Nuts for BreakfastNuts for Breakfast


“I’ll make breakfast today,” I announce from the kitchen.

No response.

“Babe,” I call, coming into our room. He’s busy clicking away on his laptop. His chunky grey headphones are perched on his ears, blocking out the sound of the world. When he’s at his desk, it’s only work, Netflix and Minesweeper for him. The world matters less.

He stretches his legs and yawned lazily, his juicy lips forming a big O. On any other day I might have walked right up to him and kissed his lips, but today I ignore the urge to eat him and focus on the matter at hand. He is on his laptop on a Sunday. It’s rule number 1 in the household. Sunday morning, no laptop, unless obviously I’m at work and he has nothing else to do.

“Seriously, on a Sunday?” I roll my eyes. As if on a cue he looks towards me and removes the headphones. He raises his eyebrows. I fold my arms and narrow my eyes at the laptop.

“Oh, I thought why not call our common best friend. We haven’t talked in a long time so…” he trails off, knowing fully well as much as I hate seeing him sitting with his laptop on a Sunday morning, I can’t argue against that logic.

“I haven’t talked to her in a long time too,” I say, coming near, burying my face into his neck, breathing in the musky scent of sweat and masculinity. “Can’t ignore the role she played in bringing us together.” I rub my cheeks against his stubble and kiss his cheek.

“Mhhmm,” he responds, tilting his head and seizing my bottom lip in the embrace of his lips, sucking softly and then moving to my upper lip as he kisses me deeply.

“What should I make for breakfast?” I mumble against his lips.

“I can have you, no need to make anything,” he whispers in a husky voice, kissing me with renewed fervour.

The laptop starts vibrating, breaking the moment as I quickly gather my wits.

“I’ll make real breakfast,” I laugh, ambling to the kitchen.


The aroma of butter toasts flood the kitchen as I set the plate down on the table and stride yalova escort into the room. He’s busy nodding his head, smiling occasionally, adding a word or two when necessary. I watch him from the doorway, admiring the way sunlight hits his skin and bounces off and his dark hair glistens in brown highlights from the sun rays playing between them. He never speaks much on calls. I had realised that after a few video calls. He is more of a listener and observer. The frequency with which he is nodding his head leaves no doubt that our bestie on the other end is having an animated monologue.

I walk up to him casually and peep into the screen, waving a hi at her. Her round face lights up in a smile as she waves back enthusiastically. I place a kiss on his cheek deliberately to see him flush. “Mine,” I mime with my lips and I see her laughing on the other side of the screen.

Waving a bye, I move to the other side of the room to adjust the curtains. When I turn back, my gaze falls on his toes moving in and out of the sunlight. He’s talking to her, but playing with his toes and the sun rays. He’s way too cute to handle. My gaze travels up his legs to his knees where his blue shorts end. A naughty idea strikes my head.

I drop to the ground on all fours and crawl beneath his desk. He casts a quick glance down at me and proceeds to look at the webcam. I sit there with a devilish grin on my face, contemplating my next move.

“Yes, no office today,” he says. “I…

Bam! My palm lands straight on his crotch, over the shorts. He stumbles on his words,” I… I… was thinking of… “

I grab his plump little tool from over the shorts, slowly rolling it between my thumb and forefinger.

“… of…ffff…taking a vacation. ” He completes his sentence with great difficulty, trying not to look at what I am doing.

Bestie probably asked about the details to which he begins to say, “I was thinking mountains…”

I reach inside his shorts and gently grab the quickly hardening member and yalova escort bayan take it out, letting the package dangle out of his pants as I scoot closer. “Yes, this is the per…”

I place a kiss on the tip of the tool. It jerks happily in response.

“…per…fect destination in this weather,” he completes the sentence in one breath with a sigh of pleasure. He shifts in his seat as I continue to trail soft kisses on his shaft, which is turning harder in my white fingers. I kiss the tip again before moving to kiss the balls and then rubbing my nose on the little space between the balls and the plump tool. He snatches the headphones swiftly and tosses them to the table, letting out a soft groan.

He peers down at me and I give him a smirk. I can see him trying hard to contain his laughter.

I sense a movement above the table, just as I hear our bestie’s voice over the speaker. “Did she have breakfast?” I take the glistening tip of his member into my mouth. I can see his Adam’s apple bob up and down as he tries hard to keep his composure.

He glances down at me and then pretends to look towards the kitchen. “Yes, she’s having it right now,” he replies, “Nuts…”

“Nuts? For breakfast? Why is she dieting?” Bestie asks, her voice rising an octave.

He shrugs. The pun is not lost on me as I take one ball into my mouth, feeling the tiny hairs on my tongue, rolling it sloppily in my mouth, before taking the other in, making sure he feels the full effect of the stimulation. He shifts in his seat, but there is no escape.

I lick the perineum between the balls and his rear hole quickly, breathing in the earthy scent of his most intimate skin and hear him groan in excitement. The plump tool is hot and pulsating near me.

I swirl my tongue around it slowly, shaft to tip, letting my tongue glide like an expert dancer on the stage. I can see him clutch the handles of his chair, his knuckles white. Bestie is mumbling something but it is lost on both of us. I feel my juices escort yalova pooling between my legs as I continue to savour him. Finally I take him whole into my mouth, bobbing my head up and down, looking up at him with desire in my eyes. He’s still trying to not look down and raise a suspicion.

“You guys should invite me to your Nut Breakfast Party someday,” bestie laughs. I almost choke on his member. I can see his shoulders shake in silent laughter. We had always discussed the possibility of threesomes and though we’d never do them in real life, it was fun fantasising about them.

“I keep saying to her but she doesn’t want to share her nuts,” he says, the implication not lost on me. I was the one always against the idea of a threesome. I continue circling my tongue on his tool, my fingers playing with the balls wet with saliva. I can feel him, hard as a brick in my mouth, almost ready to explode. At the opportune moment I duck out of reach as he comes with two spurts, his cum flying like a fired missile.

He presses a button abruptly as the call disconnects. I roll on the floor laughing hysterically at the expression on his face. His cheeks are flushed, there are beads of sweat on his forehead and he looks completely wild and ravished,with little white liquid still dripping from his soft deflated member.

“You naughty girl,” he growls, jumping on me, trying to catch me, but I’m faster and I duck out of his grip. I can see his limp hanging member dangling in the open air as he attempts to catch me again. This time I give in voluntarily and let him grab me as I reach out and pull up his shorts, tucking back the goodies safely in. He grins at me, grabbing my mouth for a full kiss, probably tasting his own scent on me.

“You make me go wild early in the morning,” he mumbles, “Now is my turn. You had your nuts, I need my grapes.” With one swift motion his head is in my loose T shirt and his tongue is tugging at my right nipple.

“Damn,” I groan at the sensation, melting into him, relinquishing control, because he surely knows how to make me high. I sigh softly in his arms, enjoying the feeling of being ravished with equal enthusiasm, our breakfast staying forgotten on the table, the bread now long gone cold.

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