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The strange man sat down on the couch next to Sars and put his hand on her leg. The gesture was familiar and casually intimate. The gesture of a lover. She snuggled closer to him and put both of her hands onto his thigh, sliding one of them over into his crotch to find signs of life stirring his manhood. She licked her lips and smiled, glancing over to look straight into the camera for just a fraction of a moment before returning her attention to the monster in her lover’s lap. As her fingers massaged the man’s thighs and traced around the expanding outline in his slacks, Tim watched silently, his erection growing despite his feelings of betrayal.

The guest room had been hastily prepared with a television, an old mattress, and little else apart from a massive lock on its door. The only light in the room was the CCTV in front of him. The two ardent friends caressed one another in grainy black and white, oblivious of the surveillance… Well, almost oblivious. Sars knew, and she was making the most of it with occasional, wicked glances as if to say “This is how it is now, bitch.” Tim’s mind was awash with emotions – jealousy, sadness, bitterness, anger, but all of these were dim seconds to the arousal that swirled through him. He ached to stroke himself, but she had handcuffed his hands together behind his back before her stud had arrived.

When he had returned from Bristol, their greeting had been pretty normal – he hadn’t been sure of what to say or how to approach the topic of Perry’s visit, and she hadn’t mentioned anything. She had been happy to see him, and for a moment he thought maybe it was all some kind of fucked up dream, or that he had just been lied to. She hadn’t, couldn’t have, had anything to do with the stranger that had knocked on his door and raped his mouth. She was his loving girlfriend, kissing him and holding his hand as they made their way from the tube station to the terrace house they shared.

After dinner that night she had coaxed him into the bedroom where she had set up candles and she had stripped off his clothing before climbing into bed with him, clad only in a thong, and sliding her fingers down to encircle his half-erect cock. “So… Were you a good boy while you were away?” She asked playfully, stroking him gently while she used her other hand to pinch and twist his nipples, drawing moans from between his parted lips.

“Yes,” he sighed, eyes half closed.

“Really?” She asked, increasing the pace of her strokes just slightly. “You didn’t do anything naughty? Anything you shouldn’t have?”

She knew! His cock went limp as fear coursed through him. “I…”

“You what?” Her strokes continued as she purred in his ear, twisting his nipples in turn; pressing her body against his. “What did you do? Did you do anything… Bad? Hmmm?” Despite his fear, her attentions were arousing, and he felt his cock growing once more as he stammered.

“I… Er…”

“You what?” She pinched his right nipple hard, drawing a cry out of his mouth. He sounded like a distressed girl. “Did you look at porn and play with your little dickie? Did you?”


“Did you?!” His nipple received another savage tweak.

“Yes! I did, I…”

“What kind of porn were you looking at, hmmm?”

“I…” Now his left nipple was punished. “Men! It was man porn-gay porn…”

“Awww… I know what you like, baby… I know what you want… Anything else?”

“I… Umm…”

“Did you suck a stranger’s cock while you were gone, hmmm?” She was stroking him faster now. Once more fully erect, his penis was little more than six inches, and precum was already dribbling from its tip. “You did, huh? Shhhh… I know, baby, I know. Shhhh.” She pressed a finger to his lips. It was coated in his precum, and she rubbed it back and forth across his lips. “Shhhh, baby. I know about your visitor. Did you like it? Your little surprise? Did you like… Hung Bristol Twenty-four? I bet you did, huh? Oh, I can tell that you did! Your little dickie’s positively swollen! Well…” She rolled onto him, her little frame straddling his chest. “I thought you might…”

He was pressing his hips toward her, aching to bury himself in her as she eased herself back towards his searching cock before looking up into his eyes. beşevler escort “Oh, no, honey. That’s not happening. Not anymore,” she cooed, “You want to be fucked by men? Well so do I,” she giggled, “You don’t qualify… But you can still eat…” And she slid herself forward to straddle his face. Her cunt was sopping wet as she smothered him with it and leaned back, supporting herself on her right hand while she used her left one to savagely tweak his nipples, one after the other.

He lapped at her pussy, her juices flowing into his mouth and down his throat as he licked and sucked, his tongue guided by her moans and the tweaks to his nipples. His hips pumped the air as she rode his face, grinding herself against his mouth and nose. He gasped as the motions of her gyrations allowed him to suck intermittent breaths of cool air between suffocating moments of wetness locked against his face.

She was no longer paying any attention to him, pumping against his tongue, shifting her position minutely here and there, the fingers of her right hand buried in his hair, holding him tightly as she fucked his mouth and her breathing got louder and heavier. He could feel her heartbeat pumping and her hips bucking. His mind was growing dizzy with arousal and lack of oxygen as she rode him harder and harder, all selfishness focused on her own sex until suddenly, with a cry that split the air, she started cumming on his face. Pressing herself harder than ever against his nose and mouth, he could feel waves of secretion oozing down into his throat, choking him as she kneaded her pussy against him harder and harder, the sounds of her orgasm vibrating the walls until her cries slowed, her grip relaxed, and she rolled off of him.

