One Night on the Ferris WheelOne Night on the Ferris Wheel


Six different body types of friends arrived at the Fair grounds around three o’clock on a summer evening. Vicky and Parie shared an inexpensive cab ride to the B section of the Fair grounds. While Vicky and Parie struggle to gather cab fare equally among one another.

A grey 97 Mazda 626 LX sedan pulls up beside a pregnant obese teen slurping down a pickle-relish hot dog, smothered in ketchup, at section C of the Fair grounds. Eagerly, all four doors including the trunk opened simultaneously. O’course the trunk was opened by an accident elbow to the trunk button.

Dressed to impressed in a fresh white button-up shirt, crisp light blue jeans and a clean pair of white air force ones low tops, was the oh so sexy, oh so cute Kirstin.

Kirstin was the only one among the four in the group, who was actually straight. I mean a few attractions doesn’t count, right? READERS: “Uh, right!” Thank you.

Anyway, Tiffany and Danielle were an on-again, off-again couple. And Kim was like an open book. She tells her whole life story to everyone she meets. When she first realized she was a lesbian, well you know the rest, Right? No, well I’m sure you’ll meet up with her in the near future. Vicky is strictly-dickly, as I like to call heterosexual females, and Parie claims to have a boyfriend. But Kirstin has never seen him.

Both parties wonder around the fair grounds aimlessly searching for one another. The plan was to meet up at the gates of section A, but both parties were consumed in their own ambitions. Almost an hour had passed before the two parties met up at the Bumper Cars. Vicky and Parie were standing in line, with tickets in hand, ready to experience the force of metal steel bumper cars crashing into one another. Now, o’course I’d preferred the occupation of being the bumper, instead of the bumpee. To all the fellas reading this, I guess you could say that last statement was an inside joke. Almost dirty, would you say? Hahaa, umm! Back to the story, shall we?

“There they are!” said Tiffany pointing at Vicky and Parie.

“Where were ya’ll?” replied Vicky.

“Ahh… We were waiting, yeah waiting for ya’ll at section A.” said Kirstin unconvincingly.

“Really,” said Parie.

“Yeah,” replied Kirstin.

“Well anyway, all that matters is that we’re here.” said Danielle.

“Wait, don’t tell me ya’ll are standing in line to ride the bumper cars,” said Kim, humored by the situation.

“Yeah, so what? What’s the problem?” said Vicky.

“Nothing, just uhm… Never mind.” replied Kim.

“Just forget about it.” said Tiffany.

“Yeah, if ya’ll wana ride the bumper car, that’s ya’ll business. If ya’ll wana wear diapers, that’s ya’ll business. Hell, if ya’ll wana walk around buck booty naked…”

Interrupted by the group, “Yeah we know, it’s ya’ll business.” altyazılı porno

“Thank you, though I wouldn’t advise it, Vicky,” said Kirstin with a grin.

Kirstin winks at Parie, gesturing that it would be perfectly okay, in fact it would be very much appreciated, if she paraded her naked lean body for the world to see.

“Anyway, me and Danielle’s going to get on the comet,” said Tiffany.

“Anyone care to join us?” said Danielle.

“I’m coming,” said Kim.

“What about you Kirstin?” said Tiffany.

“No thanks. I’ma chill with Vicky and Parie. Have fun without me, though I’m sure that’s almost impossible to do so.” said Kirstin conceitedly.

“Aww! She missed me,” said Paire.

Kirstin takes that as flirting.

“Yeah, I kinda did,” said Kirstin in a sexy tone.

“Do me a favor,” said Kirstin.

“Sure,” said Parie.

“Turn around for me, slowly.” said Kirstin.

“What?” replied Parie.

“Turn around for me. I wana see something,” said Kirstin.

Parie starts to turn around slowly, as requested ever so nicely.

“There’s something different about you,” said Kirstin.

“Something different?” asked Parie.

“Yeah.” replied Kirstin.

“What is it?” said Parie.

“Yeah, what is it?” asked Vicky anxiously.

“I’m around you,” said Kirstin.

Parie starts blushing, as Kirstin laughs. Vicky doesn’t get it, from the look on her face.

“Are you going to ride the bumper cars with us?” asked Parie.

“O’course,” said Kirstin.

“Goodie,” replied Vicky.

They all laugh.

“Tickets, tickets, please.” said the conductor.

The conductor exchanged their tickets for a ride in a bumper car. Kirstin and Parie shared a bumper car. Vicky shared a bumper car with her invisible confidant. What should have been a romantic ride, Kirstin and Parie tightly pieced together like a puzzle, was intervened by an unforeseen hit to the back of their bumper car, stopping it in its place. The suspect was none other than Vicky.

“Oops!” Vicky yells.

Vicky starts laughing.

“Damn! Vicky.” said Kirstin.

“Yeah, I was enjoying a lovely ride.” replied Parie.

“Come on, you wana go somewhere else alone, just us two. No interruptions.” asked Kirstin.

“Sure, if such a place exist.” replied Parie.

“Oh, I know a place.” said Kirstin.

They leave Vicky in confusion, when Parie and Kirstin exit the bumper car.

“So where are we going?” asked Parie.

“Where are we going?” said Kirstin.

“Yes, where are you taking me.”

“You heard of the Ferris wheel,” asked Kirstin.

“The Ferris wheel?” said Parie.

“Yeah, I know you rode the Ferris wheel before.” said Kirstin.

