Night Shift Ch. 02Night Shift Ch. 02


I rush to the bathroom because my cock was aching and I was in desperate need to cum. I made my way to the men’s room and tore off my jeans; fiercely stroking my swelled cock. Grabbing my balls in one hand and jerking with the other; lost in the moment I realized that I forgot to lock the door when I hear Q call my name. “Rick, Rick, are you in here? What are you doing? Hello?”

I stood perfectly still. Frozen in mid stroke. My still throbbing cock in my hand and pants around my ankles. I am only seconds away from coming. Even the slightest touch will send me into spasms that will paint the walls of the bathroom stall with my sperm.

“Rick! Rick! Are you in here?”

Q continues to beckon me as I try not to make a sound, hoping she would just turn and leave so I can quench my burning desire. Her footsteps grow closer, and the shock of her about to catch me while I am in the middle of my self -exploration was horrifying. I free one hand from my quivering balls, and place it on the door to my stall holding it closed, just as Q approaches and tries to ease it open.

“Rick. I know it’s you in there. Open up. Why wont you let me in? I already know what you are doing…you don’t have to hide from me Rick. I wont bite…unless you want me to of course” she says and lets out a sly and devilish laugh.

I try to relax my breathing, staying still and quiet, but the beating of my heart is louder than a high school marching band. Her entry pleads continue. “Rick…Ricky” she moans.

Then the begging stops. I notice she’s not trying to open the door anymore. I start to wonder what’s going on? What is she’s doing? I hope she’s about to give up in her quest and leave me alone so that I could continue on my own journey to the land of self-gratification. It wasn’t too much longer before I got my answer. A pair of black satin thongs lands on my head. My heart now races faster than before. I slowly pull the panties from my head and hold them on my face, inhaling her raw essence. The sweet smell from her undergarments was enough for me to explode. Lost in her pussy perfume, I continue right where I left off and stroke my shaft. The door opens and I see that she too has begun her own journey, as her hand is lost under her dress. The sight along with the smell sets me off like a volcanic eruption. The first shot of hot cum leaps from my dick and lands on her leg. She quickly drops to the floor taking my spewing mountain in her mouth, swallowing the rest of my hot lava down her throat. The warmth of her mouth and the motion of her tongue is exhilarating. My knees being to buckle while she sucks and jerks my cock. I brace myself against the cold walls of the stall. Loads and loads of cum slide in her mouth. As the last few drops of my molten lava exit my shaft, she then takes my dick from her mouth, and replaces it with my balls.

“Uggh! Yea… Oh! Oh! Shiii…..” I utter pure nonsense as the pleasure of her actions take control of me, of my brain and of my vocal cords not allowing me to finish a thought, let alone a word.

The intense passion of the way she sucks on my balls and pulls on my dick causes me to get hard again. I am fully loaded and ready for action. The sucking and jerking continues. From my balls back to my dick, and from my dick back to my balls, her tongue dances a sensuous dance not missing a beat. She breaks her tongue dancing rhythm and stands up. She pushes me down on the toilet, giving my weak legs a break. She hikes up her skirt with one hand and grabs my cock with the other as she guides it deep into her wet pussy. The immense heat from her tight pussy almost causes me to erupt yet again.

“Ooooo! Rick! Eww yeah. Fuck me Rick, yeah fuck me.”

She grabs the back of my head as she rides my dick like a jockey in the Kentucky Derby.

Our eyes lock, and I can güvenilir bahis almost look and see into her mind. Pure logic and all rational thought have been replaced by raw lust and deep desire. Her pussy is so wet, the sweet nectar beings to trickle down on my balls and the insides of my thighs. I reach around her back and unzip her dress. Q lifts her dress up over her head and drops it to the floor. I then go to unhook her bra, but she reaches back and beats me to it, giving freedom to her luscious chocolate brown tits. She forces her newly released tits into my waiting mouth. I hungrily lick her breasts then take her hard nipples between my teeth and bite down. She moans in delight, as I suck and nibble with reckless abandon.

“Yeah Rick…suck these tits!” Q screams.

I wrap my mouth around her hard nipples and flick them with my tongue. Back and forth over each breast, I hungrily attack her nipples. I grab her ass with one hand and massage her tits with the other, as she continues to ride my cock. Up and down; in and out! My dick gets lost in her cavern and reappears again. Her fast motions make it difficult to keep her tits in my mouth. Her breasts smack me in the face, and her nipple almost takes out my contact lens.

