Naomi and Earl with My Big DickNaomi and Earl with My Big Dick


All of the characters in this story are over 18 years of age. There is an MMF threesome in this story with all manner of combinations, so if you do not like that then this story is not for you. This story is dedicated to the couple that Naomi and Earl are based on, they know who they are…


Earl and Naomi were good neighbors to me in so many ways for a long time, but I never in my wildest dreams thought we would have a night together like we did yesterday evening.


I need to go back a few years and give some background.

I was a typical fifty-something male living a quiet life with my wife in our nice neighborhood when Earl and Naomi moved in next door. I have always kept in shape and have had a daily routine of yoga and light weights for more than an hour a day, I enjoy keeping my body lean and well-muscled. After I worked out I would often lay out and work on a tan that helped show off my physique.

My wife was not into those things and quite frankly we had been growing apart. After I retired in my early fifties, instead of spending more time together, we were actually seeing each other less and less. There was another issue, an intimate issue that did not help either, but more on that later.

So, Earl and Naomi moved in next door and they were a happy couple about our age. They were enjoying a comfortable retirement that they had earned through many years of both working. Neither of them were into fitness like I was, but they were both nice looking people. Probably the most attractive thing about them was their openness and good nature. Right from the start it was easy to talk to them and to just be around them.

My wife and I had Naomi and Earl over for dinner a few times and they reciprocated. My wife was cordial and polite, but I really hit it off well with both of our neighbors. As my wife and I drifted apart I became closer and closer friends with the two of them.


About a year after Earl and Naomi moved in to our neighborhood, my wife packed up and left. The end was not angry, and it wasn’t friendly; it was more like something that had withered away was swept off like dry dust. I was sad, but there was so little left in our relationship that I knew this was inevitable.

Of course my two neighbors did their best to be kind to me, and they helped me through this tough time. They invited me over regularly, and that was when they found out about a source of the problem related to sex in my marriage.


Earl and Naomi had me over for a cookout and a swim in their pool in the backyard. It was a clear hot night and we all three were enjoying the pool. Naomi was wearing a one piece swimsuit that showcased her curves, and after it got wet her nipples and aureoles could clearly be seen in the clinging fabric. I was not on the prowl for my neighbor’s wife, but I also could not help but notice this sexy woman near me in the pool. The sight of Naomi was making my dick get harder and harder. I made up my mind to stay in the water as much as possible hoping that my erection would go down.

A little later Earl was cooking at the grill and Naomi was bringing him some steaks, she called out to me, “Hey, go get us some beers.” Without thinking I climbed the ladder out of the pool right in front of them, and as soon as I stood on the edge of the pool I knew I had made a mistake.

Earl was staring at my crotch and his eyes were wide. Naomi had her eyes locked on my still erect dick, and her mouth dropped open. My wet swimsuit was wrapped tight around my hard cock, and every inch of it was on display.

“That is one serious asset!” exclaimed Earl.

“How,…how big is it?” wondered Naomi.

I realized their was no hiding now, so I responded, “Well, it is over 8 inches long.”

“Why did your wife leave that?” asked Earl.

“It was part of the problem, she had so much trouble getting it inside her.”

“Well, I do not know your ex-wife that well, but you just let me know and I will have my girlfriends get in line to see what they could do with that big old thing,” said Naomi as she winked and licked her lips for emphasis.

“Yeah, and stop trying to hide that serious manhood around us, even I like seeing a dick that size. It is bigger than a lot of what I have seen in porn,” said Earl as he casually looked up and down the length of my dick.

Looking back on it, this is what probably opened the door to the three of us exploring some fantasies, but before that happened there would be a truly terrifying time to come.


I could tell by his voice on the phone that Earl was shaken, “Naomi, is in the hospital, she has the Coronavirus…, what am I going to do?!” he cried.

“I am on the way,” I told him.

When I got to the hospital I found Earl and put my arm around him, “It will be okay,” I told him.

He sobbed on my shoulder. “What will küçükçekmece escort I do?!” he asked.

“I know one thing you can do,…be strong for her.”

Earl struggled to gather himself, “You are right.”

