Nicole’s Penance Pt. 04Nicole’s Penance Pt. 04


Please read the first three chapters or this really won’t make sense. More fun and games ensue. Todger65 edited this even after editing the previous chapters. The man is a sucker for punishment and I owe him my thanks.

Nicole’s Penance Part 04

John and Nicole get very busy



“Don’t be in such a hurry beautiful.”

Nicole paused at the woman’s comment, “Uh, Hi.”

Nicole immediately realized that the woman looking up at her was gorgeous. A raven-haired voluptuous beauty with beautiful breasts that were putting substantial pressure on her skimpy bikini top. The woman’s bright green eyes sparkled mischievously as she grinned at Nicole, “Don’t be in such a hurry to leave. I think you’ll like hanging out with us.”

Nicole grinned back, “Yes, I suspect I will. I’m Nicole.”

The raven haired hotty pointed at herself, “I’m Olivia.”

She pointed to the woman next to her, “And this is Amelia.”

Amelia sat up and smiled at Nicole, “God, you are beautiful!”

Nicole smiled at the tall, thin, woman. She was captured by Amelia’s hazel eyes and almost didn’t take in her sweet b-cup tits and her long legs. Almost. There was a long pause as the two women eye fucked each other. Nicole didn’t hesitate. She moved between the two women and bent down. Her lips met Amelia’s first and their kiss was anything but tentative. Two minutes later Nicole turned to Olivia and kissed her. She could tell right away that Olivia was used to being in charge. Olivia plunged her tongue into Nicole’s mouth and her hands came up to cup Nicole’s breasts.

The sound of people talking forced the two women apart and none too soon. A minute more and Nicole would have gone for Olivia’s pussy without regard to being in public. A young couple walked by them, seemingly oblivious to the three women. The couple got into the pool near where the three women were getting acquainted.

Amelia stood, revealing that she was a few inches taller than Nicole. Nicole was quite taken with the tall woman. She was usually the taller woman in her experience, and she found Amelia intriguing. She felt a nearly uncontrollable urge to suck on her pert little tits.

Amelia pulled Olivia to her feet, “How about the three of us find out what’s behind the waterfall?”

With grins all around, the three women entered the pool. They swam around and played as they surreptitiously made their way to the waterfall. Olivia looked over her shoulder at the young couple, then nodded to the Amelia and Nicole. The young couple were occupied with each other, and the coast was clear. Seconds later they had slipped behind the waterfall.

The cove behind the waterfall was larger than they expected. The resort must have planned for the cove to be used in ways similar to what the three women were planning. There were two steps up into it and it was deep enough to escape the mist from the waterfall. The floor was covered with air mattresses and there were towels stacked near the entrance. The idea being to dry off before entering. Something the women did immediately and with some urgency.

Olivia practically tackled Nicole onto the mattress and was followed instantly by Amelia landing on Nicole’s other side. The two women began to lustily molest Nicole. Nicole immediately loved being between the two women. Her lips met Olivia’s in a hot, wet, kiss and her hands began to wander on Olivia’s body. Olivia’s hand came up and cupped Nicole’s breast, her fingers pulling her nipples.

Amelia was kissing the back of her neck and her shoulders while her hands caressed Nicole’s back. The two women worked Nicole over until she was almost out of control. Nicole lowered her head and took Olivia’s nipple into her mouth, sucking gently. The answering moan told her all she needed to know.

Amelia gave her some room as she worked her way down Olivia’s body. Soon she landed between her legs and she ran her tongue up Olivia’s labia. She settled in for a nice carpet munch and it didn’t take her long to determine what Olivia liked. She was sucking on Olivia’s clit when she felt Amelia sliding her head under her and her wonderful tongue on her pussy.

The three women got lost in their lust as their arousal took over. Oliva clenched her thighs around Nicole’s head and thrust her hips up as she came loudly on Nicole’s mouth. Nicole was getting close herself when she felt Amelia move out from under her. Olivia flipped Nicole onto her back in a surprise, yet welcome, move. Olivia dove between Nicole’s legs and began to return the favor.

Nicole looked up as Amelia squatted above her face. Amelia lowered her pussy to Nicole’s mouth and Nicole happily began to eat her pussy. Olivia quickly brought Nicole to the edge and held her there. Nicole was about to go insane from the delayed orgasm when she felt Amelia begin to wiggle hard against her face. Olivia picked that moment to suck Nicole’s clit into her mouth and attack it with her tongue.

