Neighbourly Visit Turns BisexualNeighbourly Visit Turns Bisexual


It is one of those hot humid nights. All the windows are open in my apartment, but the air seems to be still. I am wearing my black yoga stretchy shorts and a halter-top in red. My clothes feel sweaty, probably still from yoga, but also from the intense heat. I wish I had a pool to jump into, maybe a cold shower will cool me down.

I clean up the dinner plates and throw away the scraps into the bin bags. The bag is full so I tie it up and take it to the rubbish disposal room across the floor outside my apartment. In the disposal room there is this little door that you open to throw the rubbish in and the rubbish passes through to an incinerator in the basement of the building.

I am in the disposal room and in walks a girl about 18 years old, with dirty blond hair down to her shoulders. In her hands is her rubbish. Noticing her embarrassment I took it that she did not expect to see anyone out here. She probably thought that she would quickly dash through to this room next to her apartment and would be back in her apartment before anyone else was out on the floor. She was wearing a white nightie, which looked very short, barely covering her ass and made of ultra thin cotton, the right thing for this weather. It was one of those numbers that you never leave your bedroom in.

I said “hi,” as I exited the room and walked back to my apartment. As I was about to go back inside my apartment, I heard footsteps behind me.

“Hi again, I just did something really stupid. I have locked myself out of my apartment. Would you mind if I come in and use your phone to call a locksmith,” she rattled off in a panic.

I said “sure,” feeling sorry for her.

As I opened my apartment door she introduced herself, “by the way I am Sandy,” I moved in next door last week”

I replied, “Nice to meet you, I am Rachel, I have been staying here for a year now.”

I showed Sandy the telephone as I fetched her a yellow pages directory. As she stood by my side table looking in the directory for a locksmith I noticed that her white nightie was see through. From the back I could clearly see the line of her ass, and her ass cheeks. She had no panties on. She had a nice figure, was very petite, maybe 5-foot height, but had thin legs and a tiny round ass, the type we all envied. I felt bad for looking over her. Had she been dressed like this in other circumstance I would have thought of her as a little slut, but she was in her own apartment and didn’t intend others to see her this way.

She finished on the phone and I offered her something to drink. She followed me into the kitchen and stood in front of me as I poured us both drinks.

She said” its so hot tonight, it must be over 40 degrees!”

“Yeah. I wish I had a pool I hate the feeling of always being sweaty and my clothes clinging to me,” I said giving her the drink.

I looked at her and noticed now that her breasts were showing right through the cotton, and then I noticed that her pubic hairs also showed through.

Sandy noticed me looking and said” I sleep in this, its really good for hot weather. It’s not really going out material” and then she smiled embarrassingly.

Sandy said the locksmith promised he would be here within the hour.

“Do you mind me waiting in here for the locksmith,” she asked me.

“No of course not. Lets go sit down,” I told her.

We sat down on the couch.

“Did you go for a run?” Sandy asked me looking at how I was dressed.

“No, I went to yoga, have you ever tried it?” I asked her.

“No, but I work as a masseuse in a yoga studio across town” she replied.

“Yeah, that’s a good idea as sometimes one overdoes it at Yoga, trying to stretch before the body is ready for it and you end up straining muscles. I sort of hurt my hip tonight at Yoga, trying to do something new.” I told her.

Sandy jumped in “Hips! That is the most common problem I get at work, everybody tries to improve their flexibility but don’t realise it takes time and end up injuring themselves. A bit of massage generally helps relieve the pain. Do you want me to look at it?”

I was embarrassed to make Sandy work. It was about 10PM now and still incredibly hot and humid.

“No, I can’t make you work now, you are probably tired” I said.

“Come on, we have to wait for the locksmith anyway and I am sure I can help you. You are being really kind helping me out now so come on…” Sandy insisted.

“Ok” I said smiling. Sandy then instructed me to lie on the couch facing down.

“Where is your pain exactly,” she asked.

