Our Desires Ch. 07Our Desires Ch. 07


AUTHOR’S NOTE: Rovijack43, I thank you again!


I help Kitty down from the counter; we grab the pitcher of margaritas and head for the door. We smile mischievously as we make our way back to the pool.

“I KNEW you two couldn’t keep your hands off each other,” Chris says with a huge smile on his face.

“You know how it is,” Kitty smiles and winks at him.

We enjoy the margaritas and more snacks. The sun is beaming on us and heating up our already hot bodies. We decide to take a quick swim to cool off before granting you your fantasy. Not knowing what the details are leaves each of us to our own imagination, and the guys are working overtime, each wearing an amazing hard on. I’m dripping wet and I know Kitty is too! You are the first one in and back out of the pool. Your hard on stands rigid even after the cool water. I get out of the pool and walk over to you; look into your eyes filled with lust and need to kiss your tender lips.

You pull me into you holding me close, taking our kiss to a whole new place. I feel so much warmth, tenderness and love in your touch, more sweetness than I felt momentarily this morning. You pull back just a little, and frame my face firmly with both hands. “Oh baby, I have never wanted a woman more in my life.” You pull my mouth back to yours for a deep, surrender to me, kiss. My knees start to buckle and you hold me tight, feeling my body shake against yours. “Mmmm,” escapes my throat.

I feel your hard cock pulsing against my stomach, igniting my body with little flickers of electricity. My body melts into yours as your hands skim lightly over my warm skin. The cool water drips from my hair down my back to the crack of my ass. It is the only thing keeping me from overheating as your hands make my body tremble in pleasure. You cup my breast and rub the nipple between your fingers, expertly rolling it to hardness. Then you flick at it, knowing the sensation will bring wetness between my legs.

You pull back from my mouth and look at me mischievously and lower your head slowly, licking your lips. You take my nipple in your mouth, between your teeth; I arch, offering you more. “Ohhhhh,” I moan softly. You trail light kisses down my stomach, sending chills through my entire body. You stop to kiss around my belly button then lick inside it just before descending. Your tongue trails down to my clit and circles it softly as I push my pelvis towards your mouth, giving in to you. You press your hand between my legs, encouraging me to spread them for you. “Mmmm,” we both moan as your tongue slides between my lips, then dips inside me for a brief moment.

You take my clit into your mouth and suck on it lightly, circle your tongue around it then slide down to my dripping hole once more. Your tongue slides in easily and you push it deep. My legs are so weak, they start shaking. You realize I must sit or lie down before I end up falling on you right there. You stand up, quickly pull me over to a chaise lounge, help me sit then push me on my back.

You spread my legs and place them over your shoulders. “Oh yes baby. I want this,” you whisper. I watch as you lick up from my wet hole to my clit and back down, watching my expression fade from reality to dreamland. Dipping your tongue inside me for just a moment you then lick back up. “OH,” I moan loudly as you take my clit into your mouth and suck it gently. I buck up to your mouth. I faintly hear a rustling sound then feel a cool jellied toy enter Betturkey my wet pussy. THE TOYS! I think to myself. “OH God yes baby,” I say loudly and start bucking faster, needing you to service me quickly. “Yes, oh fuck me baby!”

“Oh fuck yes, Chris.” I hear repeatedly, pulling me from dreamland to look over to see Chris has Kitty on her back as well. Her legs are draped over his shoulders and he is pleasuring her eagerly while moaning into her pussy. Kitty and I lock gazes. We reach up and squeeze our nipples between our fingers. I wish at this moment that she were within my reach. I long to touch her As my eyes stroll down her body, I see Chris’ tongue lapping at her slit as he services her with one of the toys too. She bucks faster as do I.

You move the toy in and out of me faster and take my clit in your mouth. My hips buck quickly at your face while my hands hold your head firmly in place. “OH GOD, YES!” I shout as my body begins to shake. I look over at Kitty once again and meet her gaze. She too is bucking wildly with pleasure. Chris is lapping furiously at her wet pussy. I lick my lips at the thought of her taste. “OH FUCK, YES!” I yell out as the orgasm comes crashing through my body.

“FUCK ME! OH YES!” Kitty shouts as her body flails around on the lounge chair, her orgasm screaming though her.

