Nanobotic Toilets Ch. 04Nanobotic Toilets Ch. 04


Even the leaders of PIS were at least mildly surprised at how quickly the newcomers acclimated themselves to the sorority’s unorthodox bathrooming and sexual protocols. Within about a month, virtually every member was perfectly comfortable relieving herself on floors or furniture in full incidental eyeshot of others. In another two weeks, a comparable majority was just as uninhibited with respect to sexual self-gratification, and in about another two weeks, very few if any felt at all awkward about offering or accepting friendly assistance in scratching the erotic itch. Often, that assistance was entirely passive, with one girl just resting while she let her body serve the role of a pillow for her horny friend. More active assistance usually took the form of one girl fingering the other to orgasm, providing that extra bit of ecstasy that only seems possible when the brain that’s experiencing the climax is separate from the one that’s causing it. In fact, I’m not sure if the current membership just happened to already be a particularly randy lot, or we were all just able to indulge our urges more often because privacy was much less of an issue. Either way, two months into the semester, it had become a comparatively rare moment in the PIS house when there wasn’t someone somewhere who was masturbating, helping a friend masturbate, or relieving themselves on the nearest nanobot-laden surface.

Late one night, Susan and I were sitting on the couch putting the finishing touches on an essay for a class that we both had, while Laura was lying on her stomach on the floor in front of us, browsing the Internet on her tablet. Soon after finishing, Susan’s hand drifted to her crotch, and she rubbed it a few times before she stood up only to immediately straddle Laura on the floor. “Time for a good butt-humping!” she said, already rolling her hips gently against her friend’s rump. “I really wanna cum right now.”

“Knock yourself out,” Laura replied with a small smirk.

Susan was wearing yoga pants, which were apparently thin enough for her that she didn’t feel the need to take them off. Instead, she just kept grinding her pussy against Laura’s ass, purring softly as she felt the first hint of satisfaction. She continued rocking her pelvis against her friend’s firm glutes, slowly at first but at a rapidly escalating rate. After about five minutes, her breath had grown rather ragged, and her gyrations were causing both her and Laura’s hips to shake visibly. She let out a short yelp followed by a moan that as to be the first of many as the movements reached a fever pitch. She bit her tongue and gripped the sides of Laura’s abdomen. Throughout all of this, Laura barely took her eyes off her tablet, so she was apparently quite used to this. What surprised me was what happened as it became clear that Susan was nearing climax. “Shoot, I gotta take a dump!” she realized suddenly. “I think I can hold it though. I’m too close to cumming now!” she emitted a long moan and accelerated the grinding of her crotch on Laura’s butt even further. “Damn it! I really gotta go!” she groaned. “And I’m about to…CCCCUUUUUMMMM!” Her feverish grinding halted as she climaxed, and after a couple of involuntary pelvic spasms, she was back on her feet just long enough to yank her pants and panties down. She then hovered over the couch and let a huge brown pile come rushing out of her onto the cushion next to me, letting out a long sigh of relief.

Just ulus escort a few minutes later, Laura rolled onto her back, hoisted her hips up just long enough to pull her own jeans and underwear down to her knees, and held her legs up in the air while she sprayed the carpet with no small amount of pee. She then redressed herself and rolled back onto her stomach.

About an hour after that, I finally decided to turn in for the night so I headed upstairs to the bedroom I shared with Beth. On the way there, I ran into Tricia, a curly-haired brunette who’d been one of the topless girls in the kitchen on my first morning in PIS. She was squatting and peeing on the hallway carpet. “Hey, Trish,” I greeted with a yawn.

“Hey,” she replied as her pale yellow arch swelled briefly before quickly dwindling. “You hittin’ the sack?”

“Yep,” I confirmed, removing my tank top as I reached my bedroom door. I sent her a small smile before entering the room and closing the door behind me, throwing my top into Beth and my shared hamper. My skinny jeans and panties soon joined it, and I moaned at the feel of my cool linens against my bare skin as I crawled into bed. Beth was already konked out above me, and she was beginning to snore a bit. Fortunately, I had long gotten used to that, so I had no trouble falling asleep myself as soon as I hit the pillow.

