On The Patio Part 9On The Patio Part 9


Hello, Dear Reader. Welcome back. If this is your first time reading our adventures, pause and read our previous stories before continuing.Please, as always, I invite you to join us on the patio. By now on this story, YOU should know our routine. Make yourself a mixed drink or grab a cold beer while we go outside to smoke and listen to Renee’s next story. Hunter was a pleasure for Renee in August, two thousand and twenty-one. We had been outside playing in our pool one evening when he texted. Renee had a surprised look on her smiling face. She had given him her phone number related to work. Yeah, texting my fiance at seven at night is not related to work, I knew he wanted her. We were enjoying the pool and already on our second mix drinks. They text back and forth for a few minutes as we lounged in the pool. His messages became more personal quickly asking if she was in a relationship because he admitted to finding her attractive. “Hooked,” I thought. Renee giggled as she showed me their text messages. Hunter and she attended the same high school. Small towns and people know each other. Renee has always been the quiet girl at school while Hunter was a handsome football jock and the center of attention.I teased Renee with my hard six-inch dick pressed against her ass while we were in the pool. I told her Hunter was sexually interested in her. Renee laughed and thought his texts were just flirting until he sent a picture of himself almanbahis holding a nice cock! He had a beautiful nine-inch long and two-and-a-half-inch thick cock!We got out of the pool while Renee smoked on our patio and text him for a decent amount of time. She admitted she is engaged to me but boldly stated she had permission to “entertain” in our cuckold lifestyle.Hunter was curious as to how far she was allowed to go. Renee responded that she loved sucking dick and swallowing cum and that she frequently did with permission. She said she was very selective after meeting someone to determine if she would allow them to fuck her.They agreed to meet at his house after work in the evening. I had fun helping Renee dress for her meeting with him. When she arrived at his house, she immediately began stroking his dick through his work scrubs. Wasting no time, Hunter led her to his bedroom and in her signature move, she quickly pulled his work scrubs down to reveal the thickest cock she had ever encountered.She tried her best but was unable to fit more than his cockhead into her mouth. Hunter’s thick cock is even thicker than her bull, Scott (from our previous chapter five). After about ten minutes of her efforts sucking his enormously thick cock, Hunter had her undress and lay missionary on his bed. He tried to get his extra thick nine-inch-long cock into my fiancé but she was too tight. He grabbed a bottle of lube and slowly and patiently almanbahis yeni giriş worked his big thick cock into her tiny pussy. After a few minutes, Renee asked if she could turn over. She got doggie style and again Hunter worked his thick cock back inside her tight pussy. He didn’t last long at all fucking her bareback before he came inside her. Knowing how much I enjoyed licking her cum filled pussy clean, Renee didn’t clean up and quickly pulled her panties on.Once home, we went to the patio and she smoked while I pulled her jeans and cum soaked panties off. Cuckold delight! Her tight pussy was stretched open from Hunter’s thick cock. I took several photos for our naughty album before I licked his cum from her tender pussy while Renee smoked and told me her story. Renee led me into our bedroom and I fucked her doggie style on the bed. Very loose pussy! Again, the sheer pleasure of being cuckolded. She squeezed my shaft as hard as she could but after taking Hunter’s two-and-a-half-inch thick cock she was nowhere near as tight as she usually is. I enjoyed the feeling of being a cuckold and added my cum to her pussy. Hunter wants a relationship with Renee as a girlfriend and since she is point blank declining, they have not met up for sex again. I know it’s a matter of time before he masturbates thinking about her tight (needing lube) pussy and perhaps on a night he drinks, Hunter will reach out to my fiance.The month almanbahis giriş of August then September passed slowly by. Renee had tried teasing him with random texts and a photo of her boobs but Hunter claimed too busy and overwhelmed by his work. Renee was patient when I told her he would eventually contact her.I was correct and while we were in bed during late September, Hunter sent a text message at almost one in the morning. “Come over.” Renee, of course, was asleep in bed and didn’t see the message until the next morning.Renee was bothered by Hunter’s assumption she was a quick call for a fuck. She wanted to be in control of when she agreed to meet someone. I told her to be a little more flexible with Hunter since she has enjoyed fucking him more than any of her other bulls.Finally, in early October, Hunter texted Renee again at ten p.m. a more manageable time at night. We had just finished having sex and Renee was excited about going to his place. She quickly dressed in some jeans and a top without a bra. I gave her a quick kiss and said, “Enjoy yourself.” The plan was a quick visit and return home as quickly as possible. When Renee arrived at his place, Hunter had a friend, Tyler, over. At first, she was taken back. “Did they plan a threesome?” As it turned out, Hunter’s friend had seen his backyard fire and pulled in to share a mixed drink. Introductions were made and Renee joined them for a drink.Ten thirty turned into four a.m. before Hunter’s friend, Tyler, finally left. Hunter and Renee went to his bedroom. She sucked his big thick cock for twenty minutes but he never got fully hard. He claimed he had drunk too much resulting in a whiskey dick.

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