“I have a burning pain in my left Gaziantep Olgun Escort hip like radiating out of my but, it feels like I may have pulled a muscle, I answered.

I then felt Sandy sit down on my legs. She had both her hands together and started kneading my left butt on top of my lycra yoga shorts. Each time she pushed in and then held the pressure, moving around to find my painful area. She asked me if I had pain each time.

Suddenly I felt the spot. “Yes, that’s it” I shouted.

“Do you have any oil to massage the area” she asked me.

“Yes, in my bathroom next to the sink. Hold on a sec, I will get it” I said.

I gave her the bottle of almond oil and she started rubbing my lower back. I felt the warmth of the oil and the pressure of her palms.

“I need to move your shorts to get to the area where the pain is,” Sandy said.

I felt her fingers pulling down my shorts. She was struggling as my shorts were the skin tight lycra fit. I lifted my hands to help her and I pulled them down my butt a little. I remembered that I didn’t have a g-string on as I normally wear these lycra shorts without panties. Panties just pull in and make it uncomfortable when stretching.

Sandy was trying again to massage the right area, but it still seemed to be covered by my shorts.

“I can’t get to your hip joint, would you mind taking your shorts off” she asked me.

Before I could answer I felt her hands grasp the lycra shorts and peel them off my butt and down my legs. She then pulled them off my feet. I felt awkward having another women so near to me and me being stark naked, but then I thought that this was OK as she is a professional and this is what she does. I then felt a whole lot of oil drop onto my butt cheeks followed by her hands. She now rubbed her fingers deeply, right into the sore spot. It felt so good. The heat on my muscles and joints was therapeutic and I forgot about my inhibitions and started to relax.

I then felt Sandy’s weight bear down on my thighs. I realised that I was feeling a warm spot on my thigh and that I could feel little hard hairs. I remembered that she was not wearing undies, so either I felt cotton or flesh. It felt warm and it felt soft. She then moved as she massaged a different spot. I felt her pubic hair rub against my thigh. She was doing a great massage, quite deep and she had the exact spot. I thought to myself that Sandy probably didn’t realise that her body was making contact with mine and she needed to balance herself so I just left it.

Sandy then said that she needed to get to the hip joint from the side so she was turning around. She turned around to face my legs and she stood above my ass with her knees on either side. She then continued kneading my thighs and hips lifting my legs to test the flexibility of my hips. She rotated them in and out and then she dropped my legs with my legs parted. I felt a bit uncomfortable, as I was naked. I was about to pull my legs together when she sat down on my ass. I felt her skin against mine. Her naked butt against mine as she leaned down to my legs and massaged oil up and down my thigh muscles and around my butt. She got up to fill her hands with more oil and then I felt her palms all oiled up pressing long strokes up and down the length of my thighs.

After a few minutes, I felt her thumb coming out at the top of the stroke. This all felt so good. I was falling asleep. The strokes got longer and went right up the inner part of my thigh leading to my butt, and then I felt her thumbs come out as before but this time they touched my labia and stroked up them and then up my butt cheeks as if not intended. My body awoke and I felt horny suddenly. I knew I should tell her I had had enough now and stop, but I lay down acting like I never knew what was happening and that she was probably totally unaware that her stroke had made contact with my pussy. The next stroke again came and her thumbs rubbed an arc with warm oil right up my folds across my pubic hair. I started feeling hot and sexually excited.

With each stroke I longed for the moment when her thumb came out and brushed up my folds. Each time I felt a pulsating throb course through my body. I lay there trying to control my breathing. I felt my heart beating faster and faster against the couch below. I did not want Sandy to realise that I was feeling these things. My instinct wanted to open my legs wider so that she can get easier access to my hot bubbling centre, but I just stayed calm and didn’t move an inch.

It was a few minutes now and Sandy now spoke” I think I should massage your back now.”

