Off Broadway Public Theater Pt. 02Off Broadway Public Theater Pt. 02


Stacy drove home from the second rehearsal presented to the backers who decided to bankroll the production, after some debate. She contemplated how she will approach the subject when her husband asks her about the nude scene.

The mature woman parked her car in the garage and went into the house. Her husband was waiting for her.

“How was the rehearsal tonight, did you do the nude scene?” He asked enthusiastically without saying hello to his spouse.

“What do you think?” Stacy asked as she walked to her husband and flipped her skirt up to show she was nude under it.

“Tell me all about it.” Bill said eagerly waiting to hear about the first time his wife was nude in front of other people.

“Let’s go upstairs, get comfortable and I will tell you about the night.” The horny mature woman said, as she removed the two garments she had on. She seized her husband’s hand, she wanted him to escort her to their bedroom.

The mature woman had her husband sit on the bed as she began to undress him stating. “For the last week Keith and I stripped down to our underwear, as we were rehearsing our lines, and kissing at the end, a sort of staged kiss.” The mature woman, fibbing to her husband about the kiss, distracting her husband by removing all his clothes and pushing him onto the bed, the mature woman continued. “We did the run through of the script the same way tonight, but the backers didn’t like it, wanting more skin. While we were on break, Jack came in informing us that we had to expose ourselves more.” The mature woman was stroking her husband’s man meat continuing the narrative. “That is when you were called to get permission for me to go further with the scene.” Stacy explained as she lowered her head over her husband’s erect cock licking him as she continued to stroke his man meat.

By this time Bill was in a sexual bliss with his wife’s ministrations he was having a difficult time following her narrative.

She was stroking him slowly as she continued “We did the scene again with me topless, but the backers still weren’t satisfied. They informed us they wanted the scene performed in the nude, with their guarantee they would back the show. That is when I stripped off my panties and stood nude and gave them a full frontal of your wife. They agreed to back the show and started clapping.”

Stacy continued as she played with her husband’s erection. “The backers left. I was so happy they will back us and comfortable being nude. We discussed who we could have read for the parts still not cast, while I stayed completely nude. Oh by the way Keith’s boyhood dream came true, he saw me nude tonight.” She chuckled

The mature woman concentrated on pleasuring her husband orally.

“I’m going to cum.” Bill groaned.

Stacy stopped blowing him abruptly and impaled herself on his erection. She was highly sex charged due to her exposure during the rehearsal, she needed to get off. Reliving the excitement she felt being nude on stage in front of the financial backers. She visualized, with excitement, being nude in front of Jack and Keith. Stacy was rubbing her clit and Bill was playing with her breasts, as she rode her husband’s cock like he was a Sybian orgasm machine. He shot his wad a few minutes after his wife came. She massaged his pecker doing her Kegel exercises, causing him to blow his load deep inside his wife’s pussy.

“Wow what got into you tonight Stacy.” Bill panted trying to catch his breath after that amazing copulation.

“I think you did, don’t you remember. What are you getting, old timers disease?” She laughed causing her husband to chuckle also.

Stacy was still impaled on her husband’s pecker doing her Kegel exercises.

“Stacy you haven’t told me what it felt like to be nude in front of the backers?”

“I was embarrassed when I first took off my top, during the performance of the scene, although it was less stressful having Keith there with me, as I know him, but when the backers said they wouldn’t back the production unless there was full nudity in most of the scenes I got pissed and stripped off completely. The banker embarrassed me, he said I needed my pubic area groomed. It didn’t take me long to feel comfortable nude. I liked the way everyone looked at me, when I showed them everything. They were worshiping me with their eyes. Keith was beside himself, seeing me nude for the first time.” The mature woman related to her husband, with a faraway look in her eyes, remembering the feeling of freedom, without her clothes.

“That is very insightful on your part Stacy, so you enjoyed your nudity?”

“Yes I did and while we are talking about that. Are you sure you are comfortable with me doing the play? From what little I have been told, I will probably be nude for the second and third acts, with simulated sex scenes in both of them. Do you want me to continue practicing my lines? I don’t want to lose you.”

