Subject: Natasha and the Maid – Chapter One This story is the property of the author and is copywrited. You may keep a copy on your computer for personal enjoyment, however if you wish to publish or distribute the story then you must get the permission of the author. Natasha and the Maid Chapter One By Chris for Natasha Natasha was in the bathroom drying her body with one of her favorite songs playing on her phone when she thought she heard a knock on the hotel door. She turned down the music and listened for a moment but she heard no sound so she just figured that she was just hearing things. She put on a little eyeliner and mascara though she wasn’t sure that she wanted to go out that evening, it was more out of habit than anything. She had spent all day at the art gallery that was doing a showing of her drawings and paintings. There was more to putting on a show than she had ever realized. But then she had been scratching out a living for the past ten years after she had gotten out of Art School. This was her big chance to show what she could do and it was taking a toll on her. The gallery was putting her up in a fairly nice motel so she figured that they thought that most of what she had brought with her would sell, well at least she hoped so, she really needed the money as she truly was a starving artist. When she opened the bathroom door and stepped out; she heard someone humming and that scared her for a second. She quickly glanced toward the hotel door and it was closed and then toward the sound of the humming. She saw that the maid was standing on the far side of the bed just reaching down to change the sheets. It was when the maid gasped, “Oh my,” did she realized that she had stepped from the bathroom completely nude. Natasha started to cover herself when she realized that it was too late to do that, the maid had already seen her in all her glory. It was then that she took a good look at the maid and while she was a bit younger than she liked, she was also very cute with her straight brown hair that framed her pale face which now had a deep red hue to the cheeks. She also noticed that those brown eyes were giving her body the once over and she appeared to like what she was seeing. Natasha saw that the maid was about five and a half feet tall and her maid’s outfit fit her tightly showing that she had a pair of small but nice breasts and her hips flared out nicely to show that she had a cute body. The maid finally regained her composure, “I’m sorry ma’am, I can come back later.” She said as she started to rush from the room. “No please stay, I can put on a robe,” Natasha said curious as to what the maid would do and she saw some indecision in her face but then she glanced back at her body and that seemed to stop her. “You sure, I won’t be long,” the maid stammered out. “Take your time, so what’s your name?” Natasha asked as she did head back into the bathroom. “Melanie,” she heard her say. “That’s a pretty name, mine’s Natasha,” Natasha told her as she came back out of the bathroom with her robe on though making sure that she tied it loosely with the edges of her breasts showing and most of her legs. “So how long are you going to be with us?” Melanie asked as she began to pull the sheets from the bed. “About two weeks, Lisa’s Art Gallery of Atlanta is doing a show of my art,” Natasha told her seeing Melanie’s eyebrows raise as she sat down on the small sofa in the room. “Are you a famous artist?” Melanie asked innocently. “More like a starving one, this is my first show,” Natasha said and she very discretely let the robe fall from around her crossed legs thus revealing her legs up to around mid-thigh. Natasha gave Melanie a smile when the sheet that Melanie was pulling on stopped for a moment before Melanie got it back together and finished pulling the sheet from the bed. “How long have you worked here?” Natasha asked more to see if she could determine Melanie’s age than anything. “About two years, since I graduated high school,” Melanie replied giving Natasha a big smile that made Natasha think that Melanie knew what she was really asking. “Do you like your job?” Melanie asked to keep the conversation going while Melanie worked. Melanie frowned, “Not really but it’s a job. I’m trying to save enough money to move out of my mom’s place.” “You don’t like living there with her?” Natasha asked now curious as to what Melanie’s life was like. Melanie was in the middle of putting a clean sheet on the bed when she stopped for a second as if she was trying to decide what to tell this strange woman as that was what Natasha was to her she was sure. “You don’t have to answer that if you don’t want to, I didn’t mean to be so personal,” Natasha told her as she got up from her chair coming to the bed to help Melanie put the clean sheet on the bed. Melanie gave her a grateful smile that Natasha wasn’t sure was for helping her or letting her off the hook about her mother. Natasha did notice that when she bent over to tuck the sheet in, Melanie’s eyes were glue to her chest where the robe had partially opened revealing just a glimpse of her breasts. Neither said anything until the bed was made and they were standing on opposite sides of the bed. Melanie looked at her carefully and then she began to talk, “My mother is an overbearing bitch and she is still trying to control my life, even getting me this job the day after I got out of school, plus she is close to being an alcoholic if she isn’t one already.” “Well I hope that you can get away from her, you really need to,” Natasha said to her kindly. “I know and I will soon,” Melanie said with a determined look. “Good for you,” Natasha told her. “I’ll clean your bathroom and then be out of your way,” Melanie told her. “Don’t worry about that, I messed it up, I can clean it,” Natasha said with a little laugh. Then