NUDE Lesbian Wrestling: Coed TrickedNUDE Lesbian Wrestling: Coed Tricked


Summary: Shy nerd is blackmailed into the world of nude wrestling.

Note 1: This is a NUDE 2013 CONTEST entry…although an unorthodox one at that.

Note 2: I would like to thank MAB7991, Flowernibbler and Goamz86 for editing and plot suggestions.

Note 3: This story is based on many underground female wrestling stories I have heard exist, as well as a few websites I researched.

NUDE Lesbian Wrestling: Coed Tricked


The accusation was a complete slap in the face. Professor Bells accused me of cheating on my test.

I protested, “Professor Bells, I would never do such a thing.”

She placed my test and Shay’s, the rich blonde bimbo that always sat beside me in class, in front of me. “You two have the exact same answers for the whole last page…word…for…word.”

I was speechless as I looked at our tests. Realizing Shay must have copied off me I rationalized, “Shay must have cheated off me.”

“Then it’s a she said-she said thing,” Professor Bells sighed. “I will just send this to the dean and he can deal with it.

“Please no?” I said, hating confrontation. “I will take a new test to prove my innocence.”

“I don’t have time to make up another test,” she said, annoyed at the thought. “I’ll just give you a zero until this whole issue is resolved.”

“A-a-a zero,” I stammered.

“Yes, there is a zero tolerance policy for plagiarism and cheating at this college, this isn’t high school, Miss Appleton,” she said, clearly convinced I had indeed cheated.

A zero grade was unacceptable, I was a nineties student and a bit of a perfectionist. I begged, “Please, I will do anything Professor Bells.”

She stared at me for what felt like an eternity before saying, “Well there is one way I might overlook this.”

“What? I’ll do anything,” I replied, my desperation obvious.

“I need someone to step in tonight at Le Chateau Club,” she said.

I had no idea what The La Chateau Club was, but I quickly agreed, “I’ll do it.”

“You sure,” she asked, “I would need you to sign a waiver for the privacy of the club.”

I was instantly curious, but agreed, not thinking there could be anything nefarious by her intentions, “Whatever you need Professor.”

To my surprise, Professor Bells opened her desk drawer and pulled out a contract. She explained, trivializing it, “It’s just a standard waiver promising you won’t cheat or steal.”

“Ok,” I said, thinking this was a bit strange, but not overly concerned.

Once I signed it, Professor Bells said, her tone dripping with condescension, “Shay will be there as well tonight since you two are so close.”

I wanted to point out that Shay and I are nothing alike, but she had already made up her mind and I felt the best way to get her to change her opinion of me was to just do as she asked. “Ok,” I nodded, even though truth be told anger was bubbling underneath, not a feeling I was used to.

“Great,” she said, as she wrote something on a note pad. Once finished she handed me the paper and said, “Be at the address on the paper no later than seven o’clock and tell them that Caroline sent you.”

Again I nodded in agreement, even as something in the pit of my stomach felt queasy.

“See you tonight,” she said, returning to the papers on her desk, her words implying our conversation was done.

I left and, as soon as I was out of her office, broke down; tears streaming down like a rainstorm. I never got into trouble and I would never cheat, but one accusation was all it took to tarnish years of a pristine reputation.

I hadn’t looked at the address until after I returned back to my dorm room and showered.

Once dressed, I looked at the address, already forgetting the name she had mentioned earlier and decided to Google it. What came up next shocked me. It was a place called Le Chateau Club and it appeared to be a lesbian nightclub. I stared at the website as if somehow the information would change before my eyes…of course it didn’t.

What did Professor Bells expect of me at this club?

Did she think I was a lesbian?

Was Professor Bells a lesbian?

These and a plethora of other questions popped into my head, all unanswerable.

Reluctantly, I headed to this club, trepidation pulsing through every fibre of my being.


I arrived at the club fifteen minutes earlier than instructed, I hated being late. I was greeted by a large doorman. Being only nineteen, I suddenly had hopes I had a loophole out of this uncomfortable situation.

“ID Miss?” the large black man asked.

“Caroline sent me, sir,” I replied, praying he was going to turn me away.

A smile crossed the stern man’s face. “Aaah, she does recruit adorably innocent looking ones.”

“Recruit for what?” I asked, praying for some insight into what was expected of me.

