Subject: Nude Dudze Chapter 13 CHAPTER 13 ANTONINES ISLAND RESORT OPENS FOR GUEST. Well after a quiet night the big day finally arrived for the grand opening. We all awoke and got ourselves ready early as the first guests plane was due to land at 8.30am. So they would be getting off our ferry at about 9.30. Myself, David, Floyd, Peter and of course Stefan all met at the resort lobby at eight to check on everything to make sure all went smoothly. The normal arrangements for arriving guests in the future would be them coming to reception and checking in and then being taken to their room by a boy wearing brief shorts. The boy’s job was to get them to the room and show them how everything worked and explain the ethos of the resort. This he would do by showing them an introductory video on their TV which gave a good explanation of the facilities and the rules to be followed. The video went for 14 minutes and was very well made and left no doubt in the mind of the guest that sexual activity with boys was allowed and highly encouraged and was the main reason for building the resort was to have a safe private place where men could live out their ultimate sexual desires. It also explained the access to the boy porn movie library which was included and videos were available on demand and included at no charge. Internet usage was also explained that they were free to visit any web site they like with no fear of being traced. If the authorities tried to track the ISP numbers they would end up random places all over the world. The system was set up by Yuri and some tech experts. The only restriction was if on-line chatting or camming they were not to mention where they were and the system would pick up key words if they mentioned it and cut them off. This would be the normal arrangement’s but this time as it was the grand opening with many guests arriving at the same time we decided as a welcome treat that the boys taking the guests to their rooms would be naked. They would also help them unpack and shower and give them a welcome complimentary blow job if they wanted it (I doubt any would refuse). This was designed to relax and assure them that the resort was the one of their dreams. We felt a lot of the men arriving especially the single guests who maybe a bit nervous about their sexual preference being openly on display and disclosed to a large group of other men and this was to reassure them that all the men had come to this resort to have illegal sex with handsome young boys. We met the first ferry load at the wharf and had them and their baggage loaded onto the electric vehicles and headed for reception. In the vehicle I was in the men seemed a little bit nervous and tentative but eagerly looking around at their new tropical surroundings but not knowing quite what to expect. When we arrived at reception they were impressed by the luxury of the buildings and the magnificent views of the pool areas and coastline of the bay and of course the magnificent statue of Antoine’s. On-going inside they were further put at ease when they were met by a line of naked young boys who each took one guest and then helped them with registration. The men were taken by surprise and the lecherous looks in their eyes as they gazed at the young cocks was very rewarding not to mention the readjusting of their underwear. The also noticed the very explicit enlarged photos and paintings of naked boys which decorated the walls. The men were given their smart bracelets which were also their room key and told how they worked. Then they were taken by the nude boy along with their baggage to their accommodation with no knowledge of the welcome present we had arranged. The men were handled by the reception staff efficiently and had any mobile phones and camera’s put into a personal safety box but told if they wanted to use their own mobile they could do it at reception anytime but their own mobile would only work in one room of the resort, but were told the room had excellent and safe communications. There was no problem with this as all knew the rule from when they booked. All went smoothly and the first lot were finished just as the next ferry load arrived. The boys who went with the men were lined in a queue so there was no picking and choosing by either the boy’s or the men. By about 11.30 the main rush was over and some of the men had started wandering around checking the place out. A couple of men came over to me and said the welcome blow job was a very pleasant surprise and one said it was the best boy blow job he had ever had and expelled any doubts they had about the resort. I replied that we tried to train the boys to give the utmost satisfaction. In the afternoon another man about 35 approached me tentatively saying this was his all-time dream holiday and the blow job was the first time he had ever done anything sexual with a young boy. He said when the boy got him naked he was very self-conscious and nervous but the boy relaxed him and the moment the boy’s mouth engulfed his erect cock was the greatest sexual moment of his life and one he would always remember. He added that he had never been open about his sexuality but that moment convinced him he could be open with the other men here and that the only sex he wanted from now on was with boys and looked forward to the next two weeks of feeling many naked boys’ bodies next to his and finally living his dream of getting to suck a boy’s cock. He said he had never really had any contact sex with anyone before just enjoyed his porn collection and where he lived being openly gay was impossible. I asked how he found out about the resort and he explained that his normal supplier of boy porn told him about it and for once in his life thought he would take the risk. As it turned out his boy porn supplier was Floyd I found out a few days later. Just then a cute 14 year old naked Dutch boy walked past with his beautiful young uncut boy cock bobbling as he walked and I called him over. His name was Piet and I introduced him to the man and told him to take the boy to one of the pool cabanas and suck him off then come back and tell me about the experience and that it was on the house. I explained to Piet as well that