Nothing Like Mother’s LoveNothing Like Mother’s Love


My father was doing roaring business selling oil seeds in Gulburga, before shifting the family to Mumbai after my only sister got married. Our new house in New Bombay was luxurious to say the least and my father was making more money, quicker than what he did in our hometown, thanks to his new passion in the stock market. My mother who used to be a timid housewife at Gulburga soon started changing herself to the surroundings of Mumbai and within a couple of years after reaching Mumbai, my mother looked like a typical Mumbai modern lady with her short hair and excessive cosmetics. She got enrolled herself in as many clubs as she could and soon became as active as my father was in his business. Although our family looked like a very well knit one from outside, I knew that our parent’s were getting distanced from each other for many reasons. There were rumors that my father had some extra marital relationship with a woman from Kerala and as if to confirm the rumors he remained outside for most of the week. It did not took me long to realize that my mother is using all her club activities as a positive diversion from the mental turmoil she was undergoing because of her unfaithful husband, my father.

It was during a third week of June last year, a typical Mumbai monsoon day that changed the lives of me and my mother altogether. Being a Saturday, I was at home watching some music channels when I heard the calling bell ring. As I opened the door, I saw my mother completely slogged in the rain just covering her head with her churidar. I could see through her wet churidar, her bras fully exposed to my eyes as also the patch between her waist and her bra as also the wet round right on top of her navel. I have seen my mother getting slogged in the rain many times but it is only after she changed her dress code that I started looking at her with an additional curiosity. She rushed inside without talking to me nor did she get any clue that I had watched her body. My heart started beating fast as I knew that my mother is about to change her clothes and it could be a worthwhile experience if I get to see my mother’s sexy body. With little effort, one could peep inside mother’s room from the stair case just after climbing a few steps. I immediately closed the door and virtually ran to the stair case so that I don’t miss even a second while my mother strips. As I started watching from the stairs, it was an amazing experience!

My mother had already pulled over her wet churidar and was removing her pajama through her legs as I started watching. As she bent forward to free herself from the moist clothes, I could clearly see how pointed were her huge tits although she was 45. She had a sort of a big stomach which didn’t look bad either bulging out of her tight panties. Her thighs were silky and shiny, as if inviting one to caress them. She unclasped her bra within a split second and pulled down the strap of her panties in a flash. I was dumbfounded to watch my sexy mother standing naked although for a few seconds. She got into a tuzla eve gelen escort cotton saree puffing around her body as if it were floating over her flesh. I kept watching her even after she was fully covered, which eventually resulted in my mother catching me soon. I thought for a moment that she would be shocked but she smiled at me as usual. I remained motionless for a second wondering what I should do next as my mother has caught me peeping in to see her changing. My mother was still smiling and surprisingly, she signed to me as if she was calling me inside. Unable to believe my own eyes, I slowly got down the stairs and the door opened even before I could knock as if she was waiting for me to come.

I felt thoroughly embarrassed in front of my mom for what I have done. After looking down for a while, I finally gathered the courage to stare at my mother who was smiling rather mischievously.

“Are you happy?” She asked. “Is that all you need from your mother?”

I wish I could say ‘No’ to her question but my mouth had gone dry in fear and embarrassment. But surely I wanted more from my mother and I also knew that sooner or later I may have to express to her about what I exactly wanted from her.

“Your father is expected for lunch in just an hour’s time. What do you think we can do?”

My body froze for a second to see that my mother was actually winking at me while her left hand was sliding her saree towards the right side showing her left melon suffocating under her tight bra and blouse. I could sense the prick in my crotch and felt a load of blood pumping into my brain. I closed the door from inside and went behind my mother, hugging her while letting my hands on her cushy stomach. I could immediately hear a hiss coming out of my mother’s lips as she swayed her head backwards to rub her cheeks against mine. Feeling her chill soft cheeks took me to greater height as my hands held my mother’s waist somewhat firmly. I could smell the fragrance of jasmine in my mother’s hair and my lips reached to her left shoulder to plant a gentle kiss. My mother rose on her feet once my lips touched her soft skin her arms reached backwards to hold me like a bracket. That gave me the opportunity to feel my mother’s shoulders, arms and waist freely as she was moving back and forth to let me have a complete feel of her skin wherever my hands strayed.

My mother had not pinned her saree against her blouse till now and as such the top of her saree faltered from her shoulders in her motions. Looking from behind I could see my mother’s sexy cleavage very clearly and could not resist taking a deep breath.

“How do they look like?” My mother asked teasingly.

“Just a pair of water melons,” I said while my hard prick was pressing against my mother’s sexy ass. My hands reached to her blouse to get a feel of her huge breasts and ended up squeezing them a bit fiercely. My mother tightened her bracket as she pressed her ass cheeks even more against my aroused tuzla otele gelen escort dick.

“I can’t tell you how it feels touching them,” I whispered into my mother’s ears.”It has been a sort of fantasy for me that some day I should take your permission to let my hands play between your bra and those nipples.”

