Necessity is the Mother of Obsession Ch. 05Necessity is the Mother of Obsession Ch. 05


The Aftermath – Winning Comes With Consequences

Author’s note: This story arc is my first attempt in the Erotic Couplings genre. My other attempts all seem to have devolved into Romance. I suppose this could be, too. In any case, this is Part 5 of a 5-part story arc. Most of it is non-sexual, developing the romance, although there is some hetero One-on-One. Please vote/comment. Consider it like applause. It’s how I know whether I’m pleasing my audience. Enjoy…

* * * * *

Friday Morning

“Okay, so that’s one I didn’t expect!”

Karen woke to the sound of Lu’s voice from somewhere near her bedroom doorway. She struggled to sit up, feeling the warmth of Pam Morton curled up with her. Looking towards the door, she saw Lu’s familiar figure framed in it.

“Um… Lu?” Karen managed to ask. “Where are your clothes?”

“Neatly folded on the settee,” she answered, stepping into the room slightly. “I thought I’d wake you up with a little friendly seduction before spiriting you away to the spa. However, it appears you have your own bed-warmer. I’ve already started coffee. Would you like me to fix you some breakfast instead?”

“You are a scholar and a gentlewoman,” Karen smiled as she felt Pam stirring beside her.

“I am a lawyer and an opportunist,” Lu told her in her no-nonsense lawyer voice, then softened it. “Who also considers you a friend. So is that a ‘yes’ on breakfast?”

Before Karen could answer, Pam managed to sit up with a slight “Ow…”, then smiled in Lu’s direction, telling her, “Hi! I’m Pam Morton.”

“Lucretia Jenkins,” Lu answered. “Would you like breakfast, too?” Pam took a long look at the woman standing before them.

On the tall side, brunette, athletic and proportional except for her bust… fairly full breasts… shaved, she thought. Practically speaking, pretty attractive. And obviously intimate with Karen previously. Let’s see what happens…

“I’d rather have you join us in bed,” Pam smiled. Karen almost got whiplash, first looking at Pam with incredulity, then at Lu in apprehension. She really didn’t want Shark-Lady taking out Mr. Morton’s wife.

“Um… Pam? I’d like you to meet Lu Jenkins, John’s lead attorney on this merger,” Karen decided to share. “And a good friend. Lu, you know about Pam Morton by reputation, but I’m here to tell you, she’s a lot of fun and not at all out-of-control. In fact, she’s very much in control… about a number of things.” Karen hoped Lu got the inference.

Lu walked around to Karen’s side of the bed and gave her a light kiss.

“I’m not sure John would approve of me sleeping with the clientele,” Lu smiled.

“Why not?” Karen asked blithely. “He already did. And speaking of John, where is he?”

“John already had sex with you?” Lu turned to Pam.

“With all three of us, actually,” Pam smiled. “So whatever imaginary damage there was to be had is already done. Feel free to climb in.” Lu sat on the edge of the bed.

“As tempting as that sounds,” she said thoughtfully, “I’m thinking I’ll have to take a pass this time. And Karen, John’s been up and out of here for hours. He was on his way to meet with the various principals before 7:30. It is now a little before 9:30 and I’m supposed to have you to the spa by 10:30 at the latest. If we get derailed here, we might not make it.”

“Which spa are you going to?” Pam asked, sitting farther up in bed and letting the sheets slip so that Lu got an excellent view of the elder woman’s assets.

“I have a reservation for her over at the spa at Red Rock,” Lu told her. “Full salon and spa package. She should be done before 3:30 this afternoon. Plenty of time to meet John back here for dinner.”

“Excellent taste,” Pam commented. “Karen, may I go with you two?”

Before Karen could answer, Lu interjected, “I won’t be staying, Ms. Morton. I’m supposed to get Karen there and make sure she knows how to get back. This one is on Mr. Thompson’s dime.”

“A reward,” Pam smiled. “Not a problem. I have a platinum membership there and I would pay my own way. That is, if Karen wants the company. If not, no hard feelings… I’ll just get a taxi home.”

“Pam, I can’t see why John would have any objection, as long as you’re paying your way,” Karen spoke up. “So unless there’s some problem I don’t know about, Lu, I’m fine with her joining me for the day. She can even play Guardian Angel and get me home afterwards.”

“Said the fox, guarding the henhouse,” Lu muttered. Then louder, “okay. I’ve got a limo to take us there after a light breakfast. You can get lunch there and Ms. Morton…”

“Pam,” Pam interrupted.