this was the man’s first boy cock so give him guidance. I took Piet aside and told him the man was very inexperienced but if he did a good job the guy would be hooked on him for the rest of his stay with the potential of making a lot of money. We came back to the man who was a little bit taken aback saying to me he had tasted his own cum a few times (who hasn’t) but not sure if he could take a load straight from a boys cock but would love to try. The bulge starting in his pants gave me the answer and the man said that this is what he had taken the holiday for and the boy took him by the hand and led him down to the pool area into a cabana and closed the curtains and I hoped to get a good description of the action later. Sure enough about 25 minutes later they both came back. The man headed towards me wearing only his shorts but Piet was still of course naked and gave me a cheeky wink and a sly thumbs up and I asked the man if all went OK. The man smiled and said it was the greatest sexual experience of his life. He said peeling back the boy’s foreskin and revealing his purple cock head was very erotic. The highlight was slowly taking the boys throbbing cock head into his mouth and running his tongue over it then taking as much of his boyish 5 inches as he could. He was surprised at how soft and spongy the erect cock felt in his mouth and the boy gave him good instructions on different ways to suck and pleasure his young meat. The boy warned him he was about to cum but it was still a surprise when the warm salty fluid shot strongly into his mouth. He added that he managed to swallow a lot of it but had to spit some out to get his breath back. I said you will get better at it with more practice and get used to the taste. He agreed and said it was such a turn on to have swallowed a boys living sperms and he had booked the boy for some private cock sucking lessons tomorrow morning in his room, Piet had told him he would teach him how to do a 69. I felt this man was going to enjoy his holiday. By one o’clock most of the guests had checked in and the remaining ones were coming in small batches. I met with the 7 men who had come with boys and as I suspected they all knew each other and were very pleased to have adjoining rooms. With all guests that arrived with another man or boys we gave them one boy per adult. One man said it was a turn on to be watched by his sons as our boy professionally serviced his cock and they all got horny. After they arrived I met them all as a group to inquire about their plans. Were they going to stick to themselves or mix with the other boy lovers? The main man said they would play it by ear taking it easy at first but looked forward to socialising with other men with the same sexual tastes and group sex with them was a possibility. They did not want to rush their boys and would let them take it at their own pace but a couple of them said that they are teenage boys and running around naked they will get horny and that normally only lead to one thing, sex. I did noticed later on after lunch that all 17 men and boys were down by the main pool and all of them were nude in front of the other guests and it looked to me that the boys liked showing off their young cocks to the other guests. My initial misgivings were dispersed and felt that in a few days they would be involved in a lot of action. I had a bit of a break and then readied myself for meeting Daniel and his redhead at 3 o’clock. Just before 3 I was sitting near reception when I saw Daniel and his boy walking through the main pool area and both were stark naked and being admired by the other men around the pool specially the redhead and by the time they got to me both were at half-mast and erecting . I met them and complimented them on their entrance and said their lovely cocks had got a lot of attention around the pool. Daniel laughed and said that was the idea. We moved up to my apartment where Chris was naked and waiting for us. I commented to Daniel that he seemed to like being nude and showing off his cock. He readily agreed and once again confirmed that ever since his nude stage performance in the play Equis he just loved being nude in front of people specially other men and boys. He went on to add that one day he would love to perform a sex act with a boy or boys in front of an audience saying it would be such a turn on and I replied that it could be arranged if he wanted. He said he would think about it. I quickly stripped of my shorts and my erect cock sprang up after getting its freedom. Daniel commented that I appeared ready for action and I retorted that it seemed we all were as I looked at the other three firm erect cocks in front of me. Nothing more was said and as agreed the redhead boy named Craig came over to me and placed his hand around my cock and I felt his young firm member as well and we kissed each other. Daniel and Chris also embraced and Daniel said he so much more enjoyed sex when he did it in front of other people and could watch others doing it as well. I admired Craig his lovely pale complexion, hairless chest with well-formed red nipples smooth stomach and glorious small bush of red pubes from which sprung a lovely thin just over 5 inches of stiff boy cock and a nice pair of small testicles. I think Daniel was just as infatuated with the blonde Chris and the four of us laid down on the bed in each other’s arms. I could restrain myself no longer and my mouth moved down his young body licking his chest and sucking his nipple’s before arriving at the main treasure of his erect boy cock. The foreskin was already mostly peeled back and I took the head of it in my lustful mouth slowly sucking and moving down the boy shaft to taste the full length of this throbbing living treasure. I looked over to see Daniel and Chris looking at us intently and Daniel said “god man that looks so hot” and then directed Chris’s mouth onto his own throbbing cock. Craig moved around and soon we were in a hot 69 position with both of us running our hands over our naked backs and mouths feeling the great sensations that sucking another person cock can give you whilst our own cocks were giving us waves of pleasurable ankara yeni escort feelings