It was a wonderful feeling to be able to tell my mother my erotic fascination about her breasts as I could see her blush like a teenager in enjoyment.

“I am afraid we have little time left before your father returns”. My mother reminded me.

“You are right,” I said as I let my arms to my mother’s waist again, this time to release the knot of her petticoat which slid over her shiny thighs and collapsed on to her feet. My mother let a gentle moan as my cervix was pressing against her bare butts. My hands got down to her thighs to feel the soft skin layer on her firm flesh. I turned my mother around to have a glance of her with the just the blouse and nothing below her waist, exposing her sexy womanhood covered with a good amount of hair. As I let my right hand to brush the gentle hair on her sexy mount my mother swung back and groaned while her legs started getting apart further.

“You might have seen me naked on so many times when I was a child,” I told my mother with a grin.” It is my turn, mother!”

“You are right,” quipped my mother.” But you are going to be nude before me yet again!”

I freed my mother from my clutches for a moment, stepped back a little and undressed quickly. My hard long dick looked like swollen raring to go at my sexy mother’s wet pussy at once. My mother teased me by closing her eyes as if to say that she was scared to see my hard dick, just for a moment. Her arms then reached to her blouse to take off her clips one by one, during which I could see her breasts pressing hard against each other. Once she took off her blouse, I could see her breasts looking too big for her tight bra. I fulfilled my long desire of feeling her nipples underneath the bra with my fingers to sent shock waves in both of us. Her nipples felt amazingly cold and perky. The sensation pushed my mother inside my arms again and our lips brushed against each other while my hands kept treading over her bumpy butts. Every time my hard dick brushed her pussy lips, my mother frantically grabbed my hair making our kiss even ferocious. I pushed my mother as her back rested on the wall and slowly went on my knees. My clever mother got the clue and started spreading her legs wide enough for me. My mouth reached to the summit of my mother’s sexy mount and my tongue ran from bottom to the top, making my mother to release a loud moan while her body curved like a bow and her hands raising well above her heads to grip the railings on the wall. My hands kept caressing her thighs all the time while my tongue struck to its job. My mother screamed like crazy once my tongue dug completely into her clit as her orgasm erupted. She was gasping for breath with tuzla sınırsız escort legs spread wide apart leaning against the wall.

After a momentary pause, my mother led me to the cot and made me sit with my legs spread apart. Her legs went apart enough to position her wet clit in line with my erect dick. Then she slowly motioned her clit to brush the tip of my dick up and down for a few times to shake me in pleasure. As she moved her huge breasts were swaying just a few millimeters away from my mouth. I was holding my mother’s waist firmly while keeping a watch on the oscillation of her breasts in front of me. My mother’s eyes were closed as the big head of my dick started teasing her moist pussy lips more frequently and occasionally she was biting her lower lips in joy. In one movement, her nipples got menacingly close to me and within seconds they were inside my mouth feeling my tormenting tongue all over her areola. “Ohhh!” My mother kept moaning which further aroused me like mad. My dick apparently not content with the foreplay with my mother’s pussy, punched her clitoris to make its way inside my mother’s sex canal.

“Yes..Yes!” my mother screamed. My dick felt like being placed inside a micro oven inside my mother’s pussy. I was going crazy, tweaking her nipples, biting gently a few times and sucking them while my mother was guiding each one of her breasts into my mouth to let my mouth play with them all the way. My mouth was not getting content with her wonderful breasts as it was jumping from left to right while my hands got into the act by holding them hard enough to remain inside my mouth. My mother was pulling my head further close to her and her moans were into a sort of a rhythm. Both of us soon fell on the bed and I was quick to mount on my mother with lust. My mother made way for me to get into her as I was about to get the ultimate experience of letting my dick to penetrate into her pussy. It wasn’t difficult for my hard dick to get inside as my mother was wet like soaked sponge. The feeling for a split second of my dick diving into her pussy was electrifying as my mother became stiff for a moment. She had a smile which looked like inviting me as I started pounding on her pussy with my dick ramming into her faster and faster. My mother’s legs were wrapped around my waist as if she didn’t want me to stop the fucking anyway. She was murmuring a few things which I never understood as I kept pumping her modulating my strokes to make it more enjoyable. My hands were straying all over my mother’s body as my momentum started picking up and my hands were kneading her breasts like wheat flour. It was getting easier and easier as I kept rigging her pussy and I couldn’t believe the speed in which I was pumping my mother’s pussy. The speed was reaching its peak as I felt like my nerves on fire and was breathing fast and furious. My mother kept clutching me wherever she could and opened her eyes to see me pumping her so fast. My dick felt like being inserted inside an electrical socket as my body got rigid for just a second, to be followed by a huge load of thick sperm shooting into my mother’s pussy. We lay there silently for a few minutes before rushing to clean ourselves before father arrived.

As my mother was about to leave to the kitchen, I told her,” I hope Father finishes off his lunch soon to leave us alone again”. My mother smiled.

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