Our Alarm Clock Is Very Good At Her JobOur Alarm Clock Is Very Good At Her Job


Every morning at exactly 5 a.m., a lovely woman climbs into bed between my wife and me.Amanda’s naked body is always cold compared to the warmth of our covers, which is perfect since we have specifically hired her to wake us up.If Amanda’s chilly skin doesn’t do the trick, at 5:15 our second “alarm” goes off. Smiling, she ducks under the covers and uses her gifted tongue on my dick and Jane’s pussy.Some kaçak iddaa mornings I wake up to the wonderful sound of Jane moaning, along with the eager sucking noises Amanda makes when she has found my wife’s clit.Other mornings, I feel the sensation of my cock being pushed down a greedy throat. My half-asleep brain often questions whether it’s a dream, but then I see the bobbing motion of Amanda’s head under kaçak bahis our blankets and realize it’s just our alarm clock doing her job.If by some miracle Jane and I are still asleep at 5:30, Amanda has been instructed to grind on us with her pussy, which is always wet by this point. It’s completely up to her what parts of us she grinds against, too.Last week she decided to fuck my face. It only took illegal bahis two rolls of her hips to wake me up!In order to turn off our “alarm,” we have to make her feel good. It’s our way of thanking Amanda for her generosity, consistency, and overall commitment to getting us out of bed. Most mornings Jane and I will team up to show our gratitude.Yesterday, for instance, Jane laid down in the middle of the bed and instructed Amanda to “69” her. While my wife sucked on her clit, I used my stiff morning wood to fuck Amanda senseless. She came all over Jane’s face, which we all laughed about later over breakfast.

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