she looked at Melanie and decided to take a chance on this girl. “When you get off work, would you like to have dinner or something” Melanie hesitated for all of about two seconds before she replied, “sure I would love to.” “When do you get off work,” Natasha asked. “This is my last room, I just have to put my cart away and then clock out,” Melanie said with a smile that filled her face and that alone made Natasha smile, it was so infectious. “Okay, then I will see you in a little bit,” Natasha said and she saw that Melanie was already heading out the door so she wasn’t even sure she heard what she had said. Natasha was wondering just what she was getting herself into but if it turned out bad, she was only out a dinner and she figured that wouldn’t run too much into the money that she had saved for the trip. She went on over to the closet and looked through the clothes that she had brought with her. She looked over everything that she had but most of what she had was more business like that she had bought at a discount store back home. Then she realized that Melanie would not be expecting anything fancy so she got a pair of jeans and an old blouse that she liked out of the closet. She had just put them on the bed when she heard a knock on the door, she went over and looked through the peep hole and saw a very nervous looking Melanie standing there. Natasha opened the door, “Change your mind already?” “Oh no, I just had to put my cart in the room down the hall and the time clock is in the main lobby and you’re just on the second floor.” Melanie said with a big grin. “Well come on in while I put some clothes on, I can’t go out dressed like this,” Natasha said with a laugh. She went toward the bed where her clothes were when she realized that Melanie was still standing in the doorway and when Natasha turned around she saw that Melanie was looking down at her maid’s uniform. Natasha quickly realized that in her rush to come back Melanie never even thought about having to change clothes until that very moment. There were only two options here, take Melanie back to her mother’s place to change or just stay in for the night. “You know what, I have been on my feet all day long and I really don’t feel like going out,” Natasha said pausing just long enough to see the disappointment written on Melanie’s face. “Would you mind if we just stayed here and talk. Maybe we could order something from room service.” Melanie’s face immediate lit up, “There’s a place around the corner that has great burgers and their fries are to die for, I could order us something from there and it would be a lot cheaper than what they serve here,” Melanie said and only then did she enter the room, closing the door behind her. “And the best part is that they deliver,” Melanie added as she came on into the room. “That sounds like the perfect plan, would you mind ordering for us?” Natasha said as she put her clothes back up much to Melanie’s approval. Melanie reached into the pocket of her skirt to pull out her phone which was even older than the one Natasha had. She was about to make the call when she lowered the phone, “Do you like cherry cokes?” Melanie asked. Natasha was thinking of something stronger but that could come later, “sure I haven’t had one of those in years.” “Their cherry cokes are even better than their burgers,” Melanie told her with a big grin. Natasha only smiled while Melanie called the restaurant, she was just getting to the burgers when Natasha thought to mouth “No Onions” and Melanie just grinned as if she knew why Natasha was making that request. Melanie made sure that there would be no onions on their burgers. “It’ll take about a half hour before they can get them here.” Melanie said putting her phone back in her skirt pocket. “That’s give us time to talk then, take off your shoes and have a seat,” Natasha told her. “I might stink up the room if I did that,” Melanie said with a giggle. “I’ll take my chances,” Natasha replied with a laugh. “I warned you,” Melanie said slipping her shoes off but then placing them away from the sofa. “See you didn’t stink up the room, now come on over here and have a seat,” Natasha said going to one end of the small sofa and sitting down. She padded the sofa and Melanie did come over and sat down, putting one knee onto the seat and folding it up under the other. Natasha did the same though this time she made sure that she was covered by her robe. There would be a time for that later, now was the time to talk and get to know this girl. With the way they were sitting, their knees were almost touching. “So what do you like to do when you’re not working?” Natasha asked. Melanie’s face turned into one big smile, “I like to play the guitar. My uncle started teaching me how to play when I was eight, he even gave me one of his old guitars to practice on.” Melanie said smiling. “That’s cool, I can play the guitar a little bit but I never got that good at it,” Natasha told her and that made Melanie’s smile grow larger. “Cool, maybe someday we can play together,” Melanie suggested. “I don’t know about that, I think I’d rather listen to you play,” Natasha said. “So, do you still play with your uncle?” Melanie’s smile then turned into a frown, “No, he got hit by a drunk about five years ago and he was killed.” “I’m sorry,” Natasha said putting her hand on Melanie’s knee. “Thanks, his wife gave me his guitar and that is what I play now.” Melanie said. “So what type of music do you like to play?” Natasha asked. “Since the only songs my Uncle would teach me to play was old rock songs, that is what I mostly play,” Melanie said with a laugh. “Well he had good taste in music,” Natasha said and that made Melanie giggle. “But lately I’ve started to play some country songs too,” bursa escort Melanie said. “Well nobody’s perfect,” Natasha said laughing