Night Moves 01Night Moves 01

Alexis Grace

Tuck woke up and looked around groggily. He squinted at the clock – 1:45. Making a face, he slid slowly out of bed, careful to not disturb Vanna. His acid heartburn would have to wait its turn – the bladder had the right-of-way and was demanding a trip across the hall. Once that pressing business was finished, he stepped out into the main part of the tiny house where everything was quiet – just as it should be. Light from an external hard drive spilled into the dark corner of the old dining room that currently served as bedroom for his 22 year old step-daughter Lisa. In the blue glow, he could see her arms and torso as a light area on dark bedclothing.

Turning, he moved into the kitchen. At the fridge, he closed his eyes tightly and opened the door to find the milk jug by feel and downed a half-dozen swallows straight from the carton. Replacing it, he closed the fridge and stood there in the dark kitchen, stark naked, with the beginnings of an erection poking forward. Thinking was dangerous, he mused as he glanced down. Especially when it caused the blood-flow to alter course. Well, maybe not thinking so much as fantasizing.

Slowly, he made his way back to where he could see Lisa in her bed. Now that he had time to study her, he could see she was lying on her back, comforter pushed down to her belly. Quietly, he crept across the wood floor, letting his weight shift and flow to avoid making any loud creaks. His body was chilled from the excitement and the partial hard-on he’d had a few minutes ago had drained away. He could see one of her legs sticking out from the knee down.

He reached out and let his hand float just above her spiked blond hair. His eyes roamed her body and his mouth dried out from the tension of fighting back the urge to just grab everything. She was, as usual, wearing her white spaghetti-strapped top with a black sport-bra underneath.

Slowly, his hand moved away from her hair and he bent close to inhale her scent. The soft, spicy scent filled his nostrils and he closed his eyes in pleasure. Lisa exhaled heavily and moved, pulling her arm up to rest low on her hip. The other hand came up to angle above her head, causing him to move to avoid being punched. That thought forced him to stifle a laugh – it would be just about right for this whole scenario to collapse because she hit him and woke up, discovering him standing naked over her bed.

Staring at the swell of her breasts as she breathed was slightly hypnotizing and let him ignore for a minute the chills racing through his body. Finally, he bent close and slowly reached toward her barely-visible form. He was absolutely terrified but the thought of touching her drew him on relentlessly. It would have to be extremely light – she had said not too long ago that she slept lightly. Hopefully she slept heavily enough to let him get away with this.

The pad of his middle finger brushed cloth and he froze in place, listening for any changes in her sleep. Slowly, he tilted his hand until his palm tuzla escort rested lightly on the curve of her tit. The chills threatened to turn into shakes, so he moved away from her until he calmed down. She was warm, even from a distance. He glanced at her leg, feeling the longing to caress her calf burn in his gut. But he was afraid direct skin on skin contact would cut through her sleep.

Cautiously, he leaned closer and let his hand settle to her chest again, rotating his wrist a bit so that the curves matched up better. Flattening his fingers, he let them lay and follow her curves. Just under the ball of his thumb, he felt the slightly stiffened knob of a nipple. The heat from the contact fought with the chills of excitement and his cock throbbed and started to swell. He ached to stroke her breast and bring the nipple to full hardened arousal. Instead, he settled for lightly squeezing her – not even sure he was putting enough pressure out to be noticeable through her clothing.

The shivering threatened to hit again, so he moved his hand. He wished she had gotten hot enough to shove the comforter off completely. He needed to put his hand on her mound, desperately. The thought of feeling her body-heat flowing from between her legs and across his fingers made his balls throb. It was almost enough to make him risk moving the comforter.

He laid his hand down on the mattress near her elbow and slowly slid it toward her until he felt the cloth of her shirt. Exhaling slowly and softly, he let his hand slide on until he met resistance from the roll of pudge over Lisa’s waist. Very lightly, he slid his fingers upward, imagining her arching up and into his caress.

Without warning, the girl changed position, almost giving him a heart attack. Fortunately, she rolled up onto her side, away from him, his fingers trailing lightly around her side until she rolled out from under them. The comforter bunched up and pulled away, leaving her shorts-clad ass uncovered. His breath caught, almost squeaking, as she squirmed and adjusted her position to back up towards him. He froze, motionless, for a minor eternity to see if she was going to wake up. Her shirt had pulled up to expose the small of her back and the camo-print boy shorts were stretched tight across her rounded buttocks.

Finally, satisfied she was settled back in, he leaned in close to her newly-exposed skin and inhaled deeply. The scent of her body was a heady rush and the urge to trace the waistband of her shorts was almost overwhelming. He inhaled again and smiled. Moving downward, he inhaled again at the hem of her shorts-leg. The spicy aroma of her filled his nostrils and flowed through every cell of his body. Ever so slowly, he moved up to the curve of her butt and very, very lightly rested his lips on her shorts. The rush of the contact felt like he’d been hit by a lightning bolt and huge clap of thunder at the same time and he felt the shakes start. Quickly, he backed off before he woke her.

