Nathan and Holly Ch. 02Nathan and Holly Ch. 02


The next day was full of excitement. Holly and Nathan met like they agreed to. They swam some laps together and just spent the time playing in the water. They were more comfortable around each other after their talk yesterday and both agreeing to give this relation awhirl. They didn’t know where it will lead but they were willing to take the risk as any couple does when they commit. After awhile, they got out of the pool and both lounged on the chairs that were next to one another.

While lounging, they discussed what they wanted to do today. Holly had the day to herself and Nathan didn’t have any plans. They were discussing Holly showing him around town as he hasn’t been here in quite some time and things have changed. They finished finalizing their plans, left the pool area and went back to the elevators so that they can return to their rooms to get ready for the day. The elevator was slower than normal and it suddenly stopped between floors. Nathan hit the emergency button and notified the appropriate people of the stuck elevator.

While waiting, Holly started to laugh.

“What’s funny?” asked Nathan.

“I’ve always thought of being stuck in an elevator with a guy I was in love with and here it actually happens the day after I graduated high school.”

“Yea I guess that would be funny,” Nathan replied after a moment. “Well…what should we do while we wait?”

Their lips found each other and they began to make out in the elevator. Nathan’s hands wrapped around her back as hers wrapped around his and they pressed against the elevator wall. As they were making out, Nathan slowly moved his hand from her back and moved it down towards her butt. He looked into her eyes and they both started to smile.

While they were staring into one another’s eyes, their hands started to glide along bare skin. Nathan continued down her front towards her crotch. Before he got there, Holly’s hand stopped him. His hands moved back up to her breasts, cupped them and he squeezed them. When he did, a moan escaped from her lips.That was when the elevator jerked and they started moving again. When they began to move, they broke off what they were doing and they stared at one another smiling.

They got to their floor and they kissed again as they parted to go to their respective rooms. Holly went to her room and took off her bikini. She grabbed a quick shower and dried herself. She slipped on the dress she had out, dropped a curtsey in the mirror and laughed again. She couldn’t believe she was giggling like she was back in middle school. She picked up her purse and keys and went down to the lobby to meet up with Nathan.

Nathan also had an issue when he entered his room. His cock was very hard. He ignored it as he pulled himself together. He put on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and combed his hair. He ran the shaver over his face and brushed his teeth. When he finished brushing, he grabbed his wallet and room key and went down stairs to meet up with Holly.

Holly and Nathan met at their pre-arranged spot and they proceeded to the car. When they got there, Holly unlocked the car and Nathan opened up the driver side door for her. When she was in, he ran to the other side and got in and they were off.

“This is a wonderful town Holly,” Nathan said.

“Yea I love it. It is where I grew up and obviously graduated from high school. The mall is also very nice as well. Has pretty much everything for everyone.”

“Oh really?”

“Really! It is where I bought this dress after all.”

“Every mall has cute clothing like that Hol.”

“Ok true but I’m biased. I love the mall and it has all of my favorite stores. It even has a movie theater which is frequented quite often.”

“To watch a movie or to do something else?” Nathan asked teasingly.

“Probably both,” she responded with a giggle.

“Ahhh…seems like you’ve done both at the theater as well huh?”

Holly blushed at the statement but she did nod in admission. Nathan chuckled at the way she admitted it. Holly showed him some of her favorite spots from a dance hall to a little café off of Main Street. Fifteen minutes later, they pulled in at the mall. It was a pretty good sized mall with two floors and a good sized food court. They roamed around the mall and entered several stores. Holly went into a lingerie store and basically told Nathan to wait outside.

While he waited, he went across the hall to the bookstore and began to browse the sci-fi section. He found a couple of books that he was interested so he made notes into his phone and went back to see how Holly was doing. As he was approaching, he saw Holly exit with a bag and he smiled at her.

“I see you bought something special,” Nathan said as they met back up.

“Yea I did,” she replied. “I needed something new anyway so I figured now was as good a time as any.”

They continued to walk around the mall and had lunch at the food court. While they were eating, some of Holly’s friends came over and she introduced Nathan to them. She didn’t introduce him as her cousin eryaman escort however which caused Nathan to fully understand the relationship they were developing. Her friends finally left and it was just the two of them again.