“Of course I do. It will thrill me to see you nude on stage, knowing that you will come home with me, after every performance.” Eğitim Escort

“Really, you don’t mind your wife doing simulated sex scenes on stage, with a couple of other guys.”

“No, it was turning me on thinking about you nude, but I would really like to go with you from now on.”

“I will make sure you are at all the rehearsals.” Stacy said as she continued to massage his man meat with her pussy. No matter how hard she tried Bill couldn’t rise to the occasion, he was done for the night. The only thing left if Stacy needed to get off again is lick-it-Dee-slit or manual massage of her womanhood.

They uncoupled and both took a shower together. In the shower Bill manually brought his wife off, inserting three fingers in her slippery slit, and kissing her neck, as he pumped his fingers in her manhole. Tracy only took minutes to have another screaming orgasm. She was so weak, Bill had to hold her up, while she caught her breath.

They exited the shower and dried each other off, as they have been doing lately and went to bed nude. Something which only recently has been the norm, they were asleep as soon as their heads hit their pillows. Bill spooning his wife, happy she chose him as a mate, those many years ago. The couple was exhausted, but happy.


The next morning Friday, the couple awoke at the regular time, during breakfast a discussion was started about a procedure to tell the school administration about Stacy’s part in the stage production she is going to appear in.

“What should I do Bill about informing the school administration about my part in the play?”

“You should probably tell the principal about it, see what he says to do? You don’t want to lose your job, because you were in an Advant Garde Play do you?”

“No I don’t, so I guess I will run it by Rex. See what I should do?” Stacy said concerned she would lose her job because of doing nude scenes, but she doesn’t want the theater to close either. Everything is on her shoulders; it is a catch twenty-two situation.

They were off to their respective jobs with a plan in place.

When Stacy arrived at school, she ran into the Principal in the hall on the way to her classroom. “Hi Rex, do you have time available to meet with me?”

“Sure Stacy, when can you come to my office?”

“How about at three, before I go home, will that work for you?”

“Yes that would be great.” The principal agreed.

Stacy was a nervous wreck all day. it was a long day for her, but finally the day ended, and she went to the office to get the principal’s viewpoint.

“Hi Stacy come into the office, what is on your mind?” The principal said, as they entered his office, as he closed the door.

“I have a part in a stage play and I wanted to know if there will be any problem with the administration?”

“No, I don’t see any problem if you want do some acting on your own time, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the school day or teaching.”

There was a long pause, Stacy was organizing her thoughts, before continuing. “Rex, the part I play will require nudity. Do you think I will get fired for acting in this production?” She turned red and looked at the floor, after she explained her part.

“I will have to attend a rehearsal to decide if there will be a problem?” Rex said, with surprised anticipation, as he never thought of Stacy as the type to do nude scenes in play. She always seemed so modest.

“Okay I will see if Jack will let you sit in on a rehearsal.” Stacy said trembling at the thought of her boss seeing her nude.

“I will look forward to seeing you in rehearsal to evaluate if you will be in violation of your contract doing nude scenes in a play.” He said, with a double meaning to his words and trying to disguise his excitement with a greasy smile.


Stacy drove home and prepared to go to rehearsal at six. She took a shower and put on a skirt and blouse with sexy Mary Jane shoes. The mature woman put her lingerie in her purse, in case she needs them during the rehearsal tonight.

Bill arrived home at four as usual and said. “No dinner?”

“You’re coming with me to rehearsals tonight right?” His wife asked.

“Yes that was the plan.”

“So you’re buying dinner, for the privilege of having a meal with a sexy woman and watching your wife rehearsing tonight.” She said, opening her blouse to show Bill she was bra-less, leaving it open, so when moving to one side or the other she was exposing a nipple to his view. She made a show of lifting her skirt, so her husband had no question she was going commando, and unbuttoning her top to her bellybutton, so her breasts were showing, as she walked. Going to her husband’s SUV with her breasts exposed.

On the way to Applebee’s Bill asked. “Did you have a chance to talk to the principal?” As he Escort Eğitim reached across the console and played with his wife’s exposed breast.

“Yes, he wants to see the rehearsal to decide if acting in this play is allowed by the contract I signed with the school system.” She moaned as her husband rubbed her breast exactly the way she liked.

