Off SeasonOff Season


Southwestern Florida is hot in July.  It’s very hot.  But for peace and quiet, there wouldn’t be many places like it.  Destiny was looking forward to some time alone at her parent’s summer place in an upscale mobile home community.  At thirty-five, she was starting to appreciate the finer things and needed a break from the hustle and bustle of the rat race up north. She is very much a loner, but by choice, an independent professional who finds personal relationships somewhat draining and unnecessary.  This isn’t to say she is unfriendly, she is just private, extremely reserved and very, very chill.   After a glorious ten-hour sleep following the flight down, she tied on her skimpy red bikini, coated her still supple skin in sunscreen, and glanced at herself in the mirror.  Still young looking, she said a quick prayer of thanks for her pretty face and perfect figure after spinning around and glancing at her cellulite-free ass.Who knows, maybe there would be a hot hunk at the pool to admire it?  She hadn’t been laid in forever but as a good Catholic girl she rarely thought about it, and certainly wasn’t one to go looking for trouble. The walk to the pool took maybe ten minutes.   By the time she got there, she was already hotter than she could ever remember being.  Not a soul was around, it seemed as if even the maintenance guys had the day off.  She immediately jumped in the water, swam a couple of laps, took a spot on a chaise, and cracked open her book.  After about an hour, there was a sign of life. A young girl, maybe eighteen, came through the gate smiling, seeming almost giddy for some reason.”Howdy! Boy, is it good to see a live human! I’ve been here almost a week and haven’t seen a soul except for a few geckos!”She gracefully dove into the pool, her head popping up right at the ladder and climbed out, seeming very coordinated for such a young girl.  Wonderful, Destiny thought to herself, so much for the silence and her romance novel that was just starting to get steamy.Much to her surprise, however, the smile, nod, and eyes straight back to the pages must have been well received, as the girl just sat in a chaise opposite hers, put in some earbuds, and lay back, donning a pair of aviators. This girls grace, maturity, and beauty were impressive.  Her body, though fully developed, gave away the fact that she had not been on this planet more than two decades. She actually reminded Destiny very much of a young her. After a few chapters, her mind began wandering so she put the book down and focused her attention on the little sprite nearby, wondering what her story was.  Maybe she was someone in the parks granddaughter?  Her braided blond hair had to be long enough to touch her ass if she was standing, and was phenomenally thick and looked curly. She had the complexion of a caucasian, but had obviously been spending probably a little too much time in the sun judging by her golden brown tan.  She looked to be asleep, judging by her slightly open lips and no movement whatsoever over the last several minutes.  Her mirrored glasses obscured any confirmation of that.  “I think you and I may very well be the only two people in this whole park,” she suddenly said.  She had a southern drawl, and almost startled Des, who could feel her cheeks flush with the embarrassment of having been staring at this little filly for at least the last five minutes.  “Definitely seems like it,” Des replied.  “Haaaaawt!” said the youngster, and she was right. It had to be one hundred and ten degrees. Or did she mean… no, no one that young could have her mind that far in the gutter?  But shortly after she said it, she reached behind her back and untied her yellow string bikini, and lifted it off of her chest, revealing possibly the most perfect breasts Des had ever seen. Perfectly round and full, the top must’ve not had any padding at all, because they somehow were almost the exact size and shape as when it was on, with small but wide awake nipples.  Destiny had no sunglasses on but didn’t care, she was mesmerized by the shape of this young lady and couldn’t take her eyes off of her.  She had almanbahis şikayet a hint of abs, but not skinny, and perfect thighs and calves. A diamond was in her belly button.  She was almost too alluring. They say it’s not polite to stare so Des closed her eyes for as many moments as she could possibly muster and wondered about this little fairy lying near her.  She said she was alone here so she either had the combo to the gate, or was also staying in someone else’s place, as the park didn’t allow anyone under fifty to live there. She highly doubted the former as there were pools everywhere, almost all with more action to entertain an eighteen-year-old knockout than this one.  Should she ask her?  No.  She was rather enjoying the semi-awkward silence and being lost in her own thoughts, and the mystery of it all was as engrossing as the truth would be anyway.  When the sun got brutally strong at midday, Destiny cooled off in the pool and began the retreat to a beer at home. “Well sugar, I hope to see you around,” she said to the picturesque blonde, now on her stomach, showing off her amazing ass with maybe eight square inches of fabric covering it. She looked up with a smile, and said, “I sure hope so,” in an almost seductive tone. After getting home, Des took a cold shower to try to wash out the terribly dirty thoughts from her head.  She watched a movie, read her book, and went to bed.  