“Well that was interesting,” Nathan said after awhile.

“What was Nate?” she asked curiously.

“When you introduced me, why didn’t you introduce me as your cousin?”

“Because I consider you more than my cousin love. My heart longs for you and as such, that makes you my boyfriend more so than it makes you my cousin. Does that make sense?”

“Actually it does make sense,” he replied. “It’s as good a reason as any I could come up with at any rate. As for you, I also see you as more than my cousin. I’m so glad you and I have the same feelings for each other. “

“I’m glad that we do as well. I just can’t explain it anymore nor do I have a rationale for why. All I know is that I just want to spend every waking minute with you.”

“I want to spend every waking moment with you as well Hol.”

Their lips met and they gave each other a simple tender kiss. They walked down to the theater and bought tickets to see a movie. Once inside, they ordered a large popcorn and two large sodas and some candy. They entered the proper theater and found seats near the back. They situated themselves and waited for the movie to begin.

When the lights went out, they continued to eat their popcorn but they just couldn’t concentrate on the movie.

About half way through, Nathan and Holly leaned in simultaneously and their lips locked onto each other. While they began to kiss, their tongues not only entered the other’s mouth, but also rubbed against each other. While they were making out, Nathan’s hands found her breasts and he gently began to squeeze and caress them through the material of her dress. When he began to do this, a moan escaped from Holly.

“Oh Nathan,” she moaned into his ear.

They continued to make out while the movie was still playing. Nathan moved a hand from Holly’s chest and glided it down towards her crotch. When he got there, he began to move between her legs and was surprised that Holly didn’t stop him. He got under the hem of her dress and began to rub her clit through her panty. As he began to rub, her breathing started to become more ragged.

“Oh Nathan,” she moaned again. “I love you!”

“I love you too,” he replied.

Holly then found her way to his crotch and she began to caress him. Nathan could feel his manhood responding to her caress just like Holly was feeling herself getting wetter as it was gathering on her panty. Nathan reached up and attempted to pull down her panty. Holly grabbed his wrist and stopped.

“Not here Nathan,” she said.

“Ok sweetheart,” he replied.

They continued to make out. When the movie credits began to roll, they stopped kissing each other and smiled. They gathered up their belongings and they left the theater. When they did, they made their way back to the main portion of the mall hand in hand smiling at one another. He put his arm around her and pulled her in closer to him and she put her head on his shoulder as they walked slowly back to the car.

When they got into the car, Nathan looked at Holly and said “that was fun!”

“Yea it was. Thank you, sweetheart.”

“You’re welcome my love. I just wish I could have given you an orgasm.”

“Oh believe me, I wanted you to give me one but I’m just as glad you didn’t.”

“If I may ask, why?”

“Because if I did, I don’t know if I would have been able to contain myself. I barely held myself as it was.”

“True. And truth be told, I wanted you to do me as I was doing you so that we both could have came together.”

“Yea…I wanted to give you a hand job as well hun.” Holly said admittedly. “I just want us to be as close as we can be.”

“I want us to be close as well sweetness. We could go back to the hotel and see how close we can get.”

“We could but I don’t want us to go that far yet.”

“I wasn’t talking that Hol!” Nathan said in a hurry. “We could go back and continue to do what we were doing at the theater and take that to completion.”

Holly thought about that as she drove back through town. She knew she enjoyed what he was doing to her and longed to feel his hand between her legs again. She looked over at Nathan and could see the look on his face. She smiled softly at him.

“Sounds like a wonderful idea Nate,” Holly replied. “I did enjoy feeling your hand between my legs and rubbing. ” She paused for a second. “I’m just nervous about going too far right now.”

“I understand Hol.” Nathan said. “I would only do what you allow me to do!”

“I believe you Nate,” she said. “Why don’t we then.”

“Drive on Holly.”

Holly drove the car back to the hotel. When they got there, Holly’s parents were in the hotel lobby. They went over to say hi and chatted for a bit. While chatting, Holly’s parents inquired what the plan was for dinner.

