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            Operation Angel Rescue

by Erastes
Copyright 2019 by Erastes
Chapter 14 – Good News and Touchy Times.

When the boys came down to join me for lunch, I decided to share a little more information with them.  “I want each of you to start spending a minimum of an hour a day working with the educational software.” 

“Why do we gotta do that?” Glen challenged. 

“I’m asking each of you to do this so I’ll be certain you’re ready to keep up with your studies when school starts again in the fall.  Even though I have no way of knowing this for sure, I’m guessing that each of you had other things on your mind before you took off and didn’t do as well as you should have in your class work.  You might have also missed multiple days of classes after you ran away, so I suspect you’re all a little behind the other students in your grade.  Doing this will help you catch up before school starts again, and then you won’t fall even further behind later because you don’t understand things.”

“So we gotta do this every day?” Glen challenged. 

“No, just on the weekdays.  You don’t have to do it on the weekends, unless you want to.  The things Laine and Jamie will need are on the computer in Laine’s room, and the things Glen and Dakota need are on the computer in Dakota’s room.  I’ll give each of you a list of the topics I want you to work on and I’ll have you focus on one subject per day.” 

“So this stuff is all on the ‘puter?” Glen asked. 

“Yes, there are programs for science, math, history, and English in the software, and you’ll start out by taking a sort of test for each subject so it can determine where you need to begin.”

“So you want us to do this AND read the books?” Dakota followed.

“Yes, I want you to do both.”

“Damn, I liked it better when we could just play games and have fun on the ‘puters,” Dakota whined. 

“You’ll still be able to do that as well, because I’m only asking you to do this for at least an hour a day and only during the week.  You can read the books before bedtime, because that’s when I like to read.  It helps me to relax before turning in so I sleep better.  The rest of the day and all weekend will be yours to do whatever you want, so I don’t think I’m asking too much from you.” 

“Yeah, ok.  I guess we can do that then,” he relented. 

“I’m glad you agree.”

When the boys finished eating, they went upstairs to check out the education software and play games, so I used the time to make a couple more phone calls.  Now that I knew the boys were going to be here on a fairly permanent basis, I called another guy that I’d done business with in the past and discussed a few things with him.  He was very helpful and I thanked him before I hung up. 

A little while later Dakota came downstairs, and it was apparent that he wanted to talk to me about something.  Since I wasn’t sure what it might be about, I gave him a chance to bring it up on his own and I remained silent.  I merely waited for him to speak first, and after a few seconds of awkward silence, he finally spoke. 

“Now that we know the other boys are gonna be stayin’ here with us, can we finally tell ‘em that you’re my boyfriend and then I can start sleepin’ with you again?” 

“You realize that if we do this it might mean they’ll want to start doing things like that with me as well?” 

“So you haven’t done nothin’ with any of them yet, ‘cept showerin’ with me and Jamie and lettin’ us sleep with you?” 

I didn’t want to lie to him, so I swallowed hard before I replied.  “I’ll admit that I’ve done something with Laine.” 

“What?” he screamed visibly upset. 

“Calm down and let me explain.  One night when I was sleeping I felt someone get into bed with me.  I thought it was you and didn’t react at first, but then he crawled under the covers, pulled down the front of my underwear, and started sucking on my penis.  When I realized it was him and not you it was too late to do anything about it.”

“So you only let him suck you off?”

“Not exactly.  He also asked me to do the same thing to him.” 

“And did you do it?”

“Yes, but only after I chewed him out for doing it to me without asking first, and then I made him promise it would be the only time this would happen.  When he agreed, I sucked him off too.” 

“And that’s all you did with him?” Dakota pressed. 

“At the time, but a few nights later he came to my room and asked if I’d fuck him.  He said he wanted to see if there was a difference with what he did with the other men and doing it with someone he knew cared about him.” 

I saw Dakota was about to say something, so I quickly raised my hand and placed it over his mouth before he could speak.  It didn’t stop him completely, because he attempted to speak that way but all I heard were muffled sounds and I waited for him to give up.  When he did, I continued my explanation. 

“Since he’d said that he wanted to do this with someone who cared about him, I thought I should clear something up.  I agreed that I cared about him, but then I explained that I wasn’t in love with him.  He said he knew that and wasn’t in love with me either, but he still wanted me to do it with him.  After he promised it would only happen one time, I agreed to fuck him, but I used a condom since he hasn’t been tested yet.  I also kept my promise to you, because I only fucked him and we didn’t make love.” 

I could tell he wasn’t exactly happy when he heard about what I’d done, but he was glad that I hadn’t lara kendi evi olan escort made love to Laine.  This was important to Dakota, because he wanted me to reserve that for just him, now that he understood there was a difference between having sex and making love. 

“Good,” he barked out.  “So that’s it?” 

