One Time Thing Ch. 1One Time Thing Ch. 1


Mark was a well built young man, he was the star of the football team, and he could have any girl in the school. He had everything it seemed, he was captain of lacrosse, football, baseball, and soccer. He was strong, gorgeous … but he was always depressed, he faked being well, even his parent’s didn’t know he was always depressed, and always was no exaggeration. From when he got up, till when he went to bed he felt like shit, he smiled, but was lying. He hated his life, every moment of it.

On the other hand we have David, Mark’s twin brother, they were identical ‘supposedly’ but David was really the exact opposite, sure they both had the same good looks, you wouldn’t think they were anything but twins. But Mark was a full half foot taller than David. David was weak, he had never even tried to go out for any sports, there was no point. He didn’t need to be let down like that. Nobody at school liked him, the closest thing he’d ever had to a girlfriend was some girl he had hooked up with over the internet, who had ended up being a 43 year old woman out of Detroit who had been nice, but … just hadn’t been right, not to mention she was very illegal for him to even date. Not only did were they physically different, but David was also in a good mood, you could kick him in the balls and he’d smile at you, tell you he understand. Be nice, maybe it was why everybody walked on him. But he didn’t mind, he was happy with his life, he liked himself.

They had things in common other than the main looks thing, they were both quite intelligent, David’s IQ had clocked in at 198 and Mark’s at 178, there was a big difference sure, but both were well over the average. They had had two great parent’s until last fall, when their father had died … it had been horrible. Te whole family had been close, it had been a burglary, at the house. It had been late at night, around two in the morning when their father had heard a noise downstairs, he’d gone to investigate, but that wasn’t when he was shot. He’d grabbed a bat, and when the burglar spotted him he said “Freeze”

Their dad wasn’t stupid, he was rigid and silent in a moment. The burglar chewed his lip, frowning. “Turn around and start walking, go to the room of any kids you have, one at a time” The burglar followed as their father first went to Mark’s room. “wake him up, no funny business or your both dead.”

Mark’s father shook his awake. “Mark wake up son, shh, stay quiet, just get up and do exactly what I say, everything will be fine I promise.” Mark spotted the gun toting burglar, and he nodded. They were then led to David’s room, here the same thing happened, essentially.

“Alright, pop, kids. Let’s go to daddy’s room.” They nodded, the burglar was masked so they couldn’t see his face. They complied and sighed, maybe mom had heard them and was hiding, but no she wasn’t, she was waiting in bed for their father, Ron.

“Ron? What wa-” But she was cut off when their sons then the man walked into the room. “Ron, Ron what’s going on.”

“Stop fixbet fucking talking, everybody naked, I’m not going to do some sick shit, I just want it harder to get away.” They hesitated. “NOW!” He hollered at them, and they stripped from the pajama’s, the men all in simple boxers and a t-shirt, except mark who was just in boxers. Their mother was reluctant, Susan is her name.

“Please, don’t do this” She begged the man.

“Shut up fucking cunt.” He hit her, in the head with the but of the gun, she cried out in pain. His father lunged at the man. Who was turning … six bullets were emptied into his chest. He lost his nerve then, he let out a “holy fucking shit” and ran, but it was too late, the act was done. Ron was dead.

That was 9 month’s ago, they had grieved, their mother still grieved, sometimes Susan could be found taking care of their father’s prize winning roses, tears streaming down her cheeks. But she kept them up, refused any help offered, whether by a son, a neighbor, or a friend. “No,” she would say, “They where his favorite thing other than his family, and I will take care of them, as I take care of his family” She did take care of the family, she had at first taken a night job to make up for it, when they got the life insurance she stuck every penny of the $500,000 into the bank, for her children’s education, her retirement, and maybe the down payments, on both of her son’s first houses. She kept working for their day to day living. Eventually she got a better job, was able to quit the night one, she made enough to live a rather comfortable, and was slowly adding to the money already in the bank. Hoping to make it so that her children would never have to work when they were past thirty or so. She wanted her to boys to have great life’s.

It was a Saturday, and Mark had had practice for whatever sport was in season that morning, but he had the rest of the day free, from around noon until he needed to get to sleep, he didn’t know what to do, the current Girlfriend was in New York visiting relatives with her family, if he ever found out what she was doing on that visit with Mike, her sixteen year old cousin, perhaps he wouldn’t feel so guilty about what happened that night.

“Hey, mom,” He said knocking on her door, and then pushing it open. He froze, staring at her naked form. She had been in the midst of changing, not knowing he was home, and knowing that David was still in bed, she had taken a few minutes to admire her form, and … had gotten a bit of admiration from her fingers, she was mid climax when he opened the door. Her back arched and she came … he could see the juices on her legs. He felt his cock staring against his jeans, and slammed the door. “Fuck, sorry mom, so so sorry.”

“Oooh” was all his response a first, as she came down from her climax. “It’s okay Mark, you can come in now” It was almost a minute later, she had put on a nice robe, silk, that still leant him a view of her still aroused nipples. She wasn’t the best fixbet giriş looking woman, but she was still pretty good looking, her backside was a bit flat, and her hips a bit wide. Her breasts sagged, but not so much that she looked old really, in a bra she could pull of 25, at her 39 years of age.

