Onsen Onna (Hot Spring Lady) Part IIOnsen Onna (Hot Spring Lady) Part II

Now that Erika seemed comfortable talking about her love of nylon stockings—not to mention how she enjoys wearing them all the time, even while bathing—I ventured to suggest that we share our own experiences. Talking can be the best therapy—besides, I was eager to learn more about her obsession, and not just for academic reasons. “So, Erika,” I started, “when did you first begin to become attracted to nylon stockings? In America, many men have a fetish for garter belts and sheer nylon stockings—as evidenced by hundreds, if not thousands, of porn websites devoted to garters and stockings.” I continued, “In Japan, I imagine that women are not into nylon stockings much. On the streets, women wear hose regularly, but usually low-quality pantyhose with minimal color and almost opaque—nowhere as fine quality products such as Hanes, Dior, Belle Sharmeer, and Schiaperelli 15 denier stockings. Those are wonderful stockings which are really sheer, come in a variety of nice shades, and feel so smooth to the touch.” “Modern pantyhose simply cannot come close. For a guy, feeling up a woman’s legs, caressing the smooth, sheer stockings, reaching the top of the welt, running fingers along the garter clip and strap up to the grand prize—the wetness of the sheer panties where the love juices are already flowing freely from the stimulation—that’s heaven! Today, foreplay is not quite the same.” “Also, the upskirt view istanbul travesti of a woman’s legs as she crosses them, or sits with her legs slightly apart, or walking up stairs above were such a pleasure. Today, we’re lucky to see up a pantyhosed leg—not much stimulation—rather boring, actually.” Erika slowly replied, “To tell you the truth, I knew nothing about stockings until I was about 20. I was shopping online at home in Tokyo for cheap pantyhose and thigh-highs when I stumbled on a website with stockings. I don’t remember the website name, but it was based in the UK and specialized in fine undergarments, such as corsets, sheer panties, and garter belts, and really fine hosiery such as 10 and 15-denier RHT and full-fashioned stockings. It was such a surprise. I never heard of such things, ever!” “As I viewed the many sample pictures of beautiful European women in garters and stockings, I started to feel excited and warm inside. I think it was the first time I felt sexually stimulated! At that age, out of high school, I had not even dated, at least US style. Seeing the great variety of samples made me think of the shokuhin sampuru (product samples) found in front of almost every Japanese restaurant—everything was tempting and delicious!” “I was hooked. I spent a lot of time googling “garter belt nylon stockings.” I forget how many hours each day I spent on the Internet looking at istanbul travestileri dozens of websites selling all sorts of beautiful lingerie and expensive stockings.” “My mother once told me how American soldiers gave cigarettes and nylon stockings to women in Japan during the Occupation. Now I understood the attraction of old-style nylon stockings and why they were almost as valuable as food!” “I found many websites featuring gorgeous women wearing stockings in every imaginable situation: outdoors, bathing, showering, having sex, bound and gagged, etc. My favorites are Roni in Hawaii) and Linda in UK), among others.” “I couldn’t get enough. I started subscribing to some of my favorite websites. I never had sex with a guy, but the websites gave me a chance for self-stimulation, if you know what I mean, without the complications of having a boy friend.” “At first, I had to hunt far and wide for sources of lingerie and nice stockings in Japan. They were so hard to find! But over a year’s time, I began ordering online internationally and was able to buy a wardrobe of really sexy garter belts, sheerest of sheer panties, and many vintage stockings and fine RHT and FF stockings from online stores.” “Such stores must be underground in Japan! At least they don’t have “brick and mortar” stores that I have been able to find, even in Tokyo!” So, now I am well stocked with fine lingerie and travesti istanbul stockings—probably much better than 99% of young Japanese women.” “Furthermore, I found that I have this strange obsession with getting wet wearing stockings. At first, it started with wearing stockings out during the rainy season that we call “baiyu,” usually during the month of June. It’s starting to warm up after the cooler spring season, so I found it refreshing to get wet walking around with the rain dripping down my stockinged legs. Then I began taking showers wearing my stockings. That felt really good, especially in the warm, humid months of late summer. It was one way to keep cool! Then I thought it would be exciting and challenging to wear stockings in public baths.” So you could say that one thing led to another.” “I have been going to various onsen towns all over Japan so that I can privately enjoy wearing nylon stockings in ofuro (baths). I was tempted to wear nylon stockings in sento (neighborhood public baths), but it was just too risky. First, people tend to know each other in the local public baths. Second, there is little privacy with everyone out in the open in a confined space. So, the best bets are hot springs with daiyokujo (literally, “large bathing place) which vary in size and layout. The ideal is kashikiriburo (private reserved baths) where you can have a hot spring bath by yourself in a locked space.” “The secret, I found, was to find out when the daiyokujo was least crowded. At a typical ryokan, or traditional inn like this one, there are quiet periods around check-in time when guests are out and about sightseeing and shopping, or just checking in around 3 pm.

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