No FacilitiesNo Facilities


That the problem with small town train stations, no facilities. I was not really aware of this until a few weeks ago. I’d been working late at the office and by the time I got down to the station the light was already fading. The small station clock read 8:23, over half-a-hour before the next train. Winter was fast on its way and the night air was cold against my face, I was off in a world of own thinking this is not the place to be all alone on a dark platform when I heard footsteps coming down the stairway towards the platform. Spinning around quick with my heart throbbing against my chest wall I was very relieved to see it was a young lady and not some six-foot guy with a baseball bat.

She walked to the edge of the platform about 10 feet away from me turned looked at me and smiled. I smiled back, she was about 26-28 I guess with shoulder length red hair, not one of those skinny women that are always on a diet this lady had flesh her there bones. She was wearing a black jacket and skirt which came down to just above her knees and a white blouse, her legs where bare and she had a pair of black court shoes, evidently working late like me. I could feel something growing in my underwear; I’ve always loved the larger lady and a red hair… god that was almost too much for my brain to handle.

It felt like I’d been standing there for ages. I looked up at the clock 8:31, I was starting to feel uncomfortable the lump in my pants needed seeing too but this was not the time or the place. Thinking desperately of what I could do to help my-self I suddenly notice that the young lady was doing some kind of dance! “Are you Ok” I enquired. The lady jigged her way down the platform towards me. “Sorry” she said “but I’m in need of a toilet, is there one around.” I used the station every day and have never seen one. “No sorry, how bad is it,”

“well its find a place to pee or I’ll have wet legs,” she said with a pained look on her face. ” There’s only me and you here” I replied, “So if you like, I can keep watch while you nip behind one of the posts. ” A look of relieve came across her face “If you don’t mind” she said.

I walked over to the bottom of the stairway and looked up to see if anyone was coming. “Its all clear” I called and the lady quickly made her way behind the nearest post. I couldn’t help myself I had to look, turning and looked over my shoulder, a river of piss was running down the platform from behind the post. I still have to wonder how I didn’t cum there and then, I never thought seeing someone’s pee could be that much of a turn on. It was then that a cry of “Oh shit” came form behind the post. “You Ok” I called from the stairway “No. ”

I quickly shoot across the platform to the post. Looking down I saw the young lady crouched down her skirt lifted up to her waist, her white pants around her ankles. Even in the dim station lights I could see her red hairy pussy. The piss gushing out from between her legs was steamy in the cold air. I quickly looked away “sorry” I said. “Look, look at this, I’ve pissed on my knickers” she cried. Looking down I could clearly see where her piss had splashed up off the hard platform and onto her pants. “You’ll have to take them off, you can’t walk around with those wet things on” I don’t know if I meant what I said or I was just hoping for something more. She reached up and put one hand on my shoulder cebeci escort to steady herself lifted her one leg and slipped her pants over her foot.

“Wouldn’t be the first time I’d walked around with a wet patch between my legs” she said laughingly. Having slipped her pants over the other foot she turned and handed me her wet pants “I’ve got no pockets in this jacket can you hang on to these. “

“Sure” and I placed them into my coat pocket.

Well the ice was well and truly broken now and we got talking. Her name was Kay, she was only in the area for a few days having come up from her companies head office to do a check on some accounts at their branch office, which was housed in the same block as the office I work at. We talked about all the normal stuff life, work, and the lack of good weather. It was no time at all before the train pulled in. We continue or conversation on the train until Kay got up and said that it was her stop next. As she walked towards the door she looked back “May-be I’ll see you round the building sometime” she said.

It was not until after she have left the train and we started to pull away that I remembered that I still had her pants in my pocket. Kay had lied to me, I suddenly recalled seeing pockets in her jacket, a warm smile came across my face.

The following day I was working away at my computer when Kev entered the office “You should take a look at the red head talking on the stairs” he exclaimed “right up you street. ” ‘Red Head’ I was out that door almost as fast as my legs would take me. “Fuck me, slow down man you do yourself an injury” Kev called from behind.

Talking to what must have been one of her work colleagues, sure enough was Kay. As I pushed open the stairwell door she looked up, a broad smile crept across her face. “I’ll look at that later” she said to the girl standing with her. The girl walked off leaving Kay and her smile alone with me.

“Thanks for the present” Kay’s smile got bigger, “I knew you would like them, I could tell by the size of the bulge in your trousers. ” I had to admit that I had never seen a lady having a pee before and that I was so turned on that I was amazed I didn’t cum on the spot. Seeing Kay again and talking about what had happened was having the same effect on me. “Getting randy again?” Kay said, “To fucking right I am” I replied. “What about you coming over tonight to the flat I’m staying at, and I’ll show you a lot more” Kay asked. “No problem,”

“Train station six o’clock” I said. “See you there” replied Kay and walked off down the stairs.

I walked back into the office. “Fuck me you scored…. ” What? “Come on… any one with a grin that big has got to be on a promise,” remarked Kev as I park my backside back down at my desk.

The rest of the day went so slow I didn’t think it would ever end.

