Oh Aunt DaisyOh Aunt Daisy



A breeze wafted in from the north, lowering summer heat at Olympus Beach as the locals called it, named after Olympus Point Lighthouse. Officially it was unimaginatively named Ocean Beach 7 in line with a the naming of the eleven beaches, broken by rocky outcrops, that ran along this seven-mile section of north-facing coast on Molesworth Peninsula and all named Ocean Beach with a distinguishing numeral.

Into this idyllic community walked Tom Smith, lugging an over-weight travel bag and wondering where the hell everybody was.

People of course were on vacation and with most adults asleep in early afternoon following excessive drinking with lunch, the kids and teens were down at the beach under the watchful eye of the adult delegated as that afternoon’s lifeguard.

Tom a university student aged 22 and near completing studies for a science degree with the thought of becoming a water-quality inspector, stopped and looked at the single line of beach cottages on higher ground and below them was tent alley of two lines of perhaps forty tents. He’d earlier seen the notice stating ‘Tent Camping by Prior Arrangement Only, no Campervans, Caravans or RVs’.

Hmmm, obviously a restricted society of recluses who favored a summer circa forty years ago when most people went camping in tents and spent all summer wearing a swimsuits and slip-on footwear.

Well now to find Aunt Daisy, his mom’s much younger sister who’d invited him to share summer with her and her family.

Tom lugged the bag along the dusty access road behind the cottages that were named, rather than numbered. He came to The Willows, The Oaks and Acacia Cottage when the only trees he could see in the vicinity were pines. Then there were the cottages of less romantic naming-people with a penchant for explicit nameplates that included Jones, Wilson, McIntyre and Snead. A larger beach house was named Joe’s Paradise and the even larger place beside it was simply called Daisy and Neil’s.

Ah he’d arrived.

Alas Uncle Neil was back in the city and would make the 140 mile journey to the peninsula on Friday afternoons and return to his property management business at 4 a.m. on Mondays, according to what Aunt Daisy had stated in her email. That meant they could throw a football and do other stuff males like to do at the beach while eyeing the babes. Er if Uncle Neil did that sort of thing.

Tom had met the couple several times and his mom had briefed them that Neil was forty-two and Daisy was thirty-nine and they had three girls, Abby eighteen, Janice seventeen and Meg fifteen. From what Tom could remember they were a rather dour family and the girls scrapped a lot and told tales on each other and their parents snapped at each other as well. But he was optimistic; perhaps everyone acquired a sunny disposition when at the beach.

Daisy had invited Tom to the beach because he was an only child and his parents were going on a cruise for three weeks. His parents had not trusted him to stay in the family home alone.

Well, it was time to meet his host family. Tom knocked and Meg answered the door and said, “Oh hi, it’s you. Come in.”

She disappeared leaving Tom to enter and close the front door.

He couldn’t find anyone else in the beach house and went outside and found them all sitting on the front porch watching the campers below and looking out at the beach activity and the surf.

“Hi everyone,” he said brightly.

Meg the pretty one, who took after her mother, said, “I told them you were here” and her two older sisters said “Hi Tom.”

Janice sighed and said welcome to Boringville and Abby said, “Do you play cards?”

“Yes,” said Tom as he looked at his aunt approaching. She had cute breasts, unlike her two almost flat-chest older daughters.

“Hi Tom, and a big, warm welcome,” she said, and pecked him on the cheek.

“May I get you late lunch? We’ve eaten.”

“No thanks, I had a burger when I got off the bus at Stoke.”

“Oh good boy.”

That night Daisy came into his room and Tom smiled at her puppies.

“Don’t Tom.”

He didn’t argue, knowing she was on to him.

“I just wish to lay down some house rules.”

He said fair enough and was told he would be expected to pitch in and do his share of helping to prepare meals and clear away and to do some of the housework.

“Yeah no problem.”

Daisy came very close and whispered, “Now this concerns my daughters. You are not to interfere with them sexually.”


“Right what?”

“You have delivered a clear message.”

“I’d rather you have sex with me than with my daughters.”

“Right I’ll remember that and you’ll know if I’m feeling the pressure.”

Daisy appeared shocked.

Well she’d raised the possibility of sex but he said, “Are you okay?”

She swallowed and said she’d never thought of having sex with him, her nephew.

Tom wanted to say well there was a first time for everything but she didn’t appear to be in the mood for any further banter.