“Yes, I haven’t done anything else sexually related with either of the other boys.” 


“Look, you knew this might happen because we’d talked about it before, and I managed to keep my promise to you in the process, so I hope you’re not going to make a big deal out of it.  Are you still upset?”

“Maybe a little, but I’m glad you didn’t make love to him.  I’m not mad that you have let Jamie shower with you and that you have washed each others cocks, but now I want to start sleepin’ with you every night again.” 

“Let me figure out how it will be best to tell the others about this, and then we’ll work something out, depending on how they react.”


He then went upstairs again and left me to work out the details on my own.  I could tell he wasn’t exactly happy when he first heard about what I’d done with Laine, but at least he was glad that I hadn’t made love to him.  It was definitely important to Dakota that I reserved that pleasure just for him.

As I continued to think about this situation, I realized there was something else I needed to do.  The grass had grown considerably since the last time the lawn had been mowed and it needed to be cut again, so I headed outside to the storage shed where I kept the tractor.  After I’d unlocked the double doors, I picked up one of the 5-gallon diesel containers to fill the tank and then I checked the oil before starting the engine, and then I drove the tractor out of the shed.  Just as I was getting ready to start mowing, Laine and Glen came out of the house and signaled that they wanted to speak with me, so I stopped the tractor and turned off the engine to see what they wanted.

“We heard you start the tractor, so do you mind if we watch how you mow the lawn?” Glen asked.  “We’re both hoping you might let us do it sometime.” 

“You can watch if you want, but let me explain what I’m going to be doing first.  Since the lawn isn’t flat and slopes down from the house to the pond, rather than mowing across it, I mow up and down the slope.  I turn around when I get to the bottom, where the ground is flatter before it gets to the pond, and then I start up the hill again.  As soon as I get to the top where I had the bulldozer level the ground before the house was built, I turn the tractor around so I can go back down the slope again.  Doing this eliminates the risk of having the tractor tip over if the driver is going too quickly when he’s trying to turn the tractor around while mowing across the slope.” 

“Ok, but we still wanna watch you do it,” Laine responded.  “We also wanna see how you start the tractor; hook it up to the mower, and what each of those pedals are for, along with any other stuff you think we should know.” 

“I’ve filled the tank with diesel fuel already, because the tractor uses diesel, not gasoline, and you can’t ever forget that.  It would ruin the engine if you put gasoline in the tractor by accident.  I’ve also hooked up the mower deck already and I leave it attached unless I have to work on another project.  I have also checked the oil, which you must always do prior to using it, so you’ll have to wait to see how that’s done at another time.  You can stand beside the tractor and watch how I start it, and then you can watch how I mow up and down the slope and use the pedals so you’ll know how to do it if I ever let you drive the tractor.  I’ll explain about the pedals later, after you’ve watched me do everything else.” 

“Ok,” they both agreed. 

After they saw me start the engine, I began driving up and down the slope and I wasn’t even halfway done when I noticed Glen was no longer with Laine.  When I got to a spot where I could stop and speak with him, I motioned him over to see where Glen went. 

“Did Glen go to the toilet or run to get a drink?”

“Nah, he just got bored and went inside.  He was hopin’ you’d let us try drivin’ the tractor today, so he got bored when he saw that wasn’t gonna happen.” 

“No, I can’t let either of you drive it yet, but I will explain how it works.  This is the range lever and right now it’s in neutral.  It also has two speed settings, with one being faster than the other.”  I then showed him how to select each setting.  “There are also three foot pedals.  The one on the left side of the tractor is the brake, and the two on the right side are used to determine the direction the tractor will travel.  The inner pedal will make the tractor go forward, and the outer pedal will move it in reverse, and then you use the steering wheel the same way you would use one on a car.” 

I then demonstrated how everything worked and he walked beside me part of the time to watch what I did when operating the tractor.  I was impressed with his curiosity and patience, and I made a mental note that he would be the first of the boys I would eventually let drive the tractor. 

When I finished mowing the yard, I backed the tractor into the storage shed and shut it off.  After closing and locking the doors on the shed again, Laine walked with me as we entered the house through the back door.  Shortly after we were inside, he went upstairs to join the other boys while I washed up and started fixing dinner. 

Later, after we’d finished eating, I asked the boys to stick around so we could talk again.  “Sure, what’s up?” Glen asked. 

“I have a couple of things I want to discuss with you.  First of all, now that we know that each of you boys are going to be here for a while, three of you permanently and Laine until school starts, I thought I should fill you in about something else.  You obviously lara otele gelen escort realize that Dakota was with me for a few weeks before we were able to get the rest of you, and during that time we became close.”  I stopped there and scanned each of their faces to see how they were reacting. 