“Hey man, I will do my best to help you, like you both have helped me,” I told Earl.

The next several weeks were hard on both Naomi and Earl. She was tough as nails and fought her way through the illness. He was there for her as much as he could be, and I tried to help them where I could.

It was a huge relief when Naomi got to come home. After a few more weeks her health was fully recovered, and they wanted to have me over for a nice time together to celebrate.

This would turn into that evening that I mentioned at the start of this story.


It was a wonderful meal that we had together, the steak, the vegetables, the wine (and more wine). We were laughing and joking as we got up from the table and moved to the couch in their living room. Naomi sat on the couch next to me, and Earl sat down in the chair right in front of us. She looked radiant and healthy again, and I could not help but notice her full breasts rounding out the burgundy silk blouse she was wearing.

At a quiet moment Naomi put her hand on my arm. “There is something that Earl and I want to talk to you about doing,” her tone indicated it was something serious.

“Sure, whatever I can do to help,” I replied.

“Well…,” Naomi inhaled, and I could tell this was something that was hard for her to say. “You need to hear us out before you agree.”

“Okay,” I responded.

“After I got home Earl and I had a long talk, and…,” Naomi shuddered, and took a deep breath.

“It is okay, I am listening, ” I told her.

“Sorry,” she said. “It is not easy to talk about this, but I want to.”

She continued, “Earl and I talked about things we have done, and things we,…want to do. Some of those things we were afraid people would think were wrong, or,…just not things good people do. So we did not dare say or do anything about them. Then after I got sick and then got better, we realized that we are the only ones standing in our own way, and we only have this one life to live. So we decided that we would go ahead and do something about these things.”

When Naomi said this she put her hand on my leg and gently rubbed it back and forth, “some of these things we want involve another person,…you.”

I looked over at Naomi, her blouse was now open so that I could see the curves of her breasts, and I could feel my dick swelling. “So what is it that you want me to do with you?” I asked.

Earl came and sat on the other side of me on the couch and said, “Ever since Naomi and I saw you come out of the pool we have talked about what we saw, we want,…well one thing we want is, we want to see it.”

Naomi’s hand slid further up my leg and she put her other arm around my shoulders, “We feel so close to you, and we hope you are not offended by us asking, but it would mean a lot to us …please?”

I looked at Earl, and then back at Naomi, “Sure, you can see it if you want to,” I replied.

“Oh thank you so much!” said Naomi and I could hear the relief in her voice. She then slid her hand up my pants onto the shaft of my now hard cock.

“Damn that is a big dick!” said Earl as he watched his wife move her hand up and down the bulge that filled the crotch of my pants.

Naomi then unfastened the button on my pants and began to pull down the zipper. As the zipper reached the end the length of my cock was much more visible covered only by my underwear.

“Could you stand up?” Naomi asked me.

“Uh-huh” I replied. I stood and turned so that I was facing Naomi.

Naomi reached out and put a hand on either side of my dick and ran her hands up and down it. Her touch felt electric even through the fabric of my underwear. Then she pulled my pants down to my ankles and I kicked them away. Reaching back up she curled her fingers inside my elastic waistband and pulled down. Earl and Naomi were staring intently at my dick as the head came into view. She continued dragging the taut band over my dick and the shaft began to emerge. Finally she pulled my boxers to my feet and my semi-erect cock dropped down pointing straight out.

“It looks even better like this,” Naomi said and she put her hand on my dick. She stroked along the entire length of my undulating member. Then she put her hand around the large knob of the head and squeezed the pink tip. A drop of precum appeared there and she leaned forward and touched it with her tongue. On contact the fluid transferred from the head to her tongue which she withdrew back into her mouth.

“Mmmmm,” she closed her eyes and sighed enjoying the taste of my fluid.

She opened her eyes and looked up at şişli escort me. She began to lick her lips, and then never breaking eye contact with me, she slowly extended her tongue out from her mouth, reaching towards me. The tip of her tongue reached the slit in my cockhead, and it probed all along that opening. Then her tongue pressed into my slit as if searching for more precum. Gradually her mouth followed her tongue up to my tip and then she was kissing the head of my now rock hard dick. All this time she was looking in my eyes without blinking.

