On Loan Pt. 03On Loan Pt. 03


A warm “thank you” to everyone who has written or commented on the ‘On Loan’ Series. The response has been so positive. I am sorry it’s taken longer than usual for me to produce Part 3. It’s a transition chapter, as you’ll see. It’s set up Part 4 beautifully. Hopefully, it stands on its own and I hope you all enjoy it.

Now … back to Mrs. McAllister!


Part Three

Stephanie’s mother, Marjorie, swept into the house. Amanda had to force herself not to curtsey. Some people had it, this really intimidating presence. They didn’t show up, they … arrived. Looking around the spacious great room, Marjorie gave the place a visual inspection and seemed to find it wanting. “Where is my daughter” she asked, as if Amanda were the hired help. When she thought about it, she technically was, but she was also family.

“Stephanie, Jack and the baby are all at the hospital. She lost a lot of blood, she’s going to be there a few days.” Giving politeness another try, she held out her hand. “I don’t know if you remember me, Mrs. McAllister, I’m Amanda Morgan. Jack is my uncle.” When Marjorie merely looked at her, she attempted one more time. “My mother is Jack’s sister.”

Marjorie set down her bag on the island in the kitchen. “I know who you are, young lady, and while I did marry into that godforsaken family, I am not Mrs. McAllister. I never took my husband’s last name. One of the true ironies in life is that I share the same last name as my worthless excuse of a son-in-law. No relation, I can assure you.”

Amanda gave up on using the manners her mother had drummed into her over the years. “Ms. DeWitt, your daughter lost a lot of blood giving birth to Ren. She will be in the hospital several more days. Can I give you directions to the hospital?”

Marjorie paused a moment. Amanda could tell she was trying to find an excuse to be rude about her offer, but it was clear she needed the directions. She gave a brief, condescending nod. Amanda took a pad of paper out of the drawer and quickly wrote them down. As she handed them over, she looked the woman in the eye. “Your new grandson is adorable, Ms. DeWitt. Congratulations.” Figuring that there was nothing else she could do in this scenario, she left to go on her run, her heart beating harshly in her chest.

Stephanie was sleeping when Marjorie arrived at the hospital. Jack was holding his son, marveling at him. They were definitely in the “stare and cry” phase of new parents still. He was in the middle of making goofy smiles at the newborn when the dragon swept into the room. Looking up, he stifled a groan. “Hello, Marjorie,” he said stiffly.

Marjorie looked at her sleeping daughter, then at the baby in his arms. “I suppose that is the baby?” she said, pointing out the obvious. “He’s rather large. No one in my family has such large babies,” she said, almost accusingly. “That young person at your house mentioned that Stephanie would be in the hospital several days?”

Jack nodded. “She lost a lot of blood. It was a close call, they both could have died. She’ll need blood transfusions and careful monitoring before they will allow them to come home.”

Sniffing, Marjorie looked over her shoulder. “We didn’t hear of such nonsense in my day. We just had our babies and got on with life. Nowadays, everything is such an ordeal.”

Jack found himself gritting his teeth. “Back in your day, women merely died in childbirth, sparing the rest of you the drama. We’re really glad that didn’t happen here.” He stood, offering Marjorie his chair. “Do you want to hold your grandson, Marjorie?”

Acquiescing, Marjorie held out her arms for the infant and for a moment, something that look like a normal human emotion swept across her face. “For all that he’s such a large baby, he does appear to be well formed. So many babies these days don’t look so attractive so soon after their birth.” Looking up at her son-in-law, she asked, “And they’re quite sure that Stephanie will make a full recovery?”

Nodding, Jack added, “She’s got to be one of the strongest women I’ve ever met, Marjorie. You should be very proud of her and the way she handled herself.”

There was a sigh from the bed. “Don’t tell me the two of you are getting along. I’ll think I’ve died and this is the afterworld.” Stephanie pulled herself upright with a sigh. “Hello, Mother.”

Desperate to be out of the room, Jack excused himself to go get something from the cafeteria. Marjorie waited until the door shut behind him, then leaned forward. “I saw his niece at the house. Didn’t she used to be a rather unappealing little thing?”

Nodding, Stephanie reached out for Ren as he started to whimper. “He is hungry,” she said. As she fed her son, she went on to add, “She’s helping me keep the blog business afloat while I’m laid up recovering. She’s been a godsend. If it had not been for her getting me some timely help, I’d probably be dead right now.”