as the mouths went up and down upon them. It is truly the ultimate sexual enjoyment of any boy lover. All too soon I felt the twitches starting in his boy cock and knew he was getting close. Then I felt a large throbbing spasm from his dick and as the first spurt of his boy semen hit my tongue my own balls started to tingle. He gave me two good squirts as he groaned and writhed in ecstasy and was at the height of his orgasm just as my own cock exploded its fresh cum into his mouth. His boy sperm was delicious and I savoured the young watery warm salty fluid and sucked out the last precious drops. He too had taken all my man load and it was obvious that Daniel had trained him well. We both sat up and kissed deeply and then watched the other two sucking lost in their own ecstasy. After about a minute or two they too exploded in sexual pleasure writhing and groaning and reaffirmed their love of cock by swallowing each other’s precious living fluid. We all laid back with a satisfied glow and complimented our boys on what good cock suckers they were. I must admit to that Daniel was still quite attractive even though he was well outside my age range of preference. He did have a beard now and dark chest hair but was still thin and had a great personality. He also still had a nice dick not too big and cute if he offered to jump in bed with me I would not say no. We all had a shower together and then he and Craig went back to his villa via the pool area so people could perv on them and I went back to near reception to keep an eye on things. It was of course the first day and the guests were exploring the hotel and checking the place out not to mention getting over the jet lag for many of them. There was about 20 people around and in the pool but not all of them naked of the men and boys group there was still 2 men and 3 boys there and they were all naked with the boys using the pool slide. I had not noticed anyone having open sex yet but 2 cabanas had curtains closed. Our working boys were doing a good job not only showing off their sexy naked bodies but serving drinks etc. and over the next hour I noticed a couple of them going off for private action with a guest. I got the feeling most of the guests were a bit shy and wary and going to need some encouragement to have open sex around the pool area in front of other men. It was now getting close to sunset and I headed off to the bar for our “singles and sunset happy hour” drinks and was pleased to see a group of about 35 guests there with about 12 of them totally naked and the rest in swimmers or shorts. There was also a group of 15 boys there as well circulating. All had drinks and we watched the sun set and just as it went below the horizon as previously arranged three boys about thirteen to fourteen got onto a small stage and started dancing erotically and stroking their cocks to erection. The men looked on appreciatively and when the boys were fully erect they went into a hot three-way cock sucking performance. The audience was very appreciative of the show and soon all of them had hard cocks either on show or struggling to get out of their shorts. The rest of the boys circulated and felt random men’s cocks and offered to do more if they wished. They managed to get the cocks out of some of the shorts as well. After about ten minutes of hot sucking the boys on stage took their turns in cumming letting the audience see them shoot their hot loads into each other’s mouths. They then went out into the audience and offered the same service to some of the men. Most of the men were reluctant at first but eventually a couple of guys lost their inhibitions and let boys suck their hard cocks and in about five minutes there was four more adventurous men getting serviced with the rest jealously looking on. One of the more adventurous men was standing there talking to two other guys and drinking his cocktail while a boy moved his mouth backwards and forwards on his hard cock. I over heard him say that this resort was far more open than he thought or even dreamed it would be. I joined the conversation and congratulated him on setting an example and hoped the boy was doing a good job. He replied he was and it was a pity a lot of the guys staying there seemed to be a bit shy about having open public sex. I said we designed the whole main pool area as a place where men and boys could have open sex with each other in front of an appreciative liked minded audience and hoped there would be more action there in a few days. He hoped that would happen but expected it would be 3 or 4 days before the inhibitions started to disappear. He also noted that I was wearing shorts and said the more guys that went naked would encourage the shyer ones. I said I would think about it but after hearing what he said I had already made up my mind to be naked more often from now on. I had made a mistake by using the same rules as I used for the boy camp for staff. Remember at the boy’s nudist camp they were all boys and very few men about and all the sexual action took part in private. The boys had no knowledge that they were being perved on in their most intimate and private moments by horny boylovers. Seeing myself and other adults waking around nude and in my case probable with a full erection could upset the ambience of the camp. However at this resort all the boys were there to provide sex for the men. Also all the guests were there for the sole purpose of having sex with young boys so no need to hide our cocks. As soon as I got back to my office I posted a notice that all adult staff could be naked whenever they wanted. It actually suited me as ever since I was about 10 I loved showing off my cock and never missed a chance to show it to another boy or get naked. From now on my cock would be on full show as much as possible, slack or fully erected. This new freedom was also very popular with the older boys who were supervisors and life guards etc. and were now allowed to walk around whilst on duty showing everyone their more mature sexual equipment. Not much happened for the rest of the night and after dinner most guests adjourned to their rooms and me and Chris and Roger just cuddling in bed getting over the session