“O’course, I have. I just didn’t expect mobil porno to hear those words from you,” replied Parie.

“Why? What’s wrong with the Ferris wheel?” asked Kirstin.

“Nothing’s wrong. Nevermind, forget it.” replied Parie, to make up for her rude comment.

“So, do you wana join me or not?” asked Kirstin.

“O’course, I do.”

The line for the Ferris wheel was almost non-existence, except for the three couples, waiting to board the Ferris wheel.

“Put your ticket away. I got you.” said Kirstin.

“Aww! Thank you.” replied Parie, with a smile.

Kirstin hands the conductor their tickets.

“Enjoy the ride” says the conductor.

Kirstin and Parie are seated together in a comfortable Ferris wheel cage, with the bottom half of it metal plated so no one can see them from below. It was a hot summer night, by the time they enter the Ferris wheel. Parie’s long hair blows in the warm summer night as the Ferris wheel starts up…and blows near Kirstin’s face, who smiles at Kirstin, as if they have a secret.

“I have a confession,” Parie says as the Ferris wheel starts going around. “These things turn me on…the rocking…the distance you can see…it’s like flying.”

“Really?” Kirstin says.

“Yes,” says Parie.

“Yeah, this is the best place to take someone, if you wana be alone. No one can see what you’re doing.” Kirstin says.

“I know what you mean. You take someone here if you wana be intimate. Who would you take to the Ferris wheel, if you wanted to be alone or intimate?” Parie says as Kirstin struggles for an answer.

“Uh, I’m not sure who I would bring. Who would you bring… your boyfriend?” Kirstin says.

“No… There’s only one person I can think of.”

“Who?” says Kirstin. “You,” Parie says.

“And what would we do on this half-hour Ferris wheel ride,” Kirstin says as she finds herself sneaking a glance at Parie’s tight silk black shirt…and how the area between the buttons reveal Parie’s curved breasts.

“Whatever comes to mind,” Parie says with a smile on her face.

“So is this like a date?” says Parie.

“It feels like one. Do you want it to be?” says Kirstin.

“Yes… Do you?” replies Parie.

“Yeah,” says Kirstin followed by a smile.

Parie moves closer to Kirstin. If you listen closely, you can hear Kirstin swallow, as their thighs touch. They are very aware of each other’s eyes…and bodies…as the summer night wind teases their hair. Almost sensually… in the Ferris wheel cage/chair, as if they have the world to themselves…then there’s a small jolt and it stops.

As they sway in the wind, from below, someone yells,” it’s stuck. No danger. Just relax, it’ll be thirty minutes!”

So as they gently sway, they think to themselves, sex izle no one can see them from here…no one in the world…privacy for 30 minutes, feels like being in their own world.

“Kirstin, would you give me a neck rub? It’s been stiff all day,” Parie asks, turning with her back to Kirstin.

“Sure, it would be an honor.”

Parie starts laughing.

“You are so funny,” said Parie.

Kirstin replies “does that turn you on,” as her fingers begin to knead the shoulders and neck muscles lightly.

“Actually yeah, it does. But o’course that’s just one of your many qualities that I’m attracted to,” says Parie, who immediately squirms with delight.

“I love massages,” Parie says.

“Would it be better if I took my shirt off?”

And she does. Her black bra and beautiful breasts are glimpsed by Kirstin, who finds herself breathing more heavily. She then realizes Parie is unsnapping her bra. She turns, taking her bra off, and there are the two most beautiful breasts in the world.

“Would you do my front now, Kirstin?”

Kirstin gulps and reaches over and Kirstin touches Parie’s shoulders and massages them, trying not to stare at her breasts…until Parie takes Kirstin’s hands, while looking Kirstin right in the eye, and puts them on her breasts. She moans… Kirstin closes her eyes, for just a moment. Parie leans back as Kirstin unbuttons Parie’s jeans and slips them down. There is Parie, nude except for her black thong… her long black hair, her black eyes, her light brown Cambodian skin…all there for Kirstin – who gets aggressive, when she realizes Parie likes it.

Kirstin takes off Parie’s thong, revealing a small thatch of beautiful black hair. Kirstin leans up and kisses Parie on the mouth, holding her tight…their lips touch, then their tongues find each other, two warm wet little creatures, exploring each other…their hands finding each other’s breasts. Then Kirstin kisses her way down Parie…to her neck, then her breasts…kissing each nipple, then on down, down, with Parie’s hands in Kirstin’s hair, pushing her down gently…and Kirstin’s tongue now finding Parie’s wetness.

Kirstin’s tongue enters Parie’s vagina and tastes her wetness; then Kirstin’s tongue finds Parie’s clit…and flicks at it, licks it, sucks on it gently…then takes it ever so gently between her teeth…then lets it go, then takes it between her lips…and tugs on it…Parie is squirming, wildly…very turned on… Kirstin keeps licking and takes Parie by the rear end, a hand on each small tight buttock and pulls her into Kirstin’s face…

Parie is moaning now, out loud, wiggling wildly, saying, “Yes, Kirstin, yes!”

Kirstin keeps going.

Parie says, “Yes. Yes…YES! OH GOD YES!!!”

And Parie comes – wildly, thrashing, bare legs churning, it’s all Kirstin can do to hold on, as the Ferris wheel cage/chair rocks wildly in the night wind… fireworks go off as part of the Fair’s big last show of the night…and Parie comes, then pulls Kirstin up and they hold each other, and Kirstin gently kisses Parie.

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