Nor was I surprised when I woke up gently the following morning to the sounds of Beth’s mattress shaking. It hadn’t taken long for masturbation to become part of her wake-up routine. I heard her panting and squeaking and estimated that it would be about two minutes until she came, so I just lay there and dozed, letting her purrs of pleasure lead me slowly into full wakefulness. “Oh, God!” she intoned raggedly as her gyrations reached their zenith and then abruptly tapered off with a final cry of bliss. I could almost hear the squish of what was undoubtedly an impressive turd rush out of her ass and onto the bed between her legs, perhaps emboldened by her post-cum haze.

While Beth finally climbed down from her bunk, I rose into my usual cat-like crouch and dumped a huge ash-brown load of my own onto my mattress. I wiped my butt against the edge of my bed before rising to my feet and making my way downstairs for a lazy weekend breakfast. When I arrived, I found a very naked Susan bent over the nook scrambling some eggs from behind it while an equally naked Laura gripped her hips and humped her ass. Judging by how soft her moans still were, Laura had probably just begun when I got there, but I knew it wouldn’t be long before she’d be in the throes of an impending climax. “Make some for me, will you?” I said.

“Sure thing,” answered Susan cheerily while Laura’s pubic mound smacked repeatedly against her butt, fast approaching the speed at which an orgasm becomes imminent.

“Oh, geez!” groaned Laura as she bit her tongue and kept rubbing her clearly wet pussy against Susan’s firm glutes. Her eyes rolled shut, and her breath caught in her throat for a moment before a trio of loud yelps signaled her orgasm. As her pelvis twitched a couple of times, she instantly began peeing profusely on the floor. She lay her head on Susan’s back for a moment before withdrawing, and after her yellow deluge finally ended, she claimed a seat next to me while we both waited for Susan to put the finishing touches on our eggs.

Later that day, perhaps a bit inspired yenimahalle escort by what I’d seen that morning, I was feeling rather horny myself. It might’ve passed were it not for the fact that I shared one class with a really hot guy. By the time Beth picked me up for our regular ride home together, I was really getting wet down there.

No sooner was the car door closed than I turned to Beth and said, “Do you think we could get away with me humping your butt right here? I’m just so horny!”

Beth chuckled at my desperation and looked around. “I think that might be hard to do in the car, at least without being really conspicuous.” She reached over and unbuttoned my jeans. “I think I can still help though.”

I half-gasped/half-sighed in mere anticipation as Beth unzipped my pants and slipped her hand under my panties, and I outright shivered as she started petting my pussy. It only took a few strokes before I felt a tingle of nascent pleasure, and I leaned my head back with half-lidded eyes. In about a moment, I was moaning softly as Beth’s finger began to probe deeper, the pad lightly caressing my G-spot. My moans became longer and more ragged as increasingly heated waves of sensation rippled through my body. In another couple of minutes, Beth’s finger was repeatedly penetrating my vagina at a steadily growing pace, and I had a death grip on the arm rest as I started to twitch. “Mmm,” I moaned as I bit my lip. “Yeah, that’s what I needed.” My eyes opened only to roll backwards as one thrust sent a particularly strong jolt of hot sensuality through me. “Oh, geez!” I had reached the point of no return, and I could only ride the wave as I arched my back and bucked my hips as best I could in the car seat. “I’m gonna cum!” I squeaked, which only seemed to spur Beth on, and I gasped as her already rapid thrusting quickly accelerated even more. “Yeah, I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” I’d barely got the words out before a searing wave of ultimate pleasure raced through my body. “Aaaaahhhhh!” I cried as I was reduced to a blissful, convulsing heap of hot flesh.

“You good?” Beth asked amusedly just as my whole body twitched one last time.

“Oh, yeah, thanks,” I answered breathlessly while I re-fastened my pants.

