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I was sitting in the doctor’s office waiting for my name to be called when my mind started to wander. I saw myself lying completely naked on your bed.

My tan golden brown skin glistening in the soft light of the room hair tossed ever so carefully to one side looking at you, wanting you, waiting for you to reach out and touch me. Carefully you approach the bed and gently kiss my left foot. You slightly caress my ankle and lower right calf with your other hand.

You continue working your way up my leg carefully kissing me gently caressing first my calf then my thigh. Sending shivers through my body and making the hair on the back of my neck stand up in anticipation of the pleasure I was about to receive. I giggle excitedly, and a small gasp escapes me.

You smile, snicker and force me to lie flat on my back and spread my legs further apart. You continue to kiss, lick, and bite my upper thigh. First the left side then the right slowly methodically you lick and suck making me begin to rock my hips back and forth, I arch my back, desperately wanting you.

You slowly and carefully move your lips past my wet throbbing pussy. And you whisper not yet very softly under your breath so that I can feel the words and your hot breath on my clit, making me moan even louder.

You continue to work your way up my body kissing and licking all of my curves. Around my hips slowly you kiss, and caress. Your fingers feel hot on my skin and your breath tickles me deep inside. I moan again I begin to breath deeper and a little faster with the building anticipation and longing for you to be inside me.

You lick my tummy right up to my belly button before sticking your tongue inside it to tickle me. I giggle again and you smile and snicker some more. As you work your way up to my hard erect nipples I feel your hard kaçak iddaa cock brush against my skin. I gasp and arch my back a little more.

Carefully you lick and suck each nipple kneading my breast in your strong firm hands, pushing them together. You roll your tongue around each one of my nipples pinching them between your fingers firmly but gently, biting them ever so softly. I begin to rock my hips faster and I can feel my pussy throbbing and dripping wet ready to take all of you inside me.

Slowly you kiss up to my neck licking and sucking, tracing all the curves of my muscles with your tongue. I slowly run my hands over your ass and up the sides of your body resting my hands on your chest I look down to see your hard cock barely touching my sex. I throw my head back and moan in delight at the site of it about to enter me. Carefully you let your hard throbbing cock linger around the outside of my slit for what seems like an eternity, letting me grind on it back and forth ever so gently wetting it with my juices. As we both watch it move up and down slowly.

Softly you whisper in my ear not yet. You kiss me passionately our tongues rolling around on each other gently. I run my tongue across your lips and gently bite your lower lip.

You tell me I have been naughty for wanting you so badly and that I must be punished. You roll me over onto my stomach and demand that I get on all fours. I gasp with delight and smile as I turn over giggling excitedly.

I lean my head back my hair carefully falls across my shoulders and down to the side and I arch my back pushing my ass higher into the air, legs spread revealing the soft glistening slit flushed red, ripe and waiting to be penetrated by your hard cock. You smack the left side of my ass hard! I cry out in ecstasy. Then you rub gently in a soft circular kaçak bahis motion the same spot and then smack again harder! Yes! I scream as you smack the right side.

Then you take your hard cock and slowly rub it up and down my wet pussy, carefully methodically teasing me only with the head, tracing it up and down the length of my slit. With your cock in your hand you smack it against my pussy. Then smack it on each of my ass cheeks. Mmmm. You want this don’t you? You softly whisper in my ear.

I beg for you to stick it inside me and you carefully whisper with a smile not yet. Again, and again you smack my bare ass and continue to torture me with pleasure by running your hardness up and down the length of my wet glistening slit. The sound of your hand stinging my naked hot flesh and leaving a bright red handprint makes me pump my hips back and forth faster I begin to moan wildly, begging for you to penetrate me.

Slowly you begin licking and biting each of my ass cheeks and work your way to my asshole. Licking and flicking the opening with your tongue. The hot wetness of your tongue makes me shiver and cry out in ecstasy. You lick me from my asshole to my clit up and down in a slow rhythmic motion, tasting all of my hot juices my pussy throbbing aching to be satisfied. You penetrate me with your tongue making me cry out and moan loudly. Yes! Yes! I say.

Closer and closer you push me to the point of pure ecstasy with every lick and thrust of your tongue. Just as I am about to explode you pull away gently and softly whisper not yet. I feel the words and your breath on my throbbing sensitive skin and I scream with pleasure.

Carefully and slowly you insert your hard throbbing cock into my wet slit, I gasp with delight as I feel your eyes walking over every inch of my nakedness each curve each muscle illegal bahis standing erect and flexed with the anticipation of what was to come. Slowly in and out long deep thrusts, I begin to grind on your hardness, moaning with every thrust. Your balls gently swinging and tapping my hard clit as you thrust in and out sends shivers of ecstasy up my spine.

I begin to breathe harder and moan louder as you thrust deeper and faster into my soft warm, wet sex. Once your throbbing stiff cock is wet and slick you take it out of my pussy and carefully stick it into my ass. You watch as the head first disappears into the tight opening, applying just the right amount of pressure to send shock waves of pleasure through your entire body. You cry out in ecstasy. At the same time I gasp with delight and moan as it slowly enters me. You pump faster and deeper each thrust bringing us both to the place we long to be. You smack my ass harder and harder as you penetrate me. I cry out and moan the pleasure building to its peak. You watch hypnotized by the motion as your cock slips in and out of my tight opening. You throw your head back and moan as the pressure builds from deep inside you begging to be released into my ass. Again and again you thrust.

Harder faster deeper!! I begin to massage my clit the wave of ecstasy about to come crashing onto the shore. Then just as you are at the point of no return I feel your cock stiffen and throb inside me, the warm gush of my sex and desire releases from my slit and covering my fingers. I scream with extreme delight as I feel you release your hot sex juices into my ass.

Suddenly I am startled back to reality by the nurse calling my name. I realize I have been breathing almost panting in my chair with my eyes closed, fingers in my mouth and my head leaned back against the wall behind me, the entire office and waiting room has been watching me. My cheeks are flushed red with embarrassment as I realize I have been lost for what seemed like an eternity in my thoughts and fantasy of you.

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