New Experiences Ch. 01New Experiences Ch. 01

Close Up

“Hey look at this,” Jim says as he offers me a paper


“There, just there.”

We are lying in bed reading the Sunday papers and he passes me one. I take a look at the paper and there is an article about a new ‘Sex Hotel’. I quickly scan the article and it seems like the hotel is very popular and not just for perverts and nymphomaniacs.

“What of it?” I say

Jim just raises his eyebrows and gives me a knowing look.

“You’re not suggesting …”

“Why not,” Jim says “you like watching porn and you’re a bit of exhibitionist.”

“That’s different and I draw the line way before having sex with strangers.”

“It’s not like that, according to the article there are rules and boundaries so you can just watch or be watched and join if you like, no pressure to do anything.”

“Mmm, maybe!”

“It seems like a pretty nice hotel so if we don’t like it we can just Fuck in the privacy of our own room instead.”

I wasn’t completely convinced but started getting the first stirrings of arousal, “I’ll think about it,”

Jim smiled.

I’m entering the flat next day after a tiring day at work, Jim is already home and cooking dinner.

“It’s done”, He shouts to me from the kitchen.

“What – the dinner?”

“No – the booking.”

“What booking?”

“The hotel we talked about yesterday.”


“Oh!” He looked worried. “Well its booked now. This weekend. Can’t cancel. All paid for and everything.”

“Well, I, you …” I was speechless, I regained my composure, “Well I’m not going!” and stormed of the bedroom to get changed out of my work clothes.

We had dinner in silence, but with flashes of naked people, orgies and people watching as I rode Jim. Stronger feelings of arousal tingles through my body this time, than when bahis şirketleri we had talked about it the previous morning.

All the next day at work I kept getting flashes of toned men looking at me as I walked around the hotel as I imagined it in my head. Then the same image and almost palpable sensation of me riding Jim’s cock hard and fast as others watch until I reached a spectacular orgasm. By the time I got home from work I as so horny I knew I had to have Jim as soon as he entered the door. I was disappointed to be home first and started thinking about his arrival and the subsequent sexual encounter. Jim was right. I am a bit of an exhibitionist. So I stripped down to just my underwear and lay on the bed face down so he could see the curves of my back and arse as he walked into the bedroom.

I started to fantasise about the hotel again, feeling my pussy become wet and the ache inside, which can only be satisfied by a hard fuck. I reached down to rub my breasts and could feel my very erect and sensitive nipples through my bra. I tried to get my hand into tweak them, but the position I was in made it difficult so I removed bra and lay back down on the bed with my right hand cupping my left breast and left hand between my stomach and the bed. I started to gently massage my breast as I thought of others watching my ass move up and down as Jim’s cock slid in and out of my pussy. I moved my left hand down to rub my pussy through my panties, raising my hips slightly as I did so. I could feel my wetness through my underwear, but as I had been horny this was no surprise. I gentle caressed my clit and all the way down almost to my bum, I could feel the material pressing on my pussy as it yearned to be free so they could be touched, licked and penetrated. I slid my hand into my panties gently circling my clit with my finger and feeling my wetness. bahis firmaları I had not been this wet and turned on for a long time and was worried that I might bring myself to orgasm before Jim returned, so I stopped playing. This did not have the desired effect of calming me down and before I knew it I had pulled of my panties and thrust two fingers in my pussy and was pushing my breast and nipples in the bed as I raised my hips and parted my legs to allow my hand easier access. I could feel my orgasm starting to grow and my head starting to swim as I furiously alternated between plunging fingers into my pussy and removing them to rub my clit when I heard the key in the front door.

“Hi.” Jim said.

“I’m in the bedroom,” I suddenly had a terrifying thought, what if Jim had brought work mates home with him. They would see me as the walked past the bedroom door to the living room with my arse in the air and my fingers as far into my pussy as they would go. Then the thought of people watching, me riding, powerful orgasms and Jim’s cock throbbing inside me as he comes flash through my mind like frames in a speeded up movie. I didn’t care if Jim was alone or not I raised myself up into the doggy position pushing my bum in the air and legs as far apart as they would go. I plunged my fingers into my pussy and pulled them out spreading my pussy lips just as Jim walked into the bedroom.

“Did I disturb you,” Jim said jokingly

“I need your cock in me RIGHT NOW!” I purred

Jim needed no more prompting. He stripped in what seemed like 3 seconds and was already hard as he climbed onto the bed.

“How much do you need it?”, he asked.

My pussy must have been visibly dripping by this point so I just said, “I think you can see how much!” as he thrust his cock all the way in in one long hard movement.

I thought I was going kaçak bahis siteleri to climax instantly, but it just pushed my arousal to a higher plain.

I tried to say “Fuck me hard!” but it came out as more of a growl.

Jim responded by grabbing a firm hold of my hips and thrusting in and out of me as hard, quick and deep as he could manage.

It only took a few seconds for the feeling of his cock deep inside my to push me over the edge, my vision went blurry and my body started to jerk as my pussy pulsed around his thrusting cock.

My orgasm subsided as did my heavy breathing, Jim slowed his thrusts to a long slow rhythm. “You’re so wet. I love it when your sooo wet,” he whispered as he reach beneath my and gentle rubbed my clit.

I was still sensitive, but his touch was so gentle that it started to build the foundations of another orgasm and I could feel my pussy tightening with every cycle gripping his cock as it went in and out. I reached my hand in between my legs to take over on my clit, I wanted us to come together. I rubbed my clit in time with his thrusts and could tell from the sounds of pleasure that it was making my pussy tighter as he thrust and that we would not last much longer. I increased the speed of movement on my clit and put my head on the bed so I could massage my breasts with my other hand, feeling an orgasm grow again. Jim maintained his slow and steady speed as I increased the intensity with my fingers on my clit. “I’m going to …” was all Jim could say as he cock started throbbing and filling my already extremely wet pussy with his come. He gave one final thrust into me as I continued to rub my clit which brought me to another body shaking, groan expelling, climax.

I collapsed forwards onto the bed and Jim gave me ass a playful slap. I purred, “mmm,” I looked back at Jim, his cock still quite hard and covered in my pussy juices and his come. “I hope we can perform like at the hotel at the weekend. We should attract quite a crowd.”

Jim smiled, “Changed your mind then,” he said winking.

I just smiled back.

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