The platform was full but spotting Kay was no problem, her red hair standing out in the crowd. I walked up behind her and gave her a gentle pitch on the bottom. Kay didn’t finch she just moved her hand behind her back a groped my swelling cock. “Hi big boy” she said laughingly. On the train Kay told me that it was a company flat see was staying in used by any one from the company who was visiting the branch office and was within easy walking distance of the station. When we left the train Kay pointed çukurambar escort out the flat, it was only a few hundred yards away from the station. I started to walk as fast as I could but Kay grabbed my hand and pulled be back “Slow down” she said “We’ve got all night…. And I mean all night. ” Kay opened the door with her key and we stepped into the flat, boy was it posh! The whole of the living area done out in black leather and chrome with smoked glass coffee and dinning tables. “Sit down… take your clothes off,”

“Ops! I mean your shoes off” Kay joked. I sat down on one of the larger leather sofas and looked across the room at the 36″ wide screen TV with VCR and DVD built in. “Man that’s some TV” I call out to Kay, “Bloody great” Kay replied from the kitchen area, “Stick a tape in theres one on the top I’ve been watching. “

“Coffee Ok” called Kay, “Great, white and one sugar please. ” I got up and pushed the tape into the slot, within seconds the TV burst into life. My mouth dropped open there on the screen was a women laying on rubber sheets with a guy standing over her pissing straight into her mouth, while she lay there holding open the lips of her cunt and sending a hot scream of pee into the air. “You fancy pissing all over me” came a voice from behind me. Kay was standing there with two cups of coffee. “I’ve never tried any thing like that before” I exclaimed “Isn’t it a bit too dirty and kinky. “

“The dirtier the better” Kay remarked. We both sat on the sofa, Kay pulled herself in close to me as we watched the action on the screen, the more I watched the harder my cock got. No sooner had I finished my coffee than Kay go up and made another one. After drinking my third cup Kay got up to make another, “No thanks I can’t drink any more” I said “Oh yes you can,”

“I what you bladder to be so full you think its going to explode” she replied and went off to the kitchen area to make another cup.

After two hours of hard-core porn and 5 cups of coffee Kay placed her hand on my bladder and pushed. “God don’t” I cried, “I piss myself,”

“Oh good” said Kay. She got to her feet and standing in front of me slowly started to remove her clothing piece by piece knowing it would drive me wild…. It worked! I don’t know what was more painful, my full to overflowing bladder or my rock hard cock. And there she was naked for the first time, her skin creamy white. It was the first time I had really noticed her tits, firm and rounded with dark brownie red nipples not large but beautifully proportioned to the rest of her body… about 38c as a guess. Her mound was better that I remembered from the night before under the dim light of the station, thick red curly hair in a neat triangle. I drop to my knee and tried to bury my head between her legs. “Wait” she snapped, “When I let you.” Kay started to undo the buttons on my shirt but I can’t wait, my cloths where in a heap on the floor in about 10 seconds.

Kay took my hand and led me into the bathroom. It was almost as big as the main room; a large sunken bath lay in the middle of the room. Kay turned on the hot tap and ran some water over the bottom of the bath to warm it up. “Don’t what that shrinking on use because of a cold surface… Do we” said look down at my hard cock. We stepped into the bath, “Come on lets see you piss” said Kay pushing my bladder. demetevler escort She laid back in the bath, holding open the lips of her cunt she cried out “come on piss up my cunt fill my hole with your piss. ” I knelt between her legs and pointed my cock at her open hole. Hot piss shoot from my purple end splashing around her pussy lips and into her hole. “Fuck with piss” Kay cried, “Stick your prick in and piss up me. ” Her cunt wet and warm made it easy for me to get my cock in, I felt a wave of relief come over me a I empted my bladder up her cunt. Kay started to scream out “Oh fuck… yes. yes… ” her body arched as her orgasm ripped into her. I pulled my cock out before my bladder was empty, my hot piss gushed out of her cunt turning the bottom of the bath into a sea of golden pee with Kay an island in the middle. Still pissing from my cock I pointed it straight at her mouth “Drink my piss you fucking whore” I screamed at Kay. She opened her mouth and to allow my hot piss to enter. Almost chocking on my piss Kay lay there her fingers now buried in her piss filled cunt, fucking herself for all she was worth. No sooner had the last drop of pee dripped off the end of my prick than I grabbed Kay by the hips and turned her over onto all four’s, her hands and knees washing around in my piss on the bottom of the bath. Getting down on to my knees I position myself behind her and with one great push forced my cock deep into her piss filled hole, forcing more of my piss from her cunt, I could feel it dripping from my balls as I started to pump away at Kay’s sopping love hole. Kay lifted a hand and placed it on the back of the bath to stop my thrusts pushing her over. “Fuck me… Fuck me hard you bastard… make me cum you piss fucker” who was I to disagree. I slammed my cock into her again and again each thrust smacking into the very top of her cunt. Kay was by now moaning like there was no tomorrow. I could felt the spunk rising alone the length of my prick and with one last push deep into her my cum coated the inside of Kay’s sweet hole, wave after wave shoot in deep, I thought it would never stop. I felt her body stiffen and her back arched and with an almighty scream Kay’s body went into waves of convulsion as her orgasm took her.

I pulled my cock out of Kay’s body and sat back, my own piss that covered the bath splashing up around my ass, my head spinning from every thing that had just happened. Kay recovered a lot quicker that me, she was up on her feet in a matter of minutes. “Right!” She said her eyes wide and menacing “You put it all in there… you can know lick it all out again. ” Moving herself down the bath so her mound was right in my face she grabbed the back of my head and forced it between legs “Lick my cunt clean you bastard. ” I set to work with my tongue lick away at her cunt, tasting my own cum and piss mixed together with every lick. “Now for a real taste” Kay cried. Then I felt it her pee stream out from her, cascading down my face into my mouth, running off my chin onto my chest and down my body. “Drink it you piss fucker” came the words from her mouth. All that coffee she had drunk, now pissing out of her, washing my whole body with her golden liquid. I continue as best as I could to keep licking, my tongue working more on her clit than her hole. “Oh! My god” screamed Kay as another orgasm ripped her body. We both collapsed into the piss filled bath total exhausted.

I looked at Kay. “Thank you” I said, “I didn’t know any thing that kinky, that dirty could be so fantastic. ”

We showered and went back to the main room. “Would you like some coffee” Kay asked with a big smile…

“You bet I would. “

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