loudly so that Melanie would know that she was teasing her. “Just for that, the first song that I’ll play for you will be a country song,” Melanie told her and Natasha had to laugh again, liking that Melanie could talk a little shit too. “You go girl,” Natasha said with a laugh. “if you promise never to tell any of my friends, I actually like a few country songs too.” “I won’t tell,” Melanie said with a laugh. They talked about music until the burgers arrived. Melanie insisted on going to the door to get them. Melanie was blocking her view but she did see a girl about Melanie’s age peek around Melanie to get a look at her. Natasha couldn’t resist giving her a wave and the girl giggled and ducked in behind Melanie again. Natasha could hear them talking and she was sure that she was the subject of the conversation and that was cool with her. They talked a moment more before Melanie pressed some money in her hand and she left. “Is she a friend of yours?” Natasha asked when Melanie brought the cherry cokes and the burgers in on a cardboard tray. “Yeah, we used to run around together,” Melanie said and Natasha saw just a bit of redness to Melanie’s cheek when she said that. “But not anymore?” Natasha asked. “No, we’re just…” Melanie said and her cheeks redden again. “That’s cool,” Natasha said knowing now that Melanie and the delivery girl had been more than just friends and that confirmed Natasha’s notion that Melanie was into women. Melanie pulled over a table so that she could put their food and drinks on it. She first handed Natasha her drink, “take a sip.” She told her. Natasha took the cup and put the straw to her lips already smelling the cherry flavor. She took a sip and at first it just tasted like any cherry soda but then the cherry flavor seemed to explode in her mouth. “Oh god this is good. Tell you what, I’ll take the drinks and you can have the burgers.” She told Melanie and that just brought a big smile to her face. “Just wait until you taste the burger,” Melanie said handing one to her with the wrap already pulled down for her. “I don’t know…” Natasha said teasing Melanie and she got the grin she expected. But then she took a bite and she had to admit that it was a damn good burger. “this is good too,” she told her. “I told you so,” Melanie said proudly and then she began to eat hers. While they ate, Melanie asked her about her art and what all that she did. Natasha usually didn’t like to talk a lot about her art but Melanie looked so eager that Natasha found herself talking about it more than she normally did, she was even talking about it long after they had finished their burgers and most of the fries. Natasha excused herself to use the bathroom while Melanie cleaned the table. When Melanie went in, Natasha moved the little coffee table out a little, just enough for her to be able to put her feet on it. She then closed the curtains and turned off the lights. There was still enough light coming through the windows since it was summer but still dimming the room. She sat back down, glad that Melanie was taking her time. This gave her time to find a movie that looked halfway decent and it was going to start in a few minutes, but she was beginning to wonder if Melanie was coming out. But her worries were for naught as the bathroom door knob turned indicating that Melanie was coming out. Natasha then began to panic that Melanie might have already taken you uniform off and Natasha wanted to do that for her if they got that far. She let out a sigh of relief when Melanie emerged still dressed. She did give Natasha a nervous smile when she saw that the lights were out and the curtains drawn. “I found us a good movie to watch, it’s about to begin, come over and sit by me,” Natasha told her with a soft reassuring smile. “Okay,” Melanie replied with a bit of a nervous treble to her voice. Natasha was curious as to just where Melanie would sit and that would tell her more than anything about what Melanie might be expecting of this evening. Natasha was more than pleasantly surprised when Melanie came over and sat next to her with their bodies touching. Natasha put her left arm around Melanie’s shoulders with her hand resting on her upper arm. Melanie snuggled in close and she put her feet up on the table letting the hem of her skirt rise up just an inch or so. The movie had barely started when she felt Melanie’s hand hesitantly touch her thigh and then she let it rest there. Natasha figured that she could either play it coly and see what Melanie would do or just go for it. She went with her instinct and hoped that it was correct. Natasha turned to face Melanie which caused Melanie to have to sit up a little to face her. “Would you be offended if I kissed you?” Natasha asked her looking to see what reaction she would get and at first glance she wasn’t sure what Melanie would say. Melanie’s lips slowly formed into a nervous smile. “I’d be more offended if you didn’t.” she said. “Then I guess I’d better kiss you, hadn’t I?” Natasha said and she didn’t give Melanie a chance to reply as she put her right hand to side of Melanie’s slim neck with her fingertip pressing against the back of her neck bringing Melanie’s face towards hers. Melanie tilted her head just slightly and Natasha closed her eyes as her lips touched Melanie’s lips. Melanie was tentative at first and Natasha let her make the next move and she did so, pressing her lips more firmly against hers. Natasha took over from there, letting the kiss linger, but for a moment, and then she pulled back to see that Melanie’s cheeks had begun to turn a reddish hue making her look even cuter and innocent looking. Natasha moved her head forward and Melanie didn’t need any help as she met her half way. Natasha kissed her first with just her lips but then opened them to find Melanie eager to follow. She