in for a treat.”

She kissed the shaft up and down its length, nuzzling in his pubic hair. She noted with satisfaction that his dick was already hardening nicely. As it got harder, its musky smell reached her, and without realizing it, she moaned. Bonnie opened her mouth and took in as much of Langdon’s cock as she could.

Langdon stiffened momentarily with the explosion of hot pleasure, then he too moaned. Bonnie sucked hard on the member filling her mouth. God, she loved sucking cock! She whipped her tongue around the shaft and head, and then plunged down on it, trying to get it deeper into her mouth.

“Oh Bonnie, that feels so good!” Langdon gasped.

“Langdon darling, I want you to come in my mouth,” Bonnie said, briefly taking her mouth off his aching prick.

“Oh yes, yes,” he said.

She plunged back down on his dick, working on it with both her mouth and her hand. She gently stroked the shaft while bobbing her head on the glans. He was already leaking pre-come. He would explode in orgasm very soon now. Good, she wanted to swallow his musky

come. Once again, she took her mouth off, this time long enough to flick her warm wet tongue over the head and give the now-gigantic cock a couple of authoritative strokes before once again sucking it into the wet cavern that was her mouth.

Langdon began thrusting gently into her mouth, and Bonnie knew his climax was close. She made her mouth very wet and sucky around his dick, and let nature take its course. Within a few seconds, Langdon was gasping, “Oh baby, I’m coming!” Bonnie felt his cock jerk and then she was flooded with a thick, hot, creamy explosion of sperm. It jetted forcefully from Langdon’s dick and into the back of her throat, where she swallowed it gratefully. Langdon was groaning, “Oh, oh, oh,” with each spurt, and it excited Bonnie to be giving him so much pleasure.

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