“Don’t worry Aunt Daisy. If I feel the pressure I can always jerk off.”

“Tom you can’t talk to kurtköy escort me like that.”


“If you do masturbate please don’t allow the girls see you.”

“Of course not. Give me credit for having sense. How do you ease the pressure?”

“Females masturbate too Tom and I don’t suppose you knew that. But that’s enough of this unnecessary chatter. Well I’m off to bed.”

“Are you going to give me a decent kiss goodnight, not like that peck you gave me when I arrived?”

“You mean on the lips?”

“Yes and pressing into me a bit.”


“Mom kisses me like that.”

“Oh very well, but only if nobody is around.”

Tom looked around to see who was in the room and at last she laughed.

God it had been hard work with her.

She kissed him on the lips with a lightly open mouth and pressed her puppies into his chest.

“How was that?”

“First rate. You do know how to kiss.”

She smiled and roughed up his hair and left the room saying goodnight.

At 6:10 next morning Tom grabbed a pot and lid from the kitchen and walked up the passage banging the lid on the pot.

“Rise and shine.”

Meg came out of her room already dressed and with her hair done. Her two sisters came to the door of their bedroom moaning about being pulled out of sleep and Daisy came out in a sexy short black lace nightdress rubbing her eyes and asked what Tom was doing.

“I was told when I arrived yesterday the girls were bored. Well at 6:30 we all go for a run on the beach, just jogging and doing as many lengths as you wish and that includes you Aunt Daisy.”


“Yes,” chorused the girls.

The beach was 320 yards long according to Abby. Daisy managed two lengths, Abby three and Janice four and a half lengths. Meg kept up with Tom and after eight and a half lengths he grinned at her and said, “Let’s quit before we get bored or you show me up by out-lasting me. That was a really impressive performance Meg.”

“Thanks. I run with dad and I do cross-country at school. I love sport.”

“That’s great and you’d probably grow up with an athletic figure providing you keep exercising and watch your diet.”

“What do you think of mom’s body?”

“It’s okay I suppose.”

“You only suppose?”

Tom snorted and said he didn’t make that kind of appraisal because she was his aunt.

“Why can’t you appraise your aunt?”

“Probably because I’m shy.”

“You weren’t shy when you made that racket to get everyone out on deck.”

Tom sighed and said, “Let’s race back to the house, first on to the front porch wins.”

He let her win and she smiled triumphantly and said, “I like you Tom. I know you have been coached in running track.”

“It’s called gentlemanly behavior.”

She kissed him, on the lips.


“Why are you kissing Tom?”

“Because I felt like it Abby and you know I’m impetuous. If you must know he let me win our race back to the house.”

“Well don’t give him anything more than a kiss. Mum should be finished with the shower by now.”

“So you’ve completed three years of science. I begin college in September to get a science degree because I wish to teach science at high school. Perhaps there are some things you can talk to me about, I mean like tips.”

“Are you a virgin?”

Abby turned red and said no.

“Good, you are ready for college.”

They laughed and she said take a seat and she’d fetch coffee. You have a nice way about your Tom.”

“Thanks. Um about…”

“No Tom, I won’t mention that virgin question to anyone. Actually that was courageous of you to ask but I believe I can understand its relevance and that you’ll be more useful to me than our school advisers were.”

They chatted for almost an hour.

Blonde Daisy came out wearing a blue bikini and eyeing her shape Tom almost grabbed his dick. God did she look ripe for fucking.

Daisy listened to then talking about science lectures at college and then wandered off.

Later Daisy decided they should all go into Stoke for pizza for lunch.

Tom removed the canvas protection cover off the SUV and she was already in the passenger seat when he finished folding the cover and placing it on the back porch. He correctly assumed he was meant to drive.

Tom went to get the pot and lid next morning but stopped, hearing voices down the passage. It appeared everyone was preparing for the morning run.

Everyone ran the same distance as the previous morning and Tom was okay with that. He walked back to the house with Meg who said not to run, that she wanted to talk. He thought she would be out to discuss sex and he was right about that, only her questions were mild and centered on how she could make herself more attractive to boys her age (15).

She appeared to accept Tom’s advice which was not to be too competitive around males, to always look neat and tidy, smile a lot and be really friendly but not too talkative.

“Is showing plenty to thigh okay?”

“Your mom won’t like me telling you this but yes, it’s very okay.”

“What about aydıntepe escort my boobs.”