I barely have time to come down from the intense orgasm before you are pulling me up. You lie down in my place and tell me to ride you hard. I climb on top of you and plan for a slow entry. Just as the head of your cock reaches my opening, you grab my hips and thrust up and push me down hard. “OH FUCK!” I shout out in sheer pleasure, bolts of heat flashing though my entire body.

“That’s the idea baby,” you moan to me and start pounding me onto you. I’ve never seen you this horny before. I rise up a bit and place my feet firmly on the ground so I can have more control. I stop and refuse to move as you push down on my hips. “Come on baby, I NEED to CUM!” you plead with me. A smile forms across my face as I realize the position I am now in. You are pleading, begging to have me fuck you. Just what I’ve been waiting for! I wouldn’t dare deny you.

“Sssshhh. I know. Just leave it to me baby.” I slowly take you into my soaking pussy and circle my hips around the hard shaft as it enters. My pussy squeezes tight around it as I slowly lift and take you back in. You are trying to thrust hard into me, but I don’t let you. “Mmmm. It feels so damn good, relax baby,” I whisper to you. I rise and fall a little quicker with each entry. I reach behind and rub those wonderfully tasty balls, pressing firmly on the sensitive skin just underneath.

“Oh yes, ride me,” you moan. I look over as Kitty walks over to us and bends over to take my breast in her mouth. You reach up and grab her sweet ass, squeezing each cheek.

She lets my breast fall from her mouth and kneels behind me. I feel your legs being spread wide and her hair brushes against my ass. “OH, MY GOD!” you yell as Kitty licks just under your balls and takes each one in her mouth as I start to ride you hard. I lean forward a little and you reach up to pull on my nipples. Chris walks over and turns my head to him, and shoves his cock in my mouth.

“Oh yes, wrap those sweet lips around this,” he moans as I eagerly accept it. I can hear Kitty lapping at your balls. I ride you harder, faster. I reach up and grab the offered cock already fucking my mouth and stroke it as I suck it hard. Chris Betturkey Giriş thrusts deep, holding my head, wanting to sink deeper.

Kitty sucks and laps every inch. I gasp when I feel her tongue lapping at your cock as it enters my hole and I almost cum right then. I have to take a deep breath and take control of my thoughts. She licks and sucks your balls then reaches her tongue down to your exposed asshole. As she licks around the hole, she slides her wet finger slowly into you. You tense up and thrust hard as it reaches deep. “OH FUCK YES! OH MY GOD!!!” Beads of sweat form across your body as you try to hold out.

I bounce on top of you as fast as I can with Chris’ hard member in my mouth. “Mmmmm,” is all I can manage with my mouth full. Chris thrusts hard and deep, reaching the back of my throat with each thrust. Your hands are on my hips trying to control, although I’m not sure what since they are just hanging on, digging in. “OH GOD YES!” you shout over and over.

She kneads your balls with her soft hands and licks the dripping shaft just outside my pussy. I can feel the warmth of her breath. Her finger slides in and out of you faster, as I fuck you harder and she laps at your balls. She moans continuously, enjoying every moment of pleasure she is providing. I feel her lapping at my hole too. “Mmmmm, aaaaaaaaaah,” I manage to moan around Chris’ cock.

The excitement takes me beyond the edge and my body shudders violently as the orgasm shocks my body. My pussy squeezes and releases rapidly around your cock. You dig your fingertips into my hips and thrust hard into me as you pull me down onto you. “OH YES! LICK IT! FUCK IT!” you shout as you shoot your load deep inside me.

“Get ready Kitty!” I say to her then lift up after you thrust a second load into me. She hurriedly takes your cock into her mouth to receive the next round, swallowing anxiously. I remain bent over sucking on Chris. I reach my hand up and cup his balls as he thrusts into me. I reach behind him with my other hand and grab his nice ass, pushing him harder into me. “OH SHIT!” Chris yells and thrusts hard. I feel his dick start to pulse in my mouth and ready myself for the warm tasty cum.

“Yes, suck it, drink me baby,” he commands then grabs my head firmly. I manage to back him out of my mouth a little just as he shoots deep into my throat. I suck eagerly, wanting, enjoying. “Mmmmm,” I moan again onto his cock as it continues to pulse in my mouth. He thrusts and generously gives me another mouthful. I drain him, accepting every drop that he gives.