let her tongue slip from her mouth to touch Melanie’s teeth and then she felt Melanie’s tongue touching hers. Natasha moved her right hand to Melanie’s side gripping it as she kissed her with much more passion. She felt Melanie’s hand touch her between her breasts and then she felt it move to the right slipping under her robe. Natasha let out a moan when Melanie’s hand found her bare breast and she gave it a tender squeeze. Natasha let her caress her breast for just a couple of minutes before she pulled back ending the kiss and causing Melanie to withdraw her hand which she was already missing. “I think I need to get you out of that uniform so that I can see what a sexy body you have,” Natasha said leaning in to give Melanie a light kiss. “Okay,” Melanie said with a nervous giggle. Natasha grabbed the remote to mute the TV leaving the picture on so that she would still be able to see Melanie with the sunlight fading from the window. When she looked back up she saw that Melanie was starting to unbutton her uniform blouse. “Oh no you don’t, I want to do that,” Natasha said getting up and pulling Melanie’s fingers from the buttons where they had stayed when she had spoken. Natasha began where Melanie had stopped, at the second button. She took her time slowly unbuttoning Melanie’s uniform blouse seeing more and more of her porcelain toned skin. Natasha saw that Melanie was wearing a plain white cotton bra, not normally sexy but against Melanie’s skin it looked sexy. She finished undoing the buttons and she used her fingers to push the top off of Melanie’s shoulders and down her arms. “Mmm… you have such lovely skin,” Natasha said running her fingers lightly down Melanie’s arms. Melanie didn’t say anything but Natasha could see her reaction with her red hue of her cheeks. Natasha moved around to Melanie’s back putting her fingers up to her bra clasp, unhooking it. She slipped it off of Melanie’s shoulders and down her arms throwing it onto the sofa with the blouse. She put her hands to Melanie’s sides bringing them around and up to Melanie’s small perky breasts covering them with her hands drawing a moan from Melanie who leaned back against her. Natasha pressed her hands against those lovely breasts feeling Melanie’s nipples hardening. She released Melanie’s breasts getting a groan from her, she then used her fingers to tease those hard nipples. She also began to kiss the side of Melanie’s neck hearing coos coming from her. Natasha gave each nipple a tender pinch before moving her hands down to Melanie’s hips. She found the zipper at Melanie’s right side and she pushed it down. She eased Melanie away from her so that she could go down to her knees. She pulled Melanie’s skirt off her hips letting it fall to the floor and helping her step from it. She saw that Melanie was wearing a pair of white cotton panty briefs. They were a little tight and it frame her ass wonderfully, Natasha also hated to pull them off but she did so slowly, seeing Melanie’s firm ass cheeks come into view. Once Melanie had stepped from her panties, Natasha put her hands to those firm cheeks grasping them as she placed a kiss to each cheek. Melanie gave out a giggle as Natasha kissed each cheek again. As much as she enjoyed Melanie’s ass cheeks, she stood back up and putting her hands to Melanie’s shoulders turning her around to face her. Natasha stepped back to take in Melanie’s body first noting that Melanie was biting her lower lip but she kept her hands to her sides letting Natasha take in her body. She let her eyes slowly move down Melanie’s body seeing how her breasts were so firm with her areoles and nipples just slightly darker than her skin. Melanie’s hips flared out nicely and much to her surprise, she saw that Melanie’s pussy was shaved clean just as she liked. “Oh my, you are beautiful,” Natasha said feeling her own pussy becoming moist at the thought of making love to this cute young woman. “Thank you,” Melanie whispered. “Let’s see if we can mess up the bed you just made for me,” Natasha said coming to Melanie putting her hands to Melanie’s cheeks and kissing her. “Come on,” Natasha said taking Melanie’s hand however Melanie moved it away causing Natasha to stop. “What’s wrong?” Natasha asked wondering if Melanie had suddenly changed her mind. Melanie hesitated for a second before she found her voice, “first I want to see your beautiful body.” “But you already have,” Natasha said teasing her. “And I want to see it again,” Melanie said coming to her and reaching for the tie of the robe. Natasha liked the way Melanie was becoming bolder and she dropped her arms down so that Melanie could open her robe and push it off of her shoulders. Natasha wiggled her arms helping Melanie get the robe off and letting it fall to the floor. “You are beautiful,” Melania said with her hands coming up to Natasha’s breasts. Natasha let out a moan when Melanie’s hands covered her breasts giving them a squeeze. “I love your breasts,” Melanie said lowering her head and Natasha moaned again when she felt Melanie’s lips kissing her right nipple. “Oh damn, that feels nice, you can keep doing that all night,” Natasha told her putting her hand to the back of Melanie’s head holding it there but then Melanie’s lips left her hardening nipple. “I plan on it,” Melanie said with a shy smile. She then pulled away and she reached down taking Natasha’s hand. “Come with me, my lady,” Melanie said. Natasha let her lead her to the bed watching as Melanie bent over to pull the covers down. Natasha looked down at Melanie’s ass and her hand naturally went there caressing Melanie’s cute ass. Melanie turned her head and smiled stopping what she was doing to let Natasha escort bayan caress her a moment or two. But then she stood up turning to face her, Natasha pulled her into her body kissing her again. This time