Marjorie gave her daughter a sideways look. “You really think it’s wise having Şirinevler Escort such an attractive woman around while you’re looking so …” Marjorie gestured vaguely at her daughter. While Stephanie was fully aware she looked like death warmed over, she didn’t appreciate her mother pointing it out.

“She’s his niece, Mom. Not some stranger off the street. Everything is fine, I have a very firm handle on what is going on in my own home.” Stephanie supposed that was true enough, if one were going to split hairs.

Marjorie gave her daughter a leveled look. “Familial relationships never stopped your father when he was looking for someone to fill his bed. George had that hideous family tradition. I was so relieved when you decided not to be party to it, Stephanie.” She shuddered in revulsion. “It’s so unnatural, what he’s up to, not that I really know anything. I am betting that awful woman who makes those ugly sculptures is one of them. Margo Dusseau, which I had always found to be the most ridiculous name.”

Steph cuddled her baby son, trying to remain calm as she fed him. She had read somewhere that babies picked up on the emotions of their mothers. “Even though I was only 18 when I found out about the tradition, I was already dating Jack, Mom. I had found the man I wanted, there was no need for me to ever consider anyone or anything else.” She kissed Ren’s soft head. “You were told before you married Dad, you didn’t have to go through with the marriage.”

Her father’s family had settled in a remote part of the country. With very little options for dalliances with anyone outside of their family circle, they often made do with each other. While the remote location was no longer the case, modern day McAllister’s still honored the traditions of their forbearers in a tradition called “the body McAllister.” Learning about it shortly after her 18th birthday had come as a shock to Stephanie. Her father wouldn’t name his lovers, but he indicated he had relations with a few of them and that those relations continued until this day. Vaguely remembering his cousin, Margo Dusseau, Stephanie could picture them together. They would have made a striking picture. Strangely, the image didn’t bother her.

Sniffing, Marjorie smoothed her skirt over her legs. Even for a visit to see a newborn baby, she was tastefully dressed. “You’ll learn over time, Stephanie, that a wife learns to look away. Men have their affairs, and as long as you keep your head on straight, it means nothing.” She cleared her throat. “Far better to put up with the occasional slip than to be one of those dreadful divorcees. It’s so hard to invite them to a dinner party, because you must find a man for them. It’s so desperate.”

Stephanie stood up carefully, and laid her son back in his bassinette. It felt so odd not to have a large bump on the front of her body. She almost felt thin. “Mother, your ideas about life are downright depressing. Fortunately, I’m not worried about any ‘little slips.’ I’m confident in Jack. He’s not going to do anything to harm our marriage.”

Her chin lifting, Marjorie looked at her daughter as if she were still a child. “I’m sure I don’t know, but there was something off with that young woman. She was jumpy and took off running down the street like the hounds of hell were chasing her. She had a guilty complex about something, Stephanie.”

With that, Marjorie stood. “I’ll get a hotel, and stay for a few days.” Waving her hand when she saw her daughter about to offer her a room, she added, “I’ll be more comfortable on my own. Newborn babies do not make for a restful night’s sleep.” Leaning down, she kissed her daughter’s forehead. “I am glad you are going to be okay, darling girl. Promise me you’ll do what the doctors advise you.”

With that, Marjorie DeWitt swept from the room.

Jack hadn’t planned to go home, but just hearing that Amanda had been left to face Marjorie DeWitt alone sent him scurrying home with his wife’s blessing. He found her cooking in the kitchen, and he smiled at the sight of her. “Hey good looking, what’s cooking?” he asked.

A dimple formed in her cheek. “You are so corny sometimes, Jack.” She walked into his arms and raised her lips for his kiss. It started as a simple peck, then grew more heated. She surrendered for a few minutes, letting him ravage her mouth with his deep kiss. Just as he lifted her ass off the ground and set her on the island, she murmured against his lips, “What if your mother-in-law comes back?”

Pulling his mouth away from her with a groan, he reached into a nearby drawer and pulled out a pamphlet. He walked over to the rarely-used alarm system and punched a few buttons after consulting the booklet in his hand. “For fuck’s sake, I should be able to fuck in my own house.”