All the while struggling to forget the would be model at the pool. The following morning she contemplated going to a beach, but her intuitions told her there would be just as much beauty at the pool.  She was pleased to see her new hopefully friend is there, exactly where she was when she left the day before, except on her back.  Her breasts bare for the world, or at least Destiny, to see. “Good morning, beautiful,”  Destiny said, thinking, ‘Wow, so forward. What’s up with me?’ “Hi, there!  I was hoping you would be back!”  She took a chaise closer to the glowing eye candy than yesterday, facing her.  She lay with her head back and found herself staring, almost feeling as if she was in some kind of trance.  She couldn’t handle the staring contest for too long and lost, shutting her eyes and letting the heat soak in, daydreaming of jumping in the pool and the girl joining her, swimming up to her… After maybe a half hour, Des opened her eyes and noticed several things.  The maiden’s head was turned slightly to be looking directly at her. One knee was raised and swaying back and forth so she was definitely awake, and at some point, she had untied one of the bows on her bottoms and she was rhythmically tugging at the other at the same tempo as her swaying knee, ever so slightly. The loop in the bow was getting a teeny bit smaller each time she did it.  It was fascinating, and for the first time in her whole life while looking at another woman, Destiny felt a sudden and powerful arousal that had already started the swelling and moistening of her well under-utilized pussy.  She couldn’t peel her eyes away or shut them at this time if you had offered her thousands of dollars to do so.    A slight smile appeared on the full lips of her little friend.  Her undulating thigh was opening wider and wider with each bob, and Des knew what was coming and had everything she could do to not touch herself.  She was sure her bottoms were visibly darkened with moisture.  She would have been surprised if the young thing couldn’t see her chest palpitating the way her heart was beating.  Then, after a few more minutes of this hypnotic, trance-inducing show, it happened.  The nubile goddess let her wobbling leg fall so her tan thighs were spread wide open and pulled the bow apart simultaneously.  She raised her hips and pulled the bottoms out from under her perfect ass, and dropped them on the ground. Her hairless vagina, like her breasts, could be used as an example in a textbook somewhere of an aroused woman, glistening in the sunlight in public.  Her slightly exaggerated mound displayed that her little clit was fully engorged and her vulva in full bloom.  She bit her lower lip.  ‘Jesus, of course, almanbahis canlı casino she does,’ Des thought to herself.  As if someone had given her a powerful sedative, Destiny couldn’t move.  She even wondered if this was some kind of succubus that had cast a spell on her.  Her eyes were locked onto the girls pussy as if it had an eyeball tractor beam, and there was nothing she could do about it.  The nude maiden leaned forward and reached behind her, pulling out the brace on the back of the chaise, and it fell flat as she followed.  Now her head was turned away and her firm looking breasts were even more enticing with her flat on her back.  Destiny took the opportunity to feel herself and confirm she was a sopping mess.  She briefly masturbated for the first time in weeks, as if she had an itch that she hadn’t been able to reach.She composed herself somewhat only when she remembered where she was.  When she turned her attention back to the gorgeous princess, her jaw dropped as she watched her move one hand to her now fully erect nipple and pinch it, and the other to her soaking wet bud.She wasted no time with her fingers as she expertly worshipped her pussy with her hand, alternating between rubbing her button and plunging her fingers into herself.   Audible sloshing sounds mixed with barely audible moans.   Destiny’s head was now swimming, almost enough to make her lose consciousness.  She was aching to get up and go bury her face in the girl’s mound, taste all that youth, or rip off her bottoms and straddle the beauty’s face, or even maybe both at the same time.  “I think I want you.” Was it out loud?  She didn’t even know.  She imagined herself eating up the young luscious one’s pussy like a piece of fruit, plunging her tongue in and out.   She wanted to lap on it like a dog lapping an ice cream cone, for hours, for an entire afternoon.  ‘I’m gonna do it,’ she thought to herself, a wave of overwhelming heat and arousal preventing her from getting up. ‘Fuck, what if she’s seventeen? I can’t.’ She struggled to move, deciding to throw the danger of the possibility of jail time to the wind if she could just bring her overheated body to make a move. Her dizzy head lifted and she sat up and swung her legs around, preparing to actually stand up.   “Oh my god, oh my god.  I am so sorry, I’m so embarrassed!”  The southern girl’s voice snapped some reality back into the haze of throbbing arousal that was Destiny’s mind.  “The heat, I must’ve drifted off, I must’ve forgotten you were here!”  “It’s ok, I didn’t mind at all, sweetheart,”  and wondered if she really had just said that.The nymph was obviously shaking as she tied on her bikini and gathered her things.  “I’m so sorry.” She started to cry.  Sadly, she ran off, before Des had a chance to reassure her that she was possibly the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen.   Especially like she was, in all her feminine lusty glory.        