“Pam,” Lu corrected herself, “can shepherd you around. I’ll just have to let John know the change in plans. Now… what can I get you ladies for breakfast?”

In the end, though feeling a bit wistful about missing an opportunity to bed Lu, both Karen and Pam got breakfast, all three got coffee and dressed, kaçak iddaa and Lu escorted them down to the limo. A half hour later, they were being dropped off in front of the Red Rock Casino and Spa.

“Alright, ladies, I’m off to a bunch of boring meetings,” Lu told them as they exited the vehicle. “Even though I’m envious, I do wish you a relaxing and fun day. And Karen… don’t lead Pam too far astray.”

The surprised look on Karen’s face was worth it, Lu decided. They all said their goodbyes, then Lu and the limo took off while Pam turned Karen towards the resort.

“Now, you get pampered,” Pam smiled.

* * * * *

Pampered was right, Karen thought as she waited for Pam in the lobby. I feel like I’ve been reinvented. I hope John recognizes me…

Pam had known the staff and the staff had known Pam… how much in the Biblical sense, Karen wasn’t sure. But she was sure that Pam had ensured she’d gotten the VIP treatment. Pam had suggested she start with the Nirvana stress relief massage – a couple of hours of body melting bliss. She’d picked the Neroli blossom aromatherapy to go with the therapeutic massage and came out feeling like limp fettuccini. Then Pam had steered her to the jacuzzi to soak for awhile before lunch, which had been a light one at the Grand Café.

After lunch, Pam had guided her through Hedonism Heaven, starting with the Purification Ritual body scrub and wrap, which began with exfoliation using sarsaparilla and coffee in Black Silt clay, then a seaweed gel wrap that was more like a cocoon, followed by a scalp and facial massage and wrapping up with a Shea butter and Bergamot body lotion application.

That was amazing in and of itself, but then Pam guided her to the salon where she had a full body wax, had her hair and nails done and gotten a facial. Pam ended the tour de force with a complete makeup treatment which included a consultation. When she’d looked in the mirror at the end, Karen had hardly recognized herself. The woman looking back looked more like a goddess… or some Hollywood starlet.

“Hey! There you are…” Pam greeted Karen as she came out of the salon. She had matched Karen, treatment for treatment, and now looked awesome. “We’re running a little early and I have a couple of surprises for you.”

“Surprises?” Karen iterated. “Not sure I like surprises… but this spa date has been wonderful!”

“Then think of it as an extension to the spa offerings,” Pam smiled. “I’m taking you clothes shopping!”

“Uh, Pam… John bought me a lot of clothes already,” Karen balked. “I’m not sure he wants me to bend his credit very much more.”

“Oh, posh!” Pam blew through the objection. “He isn’t paying for this. I am. My way of saying ‘thank you’ and leaving you with a souvenir. The limo should be out front.”

Karen took a deep breath, let it out, and decided to go with the flow. If Pam Morton wanted to spoil her, she wasn’t going to cause problems by fighting it. She wasn’t in a decision making position and neither was Pam. There wouldn’t be any conflict of interest that she could see. So she let herself be led to a couple of surprising choices.

“First off,” Pam had told her, “I’m presuming you wear business suits to work, or business casual dresses. And I’m sure what you have is adequate. But if you remember that suit that Ms. Jenkins was wearing? I want to get you a couple of those for road trips, because I’m guessing this won’t be your last, at least while you’re working for John.” She had then proceeded to get Karen a couple of Armani combinations with blazer, slacks and skirt, get them measured for tailoring and arranged to have them finished and delivered to the hotel by that night. The next stop was even more surprising. As was seeing the same limo and driver waiting for them when they left.

“To be tactless, Pam, is that limo costing you a fortune?” Karen asked. She was starting to feel guilty about how much money Pam was spending on her.

“I’ve got him for the afternoon. Don’t worry about it,” she’d told Karen, then added, “how many formals do you own?”

“Formals? Um…” Karen had to think for a moment. “Just my high school prom and graduation dresses, I think. I put them away and haven’t had them out since. I don’t go to formal affairs.”

“Well, in the belief that you will in the future, I’m going to buy you two of them, one white, one black, that should be able to be appropriate for just about any occasion. And I know just the dressmaker to do it.”

Pam had taken her to a small strip mall, like the one John had taken her to, and to a shop run by a little Italian woman that was mostly energy. Pam had Karen pick two styles, one for the white and one for the black, and gotten her measured.

