Naughty Naomi Ch. 06Naughty Naomi Ch. 06


This story carries on directly from part 5, so maybe read that first. This story also gets dirtier, so if a little vomit and quite a bit of scat are not your thing I’d turn back now — fair warning! Everyone’s over 18, this is a fantasy with wildly irresponsible and unlikely behaviour, be good to each other, etc…

When she arrived home, Naomi learned three things. First, that young, sexy redheads like Chloe go out with their friends on a Friday night in preference to being caned by older, sexy redheads. Secondly, that Christina passionately loved her but was intimidated by the breadth and depth of Naomi’s kinks. And third, that making a dominant woman who loves you spend several hours worrying about where you are when she expected you home hurts.

An enforced shower and detailed admission of the night’s events later, she lay draped across Christina’s knees, her lover/boss’ heavy breasts resting warmly on her back as she lectured her about responsible use of mobile phones to let people know where you are. Then Naomi curved her spine, raising her full white cheeks as Christina’s hand smacked down, stinging one buttock then the next, back and forth, Naomi’s bottom flattening and swirling under the impact, going from pink, then deep pink, to red. The pain mounted, and tears fell, rolling down Naomi’s cheeks, but she made no attempt to escape. She’d been naughty and she deserved punishing.

There was a pause, and her smarting, swollen bottom seemed to have endured its lesson for the evening. Then Naomi howled as a leather-soled slipper whipped down across her ruby nates and the punishment began in earnest. She was bawling, snotting, crying with no restraint like a toddler as Christina spanked and spanked and spanked and spanked her. From the top of her full cheeks, across the wide, fleshy expanse, past the sensitive under tuck, down the back of her thighs – until all was a burning red, Christina was unsatisfied.

She spanked Naomi until her own horniness prevented her from going on. At that point the slipper was dropped, Naomi was dragged upward by her shoulders and the two kissed, tongues questing deep into each other’s mouths, two pairs of huge boobs squashed together, Naomi rubbing at Christina’s pussy, Christina cruelly squeezing Naomi’s tormented bottom, enjoying how hot it felt and how it made her young lover shudder and sob. The redhead licked the tears from Naomi’s face, then slapped her bottom, eliciting more.

They fell together onto the soft bed, all fingers and tongues, licking and squeezing, stroking and rubbing, twisting into a 69, lapping hungrily at each other, tasting, probing. Naomi used her fingers too, first two, then three, then four, stretching and penetrating Christina as her tongue worked her clit. Christina’s hands were still occupied kneading Naomi’s hot, sore bottom cheeks, but her tongue worked overtime on her younger lover’s snatch. Finally, after both had climaxed, they fell into a deep sleep, tangled around each other.

In the morning, wrapped in robes and sipping cups of tea, they had an open discussion about their relationship and their wants and needs. Naomi conceded to feeling jealous of the amount of time Chloe had been spending with them as the young ginger seemed uninterested in her, only wanting to spend time with Christina. However, she accepted Christina’s assurances that nothing traditionally sexual had happened between the two of them other than on the first day Chloe turned up – it was simply that Chloe possessed a seemingly limitless desire for punishment and a lovely round bottom that recovered from the sternest application of the cane in a few days. Given Christina’s rapacious need to spank, flog, paddle and cane, Chloe was a godsend.

For her part, Naomi shyly, haltingly, admitted to being an irredeemable pervert. She said she could hardly conceive of anything she wouldn’t do as long as she felt suitably humiliated. She was completely submissive, and was happy for Christina to subject her to anything that crossed her mind. Naomi eagerly stressed that her full bottom could take anything that Chloe’s could! But she did love wetting and messing herself, and understood that Christina was not totally ok with this. As she said this, her older lover blushed and looked away. “It’s not that I’m not ok with it. Sometimes it’s just so exciting and you look so innocent and naughty when you stand there in front of me. I can tell from your face, never mind your legs, what you’ve done. It’s just, I enjoy it sometimes. I don’t necessarily want to change the sheets every day, you know?” She looked apologetic, as if this was an unreasonable stance. She brightened. “But I just had an idea!”

Christina stood up and left the room, returning moments later with a package and a smile. “I hate to see things go to waste, so…” She brandished the packet of adult diapers. Naomi blushed, gulped and immediately felt horny. To be put into nappies like a baby would definitely push her humiliation button. The young brunette nodded acceptance. “I’m thinking that Sunday to Thursday we put you Maltepe Escort into a nappy so if you are a dirty little girl overnight, my only chore is punishing you, not doing a load of laundry.” Both sets of eyes twinkled. They were enjoying this. “On a Friday and Saturday, maybe we leave the nappy off and see if you can behave like a big girl?” Naomi nodded eagerly.