with red headed Craig. In the morning I checked tracking system on all the activity from the day before and was pleased to see all the men but one had taken at least one boy for sexual action (not including the welcome blow job) the previous day and many had taken a boy for the night. The one man who had not had any action had also refused the welcome blow job so I put that in my mind to further observe him. Later on I checked his booking and the name had been changed from the original booking which made me more suspicious. I then remembered that when the main group arrived at the airport for the transfer to the hotel he had another man with him and my staff said they would sort it out at the hotel. With the early rush I had forgotten about it but the extra man never showed up so I sent a message for someone to contact the original guest. I had also noticed that even the son swapping group had taken a few boys as well as one of them told me a couple of days later to spice up the action. In mid-morning I went for a walk around deciding to go nude and was pleased to see a lot of men around the pool area and unlike yesterday most of them were naked and being a bit more playful with the boys. I then called into see Yuri and Clive who were sitting around the pool naked and admiring their boys and both congratulated me on my lack of clothes and change to the rules. Robert was frolicking in and around the pool with two boys about 12 and a slightly older one and appeared to really enjoying himself another two older boys were sitting with Clive and Yuri. It was very pleasant admiring Roberts’s naked body whilst he felt the other boys and giving their young cocks quick feels and sucks every so often and having the boys play with his teenage dick with their hands and mouths keeping him nice and erect. Robert noticed me and got out of the pool and came up to greet me and seeing his naked body walking towards me with a firm hard erection was having an effect on my cock as well. He stood in front of me proud of his firm erection and started talking. I could off take my eyes off his magnificent throbbing sex organ no matter how I tried I was mesmerised by it. He looked down and saw my cock rising to full erection as well and said I must really like his dick to which I replied it was magnificent. Then I got a shock as he said I could touch it if I wanted adding that everyone else sitting here had with a wink. I slowly moved my hands towards it and he took my hand and placed fully on his erection. My hand wrapped around his firm throbbing teen cock and it felt great. He was obviously teasing me and his next move also took me by surprise when he removed my hand and told me to have a taste as well. His hand pushed his cock horizontal and he moved it towards my mouth like a homing missile. The second his cock head touched my lips my whole body tingled and I opened my mouth and welcomed every inch of his cock as he pushed it in. I managed a couple of sucks on it before he pulled off saying enough for now but if I played my cards right one day I might get to taste some Irwin cum and he ran back to the boys in the pool. Clive yelled after him that his was a teasing little slut, Robert laughed and jumped into the pool. Clive added that he was really enjoying the freedom and having a lot of sex with the boys specially the young ones. I then talked to Yuri about the guy who had not taken any interest in the boys and he said he had noticed it as well and mentioned the guy who had arrived at the airport but not at the hotel. He then asked me for permission to put him under full surveillance. I replied that he did not need my permission and he could do that too any guest he wanted if he was suspicious. The only rule was he had to tell me if he was doing it and I would not interfere as he was the expert. He then went off to set it all up and suggested we meet again tomorrow to review what he may have found. He also would get someone on the shore to check on the guy who had not arrived. I then went onto the other villas and the Asians were very happy enjoying their privacy and boys. Justin and Harry were around the pool with Harry as normal fully engaged with two of the fan boys. When I called in on Daniel the house keeper told me to wait while he saw if Daniel was available and then let me in. I was surprised to find him by the pool actively fucking Craig. I said I would come back later but he told me to stay saying he loved an appreciative audience and in couple of minutes of firm thrusting he had his orgasm into the young boy’s tight arse. He came up to me with his satisfied cock slowly going slack holding hands with a sheepish looking Craig. I said you really do like performing in front of other gay men and he readily agreed saying it was a real turn on for him. I made him a suggestion that when he goes to the hotel pool area just say he is a celebrity look-a-like and he would probable get away with that. He also said he noticed we were having a sex show in the lounge after dinner tomorrow night and said he would be willing to perform an act in it. I agreed saying to see me tomorrow and we would work something out with one of our performing boys. I also called in on Peter and Floyd’s villa’s to see if all was OK and in both cases all was fine and they were both lazing around the pool with boys in attendance. It was by now early afternoon and I made my way back to the main complex and was pleased to see as I passed the pool a lot of the guest lazing around and this time most were naked. A lot of the men were talking with boys or laying with them. The father and sons group was all there and I was delighted to see some of them having some discreet public sex action with each other with guys nearby enjoying the show. It appeared people were getting more relaxed and losing that wariness, caution and secrecy that they had built up over the years. There were guys who were alone yesterday and quiet now talking openly to each other about what sort of boys they liked and the kind of sex they liked as well. I also ran yenimahalle escort into our virgin blow job client who was with Piet and another cute boy. I asked how he was going and he replied great saying