“You are on your way with them. They are sprouting well and my thinking they could be as good as your mother’s in due course.”

“You liar, you claimed you hadn’t noticed my mum’s figure.”

Quick-thinking Tom said well he’d seen here in that blue bikini since making that statement.

“Oh good answer Tom and I guess I have to accept that.”

Once again he decided really liked Meg.

“When should I start having full-on sex?”

“Ask your mother.”

Meg sighed and took his hand and Tom sighed and looked up to the front porch and saw Janice was standing holding a cool drink and starting at them frowning.

Meg let his hand go and muttered she thought Janice would become a nun.

“How do you know nuns don’t have sex?”

Meg almost fell over she was laughing so much.

Tom stood beside Janice and Meg continued on to shower. He wondered how he could defuse Janice.

“Meg is only fifteen.”

“I know and I think she’s a great kid.”

“Mom asked us to report to her if we saw you touch any of us.”

“She’d only being a responsible mother.”

Janice looked at him and asked did Meg take his hand and Tom shrugged and suggested she ask Meg.

“I bet she did. Meg is impetuous like that.”

Tom made no comment and Janice asked did he think she should get her breasts enhanced as soon as she left home.


That reply irritated her and she asked firmly and why not.

“Are you aware some people of both sexes admire women with little or no breast development?”

She eyed him coolly and said she hadn’t thought about it.

“Some guys don’t like breast mass.”

“You are interesting to talk to Tom.”

“And likewise Janice. And think about this, it’s pointless trying to accelerate into adulthood and I’m willing to bet you will blossom late.”

Janice looked at him carefully and then handed him her bottle of fruit juice she’d been sipping. He drank from it without wiping the top and thought he saw her eyes widen slightly.

“I must grab an apple,” he said and walked into the kitchen where he found Daisy in a yellow bikini top and yellow and very tight shorts. He swallowed, exaggerating the swallow hoping she’d noticed. She came to him and pressed into him and kissed him.

“I couldn’t do that earlier because the girls were around us. They are going to the lido pool in Stoke and will lunch there. Go if you wish because they intend inviting you but also think about I might welcome your company.”

Eh? Was that a come on or what is what?

Tom’s urge was to grab a handful of her ass and compliment her for being friendly to him at last but thought she might bounced the skillet off his head in anger.

Over breakfast Abby invited him to go with them to the pool but he declined with thanks saying being in a confined area with hordes of screaming kids what not his idea of a relaxing day, that he’d prefer to read on the front porch.

His reply was greeted so indifferently that Tom was left wondering if the girls hadn’t wanted him to go. He went out with them and he removed the protective cover from the vehicle and lifted it after folding it and Abby moved in as close as she could and kissed him on the mouth and her hand stroked over his belly and then over his flaccid dick.


He looked in panic at her sisters but they were busy arguing who was to sit in the front passenger seat.

“Have a nice day in Stoke,” he croaked and winced when she whispered, “Mom is thawing over you. If you’re lucky she might show you her boobs.”

He turned quickly and placed the cover on the back porch and then waved them off and wondered if Abby would tell her sisters about touching him and what she’d told him about their mother’s tits.

Back inside the beach house Tom found Daisy in the lounge reading a magazine. He stood awkwardly at the doorway waiting for something to happen, but he was ignored.

“I feel under pressure,” he bleated.

She looked up at him and said, “Well go to the bathroom and jerk off.”

He almost hurried off angrily and then thought she’d shown no sign of anger and her reply was, well it was reasonable civil.

“Do you want coffee?”

She looked up in surprise and smiled, saying she thought his priority was to ejaculate.

“Well it’s on my mind. Will you assist?”

She nodded and said before or after coffee.

“I don’t know what I mentioned coffee.”

“Darling come over her and undo my top and cum over my tits.”

God she’d called them tits!

“A-are you okay about this.”

“I get horny too Tom. Have you thought about my needs?”

“Quite a bit actually.”

She smiled and said, “And?”

“I’d love it if you allowed me to shaft you.”

“And would I love it?”

Aw how does a guy answer that without boasting recklessly? He replied it could depend how much she climbed into sex.”

“Oooh, climb into sex,” she said. “You make it sound exciting.”

Tom went to walk toward her but she sat up and tuzla içmeler escort began removing her bikini top.

He froze and gazed as the well-shaped, widely spaced boobs and licked his lips but she was ignoring him.

