Nurse For A DayNurse For A Day


Becky’s heart skipped a beat, then sped up as she turned the corner and spotted the emergency vehicle leaving the front drive. Her summer dress rode high up on her trim thighs as she sprinted toward the house. Being a Varsity soccer player in high school, she was in excellent shape. She could turn on the speed when needed and now playing at the community college helped her stay in shape. Books, soccer gear, and music CD’s spewed onto the entryway bench as she literally threw her book bags and gym gear when she ran into the house. Glancing in every direction to find out what happened, she heard voices and laughter coming toward her from upstairs. Why the hell would anyone be laughing when an ambulance was outside, she thought. She dashed up the stairs, taking 3 steps at a time.

“Vikki,” a pained, masculine voice said, “I told you I can do this myself; just go back to work. I’ll be …”

“No, Chuck”, interjected Vikki, Becky’s mom, “your silly dumb ass won’t be okay, and I’m not going back to work until I’m sure you’re comfortable and resting.”

“But,” Chuck started to say, “I’ll be fine for a couple of hours or so…”

“NO, and dammit, Chuck, “said Vikki, butting in. “I mean NO – Capitol N, Capitol O, Period. You keep your broke ass butt in that bed ’til I say you can get up!” Vicki saw Becky in the corner of her eye just as she reached the top stair and turned toward the guest bedroom doorway where she stood.

Becky started with a “Hi, Uncle Chuck” as she walked into the guest bedroom, but blurted out “Holy Shit, Chuck, what happened to you!!?” Her favorite uncle was covered scalp to wherever with various bandages and medicinal cleanser. She’d never seen anyone with so many small bandages, or so painted up with that smelly, dark orange colored medical stuff. The view really fit her uncle’s sometimes silly comment about being “Shot at and missed; Shit at and hit.” Relieved no one was dead or dying, and that stupid joke line now cruising through her head, Becky started to laugh.

“What’s so damn funny, missy?” grumbled her uncle.

“You are!” said Becky, laughing even harder. “You look like that stupid ‘shot at and missed joke you always say to me!” Becky didn’t miss the smirk on her mother’s face. She knew her mom didn’t like her swearing much, but obviously this was also pretty funny to her.

“Yeah, well, guess you’re right ’bout that part,” Chuck, half laughed as he winced a little. “Let’s just say this time, the SHIT really did hit the fan and I was standing on the launch pad!”

“Becky, your uncle needs to rest,” said her mom as she returned to the room. While giving her brother one of her infamous DO as I say, or else looks, she continued, “The bandages make things look a lot worse than they really are. The company doctor is coming later to drop off a list of things to be done and check the bandages. Are you going to be home?”

“Ah … maybe,” said Becky,” I was going to Marie’s house to study… “

“Not until later, okay,” said her mom, “You need to stay home and help your uncle with what he needs until I get back. Your uncle isn’t supposed to move, even to get something to drink or simple things like that. I also want to hear from you what the doctor says, not your uncle’s watered down version, understand?” Vicki shot Chuck another one of those withering, in the gun sights looks as she talked to her daughter.

“Yes, ma’am, I do,” as Becky mechanically sing-songed “Canned Speech

31: Always repeat, in excruciatingly, totally agonizing, and absolutely boring details, all the medical advice provided, no matter how useless it might sound or be!”

Vikki lightly punched her daughter’s upper arm. “Smart ass, you’ve been spending too much damn time watching crappy infomercials, again. Have to get you deprogrammed with a dozen horror movies, hmmmm?”

“Anyway, please stay here and keep an eye on your uncle so that at least he doesn’t fall out of the bed, or piss off the doctor too much. I should be back about 5; that should be plenty of time for you to still go to Marie’s house.”

“Whatever,” said Becky, “I’ll call Marie and leave a mes… ” Her mom was gone before she could finish her comment. She wandered about picking up the mess she made coming in the front door, putting her gym clothes and extra soccer stuff in the laundry. Twice she walked by the spare bedroom where her uncle was sleeping to check on him. Damn, Becky thought, he really did look like shit did a hit and run job on him. All those bandages, and that antiseptic crap all over him. She wanted to ask him what happened but he was asleep; she figured it wouldn’t be too cool to wake him. He was usually pretty calm or not bothered much by anything. Becky thought today might even push his limits, even if he was her favorite uncle.