Piet had taught him how to do a 69 last night and later this afternoon the two boys were going to give him his first threesome and Piet gave me a quick wink. He added that he had never realized how strong and pleasurable the orgasms were when given by an experienced willing boy and he was now shedding all his doubts about his sexuality and from now on he was going to be a dedicated boy lover. The rest of the afternoon was quiet and me and David, Chris, Roger and Jimmy had a pleasant slow “family” session of loving slow group sex which was extremely satisfying with me and David with each other for a few hours. Everything was going well with little for me to do except walk about occasionally and talk to the guests who all seemed delighted with the resort. That night I made an announcement in the restaurant and put it on the notice boards (Which flashed on the rooms TV screens). I said tomorrow night after dinner there would be a boy sex show by our entertainment boys lasting about 45 minutes at the pool area and this would be followed by a Roman style orgy party with the boys there to encourage hopefully mass group sex and all were welcome to participate. Later that night the talk around the pool and the bar was generally favourable with many men saying they were looking forward to really living out one of their sexual fantasies. Later that night I had a few drinks with Carl who had come up from his villa. He said he loved the place and would be telling some of his father and son boy love group about it for a good holiday. He also said the Roman party was a good idea as well as that really got his group going at the Australian camp. I told him about the small group of fathers and sons we had staying and pointed a few out as they walked past. He thanked me and said he would make contact as some were Americans. He also asked about availability of the Queensland nudist camp as his group wanted to come back. His group was mainly based in the Western USA from California. Nevada, Arizona and Oregon but he had made contact with another group from North East USA and asked if we could take 200 or so guests this time. I replied that if you use all the shared accommodation we could take about 220 which pleased him. I also added that with a group that size I would be there as well which pleased him. I gave him some available dates and he said he would get back to me in a couple of days. He also added that he was co-ordinating with the smaller Australian father and son sex group to join them as well. I hoped it would work out as a large group of boy lovers and boys would be a sight to see. It seems managing this resort and the camp was beneficial for them both, I mentioned this to Stefan later in the day and he agreed and it was one of the reasons he wanted me for the job. The next morning I had my meeting with Yuri about the guest who was not having any boy sex and behaving strangely and Clive joined us. The news was not good the man still tended to wander around a lot and had not used any of the boys. He had looked at the porn available on the TV but just short glimpses of what was available which was not what a true boy porn lover would do. Yuri had checked his phone held at reception and found it was totally clean no phone numbers or contacts stored. They both though he was either an undercover policeman or a journalist. I disagreed and said he was a definitely a copper. No journalist would be stupid enough to have a totally clean phone only a police officer would be that stupid and a reporter would bring boy with him and probably have light sex to avoid suspicion. I added that if it was a cop that would explain the guy who had gone missing. After a few minutes of thought they both agreed and Yuri added that the missing guy had hired a local boat man to take him offshore to the bay where the hotel was but on both attempts so far had been turned back by local security. I asked what he should do and Yuri said he would take care of it. He said he would get the local boatman to take the guy to his yacht and get the guest to his villa where he and Clive would interrogate them. After this they would decide further action. The man was lured to Yuri’s villa that afternoon and the other one delivered by the local boatman to the yacht later in the day. Later on we investigated the original booking and found the name of the original guest from the UK had been changed so we got people to look into it. A few days later we found out the original client had been arrested for downloading boy porn so we sent him a high class lawyer to him to give him legal advice at our expense. He said the police had searched his house and found his porn collection and travel documents which they asked a lot of questions about but he did not tell them anything. He was going to plead guilty to the porn to get a lesser sentence. The new lawyer told him to change his plea to not guilty as the reduction in sentence was a legal con job and never happened and in the long run got him off as the original search warrant had been illegally issued as it was for porn sent to the man’s PC by undercover cops and the case was thrown out. This of course was a few months later. Just to clear up what happened to the two cops Yuri and Clive got them to talk and Yuri sailed off in his yacht with them and he came back in 4 days but not on his yacht. His yacht returned over week after that. I heard later that one policemen’s body was found drowned near an overwater bungalow at a resort in the Maldives both of them had been checked into and the other was found in the bungalow dead from a drug overdose with cocaine in the room. It was a long way from us and where the manager was an old acquaintance of Yuri’s. Some UK guys came out to investigate and got a very unfriendly reception and complaints about the two from the locals and hotel management saying that they did not want these sort of people as guests and they had originally tried to check in with two local teen boys and after a heated discussion were allowed to check in but the boys were sent back to the main island. They discovered that the two men had flown in from Singapore and taken a private transfer to the island hotel. The hotel