“I think he just wants to see you nude, the production is within the state law, so I don’t think the administration can forbid you to appear in the stage play, without opening themselves up to a law suit.”

“You should have seen the way Rex looked at me when I told him I would be doing nude scenes. You’re probably right the administration can’t stop me playing the part.”


Stacy left her blouse open three buttons from the top. When they entered Applebee’s the men in the establishment did a double take, as her areola’s peeked out as she walked.

The hostess greeted them as the couple walked in saying. “Welcome to Applebee’s, how many for dinner?”

Bill said. “Two, can we have the table in the corner?” He pointed to an empty table in a dark corner of the dining room.

The hostess escorted them to the table and set down the menu stating. “Bree will be your server.”

While the couple waited for the server, Bill manually massaged his wife’s pussy. She emitted a whispered contented mewing sound as her husband rubbed the outer lips of her vagina. He paid a lot of attention to her clit causing her to shudder. She grabbed his hand to stop his rubbing of her clit, as she was on the verge of cuming, when the server arrived.

The server had a knowing smile on her face, as she sniffed the air around them, noting a hint of excited female, in the vicinity of their table. The couple ordered their meal, turning red knowing they were caught. They stopped their public sex shenanigans and waited for their meal, discussing the play.

The couple had their meal, Bill paid, and they continued to the theater, getting there twenty minutes early. They entered the back door and walked to the office.

“Hi Jack, how are you doing?” Bill asked.

“Bill you’re here to drop Tracy off I hope?” Jack inquired, surprised to see Tracy’s husband.

“No, Bill will be with me at all the rehearsals.” Stacy informed the director.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea that your husband is here for the rehearsals?” Jack stated with authority. “You are playing a very weak Mrs. Worthington presently, Stacy you need to concentrate on your part. I think your husband at the rehearsals will distract you.”

“If Bill can’t be here while I’m rehearsing, then I’m quitting.” Stacy stated emphatically.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea your husband watches you doing the nude scenes, he may become jealous.” The director further clarified.

“Then that is another good reason to quit, as I don’t want to ruin my marriage because of a stage show.” Stacy stated with conviction.

“You don’t have to worry about me becoming jealous. I can’t wait to see my wife nude in front of the group.” Bill stated with anticipation, but turning red verbalizing his long standing fantasy of seeing his wife nude in public.

“Before I forget. I need to have Rex the principal of my school see my performance to make sure I am not violating the contract I signed with the school system.” The mature woman said, throwing another issue at the director that needs to be dealt with.

About this time Keith walked into the office saying. “Hi Mr. Thomas, what are you doing here?”

“I’m here to watch my wife rehearse tonight.” He stated.

“Oh that is just peachy.” Keith stated, downhearted figuring he wouldn’t get to see the mature woman nude tonight.

“Don’t you think we should get stated rehearsing? There is a lot of material to go through in a short time” Stacy asked a little too eagerly

“Stacy, why don’t you and Keith go to the rehearsal room and practice your lines, Bill I would like to have a word with you.” The director stated with authority.

“What do you need Jack?” Bill asked as the actors went to the rehearsal room.

“Bill, I want Stacy to practice her part in the nude, so she will become used to the exposure, she is shy and I want her to get over her reluctance to expose her body. Are you going to be a problem, when I tell her she has to be nude during rehearsals, I want to start tonight, before we get a full crew on board?”

“No I won’t be a problem. I am looking forward to see my wife nude in public. She had a good time last night she told me, As long as you treat her with respect I will not be a problem, but I won’t stand by, if you try to force her to disrobe, we will leave.”

I see, let’s go to the rehearsal hall we have a lot of work to do to get the actors comfortable with their parts.” Jack said with cautious hope. As an after thought Jack said. “I think I’m going to have Kieth practice Eğitim Escort Bayan his part in the nude also.”

“We are here alone tonight, as the play requires many nude scenes, Stacy and Keith you should strip nude, rehearse your parts in the nude tonight, and for the next week to become accustomed to nudity, before we start casting for the remaining parts.” Jack stated.