“Becky, can you hear me?” said her uncle,” I need some help.”

“Yep, whatcha need?” replied Becky as she came out of her room and walked across the hall to the guest room, “I’m right here.”

“Well, some water to drink for one thing,” said Chuck, Seyrantepe Escort “and maybe you could call that damn doc and find out what’s taking him so long.”

“I can…” Becky started to say as she walked in to the room but stopped mid-sentence as she saw her uncle lying there. The bed sheet covering him had slid off and onto the floor. Bandages were almost every place except his waist to about the middle of his legs. Her attention was drawn like a spotlight to her uncle’s crotch. He was nude and she could see everything about her uncle there was to see! She’d seen the stupid sex education movies in back middle school, but this was real! And this was her most favorite family member laying right there – really ALL out there!

“You could breathe anytime now, you know,” said Chuck, “you pass out and I can’t do shit to help. Haven’t you ever seen a guy with no clothes on before?”

Becky flushed a hot, bright red, giggled a little, realizing she had suddenly held her breath while checking out her uncle’s body. “No, not ever, she said. “I never saw any guy naked except little babies and those stupid Sex-Ed films years ago in school.” She was trying not to stare but it was damn hard because her uncle didn’t seem to care. She was still standing by the door with one hand on the doorknob, wondering whether she should leave or not.

“Then, be pleased to bring yourself over here,” Chuck half laughed, “and get as much a look as you want, ask any questions you can handle, but please pick up the sheet and put it back on the end of the bed. Your mother will have a shit fit if she knew it was laying on the floor.”

Becky slowly walked toward the bed on mental eggshells, trying to decide whether to look or not. That was a wasted plan. Having an overly curious nature got the best and she continued to where her uncle was laying on the bed. The entire list of stupid names she remembered ever hearing for a man’s sexual gear started rolling through her mind – cock, pecker, whang, rod, dick, meat, weenie, pee pee, schlong, hose, tube steak, and white snake. None seemed to fit what she was seeing. She decided long ago the pictures at school were of some sick, perverted asshole.

Her uncle was a lot bigger than that guy in the film!! This was not just “meat” she was seeing. It was real, live, warm human sexual flesh, and it was very, very interesting to her. A thousand very naughty ideas zipped through her mind as well the thought her mother would kill both of them, but this was definitely something that had her attention for here and now!! She decided this was a real man’s cock, and pretty damn interesting right here and now.

She could see it was lying limply on one side of his nut sack. It looked like a short, fat wrinkled little sausage, or maybe asleep. She mentally noted his pubic hair was darker than the hair on his head. She could almost see where his testicles were positioned inside the nut sack. Small blue veins were all over his nut sack as well as really small, light tan hairs. Nothing was ever said in class about hair on the balls!!

His cock looked to be about 3 inches long and pretty soft. She thought the end of his cock bulged into a bell shape like a flower bulb, and the skin on the very end sort of flowered outward like things that had been pulled back in to a sleeve. She just did see the end of the head peeking out on the end like the pictures on class so she wondered if something were wrong. Becky made a mental note to ask her uncle later if pecker heads were always hidden like his.

“Becky, I really need to ask you to help me do something,” said Chuck. “I can understand if you might not want to when I tell you what it is that I need.”

“Just ask, Uncle C, can’t be too difficult” replied Becky out of the side of her mouth while not taking her eyes off his crotch area. She was memorizing every small detail of her uncle’s cock and balls; she’d sort it out later. The thrill of standing there and having this chance was already making her nipples hard; now she began to feel a familiar wetness between her legs. She knew she’d be fingering herself for a month straight just to get the level of excitement she was feeling now.

After a long, deep breath, Chuck said, “I need to go to the bathroom, and I need to go really bad – like right now! Problem is that I can’t get out of this damn bed on my own. And I may need help to hit the bowl.” Chuck kept his voice as level and calm as possible while waiting for the reality to sink in on his niece. It was a difficult for him to not smile a little while watching his favorite niece’s face. She was totally mesmerized looking at his crotch, and her eyes were glued to his dick and his balls. It was, as she did say, obviously a whole new experience for her. She didn’t seem to be frightened, or about to shy away from standing next to the bed looking at him.

Ahh hmmm…’scuse, me, Uncle Chuck,” Becky said slowly, “did I just hear you right? Did you just say you’d need help hitting the can?”