management also gave them the two guy’s passports which supported the story. It also confirmed my feelings not to get on the wrong side of Yuri or Clive. The police in the UK tried to keep it quiet but a tabloid newspaper got hold of the story and pics of the policemen in compromising positions and the headline “Druggy Pedo cops on taxpayer holiday”. Which caused the UK police lots of embarrassment once again done by Yuri. That afternoon was normal with many guest saying they were looking forward to the show and party that night. It did seem the shyer more secretive boy lovers were beginning to open up and realising what a great opportunity the resort opened up for them for the first time in their lives. I checked with the performers for the evening’s entertainment and they described the acts they would perform and I told them a special emcee would introduce them and do the first act. This would be Daniel. At 7.30 that night all the guest were assembled around the pool stage area and abuzz with anticipation. Nearly all were naked and those not had on our silk robes but even these men had them open at the front showing off their man cocks many also had boys with them either boys that were guests as well or our working boys that they had formed an attachment with. I started the show off by saying some guest had noticed some famous guys around the resort and I explained that were not real and we had four celebrity look-a-likes wandering around and one of them would start the show off tonight. I then introduced our own special wizard Randy Dadcliffe. Daniel bounded onto the stage wearing a wizard’s robe and asked who wanted to see his magic wand. The men yelled back yeas and Daniel dropped the robe to reveal his naked body and a very hard erection. He then called for his assistant and a very cute nude 13 year old boy came onto the stage displaying his semi erect young cock. Daniel grabbed the boy and worked his hand on the boy’s cock getting him to a full erection and then walking him around the stage to give everyone a good look at the two firm cocks. He then returned to centre stage and began to suck the boys raging hard on for a few minutes and then turned the boy around and seriously began to fuck him much to the audience’s approval. I was watching at the back with Clive, Robert, Justin and Harry with all of them saying how much he appeared to enjoy doing a public display. The firm fucking went on for about 5 minutes when Daniel swapped around to a 69 position. The boy was a very experience stage sex performer and after a few minutes gave Daniel the signal and hey separated for Daniel to concentrate his mouth on the boy and soon pulled back so the men could see the young boy’s spunk shooting into his mouth. The boy then took Daniels cock and after a couple of minutes the men enjoyed seeing Daniel shoot a substantial load of sperm into the boys mouth and on his face. They then kissed and faced the audience to receive rapturous applause with Daniel introducing the next act and leaving the stage. Harry commented that Daniel really seemed to enjoy the public show and hoped he could try it one day confirming to me that he was a very kinky guy. The next act was introduced and followed out tried and proven formula being two boy wanking each other off until one shot his load, then the next act with two boys sucking followed by two boys fucking all with only one boy losing his load on stage. There was a short break then the grand finale. Before the big finishing act we got our 17 younger trainees aged from 8 to 11 on the stage naked to show our guests, and I noticed the boys were quite at ease proudly showing off their young cocklets and bodies to the horny men. We said they were not yet generally available but if anyone wanted to “help in their training” to see reception tomorrow, and needless to say we had a few willing volunteer’s inquire the next day. The final act started which was a mass boy orgy of all the boys engaged in group sex in 4 groups of 4 boys engaged in every imaginable perverted sexual act of boy cock pleasuring. All the guests watching were enthralled at the highly erotic display going on in front of them and most by now had very stiff cocks. Some were gently feeling their dicks whilst others were being fondled by boys and some were feeling the cocks of boys as well. The boys changed positions a few times and after about 15 minutes it was time for the moment of truth to get the guest to participate. This was the successful plan we had used before at the nudist camp with the boy lovers group and I was hoping it would work again. The fact that all the men and boys watching were by now had very hard cocks and many were feeling them also helped. A couple of the performers gave a signal and then three boys in succession moved so the audience could see them shooting their loads of spunk which drew a round of applause, shouting and lurid comments. One of the boys went to one of the men at the front who had shouted out “I bet that tastes good” and asked him if he would like to clean the sperm off his dick with his mouth and have a taste. The man hesitated for a second and then took up the offer and then stood and turned to the rest and said “yep that sure is tasty”. The boy then said he would return to favour and to the guys amazement knelt down and took his firm man cock into his young mouth. One of the boys onstage yelled out let’s all have sex and the rest of the boys moved down on mass into the men and boys around the pool and started to encourage group sexual activity. A lot were a bit hesitant at first but the American boy lovers helped to get it all going as they were used to group sex and after about ten minutes just over half the guys were involved in some sort of group sexual activity. Some of the non-participants were watching from the back and most had the company of a boy who was fondling their hard cock but that’s as far as they went and yozgat escort some of them snuck off with their boy for private action. I particularly noticed the virgin man from a few days before who was still with Piet and was being spit roasted sucking a young boy’s cock whilst being fucked by a guy about 23 with Piet sucking his