Kitty gets up and moves over to squat in front of you, facing me. She lets her legs rest on the chair as she lowers her pussy to your mouth. Your tongue is lapping at air before her pussy even gets close, your body still shaking from your orgasm. As she nears your mouth you whisper hoarsely, “Oh god yes, you smell soooooo good. Give it to me Kitty!” She does as asked and gasps as your tongue finds her.

I take my place back on your hard cock and let it slide in quickly. I sit, circling my hips as I take Chris back into my mouth.

“OH MY GOD!” Kitty moans loudly. I look up to see her watching you lick her wet pussy. Your tongue is lapping at her hole, licking inside her lips and flicking at her clit. She moans and looks up with a smile. She leans in and I let Chris slide from my mouth to meet her half way. We collide in a heated tongue lashing of your own, moaning into each other’s mouths, barely able to get enough.

Chris allows us a moment then slides his dick right between our lips. We lick and suck at it as we slide our tongues across each other’s every now and then. I ride your hardness faster as my body becomes more aroused by the all over sensation. Chris circles his hips a little as we suck in the skin on the side and run our mouths up and down it. “Oh shit, yes!” he moans as he watches.

Kitty moans and circles her hips, grinding into your face as you lick and suck every inch of her sweet pussy. I reach over and caress her beautiful breasts, then roll her nipples to hardness between my fingers. We continue lapping and sucking on Chris as he slides his cock between our lips. We sneak in a kiss and lick for each other every chance we get.

I squeeze my pussy muscles and grasp you firmly inside me then ride you even harder, feeling each rigid detail of your cock slide through me. “Mmmmm, ooooo,” I moan continuously as my arousal heightens. I pull on Kitty’s nipples as she rides your face. You lap and suck her hole, run your tongue up the insides of her lips then latch on to her clit. You suck it in slowly and she grinds into you. “Oh yes, tongue me honey,” she moans loudly. Her nipples are rock hard and she trembles when I flick them.

Christ thrusts faster between our lips. I reach up and caress his balls, pulling on them lightly. “Oh shit YES! I’m going to FUCKING CUM!” he shouts. He grabs both of our heads and pulls them in. We both open our mouths and some shoots into them but most of it goes on to our bodies.

“On our tits Chris!” I say enthusiastically. He pulls back a little and we both stick our chests out for the shower. The warmth of his cum sends chills through me. I rub it into my breasts then reach over and do the same for Kitty.

“Oh yes, mmmmm. Oh yeah,” Kitty screams as you service her clit. I lean over and suck Kitty’s breast into my mouth, tasting Chris on them. I lap, lick and suck at them as you do the same to her sweet pussy. She screams out in orgasm as she grinds into your face. You wrap your arms around her, keeping her from suffocating you. I partly clean her breasts as her body trembles.

You thrust up as I continue to ride you hard, still squeezing around you, feeling your cock pulse inside me. I slam down on top of you in hurried repetitions. I sit up and give you my complete attention. “Oh yes, fuck me back baby,” I say as you thrust up, still lapping at Kitty’s pussy. She leans over and takes my breast into her mouth. She laps at her man’s cum then takes my nipple between her teeth and tugs lightly. “OH GOD!” I cry out as bolts of pleasure shoot straight to my pussy. My body tenses and shakes as the orgasm rushes. My pussy squeezes around you in quick releases. You thrust up hard enough to lift my feet from the ground and shoot your hot cum deep inside me. The feeling brings on another orgasm that keeps my body convulsing.

Chris bends down and brings his mouth to mine. Holding the back of my head as I gasp into his, feeling his tongue explore. Kitty nibbles and pinches my breasts as my body shakes uncontrollably in orgasm. I grab onto Chris’ head, pulling him in, almost biting at his lips. His tongue chases mine through the orgasm. You relax a little after draining yourself into me and try to catch your breath.

Kitty stands up and moves to another lounge chair, pulling me with her. Chris grabs a chair and slouches in it. Kitty and I lay in the chair, gasping for air.

“Wow! That was fantastic, better than fantastic! I don’t know how to describe it,” I mutter breathlessly.

“Yea, we were there!” Kitty says with a smart ass grin on her face.

I lean over and kiss her silly mouth.

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