“Yep, and I Escort Seyrantepe didn’t stutter, either,” Chuck said, with a grin on his face. “I have these damn bandages and my fingers are slightly burned on both sides. I can’t grip anything, and I dare not touch anything ’til the doc says okay.”

“So,” mused Becky, “that means I might have to hold you, I mean hold your pecker while you actually pee?” A thousand little mind images blistered past her eyes while she was taking all this in. This was almost too much. She had never seen a real, live adult size cock before today. Now, her uncle is telling, no … asking her to hold it, in her own hand, so he can take a piss?

How do guys actually piss? She never baby-sat any little boys so that was no help. This was almost overwhelming to even her huge, adventurous spirit. It took less than a second to decide. “Which side of the bed do you want to get out on?” she asked.

Her uncle said the window side, closer to the bathroom. As Becky moved to help him sit up, her eyes were still focused toward his crotch. She watched his dick slide to one side, then hang down in front of him. She wondered just how something that floppy and limp could ever end up making a baby like the nurse said in that crappy class. His nut sack seemed to move on its own, sliding off to hang down behind his dick. Amazing, she thought, how loose those things were.

She got him sitting up, then slowly on his feet. He was telling her what caused the injuries but she was too fascinated watching his cock bob and wiggle around as they moved to the bathroom. It always ended back in about the same place, hanging down over his right nut. As they headed to the guest room bathroom, she noticed her uncle’s nut sack had begun to pull up, get smaller.

“Uncle Chuck, can I ask you something about your nuts, I mean your nut sack?” said Becky.

“It’s called a scrotum, and yes, you know you can ask me whatever you’d like,” said her uncle. “We’ve always been able to talk about whatever you want. I’ll tell you whatever I can that’s understandable.”

“Okay, and you promise to not laugh,” Becky asked.

“Sure,” said Chuck, trying not to grin, “ask anything you have on your mind. Your mother isn’t here to shut me up a usual. There are no secrets between you and I.”

“Does it hurt when your nut sack, … scrotum, shrinks like that?”

“No,” Chuck laughed,” it’s a built-in self defense device to keep them safe, or protected. Right now it’s because it’s cool in here and they prefer to stay warmer.”

Becky was thinking that over as they maneuvered into the bathroom. Where it had been hanging down maybe 3 inches and she could see the outline of each testicle, it now looked like a large, dark walnut, tucked snug behind his cock. She turned the corner in the bathroom to put her uncle right in front of the commode.

“Here we are, Uncle Chuck” Becky asked, “now what do I need to do?” She was wondering just exactly what helping her uncle “hit the can” involved.

“First thing is to understand you don’t yank too hard on it; it only reaches so far when you pull the skin back,” said Chuck. “No, cup your fingers and put the palm of your hand under the bottom side. Then, wrap your fingers around it about the middle of the shaft right. Do that right behind where you see the bulge under the skin, that’s the back of the head. Once you have a soft grip around it, then pull back slowly on the skin until you can see all of the head sticking out.

So that’s where it went, giggled Becky. She felt like a third person observer as her own hand reached down and touched her uncle’s cock. It felt cool at first, but silky smooth like nothing else she could ever remember touching. She palmed it a little at first to feel its weight, and then wrapped her fingers ever so lightly around the shaft. As she began the pulling motion toward his stomach, she was watching the head appear. This was definitely like nothing she had ever heard about from her friends who had boyfriends. They talked about touching their boyfriend’s dicks as if they were at a show, not the actor. The “touching part” was talked about like some abstract issue, not live and real like this.

A sudden sensation of movement in her hand brought Becky back from her thoughts. She felt her uncle obviously relax his groin muscles; she could feel the flow and pressure of urine passing fast and hard out his cock head and down into the commode. The feeling was unique, and fascinating, all at once. Watching her uncle’s piss come out the head and arc downward had her total attention. Nothing like she had ever known before, and since she had no reference, she had to gauge her own sensations. She could see the opening in the head pulsate and feel the shaft change with the pressure of strength of his pissing. Gradually, the stream began to slow, and finally stop. She could feel her uncle flex the muscles in and around his cock as he finished.

“Thank you a LOT, Becky,” said Chuck, “you can see I had a major Seyrantepe Escort Bayan need to get in here and unload! Now, just one small man thing left to do, if you would, please, Ma’am.”