I’m okay with you stripping Stacy” Bill stated to reassure her, he was agreeable with the director’s request.

Keith turned red with embarrassment. “Up to this time I have been doing the part in my boxers, I don’t know if I can strip completely?”

Stacy hearing Keith’s protest to the request suddenly became shy. “I will remove my blouse, but keep my skirt on. I don’t have any panties on. That is as far as I’m going tonight.” The mature woman stated she wanted to have her co-stars back.

Jack was at a disadvantage. Bill is observing the rehearsal tonight, otherwise he would have demanded the two actors disrobe completely.

The actors removed their outer garments; they walked around the theater as they practiced their lines for an hour. Stacy topless, her nipples hard with excitement, her pussy dripped her excitement, it caused her concern that someone would notice. Keith in boxers, his garment showing his excitement pitching a tent, with a widening wet spot on them the longer they rehearsed. A fantasy of his became a reality seeing his friend’s mother topless. Bill is thrilled his fantasy of seeing his wife naked in public was becoming a reality with baby steps. Tonight she is topless the next rehearsal who knows.

Jack called a break and asked. “Bill can you help me with some props?”

“Sure what do you need?”

“Let’s bring out the king size bed.” The director stated, figuring they should start rehearsing the erotic scenes, as the two actors will have the most difficultly with the nude scenes. Jack also wants to see how Bill will react seeing his wife in an intimate embrace with the young man.

The two men set up the bed and put the linen on it leaving off the bed spread.

The actors nervously discussed the coming bedroom scene.

“I hope Bill is not just saying he is okay with me doing this erotic play? Stacy stated nervously thinking about the coming part, acting intimate with Keith.

“I feel like throwing up!” Keith stated. “I’m nervous having your husband watch me having simulated sex with you Stacy.”

“Stacy we are ready to continue come to the rehearsal hall, bring Keith with you.” The director yelled.

“Mrs. Worthington you are now going to rehearse the part where you bring Arthur to bed for the first time. Put on your blouse Stacy, Keith, get dressed. We will start with both of you coming into the bedroom. Start when you’re ready.” The director said after setting the scene for the two actors.

The bed room scene;

“Mrs. W. what are you doing?” Arthur says as Mrs. W. is dragging the reluctant teenager to her bedroom.

“I want to show you something Arthur that you may like?” Mrs. W says, as she directs the young man to the bed, having him sit on the edge. She backs up a little and starts to strip; she unbuttons her top and opens it, showing the appreciative young man her breasts.

Bill is getting an erection watching his wife. He can’t take his eyes off of her; Arthur is getting a tent in his pants, from Mrs. W’s performance. Bill is concerned his wife is into this exhibition. He could see this is more than just acting, she is eager to show the young man her body.

Jack is watching the performance of the actors and also watching the body language of Bill. Jack could tell her husband is not pleased with his wife’s performance, it is obvious she is having too much fun.

Mrs. W. in her skirt and topless goes to the young man and starts to undress him saying. “You look too warm, we need to get you out of some of these clothes.” She gives him a stage kiss while she is undressing him. The kiss is not very convincing. She had him down to his boxers and pushes him back on the bed. “Move up a little.” She says and climbs on the bed between his legs and pulls his boxers down seeing his impressive organ for the first time, causing her pussy to moisten. When she is mounting the bed between Arthur’s legs her short skirt rides up, her bottom and pussy are on display.

“Let’s stop right there that is great. Stacy that is the way I want you playing the scene. The bed will be facing the audience and when you climb up on the bed with the short skirt on the audience will see your womanhood. That’s a good idea you have doing that.” The director complimented her.

Bill is having second thoughts about his wife doing this play. His fantasy of seeing his wife nude in front of a large group, now that it’s going to happen, he is not so sure he wants the fantasy to become reality. Seeing his wife’s pussy, knowing by the looks of her labia, she is very excited as her pussy is wet, knowing Jack has seen her intimate area has gotten him hard. His little head has taken over for his moral belief; he is on board with the scene again. He is getting more excited presently thinking about his wife nude in front of two hundred people a night. His little head is controlling his common sense, it may be the cause of some future problems, hopefully not.

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