cock. Speaking to him later he said he was in heaven and was going to have to find an underground boy lover group when he got home as he was hooked on boy sex for life. I suggested he might get some contacts here. Me and David and our boys were enjoying the scene from the back and were fondling each other’s erections. Stefan and Peter and Floyd were grouped sitting next to us but in their case all had a cute young boy fondling or sucking on their man cocks. Daniel came up to us after running around to various groups and sticking his cock wherever he could. He said he really enjoyed performing and it was a real turn on and he was now going back to his villa to spend the rest of the night with Craig his red headed boy. Justin held Harry back saying he would be too wild for them and got him to go back to the villa with their four fan boys who all had hardon’s but looking a bit apprehensive that they might be dragged into the orgy. Most of the spectators started to drift off with boys for private action but I was happy with the evening as no one was forced to do anything. I noticed Jimmy and Chris exchanged a wink and then got their mouths on mine and David’s erections. We both stood there with our hands on their heard enjoying the great feeling of their young mouths sliding up and down on our throbbing sex organs. We surveyed the scene in front of us of groups of men and boys using each other’s bodies to pleasure their horny dicks in all sorts of imaginable ways being watched by other likeminded horny men and boys eager to join in. When the orgasms started it was like a chain reaction with fresh sperm being shot into welcoming young and old mouths and boy pussies accompanied by loud groans of pleasure as both young and old bodies writhed in sexual ecstasy as the strong feelings of pleasure coursed through their aroused bodies. It was certainly a sight to see all that boy and man spunk shooting all over the place. After the first main explosion of orgasms and cumming things quietened a bit to a lot of cuddling and caressing whilst they all caught their breath. Guys and boys started to drift away and me and David left as well with our boys back to our apartment to continue our boy fun. We had a pleasant evening of naked cuddling, kissing and cock sucking and woke up the next morning to a very pleasant boy head job. After breakfast I went down to my office and got reports form the staff that the evening had been a big success with a hard core of about 14 men and various boys continuing on till midnight before adjourning to their rooms. A couple of the American boy lovers group came up to me and we chatted for a while. They both said they enjoyed the evening specially the chance to try some fresh new boy meat. He also added that his group would be down by the far area of the pool near the beach again tonight for group fun and I was welcome to join them and a couple of their sons would love to thank me in person in their own special way. I said I would think about it depending on what happened during the day but secretly in my mind I knew I was no going to miss that opportunity of sexual fun with a boy whilst his father looks on in pride. I also noticed after that evening most of the guest were naked most of the time, except of course for the restaurant where you had to at least wear a robe. They also had lost any inhibitions about wandering around with an erection or obviously looking at boys cocks and complimenting them on their equipment whether they be staff of other guests. The guest boys were also turning into teasing sluts as well not ashamed to show off their prized possessions. I reflected on the nudism, in Europe I had been to many tourist nudist camps in especially in Hungary at Lake Balaton and the old Yugoslavia and also to Cap De Adge in France. But with nudists if you got an erection you were supposed to cover it up or go for a swim and studying other people’s cocks etc. was frowned upon, also sex was not mentioned. A lot of nudist resorts frowned on single men and on a couple of occasions I got followed everywhere by a couple of old wrinkles to make sure I behaved and some camps even banned teenage boys. Scandinavia of course was open slather in the summer and groups of boys swimming naked took no notice of men eyeing them off. In Eastern Europe some of the resorts had reserved areas just for boys and men and a lot of local boys were more than willing to do stuff for hard currency and a blind eye was turned. One place in Yugoslavia south of Split had a special cove for only boys and men and sex was permitted but not advertised. But this was a rarity for most nudist camps and in France a single guy checking out the young boy’s cocks would soon be asked to leave. But here it was different and the guys were getting used to it. It was OK to check out another guys cock or walk around with a full erection and looking at the boys was considered normal behaviour. The guests now understood this and were enjoying the freedom previously they had only fanaticised about or dreamed of and had lost all their inhibitions about showing off their dicks and talking to other men about boy sex. Some were still shy about having public sex but I had noticed some single guests were forming friendships with each other and I noticed them taking boys back to one room for action with each other. The resort was serving its purpose as a place where boy lovers could openly socialise, and discuss their sexual preferences watch boy porn and see willing boys naked and have sex when they pleased. That afternoon I went to reception at advertised time to see which clients had turned up to give “experience” to our younger boys in training. There was 17 men there of various ages and I explained what was wanted and expected for them to do. There of course would be a charge but it would only be 5% of what the boys would cost when they were full working boys and the small fee all went to the boys. The boys were aged from 8 to 12 and no anal sex was allowed. I also said we had 12 young boys who were fully available and several men had already taken advantage of them but they could only be used in the special private area reserved for men who like younger boys. Today