Night Trawling: A Night At The Glory HoleNight Trawling: A Night At The Glory Hole


The Paradise Arcade and Adult Video Store, what a grand name to be wasted on such a fucking dump. The place was filthy, with bare, concrete floors and cheap-ass, home-made wooden shelves filled with used VHS porn tapes that had previously run again and again and again on closed circuit in the arcade.Along with those were a scattering of sex toys, from Ginger Lynn’s rubber pussy masturbator to anal plugs that looked thick enough to clog a drain. The place was vile and dank, but it did have two things going for it. It was in a secluded part of town, and it had a glory hole connecting every booth in the arcade.The management, such as it was, didn’t give a rat’s ass about what happened inside. Once a man paid his five bucks and passed behind the curtain of multi-colored beads serving as a door, he was able to indulge his sexual appetite in any way he wished.This place was a den of faceless sex, a place where male lust could be expressed in a way that I fear most women could never truly understand. We came there for physical release, like masturbating, but in a way we could never manage on our own.Like most such places, and there were many, there was an unspoken code understood by the men who frequented the place. Whenever I went there, no matter what time of day or night, I could hear the loud moans and screams of pleasure coming from the videos playing in the booths. The scent of sex seemed to hang in the air while some men stroked themselves to orgasm alone in front of those screens.Other men, not satisfied with using their own hand, would stand in the aisle, waiting silently for another man to make eye contact with him, surreptitiously offering to suck his cock, or expressing his own willingness to be had.I suppose some men enjoyed being watched. More than once, I witnessed someone leaning out of the booth while another man fucked him in the ass, isvecbahis or saw a line form at a booth as a guy sucked cock after cock. Believe me, after you’ve been in a place like that, very little will be able to shock you.The idea of safe sex barely registered in such places. Oh, there would be signs posted, warning of HIV or other STDs, but the truth was, the men who came there were willing to roll the dice and risk everything in order to have the kind of sex they couldn’t get anywhere else. Looking back, it seems insane, but being openly gay or bisexual was unthinkable for most in those days, and those of us who were, eventually broke and gave in to those desires. Besides, sucking cock, giving hand jobs and receiving the same were supposedly safe. Desperate men lie to themselves as easily as they do to anyone else.Even still, my stomach churned with nerves and lust every time I went there. I was stepping into another world, and it didn’t take me long to learn how to get what I wanted. The end booth was my chosen place. With its one, adjoining booth, it had a single glory hole that could be used for the most impersonal of sexual acts, but more interesting to me was the fact that others could join me inside without attracting the gaggle of onlookers that tended to gather when things got hot.On this particular afternoon, I came in to find fewer men milling in the hall than I might have found in the evening. Each one watched me as I made my way past, checking to see if I seemed like a willing partner. All it took was a brief eye contact, and not long after I sat, a middle aged white guy came into the booth next to me.The hole between us was placed perfectly at waist level and about six inches around. Even sitting in the chair, I could look and watch as he unbuttoned his pants. Satisfied that my chance would soon come, I dropped my tokens isveçbahis giriş in the slot and started flipping through the channels until I found a video that suited my mood. The scene was of a young, slim and effeminate man sucking an older guy’s cock. He was blond, with a trim, hairless body and perfectly smooth skin. He was a delicious looking twink, and I watched intently as I unzipped and slid my cock out into the open air.This was the kind of build up I loved. I was slowly squeezing and stroking my shaft, drawing my foreskin over the head and just relishing the sensation. When I was ready, I knocked on the wall and then rubbed my finger over the edge of the hole, signaling my invitation to the guy next to me. I could see him begin to stand and eagerly, I dropped to my knees, waiting for him to ease his cock through.A quick moment later, his cut head came through, followed by a generous length of shaft. He was well endowed, with a slight upward curve. He must have had his body pressed to the wall, because I could see he was offering me everything he had. Gingerly, I took him in my hand and began pulling slowly on his cock. He was pleasantly thick and felt warm and hard in my hand. Wetting my lips, I leaned in and let him slide over my tongue.Wetting a cock with my mouth is something that always turns me on. The initial, musky flavor just fills my senses and makes me want to suck. Closing my lips around him, my tongue swirled over his head and under his shaft until he was completely slick with my saliva. I could almost feel him throbbing in my mouth, and I bobbed my head, drawing my moist lips up and down his length.Normally, I’d go slow and draw a blow-job out, but he was the first of the day, and my lust was riding high, so I sucked him hard, not caring if he could last. Once every few sucks, I’d pull off and lather his head with isveçbahis yeni giriş my tongue, or lift his shaft and try to lick his balls. The whole time, I could feel him rocking slightly, as if he longed to slip down my throat, but with the wall between us, I was in complete control.It wasn’t long before I had a mouthful of spit, and that lubricant made it so much easier to take him down my throat. Swallowing hard, I drove forward until my lips were right on his body. Then I pulled back and did it again and again, until I felt him begin to twitch. I love that moment, and I quickly pulled back, sucking hard on his head while my tongue flicked over his slit. An instant later, I felt his seed shoot out and fill my mouth with the salty taste of cum pouring over my tongue.His taste just exploded through my senses and I pulled off to lick up the residue on his still throbbing cock. I was just getting into finishing him off when he pulled away. Sitting on my knees, I watched as he quickly zipped up and disappeared out of the booth.”Fuck, that was hot,” I said out loud as I rose to the bench. By then, my pants and shorts were at my ankles, and I kicked them off so I could have free access to my iron-hard cock. On the screen, an Asian guy was lying on his back with his legs high, pulling on his dick while a white guy deep-fucked his ass.The white guy’s cock glistened with lube as it slid easily in and out of the Asian guy’s ass. I was incredibly aroused and I began rubbing my hand up and down my cock just as the guy getting fucked shot a hot load all over his chest. Watching those spurts of cum erupting from his cock caused my balls to draw up and I certainly would have come if it hadn’t been for the knock on the wall. When I looked over, I saw a finger rubbing the glory hole from the other side. Knowing what he wanted, I squeezed my cock hard, trying to control my impending orgasm.By the time I stood, the guy’s tongue was flicking through, as if he was urging me to stick my dick in his mouth. Pressing my body to the wall just as my guy had, my cock slipped right into his wet embrace.

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