After getting back to her spot and showering Destiny mixed a drink and gave herself a mental pat on the back for not succumbing to her urges and making a move on the sultry vixen at the pool.  Also for not pleasuring herself after becoming so incredibly hot and bothered. She was proud of her wholesomeness still, even at her age, and was also saving herself.  Little did she know for what.   After a second, then third drink, she could not get the girl out of her mind.  She had never obsessed over anything in her life, but something about this lithe young woman was pulling at her mind like a like a lightbulb pulls at a moth.  She wondered if she was ok after being obviously nearly traumatized at losing control of herself.  She wondered what she may be doing.  She didn’t have to wonder for too long.    A rap on the door startled her.  She parted the blind to see, guess who, standing at the door in a tiny sun dress, barefoot, with a six pack of beer in her hand.  She felt a huge smile on her face that took her by surprise as she opened the door, forgetting she was only wearing some sheer lace panties and an old threadbare t-shirt.   “Hi, it’s me again!”  Destiny could tell she almanbahis casino was drunk, swaying and slurring slightly.  “I don’t have a car and I’ve been alone in this park forever.  I saw your lights on and I wanted to apologize for being so forward, I mean uh, rude today at the pool.  Want a beer?” “Sure, c’mon in sweetheart.”  Oh, Christ, her heart was already beating a little harder again.  What was it about this girl? “I was a little concerned about you today, you seemed visibly shaken when you, came to or whatever, I wanted to chase you down and give you a big hug.” “I was totally mortified.  I remember taking my top off, but almost everything after that is blurry, until I heard you getting up and it snapped me out of my heat stroke, or whatever happened.  I’ve been thinking about it all afternoon.  I have never behaved like that in front of anyone, not even a boyfriend.”  She drank half of her beer left in a matter of seconds.  “Well, I’ve never seen anything quite like it.  The tropical heat, you know, it can really knock you for a loop.  I must say, I think it was affecting me quite a bit as well today.”  She noticed the girl’s eyes kept dropping from her own downward.  She wanted to get up and put something on, but that could be the opposite signal she wants to send.   “I was out of it.  I had this dream, almost like a daydream or something, and I’ll say it was something.  You were in it.”   She opens another beer and brushes her crazy blond mane out of her face.  Her cheeks were almost bright red, so fucking pretty.  “How old are you?”  Destiny asked with a gulp, almost afraid of the answer.   “I just turned eighteen!  I’m legal now!” She giggled.  “Although mom had me when she was 15, so what does that matter anyways.” ‘Fuck, I’m the same age as this girls mom,’ Destiny thinks to herself. “She’s beautiful, almost as pretty as you, with a body nearly as rockin’ as yours too.  But she knows it, she even fucked my damn boyfriend.  We fight like anything though.  When her drug-dealing POS boyfriend tried to fuck me for the thirteenth time and she tried to talk me into it, I had enough.  I ran and ran and asked grandma if I could hide down here and she said yes.  I love grandma.” ‘Wow.’  Destiny thought.“Sweetie, I’m so so sorry to hear all of this.  Come here.”  Something maternal seemed to be taking over and she held her head against her bosom and could soon feel her start to sob slightly.  “My names Destiny and I truly believe everything happens for a reason.  If god didn’t want you to experience this stuff to make you as strong and beautiful as you are, you wouldn’t have.”  The little girls head lifted and she turned to look deep into Destiny’s eyes, their noses almost touching.’Oh god,’  Des thinks, swallowing.“My name’s Destiny too,” her shimmering green eyes penetrated, tears somehow making her face even more beautiful, for what seemed like minutes after she said it, then she laid her head back down on the elder Des’ heaving breast.  She just held her there, time slipping at an in incalculable rate, each moment feeling the younger, more beautiful version of herself sinking into her.  It was an odd mix of feelings.  She felt motherly, warm, and tingly.   The girl smelled and felt like some kind of a mix of angel and child in her arms.  As she started to doze off from the extreme level of comfort, she said a prayer of thanks.  She also pictured the young woman’s perfect, shaved body in her head, as she gazed down at her nearly glowing thighs that she had at some point exposed with her skirt almost all the way to her groin.  Just before she lost consciousness, she thought she heard the nearly passed out little Dezzy whisper under her breath, “I think I want you, too.”  Was it a dream?  She had no idea.   After the warmest, most fuzzy slumber she’d ever experienced, the older Des woke with her face still buried in the younger one’s soft curls, and looked down to see that her skirt was now all the way up above her womanhood and she hadn’t been wearing any panties.  She also noticed that her hand had made it’s way to the mom figures inner thigh, her thumb almost making love to her.  It probably would be, if she too was bottomless.  Exhausted, she shrugged off the more randy thoughts and slowly repositioned Dezzy to be lying down.  She put a blanket over her, and crawled into bed, instantly falling asleep.   

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