we had 9 boys doing training and it would be done as a group with the instructors watching and teaching. After my explanation we had 13 men still interested. All of them were between 25 and 40 and I was surprised no old wrinkles had turned up so me and the one of the trainers picked the 9 they wanted 2 in their twenties, 3 in their thirties and 3 in their forties and we then went down to the training area where we met the other 4 trainer’s. All the trainers were older boys in their late teens early twenties but were still cute twink’s. When we arrived the boys were getting a talk about different sexual techniques and how to get the most pleasure from their own cocks and how to please their sexual partners aided by some very explicit and top quality man boy porn videos. The lesson quickly finished and the boys were introduced to the men and I was pleased to see most of their small cocks were hard. The lead trainer then said to the men that the boys needed cock sucking practice with older guys and quickly allocated one boy to each man. The young boys got the men hard and then set to work with their mouths on the larger man cocks. The men seemed very pleased to have such a young mouth working their erections. The men were a bit nervous at first having their cocks sucked in front of each other and exposing their sexual preference for very young boys. They soon realized that they were in the company of guys with the same sexual taste and started to relax and enjoy the feeling of the young mouths working their boy magic whilst smiling and talking to each other. The men were that turned on by the young boys that it did not take long before the spunk started shooting. It was very erotic seeing the men shoot their seed into the young boy’s mouths and in a few minutes all had shot their load. All the boys did well with only two of them not able to take the full load. One boy had to spit some out but quickly went back on the man’s cock to take the rest. The other pulled off too early and got a lot on his face which actually looked quite cute and erotic. The trainers then asked the men how the boys did and gave a few hints to the boys. The boys then took the men to shower to wash and then have some drinks and snacks to rest and hopefully have another session when they had recovered. All of the boys here had brothers or another relative working in the resort nearly all of them providing sexual services and experienced in the life style. The men were also reminded of the “special boys” younger boys which were available in our special facility but could not be taken to their rooms or the resort area and some made further inquiries about this later. We had only mentioned these boys to some select guest’s witch we knew had young tastes. In our information in the rooms it also mentioned if guests wanted a boy of a “particular” age to enquire at reception or ask one of the boys and his preferred age may be available. Meanwhile my cock was rock hard and I had an appointment on the beach area with the man boy love group. I walked to far end of the main pool nearest to the beach which was the groups preferred spot and noticed a few other men around the pool close enough to observe the action that happened down here during the day. As soon as I got to the group two very handsome boys about 13 came over to me and escorted me to a sun lounge and one of the men said the boys and them wanted to thank me for last night. Both boys were real cuties and I had noticed one of them before and lusted after him. One had mousy brown hair the other black both with a nice boy patch of pubes and lovely uncut semi hard boys cocks. To say I was raped by these two would be an exaggeration but I did not have much say about what happened. One of the boys said last night was great as he got the chance to suck some new cocks and then they pounced on me pleasuring my body with their young naked flesh using their very experienced mouths on my man cock and giving me a suck of their tasty boy cocks all whilst the other men looked on. I got to taste both the boy’s hot sperm and when I shot my load into one of the boy’s mouths it was one of the best orgasms I have ever had. Performing in front of this group of men had been stimulating as well and in the last few years I had gotten used to public sex in front of likeminded men. The boys finished by giving me loving deep French kisses and I thanked the men and boys and adjourned back to my apartment wondering if my body could keep up with this pace of sex at my age, not to mention being able to replenish my supply of fresh sperm. My plan was to spend the rest of the day and most of tomorrow with David and our boys as they were flying home after 7 days to get the boys back to school and for David and Clive to run the camp. Robert would also be going back with Clive. I would not be going back for another 4 weeks and by then the resort should be running smoothly. For me it was a pretty quiet afternoon and next day interspersed with a meeting with Stefan, Peter and Floyd. At the meeting we discussed a few entertainment ideas like maybe having a boylovers church service on some Sundays. This would not be a normal religious service but a group of men worshipping the religion of boy cock and the beauty of naked boys and then taking the Holy Communion (sperm). Floyd like the idea and said he would put something together. Peter also mention he would like to give a talk on what it was like to be a young boy porn star and show some of his old movies whilst doing the lecture. Again we thought it was a good plan and we discussed a few more party ideas. The next day I waved goodbye to the boys David and Clive and after they left realised I was still going to be busy and it was OK with Stefan for me to have “quality control” sessions with the working boys. Also Chris and Robert Irwin’s porn film had finished its final editing and was ready for release and we would get a copy to review in the next 2 days which was something to look forward to. I hoped I could work out a nice balance between here and the camp in Australia as I was really enjoying my new lifestyle and many boy loving friends.

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