Mark pushed open the door. “I’m really sorry, I should have knocked mom, I just … didn’t think I’d walk in on you” He swallowed. .. he couldn’t say it.

“Masturbating? Did you think I don’t do it? It’s nothing to be ashamed of, I know you do it. You think I don’t hear you ‘oh, oh fuck .. .gawd, yes’s coming from the bathroom, or you bedroom when you do it? It’s nothing to be ashamed of Mark. What did you want to talk with me about?” He was a bit taken aback, his parents had both been open about sex, had bought both their supplies of condoms. But this was a bit much.

It took him a moment to compose himself. “Oh yea, I don’t have work, or a date, or any parties tonight, do you think the three of us could just maybe .. .sit down to a dinner? I’m sure David isn’t busy”

“Hmm” She pondered the idea, “Sure, did you want me to cook something? Maybe the enchilada’s you like so much? Or … tostada’s? Or maybe just hamburgers? chicken?”

He chuckled, “I was thinking we make a night of it, all of us work together on making some dinner, then sit down, eat … get a PPV movie maybe?”

“I think I like that idea, go find your brother and tell him, I’ll meet you in the kitchen in a half hour to flesh everything out … Then we can all go to the grocery store, we need to anyway, get what we need … and then come back here and cook and eat and watch a movie.”

“Sounds good,” And Mark smiled, a genuine smile, it did sound good. He loved his mom, and despite disagreements that where often had, he loved his brother. Tonight would be fun.

It was about ten minutes later when Mark went to knock on David’s door, “Hey David, wake up” He called through, pushing it open, his calling had not awoken his bother. SO he smirked, and decided to play with him. He was in an uncharacteriscally good mood, he had a very good feeling about tonight. He crept forward slowly, his brother was sleeping in boxer’s only, he was nicely chested, he wasn’t fat, but he wasn’t muscled, he was skinny though … and defined. His brother got down on his knee’s next to the bed … slowly he slid the covers away from his brother, careful not to wake him … his hand moved gently, and he managed to slide his brothers morning arousal out of the front of the boxers.

Mark was Bi, nobody knew it … nobody, not a single living soul, not even him. His plan had been simple, he was going to get a sock, place it on his brother’s cock, and then he was going to squeeze until his brother woke, hopefully hiding away under the bed before he figure out who it was. But … something just went off in him, as he stared at his brother cock, which had had to admit was bigger than his own, Mark wasn’t small, he had about six inches of meat when he was fully erect, it was wide though, and one of his girlfriends had told him she felt like she was going to break part he was so wide. But David, David was wide, and he was about nine inches long, well, at least now that Mark’s hand had made him fully erect.

“Oh, gawd” Mark whispered, his own cock straining against the shorts he had worn to practice, he bent forward, and wrapped his mouth around David’s arousal. There was a moan from the top of the bed, but … he didn’t seem to be waking, slowly mark began to move up and down, a few more soft moans from David. Mark couldn’t help it, he pushed his shorts down and sat up somewhat, beating off with one hand, the other holding David. His head slowly gaining pace as he gave his first blow job, he was good at it, a natural one might say. And soon David was awake, and was pushing up with each push down his brother gave.

“Slid up here” He moaned out. “I’ll take care of yours, oh, oh … suck my cock bro, suck my cock.” Mark had to stop a moment, to get up on the bed, and straddle his brother face, he let out a moan around David’s cock as he felt his own slide into his brothers mouth, unlike mark, David had had a bit of experience with this. He didn’t think of himself as gay, but … when the only woman you’ve dated is forty and lives in another sate. Then you tend to, experiment with your friends, but he’d only given a couple blow jobs, and a lot of hand jobs.

“Suck me, suck me” Cam Marks half gagged voice. As his hips pushed his cock deeper into his brothers mouth, “Oooh … fuck” his voice too loud.

“OOOOH FUCK!” David’s voice way too loud, but neither cared as they both drank down the other’s load, their hips jerking around, their body’s arching and pressing into each others. Not that it mattered if they were loud, at the first oh, gawd from Mark their mom had been outside, she had been passing at the time of the word’s and peaked into to see, well, what she saw. She couldn’t believe her eye’s. When they came, she dashed down stairs, running to the guest bathroom she got up on the counter, over the sink, and fucked herself with two fingers until her legs were again stained with cum. She used the sink to splash cold water there. Hoping to cool herself off. It kind of worked.

Upstairs David and Mark were cleaning the cum from each other’s mouths and cocks. “I can’t believe I finally got to suck you” Whispered David, now being conscious of their mother being home. “I’ve dreamt of it for the longest time” He reached over and gently played with his brother through is pants.

“Look, David, this isn’t going to happen again, it was a one time thing, I’m not a fucking Fagot or some shit.”

“I’m not gay either … it’s just pleasure Mark, shit … stop being such a fucking close minded jock” That got him a fist in the stomach.

“Shut the fuck up, and get your ass downstairs in ten minutes, mom needs to talk with us.”

Mark was balled over, but he spat out the words. “Don’t you mean nice tight ass?” He always egged on his brother, thought it was dumb, this time Mark just ignored him, because. .. that had been what he had thought. He frowned, he wasn’t gay damnit!

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