Naomi then leaned back, “Sit back down, ok?” she asked.

I returned to sit between them and Naomi took hold of my cock again, it was fully erect and pointing at the ceiling. She was making long slow strokes, her fingertips could not touch as they wrapped around my fully engorged pole.

“So I want to suck your dick,” said Naomi,” but I have a favor to ask you.”

“Well everything you have asked of me so far has felt great for me, so I think I am game for whatever you want,” I replied.

“Yeah, I think this would feel great for you too, but it is something I cannot do,” she said.

She looked over at Earl and then leaned close to me so that our lips almost touched, “I want to see Earl suck this huge dick too, and he can deep throat it.” she whispered.

I was surprised by this request and looked over at Earl, he quietly nodded his head in agreement with Naomi. I looked back to her, “I have never done anything like that…” my voice trailed off.

“All you have to do is leave it to us, ok?” and with that request she brought her lips up to mine and began to kiss me. Her hand continued to slide up and down my cock that was now slick with precum. As her tongue pushed into my mouth we both moaned, and I felt Earl’s hand wrap around hers on my shaft.

She leaned back and we all watched as both their hands roamed over my dick.

“Urgghh,…, ” I groaned. “Damn, that feels so good. Both of you can go ahead and do whatever you want to my big dick, mmmm,…please do suck it, both of you, suck it!”

At that both of their heads dropped down towards my dick and they were licking and sucking on it. One would suck on the head and explore the tip with their mouth and tongue, while the other slid their lips along the shaft. I looked down at the two of them sucking on my hard erect dick.

Then Naomi sat back and told Earl, “I am so glad we did this. You were right about him having an open mind, it is so hot to suck on this big dick!” Then she leaned forward and tried to kiss him around my dick. Their lips spread over the shaft and began to touch, and they pushed and strained to kiss with my cock between them. Their tongues slid out and reached across my throbbing dick to touch each other and lick at their mouths around my cock.

Naomi stopped and turned to me, “Thanks to you too for being so cool about this.” Then she grabbed the base of my dick and pointed it at her husband. He took my dick in his mouth and slid half way down the stiff member. “I wish it could last a long time, but I know you will come soon, ” she said with some regret.

“Actually, my dick is almost too hard to come, and if you both go slow with the licking and the sucking I could stay hard for a long time,” I replied.

She leaned down and told her husband, “Oh my god, did you hear that?” As he held my cock in his mouth he nodded that he understood what I said.

“Good, now go slow, slow!” she said. “I want you to take a long time before you make all of that cock disappear into your throat.”

He replied by saying, “Mmmmmm”. I could feel the humming around my dick.

She moved up and sat beside me, we began to kiss as her husband’s lips were sliding up and down my pulsing cock. Our tongues worked together, sliding across each other until she stopped because she wanted to look down at her husband’s mouth on my dick.

She had her head on my shoulder as we looked down at him, he slowly, slowly moved his mouth down my iron hard dick. His loving wife reached down and caressed his cheek and put her fingers at the junction of his mouth and my shaft. His eyes were half-closed and he moaned, both from the pleasure of her touch and the continued sensation of his mouth around a huge wet penis. She stroked his face and told him how hot it was to see this. That seemed to motivate Earl and he got on his knees on the couch and sent his mouth down my pole, more and more of it went past his lips.

He stopped momentarily and I could feel him panting around my dick. Then he lunged down and I felt the head of my cock pass deep into his throat. “Urghhh,…,” he gurgled as his face was buried against me, his lips were at the base of my dick.

“Oh baby, that is so hot,” said Naomi. She kissed and licked at Earl’s face as he held himself down on me. I sighed şirinevler escort with pleasure. After several minutes of deep throating my heavy dick Earl slowly began to raise up off my cock.

He slid his mouth back up off my pole, and sat back. “Wow, that was amazing!” he said. “It was so much better than that banana I had been practicing with!”

