Party for OneParty for One

Big Dicks

“Lisa, he is going to kill you when he finds out you’re using him for your graduate thesis.”

“Jackie, I’m not just using him for that…I think I actually like him.” I sighed sadly.

“If I could be sure he would still care about me, I’d tell him everything.”

“You’ve got enough research on your little social experiment; end it. Just tell him the truth and see what happens.”

“I will…soon. I just want to enjoy him for a little while longer.”

“You’re really going for the older man/hot young girl cliché aren’t you?”

“Yeah, I’m totally ashamed to admit it, but I’m discovering more about myself and my own desires than I am about the male psyche. And he’s not that old,” I added.

“He’s fourteen years older than you, fourteen years is a high school freshman…whom you are closer to in age than you are to him.”

Brian was thirty-eight and I was twenty-four. What started out as a simple social experiment for a graduate course in Psychology had turned into the groundwork for my thesis. I wanted to explore the sexual dynamic between a reasonably intelligent man in his late thirties to early forties, and a stupid young blonde; aka dumb Lisa.

He thought I was in my 6th year as an undergrad in a generic liberal arts major. In short, I was a total idiot as far as he was concerned, and he adored me. He got off on being the wiser older man teaching me how to explore my sexuality. He took care of me like I was a spoiled little girl, and truth be told I kinda liked it. It was like living out a fantasy, but I was starting to enjoy it a little too much.

I was afraid if Brian discovered I was actually in my second year as a graduate student of psychology and sociology, he wouldn’t find me as desirable. That was also part of my experiment. At some point, I was going to have to tell him, and the success of my thesis hinged on collecting data from the aftermath. Would he still find me attractive or would our relationship crumble when I burst the bubble? I’d been putting it off for weeks, but I was quickly running out of time. I would have to tell him this weekend and hope he didn’t break my heart…hope I didn’t break his.

“I’ll do it after the party this weekend,” I vowed. Brian owned several art galleries across the city and held regular shows with the artists he helped cultivate. This one would be hosted at his beach house for up and coming artist, Grant Jefferies and I knew Brian was very anxious about this particular show.

“Just rip the band aid off, it’ll be fine,” Jackie insisted. “If he really cares about you, he’ll want to know the real you. And if he really wants dumb Lisa back, then you’ll have proved a valid point, with scientific evidence to back it up.”

“Which is?”

“All men are pigs.” She grinned.


“Hey baby girl,” Brian crooned when I met him after class the night of the party. “How was the Algebra test?” He pulled me close and kissed me like I was the most precious thing on the planet. His hands trailed up my short skirt and caressed my bare ass.

“Really hard.” I pouted. “I’m hoping I got a C on this one so I can pass the class.”

The last math class I’d taken was advanced calculus back in my undergrad and I’d never gotten a C on a test in my life.

“I’m sure you’ll do fine baby girl. The caterers will be here in an hour and I know how you like to help, but just stay out of their way…especially in the living room!

Grant’s been working hard all day getting everything set up. Why don’t you go for a swim until it’s time to get ready?”

That was his go to move to get rid of dumb Lisa, whenever he was too busy to keep an eye on me. Today, I wasn’t letting him get away with it. If I was going to reveal everything tonight, then I wanted him one last time.

“I have a better idea.” I grinned lasciviously, stroking my palms across his hard chest, down to his crotch.

“Bad girl.” He returned my grin and swatted my behind. I pulled him toward the stairs but he shook his head.

“Not now baby girl, I’ve got work to do.”

“Brian,” I whined like a petulant little brat. Even I was sick of that sound.

“No baby, just Escort Başakşehir go swimming like a good girl and stay out of everyone’s hair. I bought you a dress for tonight, it’s up on the bed, go check it out.”

He was under the impression that new clothes were a huge distraction, but nothing could be further from the truth. I hated shopping and the one nice thing about being dumb Lisa, was how often Brian went shopping for me.

Clearly, he wasn’t going to be distracted so easily so I made my way up the stairs to the bedroom I shared with him when I stayed over. The silver dress was draped across the bed and it was gorgeous, but definitely not something dumb Lisa would wear. I was getting the impression that tonight wasn’t just any art show, he needed this to go well and he wanted it to be classy. Could he be embarrassed about his stupid child-like girlfriend?

“I hope you like it,” he said carefully from the doorway.

“I love it,” I said honestly without the stupid inflection I often put into my voice.

I shimmied out of my dress and reached for him. Dumb Lisa didn’t bother with bras and panties so I was totally naked.

“Baby girl, please I don’t have time.” He groaned as if tortured.

“Come on, just a quickie, please Bri-Bri,” I begged, stepping into his arms.

He caressed my bare skin and bent to kiss me, his lips devouring mine as his hands wandered over my body. In just a matter of seconds, I was a pool of hot desire but he pulled away.

