Never BeforeNever Before


The sounds of rumbling thunder pull me into semi-consciousness. Rain taps against the windows in a soft melody. Birds chirp, vying with the weather for attention. I hear the fan swirling lazily, moving air through the room. I feel it as it caresses my bare skin, gently. The sheet on the bed feels warm against my back. Your arm rests on my breast, holding it even as you sleep.

I smell your masculine scent, and I breathe it in deeply. Weak light impinges on me from behind my eyelids. I open them slowly, turning my head away from the window. I let my eyes adjust to the early morning light. Your face fills my vision. In sleep, your features are relaxed from their normal chiseled angles.

I trace my finger along your jaw, feeling the light growth from over night. I like the way it tickles my fingers. Sleep holds you deeply in its embrace. You don’t even move. I trail my fingers down your neck, over your chest. I have to move your hand on my breast to the side to continue my exploration.

I trace my fingers over each individual ab, enjoying the tactile sensation. I run it down the V, following the cleft to your hip. Still, you sleep. Touching you makes me horny. I run my finger down your cock. Even limp, it is nothing to sneeze at. I settle myself between your legs.

I rub my thumb over your head, rimming the hole with my pad. I take hold of it, then lower my head, licking your hole. I open my mouth and go down on you. I like the way your soft flesh tumbles around in my mouth. I suck on it, moving my tongue up and down its length, and around its width. It starts to get hard in my mouth, and I hear you moan.

I look up to find you watching me. I blush at being caught, even though it was something that we had previously discussed. You smile at me, then move my hair out of the way. I massage your head with my throat muscles, watching you tip your head back. When your head returns back forward, your eyes are focused and intense.

I use my hand to stroke your shaft while I worship your cock with my mouth. I follow the veins in it with my tongue, then lick the shaft up to the head. Silky precum leaks out of you, and I lap it up with my tongue. I feel you getting harder and becoming engorged. I move my head to the side as a long stream of cum shoots out. I lick your head, gently until your body stops trembling.

I lay my head on your thigh breathing in your slightly musky scent. Your hand strokes my hair, letting my long curls slip between your fingers. güvenilir bahis It fans out on my pale skin creating a contrast of color. Your finger slips under my chin, lifting my gaze to meet yours. I get up on all fours. I move up toward you, dipping down so that my flesh rubs against yours.

Your hand moves to my throat, gripping it gently, holding me in place. Your lips ascend on mine, softly at first, becoming more insistent. I open my mouth, inviting you in. Your tongue strokes mine. My eyes close, enjoying the sensation of being plundered. I feel you leave my mouth breaking off the kiss. My eyes fly open, worried that something is wrong.

I watch as you pull yourself up in the bed, half reclining against the wall, propped up by pillows. You grasp the back of my thighs, pulling me up towards you. I fall forward, bracing myself against the wall with my hands. Your arms wrap around my thighs from underneath. You lift me up, holding me above your face.

I feel you spread my lips with your fingers. I shudder as I feel your tongue push its way inside me. I squirm on it, wanting more. Your tongue seeks out every sensitive bit on me, leaving nothing alone. Licking my labia, flicking my clit, lapping at my wetness up like you just came in from the desert. The sounds that I am making, and the words coming out of my mouth would mark me as a wanton.

You bury your face deep between my legs, but even at that the juices make me slide around your mouth. I grab your hair, letting my body undulate against you, as it will. I have never done this with anyone else. I have never felt so open and free with anyone else.

My legs start to shake and tremble. Your arms grip my hips more securely. You lick and lave more insistently. You find that spot right under my clit that is so incredibly sensitive, and latch onto my pussy with your mouth. As my orgasm hits, I fight the instinct to clench up. I relax my body, and soon one orgasm follows right after another.

My sense of time is skewed as each orgasm blooms into another. I feel the gushing wetness flow between my puss and your mouth, soaking us both. At this point, the only thing that I can do is feel. I am imprisoned by your strength and desire.

I feel myself falling backwards, but your arms cradle me, lowering me to the bed. I feel a kiss on my clit, then a trail up my abdomen, breasts, and neck. Each one invokes a soft electrical hum on my oversensitive skin. I murmur my pleasure, purring in the güvenilir bahis siteleri back of my throat.