Daisy pushed her butt forward on the sofa, lifted and removed her shorts and panties.

“There you are darling, it’s all yours.”

Tom walked slowly and asked, “May we kiss like lovers?”

“Yes of course. You wanted me to climb into it.”

He was close enough to smell pussy.

“Um what if someone comes up on to the front porch and in through the open doors.”

“Well they take that risk Tom. This is the beach and people fuck when they’re at the beach. Just ignore the possibility.”

“You have a great looking pussy?”

“Why thank you Tom. I had been wondering when you’d get yourself into the position to be looking at it.”

“I didn’t think I’d ever be given the pleasure.”

Daisy smiled and said she’d thought the same way but with his uncle away and she becoming horny and with Tom hovering, turning immoral became irresistible.

“Oh if you don’t mind I don’t wish to suck you and I’ll require you to wear a condom.”

“Fair enough. Do you have one?”

Daisy sighed and pushing him away padded off to the bedroom.

She returned and threw a pack at him.

“Will Uncle Neil notice one is missing?”

“This is Tuesday Tom and if you and I can manage to get alone in all probability there will be several more gone from the box. But don’t worry, he buys them by the box of 100 and Abby is encouraged to take them when dating.”

“Good and now where were we? Am I permitted to suck you?”


“Good then please spread it for me.”

Tom worried that he may have gone too far, leaving his aunt thinking he regarded her as a piece of meat. But no, she was smiling at him as she rolled her outer lips open and said, “Go to it boyo.”

It was three weeks since Tom had last had sex and so he was enthusiastic about re-connecting with cunt but he figured his aunt would expect him to rumble with maturity, not messing her up with scratches and tell-tale bruises and streaming cum into her hair.

He hovered over it, yes she was right about him hovering, and blew on it as one of his university lecturers had taught him.

“Oh Jesus, what did you just do? You almost made me climax.

Tom ignored her and ran his tongue from clit to butthole taking his time and Aunt Daisy reacted by grabbing handfuls of hair around his ears and groaned as if in pain.

Or ecstasy.

He figured it would be the latter.

Tom continued licking, circling her clit and worked two fingers into her pussy that was dripping.

She jerked at him periodically.

But he rode with that, following her when she moved.

He was surprised just how far she managed to open her legs for a woman of her age. They were almost around to her ears as if she was double-jointed.


He was comfortable on his belly and while fingering her (with three fingers now in) and licking around the top of her now sloppy pussy, Tom worked his free hand in to rub the nub of her anus, interested in what reaction would he receive.

Banishment down to the beach perhaps?

Daisy screamed and came.

She looked at his dripping chin when he lifted his head and red-faced and panting she said she’d just had her best cunnilingus ever.

“Do you want more?”

“Don’t you dare touch it just now. It feels ready to explode.

“Then can I lick your anus?”

“Tom, no you cannot!”

Well that was pretty definite.

They proceeded quietly with a missionary and Daisy grabbed his six and a half inch erection and slowly fed it into herself.

When that was done and with Tom still sitting back on his legs, Daisy placed her lower legs over his shoulders and they were away, she telling him softly what it was like for her and he grabbing her tits at last and squeezing and sucking them. They hung down a bit and that was good.

Four times Tom had staved off ejaculating and now he thought it was time to fire because he was beginning to feel hungry.

He told her and she grunted and worked his internal muscles to make Tom feel his cock was caught in a vice. She eased off slightly and he resumed thrusting and his aunt then unleashed a foul commentary of what she wanted him to do to her and she applied the pressure again, his vision blurred and turned red and she screamed into a wave of orgasms and he grunted and streamed cum into the pouch of the condom.

Tom finished panting and sweating and noticed her open-mouth breathing was very erratic and sweat was running down her neck as well. God she could fuck. Little wonder his uncle brought condoms by the 100.

He went to kiss her, thinking she’d pull away but she grabbed him and their tongues entwined and she moaned, “God I feel sexy, so sexy. Can we go again? You may take me anally if you wish.”

“Toilet first,” he gasped.

“Right I’ll grab a handful of condoms and the lube. You are great, really great Tom. I also learned how to fuck properly at college.”

Mid afternoon after they’d showered and eaten, his aunt put the small towel she’d used each time they completed a bout of sex in a plain paper bag and she added the used condoms and their wrappings and told Tom to dump it in the trash collection center down in the camping ground.

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