Air had flooded into his lungs and he had rolled over to her, his own need suddenly more urgent. She ignored him for a few moments while her ecstasy subsided, and then reached over to play with his nipples once more.

“You liked sucking that cock, didn’t you?” She had reached for his hand and guided it down to his own cock. “Liked being used? Fucked? Violated? It’s everything you’ve been asking for.” He was moaning, delirious with arousal as he jacked himself off and she played with his nipples, her fingers flicking back and forth to twiddle, pinch, and twist. “I know it is, baby, I know… And there’s more to come, I promise-No, shhhh… I promise, baby. We’ll have men lining up to-“

With a grunt he came all across his belly. The semen was watery and thin.

“Good boy,” she said, wiping her hands and getting up. She had pulled on a skirt and a shirt and walked out of the room to go and clean up. He had lay there for just a moment, bewildered, before reaching for a t shirt to clean his chest off with. Emerging from the bedroom a few moments later, he had found her in the kitchen where she was just pouring herself a glass of red wine and working on something that had apparently been simmering on the stove.

“Babe?” He’d approached her, somewhat tentative.

“Want a glass of wine,” she had asked, all sunshine and breeze.

“Yes, please,” he had responded. “Babe?”


“I was wondering-“

“If you want to talk to me about sex,” she poured the wine and slid the glass across the counter towards him, “I’m not interested.”


“We can talk about it later,” was all she would say. After a few more tries, he’d let the subject drop, and their night had been fairly pleasant.

Over the next week or so there had been no mention of sex, or of the encounter in Bristol, and their bed had been slept in, but little else had happened there. The few times he had made overtures, he had been efficiently, if not unkindly, refused, and there had been more than one late night session after she had fallen asleep.

Finally, on that Friday evening, she had dropped down onto the couch next to him and, sliding her hand onto his thigh, had whispered in his ear.

“I’m horny… You?”

His cock had jumped, and he had licked his lips, nodding in reply. She was wearing a short, pleated plaid skirt and a white button-up blouse. Her hair was done up in pony tails and, and she had completed the ensemble with black stockings and little black Mary-janes.

“I’ve got büyükesat escort a surprise for you then,” she had purred into his ear, her hand stroking his thigh, her finger tracing lines around the edge of his sex as she produced a blindfold. “You have to wear this if you wanna see your surprise,” she’d dangled the strip of black fabric in front of him, her fingers teasing his cock through his trousers; never quite touching it. He nodded again and she had turned and straddled his lap, facing him, her tits, visible through the thin material of her shirt, inches from his mouth as she tied the blindfold over his eyes, cinching it tight behind his head and adjusting the front so that it blacked out his whole vision.

Once he had been blinded, she stood and, taking his hand, led him from the living room, down the hall to the doorway of the second, unused bedroom.

“If you cooperate like a good boy, you’ll get something exciting, baby,” her whisper in his ear was hot as she led him into the centre of the room and circled around behind him to cuff his hands together behind his back. “You like that, baby,” she’d asked, her voice naughty as she traced her finger around his body and suddenly he had felt a thin, cold point against his skin. He worked out it was a knife as it scraped lightly against his belly and he had just begun to grow alarmed before she was slicing the shirt off of him. Next, she went to work on his trousers, leaving him standing in the middle of the guest room in just a pair of pants and a blindfold. She guided him through space, leading him along like a pet until his foot touched something on the ground. A mattress.

Cooing and giggling, she pulled him down to the mattress and, fingers toying once more around his package without ever actually touching it, she whispered hotly in his ear.

“I’m so fucking horny, baby. All week I’ve been thinking about your adventures and it’s got me so fucking hot…” Her tongue was on his left nipple, her hand tweaking his right one as she started grinding against his leg. He felt her other hand reach up to his head, felt the blindfold being untied. “Shhhh,” she purred, “Lay still. Just… Wait.” With that, she had gotten up and walked off. The next thing he heard was the sound of the door shutting and a lock being turned.

He had waited for some time and nothing happened. After a while, the sound of the front door opening reached his ears and suddenly he could hear voices in the hall. He had struggled to sit up, and the blindfold fell away from his eyes. The room was dark, apart from a television mounted on the wall, up in the corner, showing a view of the living room. As he had watched, Sars had entered the frame, leading a large, athletic man in behind her, and they had sat on the couch and gotten comfortable.

