Naughty School GirlNaughty School Girl


As I sit in my office, I can see you bending over to put away a file in the bottom drawer of the file cabinet. You have always been a sweet girl, helping out in the school office, running errands for me. The last few months though, I’ve noticed you more; lingering around my door, watching me when you think I’m not looking. Even now, as your hair hangs down in front of your face I know you are checking to see if I’m watching. You know that your skirt has ridden up, giving a little peek at the smooth, soft skin of your thighs and you’re hoping I noticed.

That is one of the best parts of working at a private school. The uniforms. Plaid skirts that the older girls roll up to flaunt their toned legs. Tight white shirts that barely disguise the light colored bras underneath. Lately, you seem to be making more of an effort to be noticed but only when we are alone in the office. I’m going to have to take advantage of that.

On the last day of school, you offer to stay behind to finish up some end of year filing and put some things together for the summer school term. Perfect. Once I know that everyone has left the office, I ask you to come in to help me with something.

You poke your head in the door to ask what you can do. You always put your hair in two low braids when you are doing a lot of work to keep it out of the way and today is no exception. You look perfectly innocent, except for a wicked looking smile that just spread across your face. I wonder if you already know what I want.

I ask if you have seen a certain file, knowing perfectly well that you brought it to me earlier that week. You remind me of that, then giggle in a way that makes my pants feel a size smaller. I ask if you could still help me look, “these old man eyes” being what they are. You lower your eyes shyly, saying “I don’t think you’re old”. I look down at my desk to hide the smile on face and I hear the door close. You make your way across the room, the light smell adiosbet yeni giriş of your perfume dancing on the air as you move.

As we look through stacks of papers on my desk, you brush up against me when you reach across the surface. My arms gently touches your breast, but its enough to make you gasp and back away. We both apologize and I see that you have tears in your eyes. I ask you not to cry and what I can do to make things right. You take a shaky breath and whisper “Don’t stop”.

My heart is pounding in my chest and I ask you to repeat yourself. You say it again, a little louder this time, then start to apologize for being a silly little girl with a silly crush and thinking someone like you could ever want her. I pull you close to me and cut off your words as I bring my mouth to yours. It feels like your body melts against mine, tiny and tight but womanly to the touch. As we break apart, you sigh and my cock strains to get out to you, to feel that hot breath and wet young tongue.

I ask you if you have ever been with a man before, and you don’t meet my eyes when you whisper no. Then, you look straight into my eyes and say, “I’ve been waiting for you”.

I can’t contain myself anymore. I pull you up on to my desk so that you are sitting in front of me, legs on with side of my hips. I ask you what you have been waiting for, and you say you want me to teach you how to satisfy a man.

I slide my hands up your waist, brushing against the sides of your breasts. Your body shudders at the new sensations. My hands come to rest on your shoulders and I brush your braids so they hang down your back. “Then you need to learn what it feels like to be touched by a man”.

I grab your braids with one hand and pull your head back hard. You gasp at the pain from your hair and then again as I pull your neck to my mouth with my other arm. I trace along your neck to your collarbone with my tongue, gently teasing you adiosbet giriş as you jump at my touch.

Taking my time, I slowly cover your chest with kisses around the opening of your button down shirt. Still holding you in place by your hair, I use my other hand to unbutton your shirt one button at a time. Our eyes lock and you nod slowly, the hunger clear in your eyes. I pull open your shirt, exposing your naked breasts. My breath catches, you planned this all along. I look up to see a small smile on your face and a blush covers your body. Beautiful.

I wrap my arm around your waist, pull your head back so that you are draped over my arm and lower my mouth to your breast. A loud moan escapes your lips as I drag my tongue across your hard nipple for the first time. The taste of your skin is so sweet that I can’t resist sucking in the little bud and rolling my tongue over and over. You cry out as I suck your breast into my mouth, the pressure of my mouth bringing a flood of sweet juices flowing out from between your legs. I switch your braids from one hand to the other and, keeping my mouth busy on your breasts, slide my hand up your thigh.

A warm, wet welcome awaits my probing fingers. This too you planned for and have no panties on. I love a naughty girl. You wrap your hands around my head and pull my head down to your stomach. I hook my arms under your white sock covered knees and force you onto your back. My cock is as hard as it has ever been as I see you laying on my desk, skirt pulled up over you hips, shirt spread open, breasts heaving with desire.

I bend forward and inhale the deep fragrance of your untouched pussy, the hair so blonde it makes you look bare and glistening. I kiss your slit gently and your whole body spasms. I know you are close to cumming by the way you’re breathing speeds up, so I teasingly spread your pussy open with my fingers and just blow on your clit. The sheer volume of your moan makes me adiosbet güvenilirmi jump. I trace the edges of your lips with my tongue, then go in for the kill. I suck your clit, rolling it around with my tongue, flicking it over and over. You scream as every muscle in your body tenses up, the pressure that has been building in the pit of your stomach suddenly explodes through your legs and arms, sending waves of pleasure over you. I keep my arms hooked under your knees and pull your hips up off of the desk and flip you onto your stomach.

Still in a daze, you scramble to push yourself up on your elbows. You know what’s coming. You ask me to go slow, since you have never…I tell you to shush, that I would never hurt you and can stop if you want. The whimper of protest I get from you makes me grin and I quickly unbuckle my pants, letting them drop around my ankles. My cock bounces forwards and brushes against your thighs. You giggle and ask if I’m feeling better. I playfully spank your bare ass and you squeal as the impact stings your perfect skin. I lean down and kiss the spot where the shadow of my hand is and you sigh.

I can’t wait any longer, I have to know what that tight pussy feels wrapped around my cock. I ask if you are ready and slide the tip into your wetness. You moan as I very slowly, very gently move further inside of you, wincing a little as I push through, making you a woman for the first time. I grip your hips and rock you forward and backward on my cock, starting to increase my speed. You cry out, begging me to go a little faster, a little deeper. I’m happy to oblige. I reach forward and grab your braids, pulling your head up and back, making your back arch and your breasts thrust out into the air. Your body starts to shake as I thrust faster and harder into your tight pussy and I know that release is coming soon. I slide a hand down to your pussy and flick your clit with my fingers while I push you back again my cock. This is too much for you and the orgasm rips through you. Your pussy clenches down so hard around me that it makes my toes curl and I can’t control it anymore. The orgasm races through me and I cry out your name. I pull you hard again me and we ride the waves out together.

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