Nigel’s Story Ch. 04Nigel’s Story Ch. 04


This is a continuation of Sabrina’s exploits first explored in Chapters 2 and 3 of Nigel’s story. If you are interested in how she got to where we are now you might visit the earlier work. As always your feedback is greatly appreciated and if there are any couples or girls in Australia who would like to play in rl please come forward – don’t be shy!

“Does this involve bondage?” Sabrina said

“look I am sorry I asked Sabbie, OK? I just though it would be fun. We needn’t talk about it any more. It’s OK”

“Hang on I didn’t say no Sue. It’s just that this is all new to me and well you are the only girl I have ever been with and well I guess I am a little nervous that’s all. I mean how do you stop things from getting out of hand?”

“Look if you are interested I’ll arrange everything. You will be given a safe word to stop everything if you feel you need to – but be warned if you use it you can not start things up again so you have to be pretty certain you have had enough. You can really let your hair down this way. You can shout and swear and yell ‘No!’ and ‘Stop!’ and plead and swear at the top of your voice to no avail but if you use your safe word then that’s it. Like turning off a switch.”

“Jesus, it sounds so alien. Can I think about it for a while Sue?”

“Sure just don’t take too long. I am going around on Saturday. Today is Monday so I will need a few days to organise things if you are brave enough!”

All week Sabbie thought of very little else, her mind was in a whirl but she didn’t get any response from Susan other than “Take your time Sabbie – I am going to have fun with or without you”

On Friday night they met for drinks with the usual crowd in the pub opposite the hospital and flirted with the new interns and rebuffed the usual approaches from the drunks who reckoned Nurses were ‘good for a shag’. After a few drinks Susan approached Sabrina and quietly asked her if she was interested in going along tomorrow lunchtime or not.

Sabrina was very hesitant. She was interested and had fantasized about what it might be like but had really decided against it. Susan then said “Its OK of you just want to come and watch. I’ve spoken to my friend and agreed that that’s OK. And well, I have never had an audience before. I think it could be very exciting! You don’t even have to take your coat off!

“Really?” said Sabrina rather surprised. “And lunchtime – I had assumed that it would be an evening bash”

“Bang darling not bash and Yes Really!” replied Susan grinning.

“Tell me what’s going to happen” Sabrina was getting interested and the thought of being a non participative observer had really taken away the barrier she felt was keeping her from saying yes.

“Well you are never quite sure but my friend says she has a few special surprises for me which usually means some beastly guys” She laughed

“Oh! your friend is a woman! I don’t know why, but I had assumed it was a man.” Said Sabrina.

Something inside her made her relax, this was much more acceptable some girls playing around with a few guys, yes I think I could handle that she thought. Then she had a strange feeling. She turned to Susan and said “What’s your friend’s name?”

“Karen” replied Susan.

Sabrina tried to keep control of her facial response but wasn’t quick enough to hide the surprise from Susan. “Did I say something?” said Susan.

“No, no not at all. I’ll come OK?” With that Sabrina turned and walked back to the nurses home alone.

Oh my god what have I done? she thought. I’ll just watch. Look, Karen was great when I met her – no pressure just a bit of fun. I wonder if the guys she’s invited will actually fuck Susan? What if she hasn’t invited any guys? I wonder if there will be any bondage!

Sabrina sat in her room and undressed for bed. She looked down at her curly pubic hair and stroked it gently. Mmm you’ll have to go I think, she said to herself and stood up and spread her legs. Carefully picking up the scissors she grabbed small handfuls of her pubic hair and snipped them off and placed them on the dresser. She was already noticing how wet she was getting and allowed the cold stainless steel scissors to brush against her engorged clitoris.

Having reduced her bush to stubble she took her lady shaver and proceeded to remove every last hair from her pussy. As she spread her legs and pulled the lips of her labia to one side she gasped as a trickle of her juices escaped from her pussy and trickled down the inside of her thigh. She had not been completely shaven before and was fascinated at the unobstructed beauty that she was gazing upon.

She held herself open and watched in the mirror as the trickle of her juices ran down her thigh, slow and stop, then bent forward to run her finger all the way up the slippery line to her pussy but stopped short, taking the sticky fluid on her fingers and holding it up to her lips where she inhaled deeply then, tentatively at first then with surprising vigour pushed her wet fingers into her mouth. Betturkey It tasted so good. She closed her eyes and thought of what tomorrow might bring.