He bursa escort chuckled, his laugh echoing around me, “You really are innocent, that makes it even better.” He picked up the phone mounted on the wall at his station, pressed a couple numbers and then said, “Big Rosie, a new recruit is here sent personally by the professor.”

I stood still, shaking uncontrollably, for a moment until a large, pretty, black woman showed up.

“Aren’t you adorable?” Big Rosie smiled genuinely.

“That was what I said,” the doorman added approvingly.

“Follow me sweetheart,” Big Rosie said, her soft tone causing me to suddenly feel somewhat relaxed.

We walked past an open door where I glanced inside and saw a girl in a vibrant pink dress on her knees between a another girl’s legs. I gasped at the sight of them.

Big Rosie chuckled, but didn’t say anything.

She led me to a small room and asked, “I assume the professor had you sign the contact?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I nodded, something about Big Rosie’s demeanor drawing me in.

“And I am guessing by the sheer terror and confusion on your face you have no idea why you are here?” Big Rosie continued, she assumed, correctly.

“Yes, ma’am,” I again agreed.

“Today is our weekly wrestling charity fundraiser,” Big Rosie began.

A felt a big weight lifted off my shoulders at her explanation, even though I still didn’t know my exact purpose for being here. “Ok,” I replied, waiting for more.

“You will need to change into one of the green bikinis on the shelf there,” Big Rosie explained, pointing to very thin pieces of fabric.

I instantly knew my role. I was going to be one of those card girls walking around holding up signs announcing which round it was. I again nodded, “Ok, ma’am.”

Big Rosie smiled sincerely, “I will be back in a few minutes so you can meet your teammate.”

“Teammate?” I asked, suddenly thrown for yet another loop.

“Just get dressed dear,” Big Rosie smiled, her hand giving a soft squeeze on my shoulder.

“Yes. Ma’am,” I nodded and watched her leave. I am not a lesbian, I had never even once had lesbian fantasies, and yet something was drawing me to the large, pretty, black woman. I shook my head at the odd thoughts in my head and looked at the many different sized, but identical, green bikinis.

I searched a bit until I found the right cup size. Although I am skinny, I weigh just 115 pounds, and am only five foot two. I have large, at least for my tiny body, 36C breasts. I have always been rather self-conscious about how large my breasts are proportion to the rest of my body, and have always tried to hide my breasts to keep from getting unwanted attention. That said, wearing one of these bikinis, that was going to be impossible to do.

I sighed and began getting undressed, still with no clue what was expected of me. Once in the bikini, my body shivered, as I realized this was ludicrous. I didn’t cheat. I would go to the Dean if I had to, and prove my innocence.

Deciding to change back into my usual conservative attire, I was just about to undo my bikini top when there was a knock at the door.

“Are you dressed?” Professor Bells’ voice came through the door.

“Yes,” I answered, crossing my arms across my breasts.

Professor Bells entered and said with a smile, “Where have you been hiding those?”

Ignoring her question, I said adamantly. “I am leaving.”

“I don’t think so,” she replied, dismissing my outburst completely.

“I didn’t cheat,” I said firmly.

“I know,” she responded, surprising me.

“You know?” I asked, perplexed.

“I always knew,” she said.

“Then why accuse me?” I asked, frustrated.

“I needed fresh blood and when I saw Shay cheating off your paper, mixed with your polite demeanour, I knew you would be perfect. I could get a buy one, get one free deal.”

“For what?” I asked, anger beginning to bubble inside me.

“To be one of my new wrestlers,” she explained.

“What are you talking about?” I asked, tersely.

“You signed an exclusive deal to wrestle tonight,” she answered, pulling out the contract I had signed that afternoon.

“You can’t be serious?” I snapped. “That was signed under false pretenses.”

She ignored my protests as she explained, “You agreed to wrestle three rounds plus a bonus round tonight. In exchange you will be paid two thousand dollars.”

“Two…thousand…dollars,” I repeated, the number almost as much as I earned all last summer.

“That usually changes one’s perspective,” she smirked. “Plus, if they like you, and they will like you, you can earn even more in the tournament circuit.”

My head was spinning with such a ludicrous amount of money for girl wrestling. I asked, “I just have to wrestle?”

“Four rounds,” she replied.

“Only four?” I asked.