She got up and stood infront of me as she went to get more oil from the bottle . She lifted the jar by the lid forgettign that she had left it loose and the whole jar fell. She quickly reached to catch it and the oil fell all over her.

She looked up at me saying shyly “Oh! I am really sorry!!.”

I looked at her. Her nighty was drenched with oil.

“Sandy, don’t worry about it, but you are now all soaked.” I said as I turned around.

I reached for my shorts to put them back on but I then thought I might as well change directly ito my PJ’s. I stood up and held my shorts in front of my pussy to cover me up as I stood up. Sandy was drenched in half a litre of oil.

“Sandy, let me get you something else to put on, you cannot stay in that.” I said, as we both walked towards my clothes cupboard.

Sandy was much shorter than I was. We stood next to each other while I opened my cupboard to find something for her to wear, meanwhile, Sandy lifted up her soaked nightie over her head and took it off. It was so strange having another girl in my bedroom, standing next to me by my cupboard, wearing nothing. She was not shy. She had these awesome little breasts, the type you neve need to wear a bra with. Small untanned white pink and round but with quite pronounced brownish nipples, which perked upwards. I don’t know what made me look at them. She had only a line of blonde pubic hair on her pussy, but was trimmed a lot.

I suddeny realised that I was ogling my neighbour and was jolted to reality.

“Oh yes, Sandy what do I have that may fit you?” , I rattled out hoping she was not aware that I had just looked her up and down.

Sandy’s hand reached out and pulled the lycra shorts from my hands into hers and said ” these would fit me just fine.”

I was exposed, and felt uncomfortable. I still had my crop top on but I had no bottoms on. I wanted to put my hand in front to cover my nakedness but I didn’t want to seem so shy. I faced my cupboard to find some panties. Sandy had put on my shorts, which fitted her, even though she was tiny as they were body fitting lycra. I did wear them and sweat in them at gym tonight, I thought to myself.

“As i was looking into my cupboard looking for a fresh clean pair of shorts to offer Sandy instead of my sweated out ones, I suddenly felt a warm body against my back.

“Here let me help you with the straps” Sand said.

She had her hands on the straps of my crop top, lifting them to help me remove my top. The warmth against my back were her breasts.

She lifted my top up and she put both hands around my front to lift up over my boobs. As she pulled my top upwards, her palm brushed right over my breasts. I have size C, largish round breasts and was always quite shy about them being so big for my body.

I had never felt a women touch my breasts before. I still was not sure if she had done so by mistake, but then my top was now over my head and I was pulling the straps off my arms, when her soft hands slowly and gently glided up my breasts again. I could feel her fingers opened wide and slightly parted. The feeling was exhilarating. My nipples hardened instantly to her touch. I felt a pang of heightened sexual stimulation course through my whole body. I actually even shook from the intensity of the feeling. I had never had a woman so close to me before, nor had I even wanted it, but something here, tonight, just led me to go with it.

My heart was beating like mad. I opened my mouth and my breath was audible. I was stuck in the moment and not sure what to do. I reached for the pair of beige panties in my cupboard. As I took them into my hands, Sandy walked in front of me. She put her hands around me as if to hug me. She was facing me now and I noticed her nipples were erect and stretched out about an inch. Mine never got that long. I looked at her and noticed her eyes were misty and dilated. I knew she was also excited. She had the look of lust in her eyes. I had never felt another womens breast before and I wanted to feel hers, now.

I lifted my palm up and I placed my hands against her little breasts. They were so soft. I rubbed my hand around cupping it and then I touched her nipple twitching it between my thumb and forefinger. It was red and as I did this Sandy let out a moan and swung her head backwards. She then pushed her body against mine. Our breasts were against each other, skin to skin. It felt so erotic.