He got up to go get a drink and she put her hand around my cock. She squeezed it a few times and this pumping action caused precum to flood the tip. She swiped her finger at my slit and collected the fluid and bought it up to her mouth. She stuck out her tongue and deposited the sticky precum on the end of it. Turning, she held her tongue out to me, and I opened my mouth and surrounded her pink tongue. Closing my lips around her tongue I pulled back and took all of the fluid in my mouth. “Mmmmmm,” I sighed at the salty taste of my slick warm precum. I rubbed it all over my tongue feeling and tasting the liquid that had been pumped out of my dick.

While I had been savoring my precum Naomi took off her clothes. She then brought one tit up to my mouth and I sucked and licked at her nipple. Naomi began to squirm and moan with delight as I lapped at the hard nub.

Earl came back in the room and he had also taken off all his clothes. His erect dick was pointing out from his body, and while he watched me worshipping his wife’s tits he began to stroke his cock. Precum dripped from the end of his dick. He came up behind his wife and began kissing the back of her neck and squeezing her butt cheeks.

“Do you know what I want?” Earl growled at Naomi as he ran his lips up and down the back of her neck.

“Uhhh,…uhmmmm, …what do you want?” she responded as her head rolled back on her shoulders.

“I want to fuck your ass while you suck his dick,” he said.

Naomi responded by backing up and pulling her tits out of my mouth. She then slid back so that she could put her ass up at the end of the couch, and brought her head down to my dick.

Naomi began slobbering and licking all over the head of my dick, and Earl grabbed her ass and squeezed and massaged the cheeks.

Naomi slurped at my dick and said, “Yeah baby,…mmmmmm,…get me ready, make me wet,…uhhhhh,…mmmm!”

Earl ran the slick head of his dick all over her tight hole, and then began to push it in. Naomi had my dick head in her mouth and began to grunt as Earl’s dick spread her anus.

“Damn baby you are so tight, it feels so good!” groaned Earl. He was kneading the muscles in her butt as he inched his cock deeper and deeper into her.

Naomi was sucking my cock in earnest now, collapsing her mouth on my raging hard member and pulling as much suction as she could. The she would relax and slide more of the pole up into her mouth.

Earl’s dick was now completely inside Naomi. He then backed up slightly and shoved forward, and began to fuck her ass. Naomi moaned around my dick and shoved her butt back into Earl.

A steady rhythm developed with Earl driving into Naomi while she had half my dick in her mouth, and the head bumping at her throat. She held my dick deep in her mouth and I could feel her tongue sliding along the shaft, feeling all over it. I reached down and brushed back her hair so that I could watch her lips on my dick, it was so nice to both feel her lips on the shaft, and feel her head move back and forth driven by Earl’s thrusts.

Earl was approaching his orgasm and a low rumble came from his throat; the steady drumbeat of his fucking became faster and faster. Naomi began to rapidly raise and lower her head on my cock and I could feel my balls pulling up in my sac.

“Arghhhh!” Earl hollered as he rammed his dick up in Naomi, and shot his load deep into her.

Naomi jerked and bucked with the force of Earl’s explosion. Her aggressive sucking on my dick became almost manic and her mouth and tongue flew all over my cock.

I could not stop myself and my orgasm built to a crescendo, “Uh,…Uhhnnn,…Oh Yes!” I cried. My hips lifted off the couch and my dick wanted to go as deep as possible into that warm mouth that was giving it so much pleasure.

“AHHHHHHHH,…URGHhhhhhhh,…” I groaned as my dick began to pump hot cum into Naomi’s throat. My abs tightened and I looked down at Naomi as she sucked and swallowed the stream of semen coming from my pulsing cock.

Earl had pulled out and was now watching his beautiful wife take the last few shots of cum from me. As she slid back up off my red throbbing dick he brought his mouth up to hers. They shared my warm cum that remained in her mouth, their tongues sliding back and forth coated with the milky thick fluid.

I lay back on the couch watching their joyful kissing as they celebrated their fantasy come to life. I was happy for them, and at the same time exhausted from the wild sex we had just had. I do not think I could have been more content.


As I said when I started this story, that was last night. I have just showered and had a late breakfast, yoga will be interesting today as I am sore from the crazy positions we got in last night. I am sure I will get over it.

I looked over and my cell phone is ringing, it is Earl and Naomi’s number, I wonder what they want…?

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