“I doubt any fitting will be necessary,” Pam had told Karen, “but we’ll have these sent to your home and if you need them fitted, take them to a competent seamstress and send me the bill. And while we’re here, see if you kaçak bahis can find something in a neutral to dark color that will fit you off-the-rack.” Karen was successful in picking a medium-dark green sheath dress that hugged her curves very well, yet gave her ease of movement. Pam definitely approved of her choice.

“Okay, one more stop and then back to the hotel,” Pam told her as they left. At Pam’s direction, the limo took them to, of all places, a portrait studio. To Karen’s questioning, Pam simply informed her, “I think you need good business portraits, one head-and-shoulders, one full-length. It is my opinion you are headed up the corporate ladder and may well be getting some publicity, and I think you should be able to give them a decent picture for publication.”

“Um… okay, I guess…” had been Karen’s simple answer. Pam appeared used to playing at much higher altitudes than she was and Karen was feeling drawn along in her wake. But she wasn’t going to argue. If she was screwing up, John would let her know about it later and she’d send back or buy whatever was necessary to get square.

Pam didn’t bother telling Karen that she was also going to commission an oil portrait from the photo session and have it sent to John, her treat. She figured Karen could find out about it from him.

It seemed as if Pam knew everybody, including the photographer. Karen put on the green dress and the shoot went very smoothly. In fact, he commented several times on how beautiful she looked. Karen just chalked it up to the job the salon did.

In the end, it was nearing five o’clock when Pam and Karen got back to the hotel. They were in the room, relaxing and chatting when Karen got a text from Lu, asking if it was okay to join them, wherever they were. Karen agreed and told her they were at the hotel and about ten minutes later, Lu was at the door.

“Oh, my God, do you look incredible!” were the first words out of Lu’s mouth. “You, too, Pam, but… damn! Karen, you look like a goddess!” Karen smiled shyly and actually blushed.

“Oh, you’ve got to see her in the dress!” Pam exclaimed. “Karen, go put on the green dress! Show Lu.”

Karen was back in a couple of minutes, modeling the green dress for Lu to her very appreciative comments. And it was that situation which greeted John’s return.

“Holy shit!” were his first words. “Awesome!” Then he recovered some of his aplomb. “You clean up pretty good, girl,” he commented with a straight face, walking into his bedroom to drop his briefcase before she could see the smile fighting for supremacy.

“What this little ol’ thing?” she called after him, teasing. “It’s just something I threw on, waiting for my gourmet dinner!”

“Gourmet dinner, is it?” he mused, coming back out, minus the jacket and tie. “Okay… you three go have your hen party and I’ll get something together. Go. Scoot.” He turned and headed for the kitchen, looking at what they had left in the way of groceries.

Okay… going to have to make a quick run to the store, he thought. Aloud, he told the women, “I’ve got to go out. I’ll be right back. Try to stay out of trouble, okay?”

“Fine, John,” Karen smiled. “You’re the chef…” He nodded in acknowledgement and left. Immediately, the three women huddled.

“So how best to blow his mind?” Pam asked. “A lesbian daisy-chain in the living room when he returns?”

“Not to be a spoilsport, but I’d better not get sucked into anything explicit this evening,” Lu told her. “I’ve got to get home tonight. I have a rather busy day tomorrow.”

“And I think I’d like to have John to myself tonight, Pam, if you don’t mind,” Karen added. “On the other hand, sitting around naked when he gets back should mess with his head fairly well.” The other two smiled.

“Excellent idea!” Pam agreed, then stood and started stripping. Karen and Lu followed, with Karen being careful to put the dress away.

“Can I interest you ladies in some wine?” Karen asked, heading for the kitchen. Lu and Pam both voted yes, and Karen returned with three glasses of her favorite, the Zinfandel.

“So, Pam…” Lu started, barely hiding the smile. “There’s this little club across the lake from my house, in Tahoe Pines, called L’Aire de Jeux. Know anything about it?” Lu knew full well that ‘The Playground’ was the private swing club Pam frequented at Lake Tahoe. Pam expression confirmed her recognition of it.

“I know something about it,” she answered carefully. “Do you frequent it?”

“Occasionally,” Lu smiled. “Don’t worry. Off the clock, I’m the soul of discretion.”

“So where do you live?” Pam asked. “Carson City?”

“Glenbrook,” Lu answered. “When I’m not dragged away by business. Which, unfortunately, is most of the time.”

“So maybe I’ll see you there,” Pam eased into a smile. “A little off-the-clock play time.”

“Maybe,” Lu agreed with a bit of a leer.

“So… what kind of sightseeing is there around here?” Karen decided illegal bahis to redirect the conversational traffic. They were discussion various options when John returned with his groceries… and nearly dropped them.