“We don’t have any dinner etimesgut escort plans yet mom,” Holly replied. “We were thinking of maybe a casual dinner at a local restaurant but if you have something better…”

“Actually Holly, we were thinking of the same.” Her mom looks at Nathan and said “you are welcome to join us as well.”

Nathan didn’t know what to say. Her mom was only inviting him to go with them to dinner. Nathan looked over at Holly to see her reaction and her face was oddly still. That expression is what put his guard up. He thought for a moment before he answered.

“Thank you ma’am. I think I will join you all for dinner.”

“Excellent. Meet you down here at say 6:30?”

Nathan looked at his watch and nodded. “Sounds like a plan.”

“Very well then! See you two later. We’re off to the pool.”

Her parents disappeared down the hall where the pool was and they made their way to the elevator. The elevator deposited them on their floor and Holly led him towards her room. When they entered, their arms folded around each other and they began to kiss as passionately as they did in the movie theater. As they were kissing, they collapsed on the bed with Nathan on the bottom. Nathan’s hand reached up under her dress and began to rub her pussy through her panty. While he was doing that, Holly started rubbing his crotch and felt his manhood harden again.

When she felt it hardening, she took the next step forward and began to unbutton Nathan’s jeans. Nathan was surprised by this sudden step and he reached up to the waistband of her panty and began to pull it down. Holly didn’t stop him as she got his jeans unbuttoned and then she unzipped him. As he pulled down her panty, she began to pull down his jeans. Nathan made sure that she could get his jeans off and she tossed them onto the floor. That was when he moved and got her underneath him and he got her panty completely off.

While on the bed, Nathan pressed his boxers against her bare pussy and their mouths continued to stay locked. His hands continued to hike up her dress and broke off the kiss long enough and she allowed him to take off the dress and it was tossed onto the floor. He rolled off of her and he moved a hand between her legs and began to rub her pussy. This elicited a moan from her as she reached over and began to rub his manhood through the boxers. Before long, she managed to pull down his boxers and his manhood sprung out. She took it into her hand and she began to caress it.

While they were exploring each other, Nathan’s finger found its way into her pussy and began to caress the inside of her.

“OH DAVID!” she moaned. “YES!!”

She grabbed his cock and began to stroke it rapidly.

“GOD HOL!” he groaned.

They continued to fondle, finger and stroke one another. Their breathing started to become ragged and they began to go faster. It didn’t take Nathan long. Holly gave a hard down stroke and he exploded. When he did, it went all over her and the bed. He pushed into her pussy deeper and went rapidly as his pleasure was released. The faster he went, the more her breathing became rapid. Not long after he spent himself, she began to shiver and her back arched. Her juices squirted over his fingers and onto the bed.

When they began to bring themselves down from the euphoria, Holly and Nathan were smiling. Holly was covered in Nathan’s cum. She looked down at her chest and laughed. “I didn’t know cum exploded out that rapidly,” she said. “I knew it comes out fast but that was really quick.”

“I know,” he replied.

They stared at one another as their breathing returned to normal. “Well I guess I better get myself cleaned up if we are going to meet up with my parents for dinner,” Holly stated. She looked over at Nathan and smiled as she continued, “you probably should do the same.”

Nathan looked down at himself and smiled back. “Yea you’re probably right dear heart. Do you want me to come back to your room and we go down together or do you want me to just meet you down there?”

Holly thought for a moment. “You can come get me,” she replied. She got up off of the bed while Nathan got off the other way. “I love you Nate and I’ll see you in a bit.”

“Love you too Hol,” he replied as he got himself put back together. “I’ll see you soon.” He then gave her a kiss and they walked to the door. Holly positioned herself so that no one would see her naked body as Nathan left with another kiss. As soon as he was out the door, Holly closed the door and began to clean herself up. She proceeded to take a shower and she put on a fresh pair of panties and bra. When those were on, she put on a new outfit and slipped her sandals on. She brushed her hair some more and made sure her hair was as perfect as it was going to get. She then applied a touch of makeup to complete her ensemble and she waited for Nathan to come knocking on her door.