Nicole screamed out her orgasm into Amelia’s pussy just as Amelia came all over her face. Nicole had just kaçak iddaa enough brain power left to operate her tongue and she gently licked Amelia’s wet pussy. Amelia basked in the gentle licking for a few minutes, then moved off her face. The three women cuddled and traded kisses as they held each other in the afterglow.

Nicole thought she saw movement and looked at the entrance to their little love nest. The young couple were standing on the steps, watching them with huge grins on their faces. Before Nicole got over her shock enough to say something, the young woman spoke, “I am sorry. I know we are being very rude, but the three of you are so gorgeous that we just had to follow you in here and watch. Would one of you want to fuck my husband? I’d really like to watch him fuck a beautiful woman.”

Nicole looked at the woman with her eyebrow raised. Then she looked at her husband. The man was quite handsome, and his erection was pressing against his swim trunks in a most delicious way. His cockhead was a long way from where the shaft met his body. Nicole had wanted a good fucking under the waterfall, and he looked like a great candidate to give it to her. She crooked a finger at him, and he got the message right away.

He was out of his trunks in a second, revealing that he was in fact very well endowed. He slid up between Nicole’s legs and, while looking into her eyes, plunged his cock into her soaked pussy. He then took control and began to fuck her hard and fast. Nicole was beside herself. This was exactly the kind of fucking she had fantasized about, and it didn’t take him long before he made her orgasm explosively.

He pounded her to another orgasm before she felt his cum flooding her. He stayed buried in her as they both fought to get their breath back. A loud moan echoed in the cove, catching their attention. Olivia and Amelia had not been idle while Nicole was being fucked. They had pulled the young wife onto the mattress and were taking turns eating her pussy while she watched her husband fuck. At the moment the wife was in the throes of a massive orgasm.

Nicole realized that she needed to get ready for dinner very soon, “I’m sorry everyone, but I have to go. I wish I could stay here with you all, but I can’t.”

She gave each of them a passionate kiss. The process taking long enough that she was out of time. With one last lustful look, she got back into the pool and made her way to the stairs. Her legs were weak as she exited the pool, dried off, and made her way to her room. As she showered in her room, she couldn’t help but think ‘Wow, that was fucking amazing’.

An hour later she was wearing a dress that screamed, “Fuck me!” as she walked to the elevator. The waterfall orgy had whetted her appetite and she was feeling frisky. She wore Heels, pull up stockings, a thong, and the dress. She knew she was nearly naked, and her nipples hardened in anticipation. She’d been burned at one dinner and had high hopes that this one would be wonderfully different.

She walked into the restaurant and saw the three men waiting for her at the bar. She walked toward them and they stared slack jawed as she approached. She smiled, then giggled, “You guys all right? You look a little shell shocked.”

Steve was the first to find his voice, “Nicole, you look absolutely stunning.”

Ben and Sam spoke at the same time, “Holy shit!”

The twins looked at each other and turned red. They looked back at Nicole ready to apologize, but Nicole was laughing so hard that the moment passed. It hit them both at once that Nicole wasn’t a bit offended. Grins grew on their faces. Nicole thought it was hot that the twins mimicked each other so well, so often. It made her wonder what they were like in bed.

They were soon seated with Steve across the table from Nicole. Ben and Sam sat on either side. Dinner was fun and upbeat. Over desert Cognac Steve produced the contract. After a short review to verify the numbers, the twins signed and handed the contract back to Steve.

Steve stood, “I need to get this faxed over to the office and secured in my room. Why don’t you three continue the evening, on me of course? I need to get some other things taken care of as well so, I’m making an early night of it.”

He turned to Nicole, “Please meet me at the meeting room tomorrow morning at ten. We’re meeting with William’s marketing guys to go over the new contracts.”

Nicole looked up at her boss, “Of course. Now, you run off and do boss stuff while I entertain these two very handsome men. Shoo.”

Steve laughed as she waved him away. He made his exit and Ben tentatively took her hand, “They have a nice club here. Let’s go dancing.”

Nicole thought that was a lovely idea and the three left the restaurant and sauntered down the hallway to the club. Nicole felt special. She had a handsome and sexy man on either side, and both were very obviously vying for her attention. They drew a lot of stares when they entered the club.

