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Subject: Par for the Course This is a story of fiction and contains gay sex between that of consenting young men. Please leave immediately if any of the following applies to you: Offended by gay sex, Offended by harsh or vulgar language or not of age to read this in your specific area or district as dictated by local and/or public laws. This story is the sole possession and copyrights of me the writer. No person or person depicted here are real either living or deceased. Remember this is pure fiction and always practice safe sex in real life. Steve opened the door to his hotel room and threw his clubs in the corner. “I can’t believe this shit. I blew out there today. There’s no way I shouldn’t be leading or near the top of this damn tourney!” “What you think about me? I shot a 76 and you shot a 74,” Jake said and placed his clubs against the wall. “I just get so fuckin pissed, dude. You know how I am. There is no way both of us should be at or near the top of the leaderboard,” Steve replied. “Don’t I know. This course is a helluva lot easier than our one back home,” Jake said. “I guess we better get dressed for the big dinner tonight, huh?” “Yeah, you can go first. I better break the news to my dad,” Steve said and found his cell phone. Jake finished showering and stood in the front of the mirror. “How did he take it?” “Aight I guess. He said I better improve or this is the last time he lets me go to a tournament by myself. I was hoping I would do a lot better without him breathing down my fuckin neck all day. He’s just so damn overbearing and sometimes makes me so nervous out there,” Steve said. “My dad was glad to let me go it alone. I think he is getting tired of chasing me around to these tournaments. He said since I was 18 I needed to learn to fend for myself since I am going to college this fall,” Jake said and finished getting ready with his towel wrapped loosely around his thin waist. “Next!” “Okay!” Steve said. “A hot shower will feel good.” Jake watched as Steve undressed there in front of him. Jake never noticed just what a nice body Steve had. “Dude, you like what you see?” “Sorry!” Jake said. “It’s cool. No big deal dude. All guys like to compare if you know what I mean,” Steve replied and hit the shower. Jake stood there and was embarrassed by getting caught. They both were dressed in their nicest dress shirts and khakis for a dinner hosted by the tournament. Both of them hated the meal but enjoyed chatting with the other golfers in the tournament. They knew most of them and had made friends with quite a few of them over the past few years of attending these junior tournaments. Steve and Jake were the only guys without at least one parent. All the others were envious of them since they were relatively unsupervised in their rooms at the age of 18. They both knew if something happened they would both have hell to pay from the association but more from their parents. After the dinner, they went back to their room and soon were joined by 4 other golfers who they considered friends. They undressed and put on t-shirts and shorts to hang out in the hotel room. “Where was Seabol tonight?” Steve said. Gary, one of their friends and fellow golfers, spoke up, “Didn’t you hear? He got a DQ today after his partners reported a rule violation. He was pissed as hell.” “I would be too. Gary, weren’t you in his foursome today?” Jake remarked. “We had to do it. He’s a prick anyway. I can’t stand him the way he thinks he’s better than the rest of us. Hell, he shot a 75 without the DQ,” Gary said. “He’s going to hate your ass now,” Steve said. “Oh well, he hated me anyway. The feeling kızkalesi escort is mutual,” Gary said and they all laughed. Around midnight, one of the parents stood their heads in the room and broke them up. “See ya’ll on the course!” Jake said. “I’m glad they left anyway. My ass is beat,” Steve said and threw his clothes in a corner. He was in his boxers and jumped into bed. Jake turned on the TV after folding up his clothes and putting them back in his suitcase. “I hope you don’t mind but I always sleep with the TV on at home.” “It’s cool, Jake. I do too,” Steve replied. The next morning they were up with the alarm and ready to tackle the course again. After a long hot day of playing golf, Jake waited on Steve to finish his round. “Not too bad, Steve,” Jake patted him on the back. “Yeah, I pretty much had it going out there today. What did you shot, by the way?” Steve asked and slipped off his shoes. “A 68,” Jake smiled. “Damn, let’s go check out the leader board. We should be close then,” Steve said. “I have. You are one shot back with me right behind you,” Jake said. “That’s so awesome. We might be paired up tomorrow, you think?” Steve asked. “I hope so. There are 3 tied with you. Who knows?” Jake replied. They got in Jake’s ride and