Nathan made it to his room without bumping into his parents. When he got in, he got out of his clothes and he also took a shower. When he was etlik escort done, he put on fresh clothing and combed his hair. He put on a touch of cologne and deposited his dirty clothes in a laundry bag. When he had everything in ready, he grabbed his room key and proceeded to go and pick up Holly for their dinner date with her parents.

He arrived at her door and gave three knocks. When she opened the door, he looked her up and down approvingly.

“You look lovely my dear,” he said as he offered her his arm.

“Thank you sweetie,” she said. “And might I say how handsome you look yourself.”

Nathan chuckled as they got into the elevator. They arrived at the lobby and her parents were waiting for them. They chatted about their day before they exited and got into the car and went off to the diner. As they were driving, her parents were inquiring about how he was doing in college. He told them that he passed all of his classes this term and is now starting to get into the most difficult portion of his chosen career field.

They arrived at the restaurant and the conversation turned towards Holly and what she was planning on doing. She will be attending the local university and is planning on entering their journalism department. She wanted to be a newspaper reporter or a TV news anchorwoman upon graduating. Nathan asked about some of her work on her High School newspaper. She wrote about current events and once in a while, sports. It was a very enlightening conversation for Nathan who didn’t know that she was an accomplished student journalist.

They returned to the hotel and met up with the party coordinator for tomorrow night’s graduation party in one of the hotel’s banquet rooms. They went to the actual room to get the final layout and what was going to be where. The dance floor was going to be in the middle of the floor and the buffet table was going to be located along the right hand wall. Tables were going to be dispersed along the back and left walls. The DJ’s location was going to be near the exit wall and left wall. When all was approved, the finalized payment was made and all was in readiness.

They returned to their hotel floor and went their separate ways. Nathan really wanted to go with Holly but she was going to her parents’ room and he didn’t want to go there. He returned to his room and stripped down to his boxers and turned on the TV to a sports channel to watch a baseball game. While he was watching the game, his room phone rang. When he answered it, he smiled as he recognized the voice on the other end.

“Hey Nate.”

“Hey Hol. Back in your room hear?”

“Yea I am,” she said giggling. “I was wondering if you like to go down to the pool for a little swim. “

“I would love to join you for a little swim,” he replied. “I’ll be there in a couple of minutes to walk ya down.”

“I’ll be waiting.”

They hung up the phone and Nathan turned off the TV. He then took off his boxers and put on his trunks and grabbed a towel. He then grabbed his room key and left to go and get Holly for their swim date.

He arrived at her room and knocked on the door. Holly opened the door wearing her flower bikini and a smile.

“Hey Nate. Thanks for agreeing to go swimming,” she said.

“You’re welcome Hol,” he replied. He noticed a look on her face but said nothing at first. When they got to the elevator, he looked at her.

“Excited about tomorrow?” he asked.

“Very excited. Friends are coming as well as additional family. In fact, that was why I was with my parents. We were finalizing the seating arrangements.”

“Where am I and my parents sitting?”

“With us!” she replied. “I did make sure that you and I are next to each other though,” she replied mischievously.

“Why Holly?”

“So I can hold your hand under the table,” she replied nonchalantly.

He looked at her but said nothing as the elevator reached their destination and they went out to the pool. There were several people in the pool this evening as it was pretty warm. They found a spot and put their towels down and got into the water. They swam around for a while and just enjoyed playing in the water.

When they were done swimming, they got their towels and dried themselves off. They then went back to the elevators and went up to their floor. They didn’t want this night to end. When the elevator arrived, they exited and stared into one another’s eyes.

“I had a great time with you today Nathan,” she said softly. “I wish I didn’t have to go back to my room.”

“You don’t have to you know. You can come with me back to my room or I can go back to yours.”

“I would love that my love but you and I shouldn’t raise suspicions right now. I know my parents won’t care but I do know your mom won’t like it.”

“You’re probably right,” he said resignedly. “In that case, I’ll just walk you to your door then.”

And that is what he did. He walked her to her door and kissed her good night. He then went to his own room and turned on the ball game again and got out of his wet trunks. He took a quick shower to rinse the chlorine off of his body and got into bed. As he slept, all he could think about was Holly. Many images came to him while he slept and he just couldn’t put the puzzle pieces together. He was startled awake when his phone rang.

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