Christina examined the pack. “There’s only six in here, so let’s get dressed and go shopping. You’ll need to buy more – plenty more, I think. At a proper checkout so someone sees you buying a load of diapers in your size.” Naomi moistened at the thought. The statuesque redhead gestured at the table. “Clear the dishes away, I’ll go sort our clothes.” Naomi nodded again, not registering the suggestion that her lover would pick out her clothes too…

Five minutes later, Naomi trotted upstairs to their bedroom. What she saw on the bed stopped her in the doorway in shock. As usual, Christina’s entrancing 30F-30-39 body was in a classy lingerie set of black silk and lace – bra, panties, suspender belt and stockings – and she was choosing between one of two figure-hugging dresses. For Naomi, laid out on the bed, were a pair of white ankle socks with a ruffled trim, a plain white bra, a scoop-necked white t-shirt (that she bought but didn’t end up wearing as the amount of cleavage on display made her feel cheap), a flared, blue mini-skirt (that she bought but didn’t end up wearing as even standing still it barely covered her panties) and, of course, a diaper.

She flushed with excitement. She wanted to protest, but didn’t want to. The nappy would be visible to people if she moved. There was simply no way she could walk into the supermarket, buy an armful of diapers in her size and leave without dozens of people eyeballing her boobs as she approached and her nappy as she left. It would be embarrassing. It would be humiliating. It was perfect.

“Everyone will see.” “Quite. If you’re going to behave like a naughty child, why shouldn’t people know? I appreciate you sucked off five strangers last night to keep your secret, but I assume that’s just because you’re a dirty slut. If you cared what people thought, you’d not have deliberately messed your panties in the supermarket.” Naomi was excited, but nervous. “I don’t want to go back there – what if those lads are there again?” Christina shrugged. “What if they are? This time you’ll probably fuck them.”

Christina was scared she was going too far. The colour had run from Naomi’s cheeks and she looked on the verge of tears. But her thighs were squeezed together and her nipples stood prominent. As the younger girl had told her, so long as it was humiliating she’d try anything! Naomi had pulled on the cute socks and her bra, and stood looking at the nappy. “Need help, baby?” asked Christina. Naomi’s reply was a scowl. She opened out the disposable diaper at the edge of the bed and sat into it, legs wide. Lying back, she was able to pull it tight over her bottom, and then pulled it taut between her legs and used the sticky tabs to secure it. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but the bulk between her thighs was unusual, her already full bottom looked even bigger, and the waistband came almost to her belly button so was visible above the waist of her skirt, so she tucked her t-shirt in once she’d put it on, which pulled it tighter across her boobs.

She looked at herself in the mirror. Her large, heavy breasts seemed presented for leering, several inches of deep cleavage showing above the plunge neck of her top. At the front, her skirt simply looked indecently short. At the back, the extra padding made it stick out slightly. If she stayed very still, she looked like she had a very big bum. If she moved, it was clear she was a 22-year old in a diaper. As she moved, the nappy rustled just loud enough to prompt people to glance and see what the noise was and the thickness between her thighs didn’t quite make her waddle, but it did force her to, well, to walk like she was wearing a nappy! Her pussy was soaking already at the thought of how embarrassing this trip out could be. If she’d been dressed demurely, people may have felt sorry for her if they noticed the nappy, but flaunting her tits, wearing a tiny skirt and the cute little socks made it clear she was in some sort of deviant, sexy attire.

A short drive, a nervous trot back across a familiar car-park, and Naomi was standing in the doorway of the supermarket, gathering her courage. Christina stood separate from her, following her discretely, eyes glued to her young, kinky lover. Naomi hesitated before stepping in to the market – no longer through fear, but because she needed to speak to her girlfriend. Catching Christina’s eye, she nodded towards the quiet side of the lot, away from the cars. The two voluptuous women walked over, one sashaying, one near-waddling. “What’s up? I hope you’re not planning to try and avoid this, little girl!” hissed the redhead. Her brunette lover grinned and shook her head. “No – I just wanted to be near you Maltepe Escort Bayan for a minute.” Christina raised a quizzical eyebrow as Naomi smiled, her wide grin infectious. Then the young lady looked distracted and unfocused and Christina realised what was afoot.