Of course, while even the straight girls in PIS largely embraced the pragmatism of frequent friendly assistance in masturbation, any lesbians or bisexuals among our ranks probably felt like they were in a kind of heaven. Not only were they surrounded by fellow young women who had no qualms about walking around naked or at least topless, but any fellow members to whom they might be particularly attracted were also more willing to provide a few proverbial “benefits” regardless of their own orientations. Naturally, committed relationships still relied on compatible sexualities, but for just the practical convenience of one friend helping another friend relieve her urges, their respective sexual preferences tended to matter very little if at all. So, as Laura casually explained once, it was not unheard of in the sorority’s history for lesbian or bisexual members to vent their sexual tension on helpful straight friends. This was especially true in earlier decades, when not-so-straight members were often exceptionally repressed due to the lingering social stigma. Heck, this was probably still somewhat true for PIS members coming from sufficiently conservative families.

As it eryaman escort happens, our chapter had two lesbian members this year, and remarkably enough, they soon turned into our resident will-they-or-won’t-they couple. Tricia was one of them, and the other was an athletic blonde named Carla. Her deep affection for Carla didn’t prevent Tricia from developing a secondary physical attraction to Lina, however. This is why I was hardly surprised when Tricia finally snapped one lazy afternoon as Lina idly started to masturbate while laying on the couch right in front of her. A half-mesmerized/half-frustrated Tricia watched for a minute or two before letting out an exasperated sigh and marching to her room. She returned naked not even a minute later with her trusty strap-on, since she had a predilection for assuming the more masculine role in sexual acts. “Can I help?” she asked with a sweet smile.

On her part, Lina had only just started to lower her shorts for more direct access. “Sure,” she replied, glancing in amused surprise at the toy. “I was just about to ask if I could hump your butt, but that’ll work too, I guess.”

Even as Lina uttered that second sentence, Tricia wasted no time in strapping on the artificial appendage, and it was firmly attached to her pelvis in seconds. Just before Lina could do it herself, she then reached over and efficiently pulled my sister’s shorts and panties down.

“Ooh!” Lina squeaked as Tricia swiftly guided her to flip onto her stomach and instinctively raise her butt with half-folded legs. “Someone’s eager!”

The words were barely out of her mouth before her very willing helper knelt behind her and slid the anatomically realistic dildo into her vagina. Tricia sighed in relief as the first thrust elicited a soft moan from Lina, and she began gyrating her pelvis against the ass that seemed to so enthrall her. The first few thrusts came slowly, but as if an internal dam had burst, Tricia abruptly intensified both the pace and force of her rhythmic penetrations. Lina gasped and yelped in surprise, but it was clearly a very pleasant surprise, which only spurred Tricia on further. She gripped Lina’s waist and kept ramming her strap-on into he. On her part, Lina was soon biting her lip and moaning unabashedly. After just a few minutes, Lina’s moans suddenly grew loader and more ragged, as Tricia’s own sounds of satisfaction became audible. “Oh, holy…” My sister was cut off by a particularly searing wave of pleasure, and after a few seconds of tightly closed eyes and a silently gaping mouth, she came hard with a long, drawling cry of climax.

On her part, Tricia seemed well on her way to orgasm herself just from watching her friend writhe and moan in pleasure, and as Lina collapsed onto the sofa, she tore the strap-on off and briefly rubbed her own genital slit. “My turn,” she breathed. Straddling Lina’s waist, she promptly began grinding her privates against my sister’s apparently alluring ass to finish herself off, and within a couple of minutes, she too was emitting a final warble of orgasmic bliss.

“Keep your legs apart,” advised Tricia after catching her breath while still on top of Lina. “I have to poop, so if you don’t mind, I’m just gonna go right here.”

“Fine by me,” Lina replied.

Shifting her butt just enough to make sure it would land squarely on the cushion instead of grazing Lina’s crotch, Tricia wasted little time in depositing a sizable brown pile on the couch, groaning in mild effort as she pushed it out of her body. While it dissolved away, Tricia finally climbed off of Lina and stood up, earning another squeak from Lina when she playfully smacked her ass before retrieving her strap-on and heading back to her room.

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