On Yer Bike!On Yer Bike!


On Yer Bike!I was queuing in the village shop for what seemed like an age, when the bell above the door indicated someone else had entered. I glanced behind me without a great deal of interest, saw a youngish guy come in. Quite nondescript really, so it would literally be pointless in trying to describe him! I turned again to contemplate the back of the little old lady’s head in front of me, which I was coming to know all too well.The guy who had entered came into sight again as he perused the shelves. A cyclist, I still somewhat idly noticed. As he came into full view I became aware of the very snug cycling shorts he was wearing (the guy who invented lycra deserves a Nobel prize). They showed off his very athletic figure very nicely indeed. As he drew level with me my eyes were drawn to his arse, which seemed to be trying to devour his shorts. I briefly imagined burying my face between those glorious cheeks, when he turned round and caught my glance. I knew instantly bahis şirketleri he knew I’d been checking him out and hurriedly looked away.In what seemed a couple of days but was in fact about five minutes I at last got served and left the shop. I decided to linger about a bit and see the guy as he came out and see if I’d drawn any interest, so I went over to the nearby bridge leaned on the wall and looked for him leaving the shop. He soon came out and to a mixture of my horror and delight saw me and began to walk over. I adopted as casual manner and pose as I could muster. “Hi” he said as he drew near, “hi” I responded. “You local?” he asked cheerfully, “pretty local” was my response. “Nice place- does much happen here?”. “Not a lot of excitement” I said. “Pity- I like excitement!” “Me too”. “Could do with a bit now if you get my meaning?” , he said, brushing my arm. “I do”, and rather boldly for me I brushed my arm against his hip, At that, he took my hand and bahis firmaları placed it on his bulging groin. “Mmmm”, I said stroking it.Now, it was a case of finding somewhere nice and private, so we walked up the hill out of the village me unable to keep my hands off his quite glorious arse. “I want to eat your ass” I said to him- his only reply was a sort of moan. Coming to a gate I led him into a field, not the most secluded spot but by now I was desperate to taste him, so I thought it worth the risk. We sat down below the hedge at the edge of the field. Within seconds we were kissing passionately, reaching for each other’s cocks- both now very erect.I knew what I wanted today, so I kind of raised him up on to his hands and knees. hooked my fingers in his shorts and pulled them down. The view did not disappoint! An absolute peach of an arse, with a crack nicely adorned with black hairs. I kissed and bit each cheek alternately, unable to decide which one I was the kaçak bahis siteleri most in love with. Their firmness was exquisite. I next ran my tongue along the top few inches of his crack, teasing the hairs, immersing myself in his masculinity. Then I could resist no longer, pulling his ass cheeks apart I thrust my tongue as deep in his anus as I could get it, straining so hard it hurt. My reward was instant, that heady cocktail of tastes and smells only a man can provide. He moaned as I did this, and I became aware he was wanking vigorously. This seemed a good idea, so I began to wank too, all the while still working my tongue in and around his anus. He came quite quickly- the one problem for the younger man! I took longer, as I was ready, I ceased working him with my tongue and so positioned myself so I could cum over his arse cheeks. The sight of my load on his arse was one of the most beautiful things I’d ever seen, and I was instantly compelled to lick it off. This additional flavor was the perfect end to the perfect meal- arsehole and cum!. We hastily readjusted our clothes and parted with a long, lingering kiss. You can be sure we exchanged email addresses and phone numbers. We would meet again!

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