“Q, turn around!” I moan. “I wanna fuck you from behind. Let me smack that juicy ass.” We shuffle out feet in our cramped quarters so that we can reposition ourselves. I grab hold of my dick as she bends over showing me full view of her beautiful bottom. I place on hand on her hip as I tease her pussy with my cock. I rub it up and down her lips and slide the head of my dick slowly in and out of her. She begs me to stop teasing her so I give her what she requests and ram myself into her tight opening. She moans in delight while I thrust in and out of her.

I release my grasp from her love handle so that I can stoke on her swollen clit, but I come to find out that she has already beaten me to it, so I then reposition my fingers on her luscious tits and pinch her nipples. I can tell that the feeling of my cock diving into her pussy and her massaging her clit is driving her over the edge.

“Oh Rick I am about to cum. Oh shit! Oh shit! Yeah Rick…come on fuck me. I am right there, fuck me! Fuck me” she screams! I feel her pussy muscles contracting and expanding on my shaft. She lets out vicious roar as she squirts all over my cock. Even louder than her moans and screams are the squishing wet sounds as I continue to fill her climaxing pussy, and my hips smacking against her ass.

“Mmmmmm oh yeah…oh …mmmmm” she moans. “Oh yeah Rick…that was great. That shit was fucking fantastic.” She stands up and kisses me passionately on the lips. I then realize that this was the first time we kissed. Her tongue slow danced with mine in each other’s mouth. I wrapped my tongue around hers and held it tight. Her lips locked with mine, telling me that she was exhausted, and loved every minute of it.

“Oh girl; its not over just yet” I tell her. “We’ve only just begun!”

She gives me a puzzled look as I turn her back around. I retake my seat on the throne, smiling like a king with one of his many concubines. I tell her to bend over. She moves slowly, and I wonder if it’s due to her exhaustion or her natural sexy movements. I grab hold of her round ass and part her checks slowly. She looks back to take a peek at what I am up to. I extend my tongue and stick it in her ass.

“Rick!” she gasps. “What are…oooo….yeah….you…mmmmm…doooo….”

I attack her asshole with my tongue. By the way she was reacting, I could tell that no one has ever eaten her ass before. She quickly gets over the initial shock and opens her legs allowing me more room to work magic with my tongue. Her breathing gets erratic, and her moan tells me that she is enjoying my performance. I continue güvenilir bahis siteleri to lap at her asshole while she tries to open her legs more, but our love stall wont allow her to open up any further. I force my stiff tongue into her tight ass. The sensation of me parting her anus with my tongue is making her crazy. She is so wet her pussy begins to drip on my lap. I alternate my tongue from her tight ass to her sopping wet pussy. While I tongue fuck her ass, I take my finger and stick it into her leaking cunt. Feeling adventurous, I take another finger and slowly slide it into her ass. “Take a deep breath Q.” She inhales deeply and I slide the rest of my finger inside her. Her moans of pleasure tell me that it feels good and she wants more. She finds her own rhythm and leans back onto my finger, forcing it deeper into her ass. “Do you want it Q? Tell me you want it!” “Yes Rick. I want it. Finger fuck my ass! Fuck my tight virgin ass!” I take another finger and slowly work it into her rhythm. Again, no complaints from her. “Oooo Rick! Oh yeah…stick your dick in my ass. I wanna feel you fuck my ass!” “Ok Q, are you sure?” I ask. No response from Q, but her continuous back and forth motion says yes. “Brace yourself against in the wall.”

She assumes the position, looking like a criminal ready to be frisked by the cops. Her long legs are spread apart. Her hands desperately trying to clench the smooth door of our cramped love quarters. She bends over, fully exposing her ass to me. She looks back at me with a face of fear, but also cloaked with pleasure. “You ready?” I whisper in a deep protective voice. “Mmm…Yeah go ahead.”

I stand up and grab my cum soaked cock, and slide it between her checks. I rub the head back and forth against her asshole. I then slide it along her pussy so that I can use her nectar for extra lubrication. I return my cock to her asshole and gently stick the head in.

“Oww….oh! Rick wait…” she pleads. “Sshhh…it will be ok. Just relax.” She takes another deep breath and I slide the rest of me in her back door, once marked for exit only. I take hold of her handles marked for love, and begin to rock back and forth, watching as my shaft disappears and reappears from her ass.

“Ohhhh…yeah Rick! This is amazing. Fuck my ass…Ri!”

Her speech is cut short as we hear the bathroom door open. I stop my motion, not wanting to get caught. Not twice-in one night.