He was standing in front of her now and she was undoing his zip; his belt, dropping his trousers to the floor to reveal a pair of well-toned legs and a generous bulge in a pair of tight black boxer-briefs. Her delight was evident as she jiggled his enormous bulge, her fingers going to grasp it, to clasp it, to stroke and play and touch. It made her hands look small, so large was this massive tool, and Tim felt himself blush as he thought about what it would feel like to have it inside of him. His girlfriend was eagerly playing with a stranger’s package and all he could think of was being stuffed with the same thick rod she was so enamored with. His shame only fueled his arousal as he watched, unable to take his eyes off the image.

He could hear the muffled sounds of their laughter and conversation through the walls as he watched her ask the man a question, then get up and cross the room, her ass weaving wantonly as she made her way to the counter and poured another glass of wine, bringing it back with the same shameless sway and offering it to him.

She was going to be fucked. She glanced at the camera as if to confirm it, a secret smile flashing for an instant before she pushed the strange man back down onto the couch and straddled him just as she had done Tim, less than an hour ago. A pair of white cotton pants were just visible, peeking out from beneath the skirt as she gyrated her hips gently, humping him through his pants, and they drank çankaya escort wine. The man reached out and put a massive hand on her hip, slowly sliding it down and around to come to rest on her ass.

Tim watched as she giggled and squirmed, pressing herself against the man’s erection, and pushing back to meet his meaty grasp. He had both hands on her ass now and he was playing with it, pulling it apart and kneading it gently, his hands wandering all over as he slid them beneath the waistband of her little pants and massaged her cheeks. He pushed down the edge of the pants to reveal her ass and his fingers, searching out her tiny asshole and pressing against it gently. She was enjoying herself so much. Making herself into a slut for this stranger-this man who-she had to know this guy. Their touching was too familiar, too intimate for this to be their first meeting. She had her tongue down his throat, their kisses passionate, full, deep, and lingering.

Tim could feel his anger and humiliation boiling up inside him as he watched her squirm, pushing back against her lover’s fingers as they penetrated her asshole. The man on the screen had his other hand on her breasts now, feeling them; weighing them, bouncing them. he was pinching her nipples through the thin material of her blouse, undoing her top button by button until it was open and her perfect tits came into view.

Now his finger was searching lower, gently reaching for the moist darkness between her legs. This strange man was fingering Sars and she was letting him! Enjoying it, pushing herself against him, crushing her pussy against his pants, all thoughts of Tim and of the camera forgotten, she had given herself over totally to the ecstasy of his fingers in her pussy; his lips on her nipple.

In one fluid motion, he stood, holding her effortlessly against him as though she weighed nothing, he tore off her pants and, pulling down his own, carried her out of the screen and down the hall, past the guest bedroom, to the bedroom Tim shared with Sars. Tim could hear the muffled sounds of her giggles and the low, deep rumble of the man’s voice in the corridor as they entered the room and, before he knew it, she was moaning and sighing.

He swore he could hear the sound of the bed creaking, and the occasional bass sound of the man’s voice saying something as their evident love-making gained pace. Tim was miserable as he rolled over onto his stomach and began humping into his pants, against the bare mattress on the floor as he listened to his girlfriend getting fucked in the next room, her gasps and sighs coming to him with increasing volume as the bull buried his enormous cock in her sopping wet pussy over and over again, slamming against her cunt, her clit.

Suddenly the television screen flickered to life once more and Tim could see a view of the bedroom. She had evidently somehow switched the feed over, and was looking straight at the camera, a wicked smile on her face. The stranger was behind her and she was on her stomach, ass in the air, one arm stretched out in front of her on the bed while the other snaked beneath her to play feverishly with her clit. He gripped her by the hips and pounded her mercilessly from behind as she lost interest in the camera once more, swept away by the sensations of her lover’s thrusts.

Tim ground his cock against the mattress beneath him and watched as Sars was violated, taken completely by the stranger in his bed, his body tingling with shame and arousal as he bucked and bucked, mashing his little cock repeatedly beneath him. His girlfriend’s face was awash with ecstasy and delight, the stranger had his thumb buried in her ass and she was bucking against him with utter abandon as her orgasm hit her like a truck. Her cries were clearly audible in the miserable guest room where Tim fucked himself against the shabby mattress and watched as the stranger gripped her even more tightly, pulling himself all the way into her pussy and holding her by the hips as he bucked and bucked and grunted and moaned, the deep sounds of his bass voice signalling his own orgasm, deep inside her sopping pussy, he rode her as his movements gradually lost their pace and he finally dropped onto the bed to lie beside her, their faces radiant with satisfaction and sweat.

Tim gave a little gasp as his own cock started to spew into his pants and then he lay, covered in his own shame and exhaustion, watching the pair of lovers eventually, fall asleep. He watched for a long time before he, too, drifted off to sleep, dreams of Sars playing in his mind.

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