“Actually, three eight minute rounds and then a bonus round,” she clarified.

I thought to myself that isn’t that long to make two thousand dollars, although I was still very hesitant. “This bursa escort bayan is rather unorthodox.”

She shrugged, “Actually the rules are what are unorthodox.”

“How so?” I asked.

She handed me a sheet of paper and said, “You are on in twenty minutes. I will send your tag team partner Jenny in right away, she is absolutely adorable, you’ll love her.”

She left and I looked at the paper, curious to the rules and gasped as I read:

Lesbian Sexual Wrestling

The title alone had a rush of anxiety wash over me and it only got worse from there.

General Rules

The No-nos

1. No unsportsmanlike conduct will be allowed. Wrestlers may be disqualified and automatically be sent to an EXTREME BONUS ROUND.

2. The list of unsportsmanlike contact activities:

-punching, slapping or kicking

-biting or pinching

-choking, hairpulling, eye gouging or head butting

The format:

1. Each match has three wrestling rounds and one BONUS round.

2. Each round is eight minutes in length. (Bonus round can be a maximum of thirty)


Points Activity

5…………………..Bikini top off

10…………………Bikini bottom off

2 per sec………Kissing lips

1 per sec………Kissing neck or body

1 per sec………Breast fondling

2 per sec………Ear nibbling

2 per sec………Breast nipple sucking

1 per sec………Pussy touching

3 per sec………Pussy finger insertion

5 per sec………Pussy licking

10 per sec…….Pussy fisting

3 per sec………Ass finger insertion

1 per sec………Breast smothering

4 per sec………Face sitting (pussy must be making contact with opponent’s mouth or nose)

50………………..Your opponent orgasms on the mat

Tag Team Rules

1. A tag made by the out of bound wrestler can be made on any part of her partner’s body.

2. The wrestler not in the ring can move around, but not go inside the ring to make a tag.

3. Once a tag has been made the two have one minute together on the mat; a buzzer will alert the tagged wrestler when she must leave the ring.

4. Once a double tag assault has ended, you are not allowed to tag your partner again for at least one minute.

The bonus round:

Whoever gets the most points after three rounds is declared the winner. The loser must obey every sexual command of the winner and be her submissive. This may include: pussy eating, strap-on sex in your mouth, pussy or ass, verbal humiliation. Playful spanking, hair pulling, double maybe even triple penetration and any other submissive act ordered by the winner.


If you are assessed an extreme bonus round you will be bound and used by any wrestlers at the end of the night who wish to do so.

I stared at the bonus round in complete disbelief. If I lost, I would be sexually humiliated by the winner. If I won I would have to sexually dominate another woman. Both were absurd. Both were unfathomable. I couldn’t even imagine being a part of either scenario.

First, I was straight. Secondly, I was a good girl. I didn’t fight, I didn’t wrestle and I sure as heck didn’t have sex in front of an audience. Don’t get me wrong, I liked sex and I loved to be fucked hard, both my long term boyfriends who were pretty aggressive in the bedroom, something which somehow turned me on. Even though I was shy, I liked to please. I l researched my personality change during sex one day on the Internet and learned that exhibited many traits that were submissive…it was unexplainable, but when horny I shifted from shy, timid and reserved to outspoken, vulgar, and vivacious. I did LOVE sex and hadn’t had it in over three months unless you count my fingers and vibrator.

I felt a rush of shame wash over me when I realized there was a slight dampness in my vagina.

Suddenly the door opened and a girl walked in who was a lot like me: young, nerdy, sweet looking and wearing a bikini identical to the one I was wearing.

“Hi, I’m Jenny,” she smiled sweetly offering her hand.

“Hi, I’m Emma,” I offered back, shaking her hand.

“First time?” She correctly assessed.

“How can you tell?” I asked, drawn in by her sweetness.

“The tenseness in your shoulders and the utter fear in your eyes,” she smiled, pulling me in for a hug.

I was shocked by her motherly escort bursa tenderness, considering she looked to be younger than me. Yet, somehow, her arms around me brought out a sudden calmness in me, her aura soothing mine by her touch alone.

When she let go of me, I asked, “How old are you?”

“Eighteen,” she responded. “You?”

“Nineteen,” I replied.

“Were the rules explained to you,” Jenny asked.