I feel you hovering over me. My body is so satiated that my eyelids don’t want to obey the command to open. My arms raise, my fingers seeking your hair. When they find it, I thread them through it, tugging your face down to mine. I lick myself off of your face. The taste is sweet and slightly salty. The smell arouses me, and I want more.

I push my hands against your chest, rising up as you fall back against the pillows. I run my hands up your chest to your forearms. Taking pleasure in each sculpted muscle as I go. I lock my hands around your wrists, raising them above your head. I straddle your legs, rubbing myself against your cock, enjoying the feel of you getting harder against me.

You are so big and thick that I don’t have to use my hand to guide you inside me. I push my entrance against your head. I tilt my hips to raise you up, then slide down. I take my time, torturing us both. I hear you groan as I slide down. Even as wet as I am, I have to give my body a bit to adjust to your size. Every breath I take makes my muscles flex against you.

I love the feeling of your thick, veiny cock rubbing against my inner walls. Each individual ridge creates its own tactile sensation. I start rocking and undulating my hips on your cock, riding you like you are my favorite stallion. The friction that is building is delicious. I look into your eyes. I enjoy you watching me, as I seek my pleasure on you.

I pull your arms down, placing them on my butt cheeks. I like how you hold onto them, pulling them apart, so that I can feel you more deeply. I brace my hands against the wall on either side of your head. I kiss you, then start grinding my clit against your pelvic bone.

As I start to come, I whimper against your lips. You guide my pace with your hands, making sure that I enjoy the full effect of my orgasm. The more I come, the more you drive me down. I cry out, I can’t help myself. I rest myself against your body. I feel your arms wrap around me. Your cock twitches and jumps inside me while I catch my breath.

Your hands rub along my body, petting and kneading me. It feels good. I stretch and purr against you. I lick up your chest to your ear, then nip at your ear lobe. You turn your face to mine, and I see a fire burning behind your blue eyes. I smile at you, then reach to your side.

I pull a pillow out from behind you. I turn iddaa siteleri around, place it on the bed, and rest my chest against it. I wiggle my rump in the air, reach underneath me, and stroke my clit. I wait patiently.

The satisfying feeling of hands grabbing my hips, lets me know I made the right decision. You pull me back against you, roughly. I moan. I am ready to receive all that pent up tension. You run your hand over my spine, pushing downward towards my head. Your fingers thread into my hair, then clasp into a fist, pulling my head back.

I breathe in deeply, relaxing my body. I feel your head rubbing at my clit, then teasing my hole. I whimper, wanting more. You knee pushes my leg farther to the side. I lay suspended, prone to your mercy in this position. You push your way inside me slowly. When you stop, I am filled with your entire length.

As ready as I am, it is still a tight fit. I contract and release my muscles around you. I want this to be as pleasurable for you as it is for me. I hear you groan, then you start easing out of me. You pick an easy pace. I feel myself watering even more as the friction builds. When you are buried in me to the hilt, I clench myself around you, gripping your cock.

You pick up momentum, moving inside of me faster. I push back against you, timing myself to your rhythm. You release my hair, gripping my shoulder instead. I take advantage of it, and meet your thrusts. I grind myself against you as our bodies meet.

You start driving yourself into me. I can’t keep up with your speed, but it doesn’t matter. At this point, all I can do is feel your desire. It grips my mind and body in its thrall. My body ratchets tighter every time that you impale me. I’m getting so tight that you have to force yourself inside me, and the friction builds even more.

I feel your cock getting harder, starting to expand. Your hand moves back to my hip, gripping both hard. You push yourself inside me, deeper than I think is possible. You grind your pelvis into me, and I can feel your balls against my clit. I moan, as I feel you swelling inside me. Your orgasm comes hard, then I feel your seed scalding my insides.

My own body twists and shatters in response. I scream in completion. Hot cum drips out from between us. You move inside me, prolonging our orgasms. My body shakes like it never has before, but then I never had a lover that was willing to give me so much. I feel you leave a trail of kisses on my spine, as you disengage our bodies.

You lay next to me on your side, then pull me close to you. Your arms wrap around me, and I settle into your embrace. You kiss me right behind my ear. I nuzzle into your neck, then I let myself float into oblivion.

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