she opened her lips letting her tongue slip into Melanie’s mouth and Melanie’s tongue immediately met hers. Natasha’s hands went down to Melanie’s ass and she soon felt a pair of hands on her own ass as the kiss continued. Natasha began to ease Melanie back until she had to stop the kiss and caressing so that Melanie could lay upon the bed. She looked down at Melanie and took in what a lovely girl she was. She felt her pussy becoming wet and she so wanted to see what Melanie tasted like. She lay down on top of Melanie and was about to kiss her when suddenly she found that Melanie was pushing her onto her back and Melanie was laying on top of her. “I want to make love to you first,” Melanie said in almost a whisper with her voice touched by the lust that she was obviously feeling. “Okay baby, anything you want,” Natasha said putting her hand to the back of Melanie’s head bringing it down so that she could kiss her. She let Melanie take it from there, and Melanie did. She first kissed her lightly before opening her lips to make her kisses more passionate. Natasha had one hand on the back of Melanie’s head but the other she used to caress Melanie’s smooth soft back. As Melanie’s lips left her lips and moved to her chin and then her neck, Natasha raised her head allowing Melanie to kiss her there, giving her sensual kisses that further aroused her. “Oh baby, you do know how to kiss,” Natasha told her. “That isn’t all I know how to do,” Melanie told her and then she gave out a shy giggle. Natasha let out a little laugh, “I’m happy to hear that.” Melanie replied to that by slipping on down Natasha’s body and Natasha sucked in her breath for a second when she felt Melanie’s lips touch her left nipple and she moaned when Melanie began to suck on it. She felt Melanie’s fingers teasing her right nipple and Natasha let out another moan. Melanie’s lips slipped off that nipple and went to the right one as Natasha felt Melanie’s fingers on her left nipple pinching and pulling on it. Natasha felt her pussy getting wetter and as much as she loved what Melanie was doing to her breasts, there was someplace lower that she wanted Melanie’s sensual lips to be. She brought her hands up to Melanie’s shoulders gently pushing them downward. Melanie quickly got the message and she release the nipple that was in her mouth and began to kiss her way down Natasha’s body causing Natasha to let out little mews of pleasure. Melanie kept her hands upon Natasha’s breasts and Natasha loved that she did that. Melanie’s hands were so soft and she knew how to use them caressing her breasts and then rolling her nipples between her fingers. Melanie’s lips soon found their way down to her pussy. Natasha had her legs open wide for Melanie to slip between. She first felt Melanie’s warm breath against her hot wet pussy and then she felt Melanie’s lips kissing her clit causing her to utter a “fuck”, feeling the kiss throughout her body. She felt Melanie’s tongue against her pussy lips and she was licking away moving her tongue all around and her damn fingers still pinching and pulling on her nipples. Natasha was gripping the sheet as Melanie’s tongue went between her lips going in deep. “Fuck girl, your tongue works wonders,” Natasha moaned pushing her pussy into Melanie’s face making her lick deeper between her lips. She felt Melanie’s hands leave her breasts and she groaned from the loss of what her hands had been doing to her nipples. However, she then felt Melanie’s hands at her pussy and them pulling her lips apart. She felt Melanie’s tongue go inside and she let out a moan and her hands went to her breasts squeezing them herself. She felt Melanie’s tongue go to her sensitive clit and at the same time she felt Melanie’s fingers entering her pussy. “fuck me!” Natasha cried out and letting out a moan when Melanie’s tongue touched her clit. Melanie definitely knew how to use her tongue as she licked and then sucked upon it. Melanie’s fingers were pushing deep into her pussy fucking her hard just as she liked it. Melanie was sucking on her clit just as hard and then she went back to licking it with her fingers going deep into her pussy. Natasha felt her orgasm beginning to build and with Melanie’s tongue and fingers working her pussy, she couldn’t stop her orgasm from hitting, not that she wanted to. She cried out when she felt her orgasm hit and Melanie kept licking up her girlcum. Once she had recovered, she reached down to pull Melanie up in the bed and she rolled her onto her back. “Now where did you learn how to make love like that?” Natasha asked and Melanie’s cheeks got a tad bit redder. “I don’t know…” Melanie said but Natasha knew she would get Melanie to talk sooner or later but now there was something better she wanted to do. “Well I know a few things about making love too,” Natasha said and she pushed a more than willing Melanie onto her back. “Let me see if I can make you feel as good as you made me feel,” Natasha told her and then she kissed her, a kiss that quickly turned passionate when she slipped her tongue into Melanie’s mouth. But kissing was only the start and she so wanted to get to those pale beautiful breasts and her pussy. She kissed her again and then she slipped down until her head was over Melanie’s erect nipples that was begging to be sucked upon and so she did, taking Melanie’s right nipple into her mouth sucking upon it and getting a loud moan from Melanie. When she pulled off the hard nipple, she gave it a little bite and Melanie cried out “ohhh…” for a split second she thought that she had hurt her though she didn’t bite that hard. But then she felt Melanie’s hand on the back of her head pushing it back to her breast. Natasha then knew the “ohhh” was how Melanie expressed herself in passion. Natasha kissed that same nipple sucking again on it and then giving it