“How close did you guys get?  Kota said you hadn’t ever done nothin’ with each other, so what do you mean?” Glen followed. 

“We weren’t exactly honest about that, because we didn’t want to tell you the truth until we knew that you’d be joining us for the long term.  I was afraid that one of you might get upset if you had to leave and then tell others about what we were doing in an effort to get even for having to go.  That would have certainly messed things up for Dakota and it could have possibly landed me in jail or prison, so that’s why we kept it a secret.” 

“So you guys were having sex then?” Laine asked next. 

“Not at first, and I put him off the same way I did with you boys. I also made him get checked out by the doctor first, but then he finally wore me down and we started having oral sex.  Eventually, he talked me into fucking him too, and it wasn’t long before we developed a very close relationship.” 

“How close?” Jamie wondered. 

“He’s my boyfriend,” Dakota replied, which immediately caused shocked expressions to appear on each of the other boys’ faces. 

“Boyfriend?  But I thought you wanted him to be your dad?” Jamie blurted out. 

“I want him to be both,” Dakota answered.  “I really love him, even though he’s a lot older than me, and I’ve never felt this way about anybody else, so I know I want to be with him forever.”

“So if you guys have been doin’ stuff, does that mean we can start doin’ stuff with you too?” Glen asked. 

“I’d rather not do that until you’ve been check out by the doctor, but I also don’t want to do anything that’s going to upset Dakota.” 

After I said that, I looked over at Dakota to see how he was reacting.  He merely looked at me for a few seconds and then he spoke. 

“I guess you could do some stuff with him during the day after you’ve been tested by the doctor, but I’m gonna start sleepin’ with him at night from now on.  We was doin’ that before you guys moved in.” 

“I never really believed you guys weren’t doin’ anything,” Laine responded, “cuz I knew Dakota liked havin’ sex, and now this all makes sense.  I’m glad you finally told us.” 

“Yes, I cleared the air with him today too,” I added while looking directly at Laine.  From the look on his face, I knew he got the meaning of my comment. 

“Oh, ok,” he said, and then he gave me a little nod to confirm he’d received the message. 

“Seeing that’s been cleared up, I also wanted to let you know that I’ll be taking you to the city tomorrow.  If you didn’t realize it, tomorrow is the Fourth of July and there will be a bunch of activities going on in the city that I think you’ll enjoy.  I suggest you wear a nice pair of shorts and a polo shirt for the trip, and I want you to pack another pair of shorts, polo shirt, underwear, and a toothbrush in your backpack, because I’ve reserve a hotel room so we can spend the night there.” 

“How come you did that?” Dakota asked. 

“I did it so we won’t have to drive into the city again the next day.  I’ve made doctor’s appointments for Laine, Glen, and Jamie the following day so they can be checked out, and then we can be certain they’re perfectly healthy.” 

“You mean to make sure we don’t have no sex diseases, doncha?” Glen followed. 

“That was my main concern, but at the same time I want to make certain you don’t have any other problems as well.”

“Is the doctor some old guy?” Laine followed. 

“No, he’s only a little older than Dad and he’s good lookin’ too,” Dakota answered. 

“Then he can check me over and I hope he likes what he sees,” Laine responded. 

“Don’t get your hopes up, because I know he’s not gay,” I countered.  “I’ve met his wife and children before.” 

“Hey, at least it won’t be some old dude fingerin’ my hole and handlin’ my cock,” Glen quipped.   

“He’s not old and he’s really nice,” Dakota added. 

Now that we had finished our discussion, Laine, Glen, and Dakota headed upstairs again, but Jamie stayed behind.  After a few seconds he looked at me and spoke.

“I want to watch TV instead, so will you do it with me?” he asked sweetly. 

“Sure, I guess I can do it for a little while.”

As soon as we sat down on the sofa and he’d selected the program he wanted to watch, he reached over and lifted my arm so he could place it around his shoulder. 

“I like sittin’ with you like this,” he said to explain his actions.  

“I know and I like it as well.”

I watched a couple of shows with him before I announced it was time for us to get ready for bed.  After I turned off the TV and the lights downstairs, Jamie walked beside me as we headed upstairs.  After he went into his bedroom, I decided to see what the other boys were up to.  Glen and Dakota were playing games on the computer in Dakota’s room, and Laine was checking out the educational software on the computer in his room. 

“This stuff looks pretty cool,” he told me when I entered.  “I’ve been checking out some of this stuff and it looks like it’s gonna be more fun than learnin’ the same crap at school.”

“I’m glad you approve, and you can probably get through a lot of it before you return home.” 

“Yeah, I think I might do it every day, not just during the week cuz it looks like it’s gonna be fun.” 

“That’s fine, and you can do as much on it as you want.  I’m glad to see you’re taking such an interest in it.” 