They spent the next hour dancing and with each successive song, got more touchy-feely. A slow song came kaçak bahis on and the twins pressed her between them. Their bodies rubbed together in time with the music. Soon Ben’s lips met hers in a deep kiss. His brother kissed her shoulders and neck while holding her ass tight against the raging erection she had caused.

When the song ended Nicole grabbed Ben’s hand with one hand while grabbing Sam’s with the other. She led them off the dance floor and out of the club. She led them to the elevator and they got into an empty car. As soon as the doors closed Nicole turned to Sam and kissed him passionately. Their lips parted and Nicole grinned, “Well boys, I’m going to my big room with my big bed. It’s awful big for one woman, but it’s just right for three. Am I going to have company?

The twins answer was to sandwich her between them while they kissed and fondled her until the elevator door opened. The fondling continued as they stumbled their way to her suite. She managed to get her key card out and let them in. She dropped her clutch purse on the table and the two men were all over her. They got her dress off her before she pushed them back, “Slow down for a second. I want to watch you both get naked.”

She figured that they would be naked within seconds. The last thing she expected was the slow strip show she got. The twins moved in what had to be a well-practiced choreography as they stripped in unison. Nicole found it highly erotic. She slipped her thong off and her hand began to rub her pussy as she watched. By the time the two men were naked she was nearly overwhelmed with desire.

They didn’t keep her waiting. She was on the bed with Sam between her legs eating her with skill while Ben was feeding her his long thick cock. She was in her own personal heaven. The twins were skilled lovers taken one on one. Together, they were phenomenal. They fucked for hours one on one, spit roasting, and double penetrating her before exhaustion ended the fun. When her alarm went off in the morning the two men slept through it. They were still asleep when she left for breakfast.


John began to strip off his clothes. His eyes glued to the two women on his bed. His hot secretary entwined in the arms of the woman who was his lover, the woman who was in love with his wife. They lay there in all their glory, and it simply astounded him that they wanted to have sex with him. By the time he was fully nude, the two women were fully into each other. He had been forgotten for the moment and he was fine with that.

He watched as the two women kissed and caressed each other. Their tenderness and their heat intoxicated him. They were in no rush as they explored each other’s bodies and when they moved into a sixty-nine it seemed like the only natural thing for them to do. He sat on the edge of the bed for nearly an hour, afraid to touch himself, because he knew he would cum immediately. He watched as Lisa and Beth made each other orgasm, then cuddled and kissed in the afterglow, only to do it again.

Eventually the two women were sated with each other and their eyes turned to him. Both felt the need to be filled with John’s wonderful cock and a quick game of Rock Paper Scissors gave Lisa the first shot. She giggled as she laid back and spread her legs in welcome. John didn’t hesitate. He was totally infatuated with his hot little secretary and was excited to have her in his bed. On his desk was wonderful, but this was way beyond that.

He moved between her legs and began to sink his cock into her. Beth laid her head on a pillow and watched closely with one hand gently rubbing her pussy. John and Lisa kissed deeply and began to slowly make love. John wasn’t in a hurry. He needed to take things slow because he didn’t want to cum too soon, but that was a secondary reason. His main reason was that he wanted to bask in the eroticism of their coupling. He wasn’t in love with his hot secretary, but he sure did like her a lot. He considered it an honor to have her in his bed and he set out to show her just how honored he was.

Lisa certainly felt honored, and every sweet stroke of his cock honored her more. No one had ever made love to her like this, and her emotions soared. They orgasmed together. His cum jetting deep into her was the straw that broke the camel’s back. The ecstasy was nearly too much for her as the powerful orgasm swept over her and took away her consciousness for a while. When she came back from the wonderful place she had been, John was kissing her face and telling her that she was amazing and so beautiful. She promised herself that no matter what the future brought, she would be in his arms again.

John laid down between the two women and they snuggled up against him. The feel of their skin against his gave him comfort and he soon fell asleep. He woke before the alarm and took a quick bathroom break before going back to bed. His gentle touch eventually aroused and awoke Beth. She smiled up at him, held up a finger for him to wait, and made her own quick trip to the bathroom. She moved back into his arms and illegal bahis the couple made quiet love. Their orgasms made that much more intense, by the slow buildup of passion.