another bite to hear another “Ohhhh” so Natasha bit it one more time pulling on it gently and Melanie seemed to like that even more. She went to the other nipple to kiss and suck and of course bite it now that she knew how it turned Melanie on. However, Melanie’s pussy was calling out to her and she had to taste her, so she left Melanie’s breasts and moved down between her legs that Melanie opened for her. Her lips were opened slightly for her and she could see the pink flesh and also how wet Melanie was, indication just how aroused she was. Natasha dropped her head and began to lick getting a long “Ohhhh” and feeling Melanie push her pussy up against her mouth. Natasha licked in between her lips tasting her fresh juices and knowing that she wanted to taste this girl lots more. There was just something about her taste that drove her wild. She began to lick her deeper going up to her clit to lick and suck and hearing Melanie moan loudly when she did so. She used her fingers to open Melanie’s lips pushing her tongue in further and then she went up to her clit again sucking it into her mouth. Melanie cried out when she sucked a little harder and then she heard a long “Ohhhhhhh…” with Melanie’s body stiffening for a moment when her orgasm hit. She tasted Melanie’s fresh juices and she licked them up giving Melanie’s clit a rest since she wasn’t through with this girl just yet. She came back up in the bed and she kissed Melanie’s sweaty forehead and then her lips as Melanie began to recover from her orgasm. “thank you, that was nice,” Melanie told her giving her a sweet soft smile. “You’re welcome but the evening isn’t over just yet, I got a couple of toys to play with… if you want,” Natasha said curious as to how Melanie would react to this information. “What kind of toys?” Melanie asked with a youthful eagerness that pleased Natasha to no end. “I’ve got a couple of vibrators and a strap-on,” Natasha said as she sat up getting off the bed. “You got a strap-on?” Melanie said sitting up in the bed. “Yes, do you like to be fucked?” Natasha asked going to her suitcase and pulling out the bag that contained her toys, something that she had begun to think that she had packed in false hope of using them on this trip. “Yes, I do, especially if you are the one doing the fucking,” Melanie said blushing more than a little. “You can count on it my little angel,” Natasha said pulling her strap-on from the bag and leaving the vibrators for another night. Her toys were the one thing that Natasha bought the best that she could find, her clothes and even food she would scrimp on but not her toys. Natasha brought it over to the bed and Melanie reached out for it, “let me see it,” she said. “Oh no you don’t, I’m going to fuck you first,” Natasha said seeing Melanie pout for a briefest of seconds before she grinned. “Lay back my little angel,” Natasha said while she began to put the strap-on onto her body. “Am I your little angel?” Melanie asked grinning up at her. “I guess you are,” Natasha said giving Melanie a warm smile that made Melanie smile back at her obviously liking her new pet name that Natasha wasn’t sure where it came from but the name fit Melanie in her eyes. “I like it,” Melanie said beaming at her but then she glanced down at the dildo sticking out from Natasha’s groin. “I’m going to fuck my little angel silly,” Natasha said as she put a little lube on her fake cock and then she got up on the bed on her knees with Melanie on her back. Melanie opened her legs wide as Natasha slipped between them. Melanie let her legs rest on Natasha’s thighs so that Natasha could position the head of her cock to Melanie’s pussy. Natasha used her hand to move the head of her cock along Melanie’s slit a few times getting the head wet with Melanie’s juices. She placed the head of the cock at Melanie’s entrance and slowly eased it into her pussy. Melanie let out another “Ohhhh…” Natasha pushed it all the way in and she saw Melanie closing her eyes but she had pure pleasure written across her face. Natasha pulled her hips back a couple of inches and then pushed her hips forward again while leaning slightly forward so that she could put her hands onto Melanie’s breasts giving them a squeeze. “Ohhhhh…” Melanie moaned and she moaned louder when Natasha began to fuck her harder and deeper. Seeing that Melanie was liking this, she started to put more force to her hip thrusts and Melanie would just moan louder and she tried to push her pussy onto the cock that was fucking her hard. Natasha was getting so aroused as she just loved to fuck a cute girl and Melanie fit that bill to a T. Natasha worked her hips hard and she could hear the sounds of her cock fucking Melanie’s wet pussy. Natasha squeezed Melanie’s breasts harder and she began to pinch her nipples. She pulled up on those hard nipples and she leaned her hips in and was now fucking her little angel for all she was worth. She could feel the sweat on her body and see it on Melanie’s body as she continued to fuck her hard. “Ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh,,,” Melanie moaned and Natasha saw Melanie’s body tense with her orgasm hitting her hard. Natasha gave Melanie a few more hard thrusts of her cock before she slowly pulled it from Melanie’s pussy that Natasha could see didn’t want to give it up. While Melanie lay there in bliss, Natasha took off her strap-on laying it on the bed so that she could go to Melanie and hug her to her body feeling the sweat from both of their bodies. It took Melanie a couple of minutes before she came out of the euphoria of her orgasm. “Oh god, you are good with that thing,” Melanie said in almost a sigh. “Why thank bursa escort you,” Natasha said liking that Melanie enjoyed her ability to use her strap-on. Melanie took in a deep breath before she sat up in the bed, “Now it’s my