Sabrina slept soundly that night and at breakfast Susan rushed by her in a hurry to say she had to pop to the shops but would pick her up at 11.30.

“Oh OK” she said to Susan’s back as she disappeared through the nurses home front door.

Later that day the door to the Victorian Terrace opened and Karen stood there wearing a long black silk gown looking at Susan. A huge smile broke across her face as she saw Sabrina. “Sabbie! I am so pleased you decided to come alone. Susan can be pretty persuasive can’t she? Come into the front room”

Sabrina was totally disarmed by Karen’s warm welcome and returned her smile. She noticed that Karen appeared to have very little on beneath her gown and admired the perfect outline of her breasts which the silk material clung to. She realized that she was staring and looked up to see that Karen had caught her visually examining her. “I wasn’t quite prepared, well I didn’t know what to expect” she said.

“That’s OK, Susan has played here a few times haven’t you?” she said glancing at an unusually submissive and quiet Susan. “But she has told me how nervous you feel and let me tell you, it’s OK just to watch and if you do change your mind and want to join in with some of our fun and games then I am sure that will be fine. But remember we are all here to have fun and you can leave anytime you want.”

Sabrina had pondered what to wear and had decided that as she was just a spectator she would dress down. No, that was wrong she though, more like dress defensively, her clothes forming a barrier to any penetration. Something she could run in if she had to! Under her heavy overcoat then she wore Levis with a belt and a loose fitting pretty pink angora sweater with a high collar She felt safe and was somewhat surprised to see Susan had a similar heavy overcoat on.

“Come here my sweet” Karen said to Susan “and let me help you with your coat” Susan walked toward Karen and then turned her back to her and undid the buttons of her coat. Karen brought her hands around in front of Susan took the lapels and gently pulled the coat from Susan’s shoulders and let the coat fall to the floor.

Sabrina stood transfixed staring at the leather corset Susan was wearing, her breasts pushed up and totally exposed, her pussy as bald as hers – no knickers and she had just walked down the street like that!

Karen lifted her chin and glanced over to Sabrina and smiled. “Isn’t she beautiful?” she said. Sabrina couldn’t help but smile. She tried to say yes but her voice came out as a squeak. She realized that she had her hand over her mouth and was smiling. “Today’s safe word ‘children’ is Surgeon”

“Lets take her to meet her friends shall we?”

Karen bent to take a dog collar and lead from a coffee table that Sabrina hadn’t noticed and put it around Susan’s throat.

Karen led Susan and Sabrina followed behind, glancing back now and then to memorise her escape route. They walked down the hallway to the cellar then down stairs into a narrow corridor off which opened two doors. When they got to the bottom of the stairs Karen turned to Sabrina and said that she was to go into the second doorway which was an observation room with a one way mirror which looked through to the ‘dungeon’. She could watch there unobserved by the people performing. If at any time she felt like joining in she could come and knock on the dungeon door.

Sabrina obeyed dutifully with just a little regret that she was not yet ready to join in the games.

Sabrina opened the door and went in. It took a little while for her eyes to adjust to the low light and then noticed what appeared to be a large picture window which ran from the low ceiling to the floor. In front of the window were three typist chairs.

She was too hot and decided to take off her coat and sit on the middle chair. Before her she noticed what looked like something out of an old horror movie, crossed beams, old stocks and even a rack! Then out of the darkness she saw three men move forward into the light as the dungeon door opened. They glanced at the mirror as if sensing that they had an audience and strolled closely to it. Sabrina noticed they all had large cocks but one guy especially, he was nearly as big as her dildo!

They were all semi erect and they stroked their cocks in front of the mirror examining its surface. Sabrina involuntarily took a step backward then corrected herself as she remembered they couldn’t see her. She came closer to the glass and studied closely as they began to stiffen, her breath fogging the glass just centimeters from their cocks. Sabrina was having fun! And smiled and giggled at the thought of being such a voyeur.

“Look what I have brought you gentlemen!” said Karen as she paraded Susan around the dungeon. “What do you think this little slut wants?” The sound of Karen’s voice was slightly metallic Betturkey Giriş and Sabrina realized that it was coming from speakers above her head. So the room was soundproof she thought.

“A gentle caress and love making?” one of the guys said, tongue firmly in cheek. This was all clearly part of the game.