“After the party.”

“You’re mean.” I pouted. I really wanted him, but he wasn’t playing fair.

“Go for a swim.”

“Alright.” I relented as he left me bereft.

I grabbed my skimpiest black bikini in an attempt to lure him back to the bedroom.

The two tiny triangles did little to cover my large breasts and the third tiny scrap of fabric between my thighs showed a growing wet spot. He was going to kill me; the last time I wore this at the pool we’d been home alone and I hadn’t worn it long. I was hoping for a repeat performance today.

I traipsed through the house, mindless of the caterers and gallery workers milling about.

He nearly dropped the sculpture he was carrying when I stepped into the living room.

“I’m going to the pool I announced, unless you care to join me upstairs?” I added softly.

“Very bad girl.” He growled, pulling me close as the workers scattered quickly to give us some privacy. “Am I going to have to spank you baby girl?”

“Mmmm, I’d rather you just fuck me.” I grinned, pulling his hand to the scrap of fabric between my legs. “I’m so wet for you Brian.”

I almost had him when he slipped a finger into my damp folds to tease my clit, but Grant walked in at that moment and any hope I had of winning our little power struggle was gone.

“Go for a swim baby, I’ll come find you when it’s time to get ready.”

“Come with me, just for a few minutes.” I begged shamelessly.

“Lisa, I’m serious, I don’t have time for your childish nonsense tonight, now go get dressed!”

He never lost his patience with me like that. His tone was harsh, but it gave me hope that maybe he was getting sick of the fantasy. I had a plan for the evening. I was going to be charming and sophisticated and I would look the part, but dumb Lisa was going to have him one last time before I had to tell him.


I dressed carefully, keeping my hair and makeup simple, and when Brian came to check on me, his brows shot up in surprise.

“You look lovely,” he said softly. “I’m sorry if I was harsh earlier baby girl, I’m just stressed about this show.”

“It’s okay Brian…but you can talk to me about work stuff,” I said carefully. “I may not always understand it, but I’m a good listener. I leaned into him for another smoldering kiss and delighted in his ardent reaction. I thought for sure we’d end up in bed this time, but he pulled away again.

“You’re driving me crazy Lisa.”

“Then fuck me already.”

“Lisa, don’t push me,” he warned.

Brian always stayed by my side at these things and tonight was no different. He was conversing Bayrampaşa escort with some of his clients but I never participated in these discussions because dumb Lisa didn’t know jack about art. I always listened with rapt attention because I wanted to know more about this part of Brian’s life.

“What do you think of the sculptures Lisa?” One of his regular patrons asked me.

“Oh Lisa isn’t much interested in art,” Brian interjected, his face flushed in embarrassment.

“Actually, I think they are quite brilliant,” I said in my best smart Lisa voice. “They first reminded me of a modern interpretation of the Venus figurines of prehistory; like the Venus of Willendorf or the Venus of Laussel. However, they also seem to give a nod to the nudes of ancient Greece with a little contemporary twist of sensuality as well. They are stunning Grant, you should be very proud.”

“Th-thank you Lisa,” he stammered, completely flabbergasted.

Everyone was staring at me like I was a Martian come down to eat their brains and drink their champagne, including Brian. I quickly excused myself and went in search of that champagne.

“Baby girl, what was that?” he asked, pulling me close in a quiet corner.

“I took an art appreciation class a few semesters ago.” I shrugged indifferently. “I know stuff,” I added petulantly.

“I’m proud of you baby, I didn’t know you had an interest in art.”

“I’d like to know more.”

“I can teach you, if you’d like.”

“That would be nice, but how about you teach me a thing or two upstairs?” I urged, pulling him toward the bedroom.

“I can’t leave Lisa, I won’t tell you again.” He said firmly and I knew I’d lost.

I watched him return to his party. It was dying down and the guests were beginning to leave but it would be a while before the caterers and workers were done packing up, but I had an idea. If he wouldn’t come with me, I’d lure him up to our bed.

Back in our room, I set my phone on the nightstand and pressed record. I could handle my own orgasm if he wasn’t willing to oblige, but he could damn well watch what he missed.

Making sure I was well in shot of my little camera, I shimmied out of my dress, grazing my hands along my naked body as the dress puddled in a pool at my feet. In true dumb Lisa form, I was completely naked under my dress.

I crawled onto the bed and kneeled at the center of the mattress with my knees parted, giving the camera quite the money shot of my intense arousal. I’d been turned on all afternoon and Brian was going to miss it.

I smiled at the camera and slid my palm across my ample breasts and down across my belly to my wet center. I arched my head back and moaned as my fingertips found my clit. I reached to unbind my hair with my free hand. Brian loved my long blonde hair and the way it swirled around my body, hiding me from his eyes. I teased and tweaked my hard nipples through the golden strands that barely covered me as my other hand continued to work my clit.