Lisa woke up from the bouncing and left the two lovers while she showered. She dressed for work and went to the kitchen to get the coffee started. Soon enough the three left for work. Beth had Lisa ride with her, and they left ten minutes before John, avoiding potential office gossip.

Suddenly, John was swamped with work. The love of his life had helped get the company two major contracts and as a result he had a ton of work to do. ‘This should keep me busy until she gets back.’


Nicole walked into the conference room and the room got quiet. The gentle black giant William swept her into a hug that lifted her off her feet and turned her face beet red. He set her back on her feet, “You are an amazing woman, Nicole. I had no idea you were so capable, although I should have. Have a seat while Steve tells my guys just how amazing you are.”

Nicole was embarrassed not only by the blatant hug, but also by the attention. She had never had professional kudos before, and she found her eyes tearing up at the praise. She sat quietly as Steve explained to William and his four marketing people the contract negotiations that had occurred over the last few days and Nicole’s part in them.

The five men, and one woman, stood and applauded when he was done. Nicole’s face got even redder. Steve took back control of the room, “We have accomplished more than I ever dreamed this week and we did it quickly. Tomorrow afternoon Nicole and I will be flying back. I’m sure Nicole can’t wait to see her husband and I sure miss my wife. William will share the contract details that affect you, with you folks in the days that follow. With all that said, the rest of the day is for fun. I have arranged catering at the pool. Everybody please go change and we will meet there in half an hour.”

The men were out of the room like a shot leaving Nicole alone with the marketing woman. Nicole walked over to her, “Hi! You know who I am, as embarrassing as that was. What’s your name and why aren’t you running out of the room with the rest of them?”

The woman looked a bit embarrassed herself, “I’m Ava and I’m married to Chet. He’s one of the marketing guys that just ran out. It’s nice to meet you. I’m not in a rush because I don’t have anything to wear to the pool.”

Nicole couldn’t help but notice that Ava was a rare beauty. Her red hair fell in waves down to nearly her waist and her big green eyes seemed to bare her soul. She was strikingly beautiful. Nicole smiled reassuringly, “Stand up and let me see you. I may be able to help.”

Ava stood and Nicole took advantage of the moment to eat the woman up with her eyes. She realized that Ava was built very similar to her, and she was sure that she had a bikini that Ava could wear, “Come with me to my suite. I have something you can wear that will knock the guy’s socks off.”

Within minutes the two women were in Nicole’s suite going through her selection of bikinis. Nicole pulled out a green one that matched Ava’s eyes. Ava’s face lit up as she looked at the skimpy bikini, “Oh my God! I’ve never worn one so revealing and sexy. Chet is going to crap his pants when the guys see me in this.”

Nicole looked concerned, “Is this going to cause you two problems?”

Ava laughed, “Hell no! He loves for me to show off in front of other men. He’d also like to see me do more than show off, but I never have. At least not yet.”

Nicole walked close to Ava and slid Ava’s jacket off her shoulders. She began unbuttoning Ava’s blouse as she looked deep into her green eyes, “Stick with me and I will guarantee that you will get your brains fucked out. Are you game?”

Ava watched Nicole’s hands as they released her bra and pulled it off her arms. Nicole’s hands immediately cupped Ava’s breasts. She leaned in and took a nipple into her mouth as Ava struggled to answer, “I… Uhm, shit that feels good… Uhm… Oh fuck yes, I’m game!”

Nicole unzipped Ava’s skirt and it dropped to the floor. She took Ava’s hand and led her to the bed, “Well then, I think you and I need to do a little fucking of our own before we hit the pool.”

Ava went from somewhat hesitant to enthusiastic agreement as soon as Nicole’s tongue hit her clit. The two women showed up at the swim party an hour fashionably late. Conversation screeched to a halt when they stepped out on the pool deck. Nicole saw Olivia and Amelia in their usual spot and waved at them, signaling them to join the party, but Olivia shook her head indicating that they weren’t interested. Nicole didn’t take it personally. She figured they had their reasons.

It did mean that there were two very horny women and five most likely horny men. Ava gave Nicole personal introductions to the marketing guys. She met Chet, Nicole’s husband, and immediately saw why she married him. The man was hot and had a nice substantial bulge in his pants. Art was a lanky guy and seemed at first quite shy. That would change in a hurry if Nicole had her way. She introduced Ava to Steve, and both already knew William. That left Zack who looked fairly average, but was a hilariously funny guy.

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