“Ladies, that is decidedly unfair,” he told them as he recovered and took the bags to the kitchen. “How do you expect an epicurean delight when I’m severely distracted by not one, but three epitomes of beauty in such a visage of loveliness?”

“Epitomes of beauty, John?” Lu questioned with slight disdain and an arched eyebrow. “Really?”

“Seriously?” Karen chimed in with the Get Real just below the surface.

“The Silver-tongued Devil himself,” Pam smiled. “Rather poetic, if inaccurate.”

“Not inaccurate at all, I assure you,” John answered her and a few moments later turned around so that she could see that his pants were tenting.

“Oooh… that is so wicked!” Pam sighed in appreciation.

“Pam?” Karen interceded. “Could you let him cook dinner first? I’m starving.”

“Oh, but a three-way blowjob?” Pam asked with all the innocence she could muster. “It could be amazing!”

“It could be,” Lu agreed. “However, we wouldn’t get out of here tonight.”


“So, I think after dinner, Karen would appreciate some of that one-on-one time she was mentioning,” Lu told Pam.

“Ah, yes, there is that,” Pam agreed, with a bit of dejection in her voice. “I suppose we should stop teasing the poor man.”

“I didn’t say anything about that!” Karen interrupted. “I think we should just go ahead with our discussion and let John get to cooking. By the way, what are you making?”

“Chicken paillard with sage and wrapped in bacon, a white wine and mustard glaze to go with it, steamed veggies, rolls and butter,” he smiled.

“Sounds delicious!” Pam smiled. “So go on… slave away!”

An hour and fifteen minutes later, the four of them were sitting around the room’s dinette table enjoying the fruits of John’s labors and three of them were raving about it. John, who had been listening to the sightseeing discussions while cooking, decided to interrupt.

“I’m glad you like it,” he told them, “and… to change subjects for a moment: Karen, are you afraid of heights?”

“Um… not really,” she answered, a little puzzled. “Why?”

“Because I’ve sort of preempted our day tomorrow with my own plans for sightseeing and part of it includes you not being afraid of heights.”

“Are you talking about a helicopter?” Karen asked in her no-bullshit tone.

“Are you determined to spoil my surprise?” he asked in return. “In part, yes. Consequently, it will be an early day. We’ll pack tonight, check out early tomorrow and stow our luggage in the car. We’ll go from sightseeing to our flight home. If that is okay with you.” Karen smiled slightly and leaned back.

“Obviously, Sir, you are in charge,” she told him. “I would never disagree with you… in public.”

“I don’t see leather and D-rings,” he told her, pointedly looking at her naked beauty. “And you are already owed one spanking.”

“Would you like me to put it on, Sir?” she asked. “Or just build up a tally of owed spankings?”

His only response was to tell her, simply, “that’s three.”

“Whatever you would like, John,” she answered, this time seriously. “I’d love to find out what you have in mind. And it’s not like I won’t ever have an opportunity to come back. Now I even have friends… locals… who can show me around. So whatever you’d like, we’ll do.”

“What I’d like, unless your locals are going to stay the night, is for the two of us to curl up to a good movie and spend some quiet time together,” he told her.

“Oh, God… here comes the Romantic,” Lu muttered.

“Is there a problem with that?” Karen turned to her.

“Only in that he’s really good at it,” Lu told her, eyeing John. “You’ll be fine. And after dessert, I think I really do need to mosey along.”

“Ditto,” Pam added. “What’s for dessert, John?”

“The rest of the orange sherbet,” he smiled, and went to get it. While he was doing that, Lu decided to get dressed and Pam followed suit. Karen opted to throw on a robe, the result being that by the time they finished dessert, Lu and Pam were ready to leave, Karen said her goodbyes and gave and got hugs and kisses all around and they all made promises to get together again.

“I’m getting out of these clothes,” John told Karen as he handed her the TV remote after the others had gone. “Pick something you’d like to watch.” He headed into his bedroom as she began menu surfing. By the time he got back, now in his robe, she’d zeroed in on her choice.

“You know, this on-demand thing is kind of cool,” she told him. “There’s easily a hundred rom-com’s to pick from. I mean, classics like It Happened One Night and Philadelphia Story, to Love Actually or the Bridgette Jones ones. And Annie Hall, and Friends With Benefits, and Pretty Woman, and…”

“Whoa!” John interrupted. “Please tell me you haven’t queued up all of those!”

“Nope!” she smiled. “Just one.”

“Which one?” he prompted. “The all-time, top, number one When Harry Met Sally?”

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