headed over to the hotel. They were in a good mood after both shooting under par and giving each one a chance to win. They saw a few of their fellow golfers in the lobby and headed up to their room. After showering, they dressed while each one called their dads to give them an update of their play before heading out for a good meal. To both of them that meant a large pizza with a few toppings. They were joined by two other golfers who they considered friends. After they ate, they headed back to the room. They saw a few guys heading for the pool and grabbed their shorts to join them. They really seemed to enjoy just hanging out and being with their fellow golfers. Both of them liked the attention that the low round brought them and bask in the spotlight, especially Steve. After swimming and hanging out with their friends, they headed up to the room to get some rest. Steve boldly undressed in front of Jake and just threw on some old boxers he slept in. Jake eyed him while he dropped his swim trunks and found some underwear in his suitcase. “Jake hurry up man. I have seen enough of your white ass already,” Steve remarked while Jake looked for some undies. “You know you like looking at my lily white ass,” Jake laughed and pulled up his undies. “It is pretty hot, bro,” Steve laughed. “Steve that sounded so gay,” Jake laughed and flipped on the TV. “See if there’s any porn on this TV. My ass needs to get off sometime tonight,” Steve said. Jake laughed and flipped through the stations, “Doesn’t look like you’re in luck tonight, Steve?” “Shit. Fuck it!” Steve said and dropped his boxers. “You wanna join me?” “I don’t know. It’s just…ahh… seems a little… weird,” Jake tried to find the right words. “Don’t tell me you don’t beat your shit,” Steve said. Jake was now flush with embarrassment, “I do but not with other guys.” “Whip that fucker out,” Steve said. “I really don’t… know… if I really… want to do… this,” Jake nervously replied. Steve got up from his bed and lay right next to Jake, “Am I going to have to strip you myself. Hell, it’s just us guys. Like anyone will find out!” Jake knew if he didn’t Steve would have them off of him anyway, “There!” Jake said. “Nice cock, Jake,” Steve said. “Get that big fucker hard like mine!” Steve was slowly going up and down. He reached his hand over tarsus escort and started jacking Jake’s 7 inch thick cock. He grabbed Jake’s hand and put it around his. “That’s not so bad is it?” “I don’t guess so,” Jake said. “I think you have done this before.” “A couple of times,” Steve smiled. “I can do more if you want. You ever had a guy suck that big dick of yours?” “No, have you?” Jake replied quickly. “Well, a few times. Trust me it feels fuckin great. It’s better than sinking a 30 foot birdie putt,” Steve said and leaned over to lick Jake’s manhood. “That feels pretty good,” Jake said. He watched while Steve got between his legs and started sucking his hard cock. Jake watched and didn’t say a word while Steve worked his cock up and down. “You like this shit?” Steve asked. “Oh fuck yeah!” Jake said. “You must love it. I have never heard you say the f-word,” Steve said. “Just get close when I miss a putt. Oh fuck this feels so good!” Jake moaned and threw his head back to enjoy the best feeling of his life. Jake felt Steve’s hand cup his balls while Steve sucked on his cock. Jake was in heaven for the time being. Steve stopped, “You wanna suck me?” “Steve, I don’t know about it. It did feel so awesome though but I’ll try,” Jake said since now he was filled with feelings he had never experienced before. Jake leaned down and licked Steve’s cock. He slowly took it in his mouth and tasted Steve’s meat. He grabbed the base of Steve’s 6 inch cock and started putting more of it in his mouth. He gagged a little when he got too far. “Fuck!” Jake said. “You like sucking dick?” Steve said. “Not as much as I liked you sucking me. It’s aight I guess,” Jake said and shut his eyes while he felt Steve’s cock fill his mouth. “MMM Jake that feels so fuckin good! Are you a virgin?” Steve said. Jake didn’t answer and kept sucking. Steve lifted Jake off his cock. “Are you a virgin, Jake?” “Yeah, I am,” Jake said. “It’s not like I have never wanted to bang a girl, but I just haven’t yet.” “You wanna practice your skills on me?” Steve asked. “Steve that is fuckin nasty! A guy fuckin another guy. Come on!” Jake looked at Steve. “You might like it. You never know until you try. Just look at it as practicing up for a real pussy,” Steve said. “No way dude. We don’t even have a condom or nothing. That’s just too gay for me,” Jake said. Steve smiled, “Fuck the gay shit, Jake. It’s just two guys having a little fun. Hell, we deserve it and need to have a little fun. I have some condoms in my bag if you want to try.” “You do?” Jake eyes opened wide since he was horny after being with a naked person even though