Spreading her feet slightly, Naomi took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. Almost immediately Christina heard a tell-tale hiss, and knew her young lover was pissing into her nappy. It was an odd experience for Naomi to be peeing standing up and not feel the warm golden liquid running down her inner thighs. Instead the nappy absorbed much of it, growing warm and bulkier between her legs. As the last of her pee dripped into the soggy crotch of her diaper, she took another breath, concentrated and pushed. Almost immediately she felt her bumhole spread wide as a thick, heavy piece of shit squeezed out of her. It was much easier pooing in a diaper, she quickly realised, as there was more space for the turds to go then when she messed in her knickers. A second, softer lump filled out the rear pouch and as the nappy filled she felt her shit pressing stickily against her bottom checks. She knew she was dirty. She loved it.

Pressing her lips together, Naomi bent her knees slightly and leaned forward as she tried to finish her poop. This served to make her rapidly filling nappy very visible as her bottom pushed out. She grunted with the strain and tried to ignore the earthy smell that now surrounded her as her anus stretched to expel a huge, firm, sticky turd. Her problem now was it had nowhere to go. If she’d been shitting her knickers then the legbands would have stretched and the poo would have slimed down her legs, but the diaper was too good at containing her dung. It bulged at the back and her whole round bottom was nestled into the dirty mess, but her asshole was still stretched around a big lump of poo that she had no room to squeeze out.

Naomi made a sound along the lines of “Mmmmmmmffffnnnnrrff” and doubled over as she squeezed with all her strength, no longer even vaguely worried about being discreet. She bore down as much as she could, finally expelling the huge mass of shit into her brimming diaper. The back of it was taut and the mess squeezed from one side to the other across her buttocks and from her lower back to the top of her thighs. But, small mercy, it did its job and contained the mass of squishy, smelly shit.

Panting slightly she straightened up and looked at Christina, delighting to the feel of the sticky lumps sagging under her bottom. Filthy sub-slut that she was, Naomi was quite willing now to go into the store and buy more diapers but she recognised the look of lust on the redhead’s face and knew that Christina wanted her right now. “Come with me, little girl!” hissed the buxom boss, seizing Naomi by the hand. Christina set off at pace across the car park, heading directly to her car. Naomi struggled to keep up, being slightly shorter and with a heavy, pee-soaked and shit-filled diaper obstructing her gait. The obscene load oozed and smeared over her cheeks as she waddled along behind Christina.

Naomi gasped as she sat down, her weight squeezing the shit all over her bottom, the mass oozing into every available space, including between her legs. She choked, sobbed and nearly came as she felt her pussy start to open to the pressure of the load as it pressed against her lips. Christina drove fast!

The two women almost fell through the front door of Christina’s house. As soon as they were inside Christina pushed the door closed, pushed Naomi up against it and their lips met in a fiery kiss. Christina was almost savage, planting kisses all over her lover’s face and biting her soft lips. The redhead’s crimson lipstick left greasy smears on Naomi’s face. Christina crushed against Naomi, enjoying the feeling of two sets of big, natural F-cup boobs pressing together.

“You’re so dirty, you make me so horny,” she whispered as she kissed the brunette’s throat and trailed her lips down to the bared cleavage. Reaching behind, she tested the weight of Naomi’s nappy, roughly squashing the obscene load against her cheeks. Naomi moaned and groped at Christina’s breasts. Both of them were lost in lust, a bundle of physical sensations. Nipples taut, pussies sopping, clutching, rubbing, kissing, squeezing.

Catching her breath, Christina paused momentarily to consider if she should consider her actions — but decided to give herself over to Naomi’s stated penchant for humiliation and submission and her own growing tendency for kink. Taking a step back from her lover, Christina turned around and looked over her shoulder.

“Unzip me!” was the simple command. Naomi quickly unzipped the redhead’s dress, her eyes hungrily taking in the milky white back and full bottom dressed in black lingerie.

Stepping out of the dress, still in her heels and underwear, Christina turned back, drawing herself straight to look down on Naomi from her extra 3½”, a steely look suddenly making her blue eyes seem Escort Maltepe colder. Naomi sensed something was about to happen, but was still surprised at the slap that caught her full across her right cheek, rocking her head backwards. Tears of surprise and pain sprang to her eyes, but her arousal was undiminished .