“No” said Karen. “This little slut needs to be fucked. She has brought her girl friend along to see her perform and I am sure that you wont want to let her down now will you?” The thought of being watched by another woman clearly excited the guys and they glanced back at the mirror with renewed interest.

“Susan sweetheart, may I introduce Tom, Harry and Dick” Said Karen

Sabrina thought she must mean Tom, Dick and Harry but then realized that Karen had referred to the guy with the huge cock as Dick last of all and she smiled and a giggle escaped her mouth as she sat on the middle chair.

“Put her in the stocks!” Shouted Tom

Karen daintily handed Susan’s leash to him and he grabbed it firmly pulling her toward him. He was slightly taller than her and Sabrina couldn’t help but notice how he held her chin up with the leash and pressed his lips hard against her. Instantly their tongues intertwined. As he pushed her back a long strand of pre-cum stretched from his now erect cock to her leather clad belly.

“Ooh we are eager today aren’t we?” Said Karen as she walked forward and grabbed his cock and jerked him hard several times. Sabrina noticed that Karen had accumulated a small quantity of pre-cum on the tip of his cock. “Suck this off and swallow it bitch” she said to Susan.

Susan knelt down in front of him and stuck out her tongue just millimeters from the glistening cock.

“No, like this” said Karen and with that grabbed a fistful of Karen’s hair and thrust her face forward impaling her mouth on his cock. Sabrina was shocked to see such a large member all but disappear into Susan’s mouth. She must have taken him all the way into her throat!

This was when Sabrina realized that she had been caressing her breasts and rubbing her clitoris through her clothing for some time. The soft angora wool of her sweater was warm and delightful and she could easily feel the hardening of her nipples beneath its soft fabric. She stood up and decided there and then to undress completely. She noticed a small latch on the door and flicked it locked. She felt as though she was considerably exposed nevertheless but told herself such a feeling was stupid – She could see and hear them but the couldn’t see or hear her.

She undid her buckle and slipped off her jeans and noticed that Susan was now head down in the stocks, hands bound either side and her legs spread apart, ankles tied with leather thongs to two oversized rings in the concrete floor. Dick and Harry were standing behind her arse as Tom continued to fuck her mouth, holding her head back with a fist full of her hair.

Sabrina lifted her sweater over her head and placed it neatly with her other clothes. She felt the cooler air of her private viewing room caress her naked breasts. This made her nipples respond even more as they continued to firm in her fingers. All this gear yet I didn’t wear any bra or knickers she thought. Perhaps there was something in that. She sat down again on the middle chair but not before studying her freshly shaven pussy and allowing her hands to caress her body. It was unusual on the one hand to be so familiar with her body and yet on the other to be so unfamiliar with the way she looked and felt now.

Karen was inspecting the other two guys appreciatively fondling their erect cocks.

Sabrina comfortable with her privacy and anonymity moved the chair as close to the glass as she could and sat with her legs spread wide and her beautiful shaven naked pussy exposed wet and dripping. Susan turned her head to the mirror as the cock invaded her mouth and heavy balls slapped against her chin. She must be wondering what is going on in here thought Sabrina. Her fingers were all soaked now, her entire labia soaking her thighs tingling and her clitoris as big as a little cock. She was fascinated at this unobstructed view of herself. Just then she could see Tom’s face wet with perspiration was clearly about to cum! All In Susan’s mouth!

Tom arched his back and pulled his cock nearly out of Susan’s mouth and let out a primeval series of grunts as he came, shooting vast quantities of white creamy cum. Susan opened her mouth and glanced sideways at the mirror to let Sabrina see jets of cum spurting into her mouth.

It was too much and Sabrina came as well, but this time it was totally uncontrolled and for the first time in her life she ejaculated all over the mirror!

“Ah” said Karen, looking at the mirror. She turned to Susan and said “don’t swallow now. Show me what the nice man has given you” Susan turned her head a little more and opened her mouth to reveal a creamy mess.

Karen looked at the profusely sweaty Tom and turned her back to Betturkey Güncel Giriş him and held her shoulders back. Tom took the hint and carefully removed the soft black silk gown that she had been wearing to reveal her in her tight black leather corset. Sabrina could see now that the perfect outline of her breasts was in fact moulded leather but that didn’t seem to matter. She looked magnificent. The corset was sculpted over her hips and she wore what looked like a 16th century cod piece. Her black fishnet stockings were held in place by elaborate suspender belt, not that they needed to be Sabrina thought as they were almost certainly stay-ups.