“Thanks, and I kinda wish I could stay here with you guys, but I want to see my mom, dad, and brother again too.  Do you think maybe I could come back lara rus escort here and spend some time with you next summer, if my mom and dad say it’s ok?” 

“That would be fine with me, and I’m sure the other boys would love to see you again as well.” 

“Good, then I’ll ask them just as soon as I get back.” 

“Maybe you should wait a while before you do that.  I think it would be better if you waited until after Christmas before you plan on asking them, at least if you don’t want your parents to think you don’t want to be there.” 

“Yeah, you’re prob’ly right, so I’ll wait until then.” 

When I finished chatting with Laine, I told the boys it was time to shower, and I let Laine and Glen use my bathroom first, and then Jamie asked if he and Dakota could shower with me. 

“Ok, I don’t have a problem with that, as long as it’s ok with both of you.”  I looked at Dakota, because it would have to be his choice. 

“Yeah, he can shower with us, but I wanna sleep with you alone.” 

“Is that ok with you Jamie?” 

“Yeah, and I want you to wash me again,” Jamie squealed in delight. 

“Me too,” Dakota concurred.   

“And then we’ll wash you,” Jamie added.  “Kota can wash the top and I’ll wash the bottom.” 

“Hey, you did that the last time too,” Dakota growled. 

“Yeah, cuz I’m not tall enough to wash the rest of him,” Jamie replied with a giggle. 

I realized Dakota was slightly annoyed and upset by this, so I made him another offer.  “What if I kiss you to make it worth your while?” 

“Yeah, I’d like that,” he agreed, and this seemed to put him in a much better mood

I washed both of them first, starting with Jamie.  He got a boner again when I washed his privates, which caused him to giggle. 

“See, I told ya it likes you.” 

“Yes, I guess it does.” 

After I finished washing Jamie, I washed Dakota next, and he also sprouted wood when I washed his genitals. 

“And Kota’s cock likes you too,” Jamie giggled. 

“Yes, it seems they both do,” I agreed. 

When I finished washing both of them, they began to wash me.  Dakota shampooed my hair while Jamie was lathering up my legs, and after Dakota washed my face, back, and chest I pulled him close and gave him a very passionate kiss.  Jamie was washing my penis at the time, and when I looked down his mouth was hanging open and he was staring at my erection.  When he eventually glanced up at me, he spoke.

“I’m not sure if it likes me or if it likes you kissin’ Kota,” he stated.

“I think it’s both of those things.”

“Ok, but I wasn’t sure, cuz nobody’s ever kissed me like you were kissin’ him,” he mumbled. 

“Really?  I could kiss you like that, if you’d like to try it.”  I didn’t think it would upset Dakota if I did this, so I offered without looking at Dakota for approval.

“Yeah, I’d like that.”

I bent down and gave him a similar kiss, but when I parted my lips slightly he was still puckered up like he was giving a childish kiss. 

“You’ve got to relax and you shouldn’t pucker up like that except when you’re kissing a girl in your class, your mom, or another female relative.” 

I realized too late that I shouldn’t have mentioned his mom, because his demeanor quickly changed, so I pulled him toward me and started kissing him again.  This time he didn’t pucker up, so I ran my tongue across his lips and they parted slightly, and then I attempted to push my tongue inside.  After he relaxed and I’d finally gained entrance, I nudge his tongue with mine and it reacted slightly, but eventually he got the idea.  We kissed for a little while longer before I stopped, and he appeared to be slightly dazed when it ended. 

“That was nice,” he whispered. 

“I agree and I enjoyed it too.” 

I was glad that Dakota hadn’t reacted when I was kissing Jamie, but I believe he understood that I was merely teaching Jamie, and not doing it because I was in love with him.  At least that’s what I hoped he was thinking.

After we had all dried off, I sent Jamie off to his room.  I then decided to check on the other two boys and see what they were doing. I was pleased to see that after they had taken their showers each boy had selected a book to read first and they were spending some time doing that before they dozed off.  I felt this was something else they could tell the advocate if we ever got visited that might make a favorable impression.

After doing that, I returned to my room and I crawled into bed next to Dakota.  I had barely crawled under the sheets when he turned to me and spoke. 

“I want you to make love to me tonight.”  

“If I do that then I’m going to have to wear a condom, because I took a chance when I sucked off Laine.  I know I can get treated if I picked something up from him, but I don’t want to expose you, since you’ve already been tested.” 

“I guess that’s better than doin’ nothin’,” he responded. 

After slipping on a condom and then lubing it and Dakota’s backside, I made love to him, just as he wanted.  He didn’t ejaculate while we were doing it this time, and I wasn’t sure if the condom might have had something to do with that, so I sucked him off afterward.  He seemed satisfied, and then he cuddled with me as we fell asleep.



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