We gazed at each other again and in our stare we both got carried away like a boat being carried away by a forceful stream. Suddenly we were kissing. Her lips open across mine. Our warm breath on each other. Her tongue vigorously tantalising and twisting against mine as I tasted her saliva. We broke for a second to get our breath back. I reached back and saw Sandy masturbating herself with her fingers pushing my lycra shorts that she was wearing. She was rubbing herself up and down her pussy on top of the shorts, pushing it into her pussy. It was all consuming. We both felt unsteady on our legs so we went to sit on the bed. I still had not got the panties on but I lost all care. I was naked and my pussy was visible. I had a lot of pubic hair having not shaved or waxed though winter.

Sandy still had her finger rubbing and she suddenly dropped on all fours next to the bed and she pulled my legs open and I felt her wet, warm mouth against my pussy. She licked my clit clenching it between her pursed lips. I felt a throb so great I screeched and put my hand in her hair and pulled it. I came instantly. She then sat up and put a finger into my wetness, and rubbed. I wanted to feel her pussy and I pulled the shorts down and off her legs. I then pulled her on top of me on the bed and I put both my hands around her tiny sexy ass and I pulled her into me. I stretched my hands around her ass and to her pussy from the back. I wanted to feel her pussy. I inserted two fingers and they slid into what felt like a warm and soaked hole. She was oozing juices, which made my fingers sticky. I was lost to this new experience. I felt her manoeuvre herself pushing her ass down into me so that my fingers would go deeper into her. She was rotating her hips and up and down fucking my fingers. I felt her vagina wall inside. She then suddenly arched back and stood up. My fingers were wet covered with her juices. I wanted to touch myself. She stood in front of me and put three of her fingers into her pussy while with the forefinger of her other hand she rubbed her clitoris vigorously pushing it in and out and up and down between her finger. I stood up and I got onto my knees in front of her and I put my lips against her clit and I took it into my mouth. It was big and swollen and red. I pulled and stroked it with my mouth and she whined and moaned. She held my head and pushed my face into it. She tasted salty and sexy and her juices flowed more and more down my chin. She started to convulse and she screamed loud. I knew she was coming. She shook and pushed my pelvis into me.

She went still, opened her eyes. Her hair was soaked and her whole body glistened with sweat. She sat down.

” This was the best orgasm I have ever had,” she said to me.

“Did you feel pleasure” she asked me.

“Yes, but it was so intense I came as soon as your mouth made contact with me” I told her being honest.

Both of us were sweated out and felt a need for a shower and a drink. She lifted up my shorts to put on and I noticed it had a line of white stain on the front. It was from Sandy’s pussy. She took it and held it.

“I am sorry, I will buy you new ones” She said embarrassed.

I replied “No don’t worry, I can wash it.”

The doorbell rang. “Mrs Sandy, I am the locksmith.”

Shit!, I need something to wear” Sandy shouted in a panic.

I quickly opened my gym drawer and through her a top and bottom. She pulled them on. It was a baby blue lycra shorts and matching crop top. She was gone in an instant to open the door.

I put on a pair of loose shorts and a t-shirt and went out to see if everything was ok.

The locksmith was trying all sorts of metal devices to open her door. I stood behind and I looked at my new friend. Her ass looked so sexy in the blue lycra shorts. The way the material pulled into her tight ass like a second skin, and as she bent forward I could see the outline of her pussy lips form behind. I wanted more…

I stood behind her and knowing the locksmith was focused on the door I put my hand on her ass and felt the soft material contour her butt. I was being very daring. I turned my pal to face upwards and I with my middle and forefinger I pushed through her ass crack and around touching her pussy from behind. She almost jumped. She quickly turned around, giving me a look. I backed up, and then feeling a bit hurt told her I was going back to my apartment.

I went back inside and went to my bed, lay on it, and I took my lycra shorts that had her pussy juices stained on them. The stained wetness was still visible and felt moist. I put it close to my nose and smelt her musky smell as I touched myself. I came a few times just thinking of Sandy.

Any other straight women who have experienced something like this happen to them please email me and tell me about it. I want to know I am not the only woman to give in to such a wild experience.

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