Karen squatted down quickly in one fluid movement in front of Susan’s face and her grasped her chin in her right hand, her fingers pushing into Susan’s cheeks. She tilted Susan’s head toward the mirror so Sabrina could get a good look and some cum seeped out over her hand. Grasping Susan’s chin firmly Karen stuck out her tongue and dipped it into Susan’s mouth. Sabrina stopped and recovered her concentration and breathing as Karen was putting on a show for her. She withdrew her face, stood upright and a long strand of cum stretched between the girls mouths. Susan did not move but Karen whipped up the strand and pushed it and the cum on her fingers into her mouth savoring the flavour.

Mmm nice she said staring at the mirror. She then squatted down quickly again and engaged Susan in a deep passionate kiss their tongues flowing freely as Karen continued to smear sticky fluid all over Susan’s face. She withdrew, stood up and said “Alright you can swallow now”

Susan swallowed and made a show of licking her lips to recover as much of the cum as she could but still could not clean her chin or cheeks. When she had got as much as she was going to get she looked at the mirror gave a big smile and a cheeky wink!

My God thought Sabrina it’s as if she can sense me, she looked me straight in the eye. I wonder what that cum tasted like?

“So Susan” said Karen “You decided to show off a little for your girl friend have you? Thought you could be cheeky in my dungeon did you? Well we have a way of dealing with cheeky little girls down here don’t we?” She asked.

“Oh Mistress I am so sorry please don’t punish me!”

Sabrina had recovered somewhat and realized this was all part of the game. “Yes punish her!” she shouted even though she was convinced they could not hear her. “Smack that balled pussy and make her squeal! Fuck her hard in the arse!” Sabrina sat back in the chair and laughed out loud. She was going to enjoy watching her friend getting fucked.

Karen walked over to the back of the dungeon and picked up a large paddle. She walked around in front of Susan and let her see what was in her hand.

“Oh no fucking way! Shouted Susan. She had suddenly turned from the demure submissive slave into her old self.

“Oh yes fucking way!” said Karen as she walked around behind her. “Harry get the clamps” she said

Harry hesitated and Karen glared at him. “Do you really think that’s necessary Mistress?” He said. Karen said nothing else but he demurred and came back with two large crocodile clamps that looked as though they were better suited to jump starting a small car then offering up any pleasure to anyone. Each clamp had a short length of thin chain attached to it at the end of which was an empty glass flask which would hold about a pint.

“Clamp those nipples” Karen said.

“Don’t you fucking dare! Shouted Susan, “No seriously I’ve had enough, I want to go home. Don’t come fucking near me with those things you bastard!”

A loud thwack resounded through the speakers into the viewing room. Sabrina saw that Karen had brought the paddle down hard across both of Susan’s buttocks and because of the way she was standing, across her swollen labia as well.

Susan let out a wild shriek. “Oh you fucking bitch! That’s it I’m out of here you perverts! You think you are so fucking great and ….” Susan’s breath was suddenly taken away as Harry let the powerful clamp dig into her right nipple.

Sabrina watched as Susan’s mouth worked wordlessly as she absorbed the shocking pain. She breathed in hard as Harry clamped her left nipple. Tears started to well in her eyes and drop silently onto the cum splattered floor beneath her head.

“Oh I’m so sorry mistress. Please forgive me? Can we stop this now?”

Sabrina was in a wide eyed state of shock. “Say the safe word” she said out loud. But then she noticed Susan tilt her head and give a barely susceptible wink toward the mirror. It was then that Sabrina noticed that where Karen had whacked her with the paddle she had been so wet that it had left a wet stain across its centre. Sabrina shifted to the left hand chair so she could get a better view of Susan’s arse. Sure enough she was soaking. Rivulets of juice were flowing down the inside of her thighs and Sabrina had wondered at which point Susan had climaxed.

She sat back and determined to enjoy what ever was coming next.

“Not so quick Susan” said Karen and laid into her wet arse again and again with the paddle. Each time Susan jerked forward the empty flasks swinging backwards and forwards. Dick and Harry were going berserk wanking behind Karen as she administered her punishment.

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