“You filthy slut,” she said matter of factly, before delivering a ringing slap to Naomi’s left cheek. “What are you?” She gave the young brunette no time to reply, before slapping her again on the right. “What are you!?” Louder this time, another slap on the left. She paused long enough for her sobbing, red-faced lover to choke out a reply.

“I’m a filthy slut.”

Nodding, Christina smiled a cruel smile. “Yes, that’s right,” she agreed, before suddenly spitting full in Naomi’s face. Naomi recoiled as the spittle splashed over her nose and forehead and round cheeks, but she felt supercharged with sexual energy and was delighted with the change that had come over Christina. Still fully clothed, Naomi sank to the ground as her boss pushed on her shoulders, once again reminded that she was wearing a pissed-in diaper that was loaded with her poop as she sat on the floor, one leg curled under her. She gazed up adoringly at Christina, who responded by spitting on her a second time, a third. Christina’s saliva dripped from Naomi’s face, ran into her deep cleavage, dampened her straining, white t-shirt.

“Filthy, filthy slut,” whispered Christina, almost to herself it seemed. Taking a step forward, she painfully grabbed a handful of Naomi’s thick hair and pulled her face into her panty-clad crotch. Naomi didn’t resist, delighting in having her face pressed to Christina’s pussy, even through the silk knickers, breathing deep of her musky scent. She opened her soft lips, dragging her tongue up the crotch of her lover’s panties, Christina responding by grinding against Naomi’s face.

Without any indication or warning, a strong torrent of hot, yellow pee suddenly filled Naomi’s mouth as Christina started to piss into her knickers. The gush filled her gusset and spilled down her round thighs, wetting her stockings, but due to the way her face was pressed against her pussy, most of it went over Naomi and into her mouth. She coughed and spluttered as the acrid pee went up her nose and washed over her face, but kept her face there, letting her cheeks fill with the hot liquid, thrilling as it ran down her body, over her tits, soaking her clothes. She swallowed a mouthful of the salty pee and opened her mouth for more, then licked Christina’s thighs as the stream trailed off.

Naomi was almost in a trance, her mind and body overwhelmed with humiliation. Christina felt much the same, and what happened next almost felt like an out of body experience. She felt like she was watching herself as she stepped away from the piss-covered slut in the dirty diaper, turned her back on the girl and then, bending slightly, pushed her bottom, encased in glistening, pee-wet silk, against the girl’s face. From this new angle, Naomi resumed lapping at Christina’s panty crotch, tasting her arousal through the pee, face squashed between Christina’s full buttocks, her nose pushing the wet slick into Christina’s bum crack.

As her young girlfriend ate her through her knickers, Christina tweaked and pulled her own nipples through her bra and then began rubbing at her clit, enjoying the feel of doing so through the wet silk. She was concentrating, trying to keep her head clear of doubt and full of lust. Her breathing slowed, and she pulled away so there was a couple of inches of space between her panties and Naomi’s face.

Naomi started to look quizzically up, when Christina gave a gentle groan and, with a soft, wet, crackling sound, pushed a thick, soft turd into her knickers. The room filled with the smell of fresh shit, and despite her lust Christina couldn’t stop herself thinking “What am I doing? What am I doing?” over and over. She shivered, dribbled a little spurt of piss into her sodden gusset, then moaned as a thicker, longer lump squeezed between her creamy bumcheeks to tent out her wet knickers. And then she sank backward.

Immediately her shit-filled panties were shoved against Naomi’s face. The stink overwhelmed her as the wet silk full of hot poo pressed against her nose, forehead and mouth, the soft lumps squishing between Christina’s big bottom and her lover’s face. Naomi wanted to gag. And she wanted to orgasm. And she wanted to…taste? Shocking herself with her disgraceful behaviour, she felt her mouth open, her tongue stick out, and she licked a long slurp up the back of Christina’s befouled knickers. The pee-soaked silk deadened the taste, but Naomi’s mouth was filled with a disgusting, earthy flavour and she knew she was tasting Christina’s shit.

Pulling away for a moment the young brunette gagged, coughed and, for the second time in two days, threw up over herself. It was just a mouthful of her own spit and bile mixed mainly with Christina’s urine that she brought up, the slimy mixture running down her chin and spattering down her front, joining Christina’s spit and piss in her cleavage. She was crying, sticky, slimy and disgusting. She shoved a hand down the front of her nappy, frenziedly rubbing at her clit, rubbing her bottom into her nappy to feel the sticky shit sliming over her bum and pussy.

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