“What’s that?” asked Becky, all the while still looking at her right hand, which was still gripping this marvelous piece of human flesh. She had noticed it had become longer, more filled out while she was holding it. Had to be because her uncle let his muscles relax.

“Old Male tradition, dear,” said Chuck, “is to gently shake our mutual friend there, until the last few drops are gone; that way nothing else gets wet. Sort of like getting the last few rain drops off. I cause my muscles tighten to squeeze out the last bit, you shake it to make it fall off the end.”

Beck giggled, then began to gently shake her uncle’s dick over the commode. He was right; he flexed his muscles, or rather tightened them, and a few drops did fall off the end. She also noticed the more she shook it, and the more she slid the skin back to keep the head in the open, the thicker it felt and the longer it was getting. She quit shaking it, and just lightly squeezed it again like she did when she first checked how it felt. It felt as if it were alive and began to get longer as she watched. She started to gently stroke the skin back again and forward one more time to keep the head showing. That seemed to trigger an immense surge in the size and the heat she felt.

“Becky, do you have a clue to what you’re doing to me now, girl?” her uncle gently asked her.

“No, not really, Uncle Chuck,” answered Becky, while she was still looking in awe at the cock in her hand. “It seems like your cock is swelling up and sticking out hard.”

“IS this from the medication? Does this swelling hurt? Am I making you hurt, Uncle Chuck?” Becky was suddenly mindful of her uncle’s injuries and quickly became concerned as she still held his still growing cock in her small hand. It now felt very hot, thick, and pulsing to the touch in her hand. Her uncle’s cock was much larger in size to what it had been when she first touched it. Her hand no longer fit all the way around the shaft.

“First – quit babbling,” said Chuck, laughingly. “No, it doesn’t hurt, it really feels absolutely great!”

“Second, he continued very gently, “What you’re doing now is commonly referred to as jacking a guy off.” He watched his niece’s face for recognition that he had just told her she was masturbating her uncle. Her eyes suddenly got huge and her mouth almost said the words “jacking off” toward his direction. She still had not let go, and her small hand snugly gripping his almost painfully erect cock was noticeable to him as she pondered what he said.

Becky said a very small, astonished “Oh,” and her eyes had a mischievous look in them. She looked again at what she was still holding in her right hand. It was definitely NOT the cock she had first grasped. It was even longer in length, maybe triple or more, and she couldn’t get her hand around it any more. The skin was still velvety soft, but very hot to the touch. The head she had wondered about was now very prominent and a deep red color. She could feel her uncle’s pulse in the veins that now stood out up and down the shaft. This was now very, very amazing to her.

“So, now what do I do to fix it,” Becky asked her uncle. She instinctively knew something that had gotten that big and hard had to start hurting sooner or later.

“Well, we have a choice,” said Chuck, “I can try to go back to bed with this thing sticking out like a sore thumb for the next couple of hours. “Or, “her uncle continued very quietly, we can finish what you’ve accidentally started and increase your sex education by a factor of 1000.”

Chuck continued, “It’s up to you. If you are going to continue, then we need some massage oil, or some baby oil to lubricate my cock. You’re going to have to follow what I tell you to so it will work.”

Chuck watched her face as she tried to decide what to do. She was unconsciously still stroking his cock slowly back and forth. Some pre-cum fluid had begun to leak out on the head and each slow stroke was slowly lubricating the entire head and part of his shaft. Becky looked down, then back up to his face two or three times before she agreed to continue what had started. Having her favorite uncle in more pain was not her intent.

“If I continue this,” asked Becky, what’s gonna happen?” She liked the velvet smoothness of his cock skin as she slowly stroked it back and forth, and she certainly liked making her favorite uncle happy.

“If things work right, said Chuck carefully,” in about 10 minutes, you’ll see my nuts get really tight from the fast pumping you’re to be doing, and they’ll pull up behind my dick. My dick will begin to swell a little more, and feel heavier. Then, once you get me up to the edge where I’ll get off, you’ll feel it suddenly swell more and I’ll shoot a load of cum out all over whatever direction it’s pointed about then!”

Becky thought for a moment, quickly kissed her uncle’s cheek before she reluctantly let go of his cock to open the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. Inside the cabinet was a small bottle of massage oil her mom kept for dry skin. She turned back around and giggled as she watched his cock bounce some in time to his heartbeat. They really were attached!

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