“Not really, but I read them. They seem rather extreme,” I pointed out.

“That they are,” Jenny laughed softly.

“Have you done this before?” I asked, praying she was a veteran who in spite of her petite figure was an expert wrestler.

“This is my third tag team bout. I also have wrestled in two singles matches,” Jenny answered.

“Tell me you won them all,” I said.

“Well I am 0-2 in singles matches, but I did win my last tag team match,” my partner answered, clearly excited by her one victory.

“Well let’s hope that we can get you back to back wins,” I joked nervously.

“I hear Mistress Caroline recruited you,” Jenny said.

Hearing my professor referred to as a Mistress was just another level of strangeness in my own version of Alice in Wonderland, and like Alice, I had no idea how to get back to my own world. I stammered, bewildered, “M-m-mistress?”

“She isn’t your Mistress?” Jenny asked surprised.

“Is she yours?” I countered, the avalanche of surprises continuing to crash down on me.

“No, my Mistress is Megan,” Jenny answered.

“Are you a lesbian?” I asked, never having met one in person that I knew of.

“Of course,” Jenny replied. “Aren’t you?”

Professor Bells came in and Jenny greeted her politely, “Hi, Miss Caroline.”

“Hi, Jenny. Emma you could learn a thing or two about obedience and respect from Jenny here,” Professor Bells said.

My face flushed at the shot, as I was loved by every teacher I ever had because I was polite, dedicated and determined. Yet, here I was having my character questioned by someone who was essentially blackmailing me into erotic wrestling. The irony was dripping, yet I was too intimidated to respond.

“How is Megan?” Professor Bells asked Jenny.

“Mistress Megan is doing very well. She has been training my mother as well,” Jenny answered casually as if she was talking about the weather.

“Megan really is irresistible,” Professor Bells said as she walked towards Jenny and added, “and you my dear Jenny, just like Megan, you are also really irresistible.”

I watched in voyeuristic disbelief as my professor and my teenage teammate began kissing passionately before my eyes. I would like to say I was revolted by the lesbian kiss, but the wetness in my bikini bottom would say otherwise.

Breaking the kiss, the professor sat down on a chair and said, “I think we have time for you to have a pre-game snack, my pet.”

Jenny didn’t hesitate as she moved to the professor, fell to her knees and buried herself between the professor’s legs as she giggled, “I would love to.”

As the professor had her vagina pleasured by Jenny, she explained, “Emma, you’re a submissive.”

“Excuse me?” I questioned, even though I already knew I was….at least I was with men, but with women, I was still unsure.

“You are just in denial,” she continued.

Frustrated by her attitude, but also distracted by Jenny between her legs, I asked, trying to sound strong, “In denial of what?”

“That your cunt is wet right now at the sight of Jenny between my legs and even though your mind hasn’t accepted it yet, your body is already giving in to the desire to submit,” she said, her fingers going through Jenny’s hair.

My body did feel weak, my vagina did feel wet, but I had no desire to submit. I stood my ground as I countered, “Professor, I am not a lesbian.”

“I didn’t say you were,” she responded back. “I said you are submissive.”

“I am done with…” I began to reply, but was cut off.

“On your knees, Emma!” Professor Bells demanded her tone sharp and powerful.

I could feel my knees weaken, my body suddenly feeling heavy, as I struggled to stay in control of the situation.

The professor, sensing my internal struggle, continued, “Emma my pet, you need a Mistress, you love to please, to make people happy. Let’s be honest, it is the only time you are happy, isn’t it?”

The psychoanalysis of my personality was both stereotypical yet so very true, which only frustrated me more.

“Emma, knees, now!” she ordered a few seconds later, my head spinning with a plethora of emotions I didn’t understand.

I looked at her; I looked at Jenny between her legs and felt a magnetic pull to be on my knees, to replace Jenny, even though I had never once considered another woman sexually before today. My mind was still spinning when I felt my body slowly fall like a leaf to the ground…slow but inevitable, as if nature was speaking.

“Good girl,” I heard the professor purr and I felt an undeniable tingle at her approval, even though I should have felt shame. “Crawl to me, my pet,” she softly ordered, with my head in a haze, her voice seemed soothing, and her words suddenly seemed so logical. I crawled to her as if hypnotized and not in control of my very being anymore.

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