With that, he yanked her pants down. She was wearing those tight yoga pants that drove him insane. They looked perfect on her tight, youthful body. He leaned over and kissed her flat stomach. Everything about her was Escort Şirinevler so soft and kissable. His hands wandered up her body, finding their way under the t-shirt she was wearing. Her small breasts filled his hands so easily. Her nipples were erect, so he pinched them both, pulling them away from her body and letting them go with a snap. She arched her back. A quick peek at her bare toes showed that she was already into what he was doing to her body. They pointed, her graceful foot arched, then relaxed. He chuckled.

Pressing closer, he brought his mouth down to one of those pert nipples. “What should I do with this prize of mine?” He pulled a nipple into his lips, swirling his tongue around it, then suckling at her as she gasped and moaned. Then he spotted her glass of lemonade nearby, and an idea started to form.

“You know, Amanda? You’re so sweet. I think I need to add some tart to you.” He grabbed the glass of lemonade, then slowly started to pour it all over her chest, down her abdomen. Little drops here and there. She jumped, and squealed, but he held her down easily. Everywhere the lemonade fell, his mouth followed, sipping it from her body. “I should thank you for making me such a refreshing drink. I hope you don’t mind that I changed up the container from which I drank it.”

Amanda could have killed him. Everywhere the cold drink fell on her skin, she felt goosebumps rise. The heat of his mouth right after drove her crazy. She never knew when it was going to fall, which kept her on edge. Her lover was being playful, and she loved it. When he splashed the last of it on her cunt, she nearly came unglued. The ice-cold drink was such a shock against the heat of her pussy. When his mouth pressed against her delicate flesh, she moaned his name, then swore loudly when he pulled it away again.

“Pardon me, sweet girl. I think your dinner needs stirring.” He grabbed the wooden spoon and gave the delicious smelling soup in the pot a stir. He brought up the spoon to his lips for a taste. “I think this could use more salt.” He raised an eyebrow, then brought the spoon down on her pussy with a hard smack.

Amanda screamed, not sure for a second if she liked that or not. Then he kissed her cunt and the contrast against the sting of her skin and his hot mouth was so intoxicating, and she decided she didn’t care. Jack wanted to play with her body, and as far as she was concerned, it was his to do with as he wanted. Her feelings didn’t matter, so long as her lover was pleased. She hoped he never truly figured out how much he owned her, but then, she figured he probably did know, and that’s what made this so intoxicating to them both.

Jack parted her pussy lips, then put the flat part of the spoon as far into her cunt as he could. It was rough and vaguely unpleasant. “What are you doing, Jack?” she gasped. He merely smiled at her, then pulled the spoon out and dropped it into the soup. He stirred it, then tasted it again. “Now, that’s good eating,” he said with a sly smile.

He tasted her cunt again, lingering longer this time, removing the taste of the soup until only her creamy taste remained. Amanda’s hands gripped at the counter of the island, her legs parted as far as they could for her uncle’s oral invasion. Her hips rocked against him and he held on, feeling her arousal growing. As he started to feel the hint of a tremor in her thighs, he suddenly stopped.

“You are getting really hot, Amanda. Such a naughty little niece I have here.” He stretched over her body, kissing her senseless so she didn’t realize he was digging into the empty glass of lemonade. He plucked out a couple of ice cubes. “I think you need a little cooling off.”

With those words still lingering in the air, he pulled away from her delicious mouth and with a devilish grin on his face, he slid an ice cube unerringly into the tight passage of her steaming cunt. The scream that erupted from her could have been heard by the neighbors if they had any nearby. The ice was painful, yet vaguely erotic. The idea of it was confusing to her senses. As she writhed in agony, Jack leaned down and pulled her clit into his mouth. He sucked the little pearl into his lips and flicked it with his tongue. She orgasmed loudly, loving the way he used her so thoroughly.

Once he had tasted the sweetness of her cum, Jack knew that his throbbing cock was going to need some relief soon. He went around to the other side of the island and pulled at her until her neck was hanging over the edge. Pulling out his fat cock, he tapped her lips with his dick. “Open up, pretty girl. I have something for you.”

Amanda smiled. He was giving her a treat, as he rarely gave her his dick to suck. He was so enamored with her other two holes, this was a rare event. She opened her mouth obediently, then moaned as his shaft penetrated the heat of her mouth. Jack stood on his tiptoes and ground roughly into her mouth. “I need you to just take this, Amanda. I’m feeling like being a selfish prick Şirinevler Escort Bayan today. I’ll make it up to you later.”