Carefully, tuzla escort bayan he ran his hand along her leg, not quite close enough to brush her skin. He wondered if one day she would let him touch her, if she would respond to his touch as a lover and seek out the sensations he desperately wanted to give her. She looked so peaceful, lying there relaxed in sleep.

With the shakes abating, he moved his hand back up the line of her leg to her shorts and lightly pressed his open hand against the curve of her ass. Just as he had with her breast, he very lightly flexed his fingers to squeeze her almost imperceptibly. She sighed and shifted against his grip, making his fingers slide a little across the cloth.

He let go and moved his hand, replacing it with his lips one more time. The shakes were coming again and felt like they would be a long time in passing. That meant it was time to go.

Quietly, he crept across the floor, avoiding the worst of the creaks. He stopped in his doorway and studied Vanna. She was curled onto her side, her upper leg cocked to support her torso – coincidentally opening up her body to an adventuring cock. He reached between his legs to fondle himself. The chills and shakes had combined to keep him shriveled throughout his adventure. Now, however, looking down at Vanna and comparing her curves to Lisa’s, the shakes died down and his cock began to respond.

Vanna had stripped off her bikini panties just after they had gotten in bed. Sometime during the night, she had done the same with the camisole, leaving it in a heap on the floor beside her. He wondered if she was wet.

Closing his eyes, he imagined it to be Lisa lying there. Now he was good and hard- if she were wet, things would work out perfectly. Not wanting to leave that part to chance, Tuck moved around the bed to the night-stand on his side. Opening one of the drawers, he pulled out a bottle of silicone lube and coated his swollen shaft, making sure the status of Vanna’s pussy wouldn’t slow down penetration.

He climbed onto the bed and moved to straddle her lower leg. Carefully, he lifted the thigh of her upper leg to give himself enough room to fit securely. Slowly and gently, he nudged with the swollen head of his cock until something began to yield under his attentions. He held himself still and kept the pressure steady. In moments, his patience was rewarded when the lube on his shaft finally slicked her lips enough to let them part and grant him entrance.

Normally, he hated to force himself on her, but at – he glanced around at the clock – 2:27 in the middle of the night after the excitement of feeling up Lisa, he needed to shove his cock into something warm and wet. He didn’t care if she got interested this time or not – in fact, he didn’t care if she even woke up.

He buried himself inside her and held his hips in place, imagining how Lisa might respond. He knew she would make noise – based on the video of her jacking off and the years of listening escort tuzla to her and Charlie screwing before they had gotten married and moved out. She would make an appreciative noise as he entered and she settled herself against him. Sadly, Vanna didn’t do that. She appeared to hold the idea that the only time you were supposed to make noise during sex was if something hurt or when you climaxed.

He mentally shook himself and quit trying to overlay Vanna’s daughter onto her. He knew he was having struggles enough as it was without adding to them that way. Instead, he concentrated on the act itself, analyzing how to best utilize this position the next time Vanna was awake.

He failed miserably, drifting into a near dream-like state, seeing Lisa’s body pinned beneath him. He cupped one of Vanna’s tits, imagination changing it from that of a 40-year-old mother of five who had breast-fed them all to the amply filled-out mound of a 22-year-old dental hygiene student who sat around and read more romance novels than was healthy for her. Tuck thumbed her nipple into engorged arousal, hearing Lisa moaning at his touch. Vanna grunted and scrunched against his thrusts, shifting him back to reality for a moment.

As he pumped his way toward his explosion, he wondered if Lisa tended to dig her fingernails into one spot or if she raked them up her lover’s back. He hoped it was the former, as scratches would be rather obvious tattletales. Vanna moaned softly and unsteadily reached for Tuck’s hip. Lisa would be all but screaming by now, he knew, a steady stream of loud “oh oh oh”‘s in time to his thrusting. Imagining her cries, he felt the first spasm start in his scrotum. If she ever let him pleasure her, would she call him by his name or Daddy?

He leaned back, riding Vanna as he ran his hands over his chest, imagining Lisa was pawing at him. In his head, he could hear her breathing grow ragged, her cries coming as drawn-out “aaaaaah”‘s now. Under him, Vanna’s hips started to buck and squirm and he could hear Lisa calling him “Daddy!” as her pleasure built. As she came, she shrieked and pinched his nipples, triggering his own orgasm. He twitched and bucked against Vanna’s hips and felt her clamp her muscles around him with a quiet sigh when her release hit. He held himself buried deep inside her until they both stopped shaking.

Slowly, his heart slowed to something approaching normal and he finally pulled out of Vanna. He stepped across the hall again and used a baby-wipe to clean himself up. He started back to his bed when something made him change course and silently drift over to check on Lisa again.

Flat of her back, she had shoved the comforter off and lay with her legs spread in sleeping invitation. Tuck’s cock responded to the sight with a valiant effort to stand up again. To make matters worse, her hands were resting in the hollows of her hips as if she were just about to start – or perhaps had just finished – masturbating. There was no room for his own larger hand to play on her mound – he was sure she would end up waking up. Next time, he promised himself.

Bending close, he brushed a light kiss on the tit he had fondled earlier then turned and headed back to his room and the bed Vanna occupied.

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