turn with that thing.” Natasha started to tell her that she didn’t have to but she really wanted to see how good Melanie was at using a strap-on and besides she wanted to be fuck hard. “Need any help with that?” Natasha asked and she started to sit up but Melanie pushed her back down. “Nope, I got it,” Melanie said so Natasha lay her head on the pillow while Melanie stood up on the bed with the harness in hand. Natasha saw that Melanie put it on with ease, adjusting it to her body. She then dropped down to her knees with the dildo wiggling in the air. “Open up,” Melanie said with a giggle. “Yes ma’am,” Natasha replied laughing with Melanie but then she got serious when Melanie slipped forward on her knees so that she could fuck her that same way she was fucked. Natasha brought up and pushed her knees out wide thus opening her pussy to Melanie and her cock. Melanie grasp the dildo and she immediately put the head to her pussy. Natasha felt the head opening her pussy lips and she let out a contented moan feeling her pussy being filled with the cock that Melanie was wearing. Melanie push the cock in deep filling her up and then she pulled back only to push it back in. Natasha moaned realizing that Melanie did know how to fuck a woman. Her eyes zeroed in on Melanie’s small breasts bouncing with ever thrust that she made. However, the feel on Melanie’s fucking her caused her to close her eyes so that she could concentrate on the feel of the dildo moving in and out of her pussy making her so wet. It was only a few seconds later, that she felt Melanie moving and then a pair of soft hands grasping her breasts. “Yes baby, squeeze my breasts, pinch my nipples,” Natasha moaned. “Like this,” Melanie asked and Natasha felt fingers move to her hard nipples pinching and pulling on them. “Oh hell yes,” Natasha moaned. She felt Melanie pushing in harder and faster and that just further aroused her. “oh god you’re good,” Natasha moaned pushing back as best as she could with the position that she was in. She felt a drop of sweat fall on her belly and that she found erotic adding a bit to what was happening to her pussy and nipples. The thing Melanie did that sent her over the edge was when she reached down and rubbed her clit while fucking her. That did cause her to slow down on her thrusts however the fingers on her clit blew her world apart and her orgasm hit her hard with her pussy trying to grip the slippery cock that was sliding in and out of her. Somewhere in the back of her mind she felt that wonderful fulness turn into nothing but then her pussy was still having spasms that kept her orgasm going for a few more moments. When she got herself back together, Melanie was lying beside of her and she put her right arm around under Melanie’s neck placing her hand on her upper arm. They both lay there for a little while, with Melanie snuggling in close and Natasha was content to just lay there however one thing kept rolling around her head until she just had to ask. “May I ask you something personal but you don’t have to answer it if you don’t want to but I have a terrible case of curiously.” Natasha said turning to face Melanie who did the same. “Okay,” Melanie said and Natasha couldn’t read Melanie’s face, but then she had just met her this afternoon, to determine whether she would answer the question or not. “How did you learn how to use a strap-on, that definitely wasn’t the first time you’ve used one.” Natasha said noting Melanie blushing a little. “A friend taught me,” Melanie told her, “she taught me about making love and how to love a woman.” “Oh… I see,” Natasha said feeling just a little jealous of this friend though she couldn’t figure out why she would be. It wasn’t like she was going to see Melanie after she went home. “You still seeing this friend,” Natasha asked before she could stop herself. Melanie smiled at her and the smile told Natasha that Melanie was seeing through her question and that embarrassed her more than a little. She just hoped that the sudden warmth that she was feeling in her cheeks didn’t show. “No, I haven’t seen her in a couple of years though she does text me every once in a while.” Melanie told her. “I will tell you about her if you want.” “Sure,” Natasha said seeing that Melanie was wanting to tell her about her friend. “Liz was the manager of housekeeping when I started here right out of high school. She was really nice to me and showed me what I was supposed to do and how to clean the rooms so another guest could check in. She helped me to do several rooms before she left me on my own. Even then, she kept coming back to check to see how I was doing. When I took my lunch break that first day, I went outside to eat my sandwich and she came out and joined me. I found that I could talk to her and she seemed interested in what I had to say. We ate lunch together every day after that. Then a couple of weeks after I started, she invited me over to her place for dinner. By then I had figured out that she was gay and I guess she had figured out that I was too. I guess you know what happened from there,” Melanie said with a soft smile. “What happened to her,” Natasha asked. “When I met her, she and her girlfriend had decided to take a break from each other and see where they stood. You see, her girlfriend had taken a job in another state and Liz wasn’t ready to leave here. When her girlfriend came home for a visit, I knew that Liz would leave with her and she did.” Melanie said and Natasha could see a bit of sadness in her eyes. “I’m sorry,” Natasha told her. “Oh, I knew that eventually Liz would leave to be with her girlfriend, she talked about her all the time and she loved her. I did love Liz but I knew in my heart that she would never love me as much as I did her.” Melanie said and she seemed to be resigned to what happened. “You’ll