With that, Amanda felt him shove his cock harshly into her mouth. She opened as wide as she could, her angle aiding her efforts to take him in as deeply as possible. His hands gripped her hair, hurting her scalp, but she ignored it, and focused her efforts on his cock. Her tongue, usually her friend in oral sex, was rendered useless by the deepness of his thrusts. She felt herself gag as he found her reflex and forced herself to relax. Then he shoved one more time. Amanda could feel his trimmed pubic hair brushing up against her nose as his cockhead slipped into the ring of her throat. A few more thrusts and she could feel him swell even more, choking off her oxygen. Her hands searched out in the air helplessly.

Jack knew he was being too rough, but he also knew he wouldn’t last long. The sight of his lovely niece turning purple as his raging erection choked off her air was enough to send him into orbit. He shouted her name as he exploded into her mouth, long ropes of cum going straight down her throat. Jack groaned one more time, then pulled himself out of her throat.

Amanda swallowed the cum that hadn’t hit her throat, then gulped in copious gulps of fresh air. “Fuck, Jack,” she said, her voice scratchy. “You must have really needed that.” Jack helped her into a sitting position, then kissed her deeply. He could taste his own ejaculate in her mouth, but didn’t care. Any man who couldn’t bear to taste his own cum in any part of a woman who had just taken it, that dude was a fucking idiot in his mind.

“Thank you for taking that for me, sweetheart. I really needed to just take and you’re so sweet to give me that.” He stirred her soup again. “I swear to god it does taste better this way.”

Giggling, Amanda stood. Her t-shirt wasn’t long enough to cover her ass, so she knew the sight of her prancing around the kitchen this way would be a huge tease to him. They ate soup and a salad together out in the garden, kissing their way through the meal. After everything was cleaned up, he carried her to bed and they made love until they were exhausted.

Laying there, Amanda asleep while curled next to him, Jack mentally shook his head. He still battled with the guilt from time to time. When he was deep inside her, nothing else mattered. Then in moments like this, thoughts of his wife nearly dying bringing their son into the world crept into his mind. Seeing his sister the other day; he tried not to think about what she would say if she knew what he was doing with her daughter. His wife had given this relationship her blessing for now. These precious moments may be the last he would ever have with Amanda. If she demanded it, he would give Amanda up. The thought made him sick to his stomach, but he would do it for Stephanie. What’s more, he knew that Amanda would do it, too. They were united in their love for his wife.

Within a few days, Stephanie was finally cleared medically to come home. After some discussion, it was decided that Amanda would wait at home while Jack brought his wife and son home. His parents, sister, Marjorie, George McAllister and his other sister, Trudy, were all waiting when they pulled in. Little Ren hardly whimpered the whole day, as there were so many people to fuss over him.

Life got intensely busy after that. Marjorie stayed in town for a couple of weeks. While she annoyed him to no end, Jack was grateful to her for her help. Amanda was an extra pair of hands, but she had no more experience with babies than he did. Stephanie had read a lot of books, but she had not yet regained her full strength. She insisted on breastfeeding the baby, but she had yet to change a single diaper.

Amanda continued to cook for all them. She fed Steph a steady diet of rare red meat and anything else rich in iron. Jack would carry her out to the garden for fresh air and sunshine. Ren was a terrorist, but essentially a good baby. He flourished, and his mother slowly regained her health.

Marjorie’s constant presence, the new baby, and Stephanie being so ill meant Jack and Amanda had little time to make love. When they did, it was brief and intense. Jack missed her bed, but a stolen kiss or two would sometimes have to suffice. Amanda smiled to him wisely whenever he complained about their lack to time. “They come first, Jack,” she would say. They were both steeling themselves for whatever was about to come.

One day, about 5 weeks after giving birth, Stephanie walked downstairs unaided for the first time in months. They took her out to eat on the patio in the garden. They laughed their way through dinner while Baby Ren slept peacefully in a basket next to the table. After dinner, as Jack and Amanda sipped wine, Stephanie’s face grew serious.

“I think it’s time I shared something with the both of you, Jack in particular.” She looked unexpectedly nervous, causing Jack’s stomach to clench. Clearing her throat, Stephanie continued. “There’s something about my family I’ve never told you. The McAllister family, that is. They have this rather odd family tradition that I didn’t know about until I was turned eighteen.” She started to tell them both of the tradition of the body McAllister, as it was known.

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