it was his friend, Steve. “Well…I guess I could use some practice. Don’t you dare say a word to anyone about this!” “I won’t. Hell, I would look just as bad since you’re going to stick your dick in my ass. Dude, everyone will think I’m gay then.” “Fuck it! Get those damn condoms before I go soft,” Jake said but there was little chance of that happening any time soon. Steve got up and found his condoms and unrolled one onto Jake’s hard cock. Steve laid face down on the bed. Jake just eyed Steve’s pink hole while Steve spread his ass cheeks wide open. Jake got on top of him and put his cock at Steve’s hole. He pushed in and felt it slid right in. “Oh yeah, Jake. Now work my pussy like I am your bitch!” Steve moaned when he felt Jake’s thick cock enter past his ring. Jake could feel Steve’s ass gripping his hard cock and started slowly working it in. “This feels so good!” Jake said. “Work that dick in me! Fuck me Jake!” Steve said and grabbed the bedspread. anamur escort Jake pumped up and down. He wondered if it was like being with a girl but he knew it felt so good. He just knew it felt so good with Steve’s ass gripping his cock. He wrapped his hands around Steve’s small waist and continued to gave him what he wanted. The bed squeaked a little while Jake drove his cock in and out of Steve’s hole. Jake was beside himself and had never experienced such joy since it was his first sexual experience. Steve moaned in pleasure with Jake’s cock hitting the right spot. “MMMMMMM Jake, your dick feels so good in me. Fuck me!” “Oh Steve, I like this! Feels so fuckin good. Your ass is tight, dude,” He sped up a little and soon felt his nuts tighten up. “Oh shit! I’m cumming Steve!” Jake cried out. He pulled out and quickly slung the used condom across the room. “OOOO” Jake moaned. Cum shot out of his cock. One long milky white stream. Another one landed on Steve’s bony shoulder blade. “OOO fuck! I am still cumming.” Another and another. The last bit of cum drizzled down his cock before it went limp. Jake grabbed a towel and wiped his mess up. Steve turned over and jacked a few times before plastering his abs and pubic hair with cum. “Oh Fuck yeah. That was so fuckin hot, dude!” Steve smiled. “Can I kiss you?” Jake didn’t answer and puckered up his lips. Their wet lips meet and they kissed for a minute. Jake broke the kiss, “That was hot! Sorry I shot my load so soon. I just got too excited!” Jake was floating on air now even though it wasn’t a girl he fucked but it was still sex. “It’s cool. It was pretty fuckin hot you know. You made me fuckin cum too!” Steve smiled. “I’ll just sleep with you if that is okay!” “Oh yeah!” Jake said. “Not too bad for your first time, Jake,” Steve smiled and put his hand on Jake’s stomach. “It wasn’t. Dude, you really wanted me to fuck you didn’t you?” Jake smiled while Steve ran his hand up and down Jake’s torso. Jake liked the attention his buddy was giving him. “Well, I had never seen you with a girl, so I figured it was at least worth a shot,” Steve said while Jake moved his hands all over Steve’s smooth face and shoulders. “It was just practice right? You know like hitting balls on the range,” Jake said. “Yeah but that was so much more fun,” Steve said and kissed Jake again. They both were glowing. They petted and kissed until Jake was asleep. Steve scooted up next to Jake’s naked body and went to sleep shortly thereafter. BANG! BANG! “You guys up yet?” a voice said. “Your tee time is in an hour.” Jake and Steve jumped out of bed. “Fuck it, Steve. Let’s just shower together!” They quickly showered. They were like a whirlwind and made it in time to loosen up but didn’t get to hit any range balls. Sure enough they were paired together with another golfer neither one knew. As hard as they tried, they couldn’t catch the leader who was playing lights out and hitting every green. Jake finished third while Steve finished a stroke behind in fourth. They headed to the clubhouse to undress and get ready to leave. “We can’t be too mad about how it ended up, huh Steve?” “Nah, I could have shot a little better. All I know is my dad is never coming with me again. It was almost as much fun playing with you today as it was playing with you last night,” Steve smiled. “I feel the same way,” Jake smiled and they headed to their cars. “I’ll see you around the club, Steve. It was a lot of fun. I won’t forget it anytime soon that’s for damn sure.” “I hope sooner than that,” Steve winked. “You probably will,” Jake smiled and threw his clubs in the trunk. “Next time, let’s at least ride together.” “Yeah and I’ll ride you some more.” Steve grabbed his crotched and threw off his shirt for the drive home. Jake just laughed and tossed his sweat filled shirt off too. “I can’t wait!” THE END Thanks for reading and hoped you liked this one chapter story.

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