“Brian why won’t you fuck me?” I moaned, sliding a long finger into my opening. I could hear the little squishing noises of my wetness and I hoped he could hear it when he watched.

“I wish you were inside me right now.” I trailed my wet fingers back up to my mouth and tasted my salty-sweet arousal on my fingertips as I stroked and cupped my left breast with my free hand, arching my back into my own touch.

I needed to come, and I wanted to come hard for him whether he was here or not. I reached into the bedside table where he kept our toys and I found what I was looking for.

“I suppose this is the next best thing to your cock,” I said, switching the vibrator on to high and thrusting it inside me with one quick thrust.

“Mmmm.” I moaned, throwing my head back and going for it. I worked the vibrator in and out, fucking myself at a frenetic pace, my tits bouncing as I moved against the phallic piece of plastic pistoning between my thighs. I came hard and fast, calling his name.

I leaned into the camera and whispered, “I’m so not done with myself. I guess you’ll have to come up here and Beşiktaş escort bayan spank me for being a dirty little girl. Enjoy your party, I’ll enjoy mine.” I giggled in delight as I hit send.

I hadn’t lied, I wasn’t done. It had been a long frustrating day and I was enjoying myself. I lay back on the bed and drew my knees up, spreading my legs nice and wide so he would get an eyeful when he walked in. I swirled my fingers around my clit and teased my nipples with my fingertips, but my breasts were large enough and I was limber enough to lick my own nipples, a sensation I quite enjoyed and one the made Brian insane with desire.

I placed the vibrator back between my wet folds and teased my clit with the low setting, thrusting my hips against it to find some friction.

Just as I placed the tip inside me, I heard him on the stairs. I was slowly fucking myself with the toy and licking my own nipple when he walked in.

“Fuck baby girl,” he hissed, raking his hands through his hair in frustration.

I continued as if he wasn’t there.

“You are in so much trouble.”

“Are you going to spank me?” I asked, settling back against my pillows, continuing to fuck myself with the toy while he watched.

“I’m quite enjoying the show baby, keep going, make yourself come and then you’re going to tell me what’s going on with you. Then I’m going to spank you for being a dirty little girl, and then I’m going to watch you play with yourself all night, and then I might fuck you if you’re really good.”

Shit, this was it, I was going to have to tell him and I’d never get the chance to be with him.

His eyes were on me and they were blazing. I could only hope to keep this image of him in my mind after I made my confessions; but first, I had to finish my little show.

He sat on the edge of the bed and watched as I fucked myself, faster and faster, my hips meeting every thrust with the toy.

“Oh baby girl, you look so amazing, I nearly had a stroke when you sent me that video. Come on baby, come for me.”

I clicked it to high as I continued, rubbing the toy along my clit until I came with a load moan of pleasure. It still wasn’t enough. I wanted Brian but I was about to lose him.

I made a cursory attempt to seduce him again, but he was determined that I explain myself.

“You’ve been acting odd for over a week and I want to know what’s going on with you. You’ve always been so open and honest with me before.”

“That’s just it…I haven’t,” I whispered, and then the floodgates opened and I told him everything. He sat there calmly and listened to my terrible confession and as I talked I began to realize I was still a silly little college girl to him. I could tell by the wry smile on his face that he wasn’t even mad…if anything he looked a little relieved.

“I’m not happy that you lied to me or treated me like a guinea pig— not happy at all baby girl.” He frowned, narrowing his eyes at me. That look made all my over sensitized muscles clench with desire.

“Do I hear a ‘but’ in that sentence?” I asked hopefully.

“My baby girl is smart.” He smiled a slow seductive smile. “I think that’s so sexy. We need to get you some glasses and put your hair up in a bun.” He teased.

“You aren’t breaking up with me?”

“I was going to tonight,” he admitted with a sigh. “I was quickly losing my patience with you. I’ll admit, the dumb young blonde thing was really hot; but it was getting old. I won’t say we can’t trot out dumb Lisa from time to time, but I am dying to get to know smart Lisa.” He grinned. “I think I got a glimpse of her tonight when you gave such a good critique of Grant’s work. I felt a spark of hope for our relationship and I feel even more now; but what was with all the silly antics to get me into bed all afternoon?”

“I wanted to be with you one last time before I told you everything and it was all over,” I said sadly.

“I think we can get past this baby girl,” he said gently, scooting onto the bed beside me. His lips brushed mine tentatively and I melted, crushing myself against him.

“Oh no, I think you owe me another show.” He chuckled, easing away from my embrace. “Just your hands baby, no toys.”

It was so much hotter touching myself with Brian watching.

“I could watch you all night, but I do believe I owe you a punishment and a nice hard fuck, but I think we’ll get to that later. Keep rubbing your clit baby girl, that makes me crazy.”

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