Q doesn’t stop. The pleasure of my cock in her ass is too much for her as she continues to rock back trying to fill her asshole with my dick. I look down and I see Q’s dress on the floor. I try and slide it back with my foot, but Q is not making it easy for me, when she leans back it throws me off balance. I fall back on the toilet, mortified. I gasp in horror, fearing who our mystery guest is; wondering if he will rat us out, or maybe try and join in. Neither of which pleases me. Our mystery guest steps up to the urinal and beings to relieve himself.

“I can’t believe this shit! What the hell am I doing here?” I think to myself. Just then Q sits on my dick, not caring who our guest is and not caring if we get caught.

The toilet flushes and our mystery guest says “I hope you two are having fun. I can hear you two moan from outside. But don’t worry I wont tell. But shit! I would love to be in your place right now buddy. Have a good time.”

I hear footsteps make its way towards the bathroom door. The door opens and closes. “Fuck! Next time I gotta remember to lock that damn door!” “Don’t worry about it. Just keep fucking me!” Q screams.

I follow her orders and do as I am told. I buck my hips and ram my cock into her tight ass. She moans with her growing desire. She stands up and turns so that she can face me. She kisses me softly and retakes her position upon me. She iddaa siteleri grunts and groans and she runs her fingers over my head. I continue to hear moaning, but then I noticed that it is not coming from her. I immediately realize that the moans of pleasure are stemming from our secret guest. I snap into reality for a quick second and think of how crazy this must be for someone to walk in on, as well as how erotic it must be to walk in on someone fucking. The thought of someone getting off by hearing the screams of a beautiful woman getting fucked by me is in turn getting me off. “I am gonna cum!”

I grunt and groan, grab Q’s ass and unleash mound and mounds of hot cum in her ass!

She continues to ride me, as my dick is losing its rigidity. She then begins to climax also.

She screams “I AM CUMMING! OHHHH I AM CUMMING!” She grabs my head and pulls it into her chest. I squeeze her ass, and suck her nipples are she cums all over my lap. We both are exhausted and breathe deeply in an effort to catch our breaths. As it gets quiet, I hear more grunts. We both laugh when we realize that our mystery guest has climaxed also. He exits the room, and we both laugh hysterically.

As we get dressed and try to make ourselves look presentable, no words are said. We both go back to work, without a mention of what has taken place just minutes before.

For the first time in a long time the hours seem to fly by, and I being to enjoy my job. I decide that I can’t let Q get away, so I ask her over to my place for breakfast after our shift ends. I give her directions to my place and race home, giving me some extra time to clean up a bit.

I am preparing the meal, as the doorbell rings. She’s just in time because the aroma sweeps past her nose as she enters the room. “Mmm, Rick that smells delicious.” We both eat and talk and try to catch up on the things that we should have known before we slept together. Both our stomachs are full and we go to my bedroom and fall asleep.

I wake up from my slumber and stare at her. I am in awe, staring at this beautiful woman lying next to me in my bed. I run my fingers through her hair and bask in her essence. She wakes from my touch and I entice her into taking a bath with me.

There are no windows in my bathroom, and with the lights off its pitch dark. I set the scene with dozens of candles around the tub and the sweet sounds of Sade playing in the background. She undresses and I just stare. This woman is perfect. I don’t see a mark, a blemish, and even though she just woke up, it seems like not one hair is out of place. She steps into the tub and lies back. “Rick, aren’t you going to join me?” she asks. “Yeah I will Q, but it’s all about you first.” I take a soft sponge and begin to wash her. From head to toe I clean every inch of my new found goddess. I rub and massage her feet, her thighs, her breasts, and I even wash her hair. I massage her scalp as she lies back and lets the warm water soothe her body. “Please Rick, come in here and join me.”

I stand and take off my clothes and step into the tub with her. The water overflows and puts out some of the candles making our love scene a bit darker. “Now Rick it’s your turn.” She cleans me as I cleaned her. I get aroused as she moans in delight and runs her fingers over my muscles. “Wow Rick, I didn’t know you had such a nice body.” She beings to massage my back and shoulders. I turn around and kiss her, taking her tongue in my mouth. She sits on my lap and wraps her legs around me.

I grab her hair and pull it, exposing her neck. I run my tongue over her neck, and suck on her earlobes. I blow softly in her ears, while I reach down and grab her ass. I slide back and place her feet upon my chest. I open my warn mouth and place her foot inside. I run my tongue over the balls of her feet and between her toes. “Rick, you know how to make a woman feel soooo goooood.” I smile, and lean forward, tracing a path down her legs to my prize.

I went home happy that day. And that was the first day of my new outlook at the old job.

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