find a girl that will love you as much as you love her,” Natasha said hoping for the same thing for herself. “Do you have a girlfriend at home?” Melanie asked her. Natasha smiled, “No I have a friend or two but nothing serious. One day I will find a girl I can settle down with, at least I hope I do.” Melanie smiled at her and it was almost like Melanie knew something that she didn’t know, it was sort of a weird feeling but at the same time, it made her feel almost loved, if that was what the feeling was. Natasha decided that a change of subject was in order so she asked what Melanie wanted to do with her life with Melanie telling her that anything would be better than being a housekeeper at a hotel. It wasn’t her dream job. They talked for a while before the warm bed and the feel of each other’s body caused them both began to get sleepy and they fell asleep. Natasha woke when she heard movement in the room, it scared her at first but when she opened her eyes, she saw that Melanie was getting dressed from the light of the bathroom. “You leaving?” Natasha asked. “What time is it?” “It’s about five-thirty, I need to go home and get a fresh uniform and shower. I have to be back here at seven.” Melanie told her as she stepped into her skirt. “Would you like to get together again?” Natasha asked knowing she should let this be a one-night stand but there was something about Melanie that made her want to see her again. “Sure when?” Melanie said with a bright smile. Natasha saw that smile and while she knew she should say in a few days but instead her mouth said, “How about tonight?” “I would love to,” Melanie said with her smile growing bigger. “I’ll bring something to wear after work so we can go out,” Melanie told her. “And a clean uniform for tomorrow,” Natasha told her and even in the dim light she could see Melanie blushing. “I will,” Melanie replied. “Now come over here and give me a kiss,” Natasha said holding out her hand to Melanie. Melanie came over and just as she began to bend over, Natasha reached out and she took a hold of Melanie’s arm pulling her on down onto the bed so that she ended up sitting next to her. “Now I can really kiss you,” Natasha said and Melanie giggled but Natasha stopped the giggling with her kiss. Natasha felt Melanie’s hand come to her cheek as they opened their lips and the goodbye kiss turned into a passionate kiss. Natasha put her left hand to the back of Melanie’s neck holding her into the kiss. Natasha put her right hand down to Melanie’s thigh rubbing it while moving Melanie’s uniform skirt up her thigh. Melanie pulled back and she reached for Natasha’s hand that was at her upper thigh. “I don’t have time,” Melanie said. “Yes, you do,” Natasha said. Natasha moved her hand to Melanie’s panty covered pussy and she leaned in for another kiss. Melanie resisted but for a second before she gave in letting out a moan. Melanie opened her legs as she returned Natasha’s kiss. Natasha ran her fingers up and down Melanie’s panty covered pussy feeling the gusset getting moist. She then slipped her fingers under the leg of the panty so that her fingers were now pressed against Melanie’s wet pussy. Natasha pressed her fingers inside of her getting another moan from Melanie but she did know that time really was limited so she moved her fingers to Melanie’s clit, pressing against it while she rubbed it while they continued to kiss. It didn’t take too long before Melanie arched her back and Natasha pressed a little harder against her clit as she rubbed faster. “Fuck!” Melanie cried out with her orgasm overcoming her. “Oh god you’re going to be the death of me,” Melanie said in a contented sigh and a soft smile a minute or so later. “I couldn’t resist,” Natasha said grinning at Melanie. “I bet you couldn’t,” Melanie told her and Natasha had to laugh. “Well I can’t resist this,” Melanie said as she sat up. “What’s that?” Natasha asked. “Getting another taste of your pussy,” Melanie said pulling the covers off of Natasha. Natasha wasn’t about to resist as Melanie got between her legs and her mouth went immediately to her pussy. “Oh yes baby,” Natasha moaned pushing her pussy up against Melanie’s face. She was already aroused when Melanie’s tongue went between her lips and Natasha moaned again. Natasha opened her legs further letting Melanie’s tongue get deeper into her pussy. She loved the way that Melanie would push her tongue in deep and move it around inside of her. But then her tongue was gone and she almost groaned until she felt it on her clit. She then felt a couple of Melanie’s fingers slip into her pussy. Melanie began to fuck her with her fingers pushing in deep and hard. Her tongue was licking her clit making her so aroused. She felt another finger push into her pussy and she was on fire. She felt Melanie’s lips form over her clit and she felt her sucking hard on her clit. Natasha thought for sure that Melanie would suck it off of her body and at that moment she didn’t care, she was feeling so great. Every nerve ending in her body was tingling and with Melanie’s fingers fucking her so hard, she was at the edge of her orgasm in a matter of a few moments. “Ohhhh…” Natasha moan when her orgasm hit and it hit her hard. When she could breathe again and open her eyes, Melanie was getting off the bed. She came up to her and gave her a kiss, a tender gentle kiss. “Now I do have to go,” Melanie said giving her another light kiss before she turned and headed for the door. Natasha watched as she opened it and Melanie gave her a little wave before she slipped out, closing the door behind her. “Oh god I love this girl,” Natasha said to herself. End of Chapter One To be continued… Please let me know what you think of my story. I welcome all comments good or bad. You can email me at ail

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