Operation Fuck Me Daddy Pt. 01Operation Fuck Me Daddy Pt. 01


Writer’s Note:

I guess you can call me a long time listener, first time caller when it comes to Literotica. I’ve been cumming so long from all the great stories here, so I felt it was about time to (hopefully) make someone else come. I didn’t expect this story to be so long but it kinda wrote itself. For reading purposes, the POV of this story alternates from main character to main character by chapter, and any internal monologue and/or lyrics is in italics. Also, I listen to music while I write to help me keep focus and it just happened to make it’s way into this story. I want to thank Heyall for all of his invaluable help -If you enjoy this story, it’s because he made it better. Any errors that you see are all mine and not his. I want to thank the MAN that keeps my toes curled. 🙂 I look forward to your comments and please vote – keep in mind that I’m an artist, and I’m sensitive about my shit. 🙂 Enjoy.

Chapter 1 – Gina Makes a Plan

I closed my eyes in concentration. I was almost there.

My hands -one working the vibrator in my pussy, one on my breast- moved with urgency as I neared my climax.

Yes Daddy! Please! Fuck me Daddy! I love being your whore…I’m cumming Daddy! Ahhhhhh!

Ever make yourself cum so hard you curl your own toes? No? Just Me? Okay.

Literotica never fails to make me find a story that gets my fantasies working overtime and ends with curled toes.

And more often than not, those fantasies include my dad, Marcus. I don’t know why I fantasize about fucking my Daddy. I’ve tried to stop, but the fixbet feeling keeps coming back stronger and stronger. It’s a long explanation, but it’s not exactly a fantasy I’m proud of.

I’m Regina James, but everyone calls me Gina. I am depressingly, whole heartedly, and mind numbingly…..

A Good Girl.

I’m a 22 year old college sophomore majoring in nursing. I get great grades. I live at home with my dad and my older brother Cecil. I’m just your average curvy girl – pretty brown eyes, pretty brown skin, cute braids, cute smile. I volunteer, I obey traffic laws, I don’t stay out too late. I recycle.

But under all that goodness is a whore that wants to get out. I want to fuck for days. I want to get covered in cum. I want to have sore nipples. I want to have dirty slutty, bad girl sex….

And I want it with my daddy.

I’m tired of reading about the daughter in the story. I want to BE the daughter in the story. Why should they get to have all the fun? Grandma always said ‘closed mouths don’t get fed’, and I’m hungry as hell. Time to make this happen.

Let Operation Fuck Me Daddy begin.

Chapter 2 – Marcus Takes Notice

Damn it feels good to be home…it’s been a long day.

Those were the thoughts running through my head as I walked in my kitchen and grabbed a beer. Fridays seem longer than most when there’s a three day weekend upcoming, and I didn’t think 5 PM would ever get here.

I just wanna sit back on the couch, drink my beer, watch the fight, and chill….

Maybe I should fixbet giriş call Samantha. It’s been a few months since I got my dick in some good pussy, and Sam’s definitely qualifies. She likes it no strings just like me. God knows I don’t want a relationship after the debacle that was my ex wife Melissa.

I think I did okay after she left Gina, Cecil, and me. My kids are grown and well adjusted. I still turn the ladies’ heads in the office – I’m 6’1, 225, bald head, brown skin, and I try to work out twice a week. Running a boutique accounting firm is hard but fulfilling work. For 48, I think I’m getting better with age.

Thinking about Samantha’s tight pussy is making my dick hard…wonder what she’s doing tonight?

The sound of Gina’s steps coming down the stairs interrupt my train of thought.

“Hi Daddy!” my daughter says to me.Then she hugs me and kisses me on my cheek.

“Regina Denise James! I think you’re missing some clothes. What are you wearing?”

“Daddy did you forget? I’m going to the Labor Day beach party my sorority is throwing. This is the bikini I’m wearing to the party. I just wanted to try it on and make sure it fits. What do you think Daddy?”

She does a slow turn to show me her pink bikini..is she popping her hips? Is she sucking on her finger? Why am I thinking about my daughter like this? Is she doing this on purpose? I can’t let her see my dick get hard! Why do I wanna grab her hips and stick my dick in between those fat ass cheeks and fuckfuckfuck…..Get it together Marcus! This is Gina!

I turn towards the sofa, sit down, and put the pillow over my dick so she can’t see.

“Gina you always look good. Have fun at the party baby. Be careful, and cover up until you get to the beach. I know you’re grown, but you’re still my babygirl and I don’t want to go to jail because some fool puts his hands on you. Boys these days don’t know how to act around a lady.”

“Don’t worry Daddy. I can handle myself. Besides, I don’t pay much attention to boys. I need a man in my life. A grown man that doesn’t play games and can give me what I need”.

What she needs? WHAT SHE NEEDS? She needs my dick in her mouth talking like that…..WHERE DID THAT COME FROM? GET A GRIP MARCUS!

“And what do you need Gina? Do I want to know?”

She comes over to the sofa where I’m trying to hide my arousal and looks me directly in the eye. I swear I see lust in those pretty brown eyes, but I hope that I’m just imagining it. This can’t be happening.

“Daddy…what I need from a grown man is for me to know and for you to find out…..that is, if you really want to know”.

She kissed me on my cheek, told me she had to finish getting ready for the party tomorrow, and went up the stairs to her room. I want to say that I didn’t watch her ass while she went up the stairs, but it would be a lie.

What’s going on in my house? Why is Gina acting like she wants to fuck me? And why am I thinking about fucking her?

I pull out my phone. “Sam? It’s Marc…..Yeah it’s been a while…you know…life and all that. Say, you busy tonight?….Oh, I had some Netflix and chill planned if that sounds good to you….yeah…your place at 8:30? Okay. be ready.”

I just need to get laid…then this Gina obsession will be over.

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