Mysterious Victoria Ch. 02Mysterious Victoria Ch. 02

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Author’s Note: Before you read this story, you really should read Mysterious Victoria.


When her breathing had calmed down, I told her to lay her feet back down on the carpet I went to the corner and retrieved a back massage tool. Her eyes remained closed. “Victoria, open your eyes,” I said softly. She did and they were twinkling with passion. A look of confusion came over her face as she looked at the object in my hand.

“What are you going to do, give me a massage?” she asked.

“Kinda,” I answered with a grin. “First, I’m going to stand against this wall with the massager behind me on my butt. Then, I want you to walk over till my cock is just barely touching you. Allow the vibration to transfer from my body to yours.” At that point, she opened her mouth in surprise.

“I see you’ve managed to use that tool in a way that it isn’t designed,” she said with a returning grin.

“Oh no,” I replied. “This will massage something. For one, my butt’s going to feel entirely comfortable leaning into the wall. But you will have something like a dildo except that *this* dildo is alive. Hopefully, if my formula works as I want it to, you’re going to reach another orgasm before I will. And once you’ve reached your climax and the massager is pulsing my cock into your pussy, we will switch places. The massager will be on your butt and I will be thrusting.”

Her eyes closed to slits as she murmured, “Is that how you think I work? You use a “formula” to get me to orgasm and you think you’ll last long enough to cum only once in my wet pussy?”

As she walked over, her breasts bouncing slightly with each step, I replied softly, “Maybe you will get treated to more than once….” and then my “buzzing” cock made contact with her labias and she moaned. “Remember,” I said so low I was almost whispering. “You control the speed at which my cock goes into you, but I control the massager.”

She stood and slowly let my cock brush across her labias. A shiver went through her and I grinned to see her nipples jump. She saw me looking at them and motioned me to come closer her. I shook my head and pointed to the massager behind me. “It’ll fall out,” I whispered. With a sigh of reluctance, she leaned forward and in the process, my cock slid between her slit. I might have been in an inch, but I could tell already that her body was on fire down there. I tried to look down, but my gaze was interrupted by a nipple. I blew sharply on it and she moaned.

I slid my tongue out and just barely grazed the tip of it. Another shiver that I felt go through her body. A part of it was felt on my cock and I moaned. The torture that she was putting me through was almost unbearable. Even though I’d made the rules, I wished I could change them. I wished it were her turn against the wall. But, she had yet to reach her climax and from her look, she had a ways to go. I began to wonder if I would make it. Already I could feel my balls constricting as new cum was formed in them. My heart was working overtime today.

She moved closer to me. I slid my tongue on her areola and then leaned my head forward and bit lightly bahis şirketleri on it. It turned a beautiful pinkish red and another moan sounded through her. Meanwhile down south, my cock was now two inches into her and just starting into her pussy. I could feel her muscles constricting and relaxing. If I would have been inside already, that would’ve made me lose all control. Which is probably what she wanted so that she could prove that my “formula” wasn’t working *properly*.

I reached around back and turned the selector from the “low” setting to the “high” setting. Before, there had been a low hum and it was replaced with a higher pitch hum. The other result was that the intensity at which my cock had been vibrating in her was immediately doubled. Something like a whimper came from her. A sound I’d not yet heard from her before. I longed to put my arms around behind her and hug her to me and slide my cock into her sheath. But then, she did it for me.

In one quick step, she impaled herself on my cock. It was my turn to shudder. A ripple like the aftershock of an earthquake shook my body and her eyes connected with mine. “Losing control yet?” she asked with a knowing look. I nodded as I strained to hold myself. She pulled my head to her lips, and with one quick motion, my ear was being licked by her tongue. That was it. I lost all control and she laughed. I reached around her and pulled her towards me. I tried to keep myself against the wall to keep the massager in place, but I could feel it slipping. I couldn’t pull myself into her further than I already was. It was hopeless for me to stop. Not to mention the roaring in my ears as my heart was pounding.

My buzzing “dildo” exploded and my balls released their stream of cum into her. Victoria tightened her muscles around my cock and milked me till I came no more. I pulled my ear away from her mouth and kissed her with passion. With a soft chuckle, I reached up and pinched her nose shut so that at some point, we’d have to come up for air. At least, *she* would. She promptly sucked my tongue into her mouth and then caught it between her jaws. As her need for air became greater and greater, she was biting harder and harder. I released her nose and she released my tongue.

My tongue remained out of mouth, as I moved forward. A vibrating massage tool dropped to the floor with a “thump” where it continued to run. I began to lick her body. First, her cheeks, then her neck. I was tasting a bit of sweat and the saltiness was delicious. While her torture of my cock just barely in her pussy was hard for me, my attack on her skin with my tongue was becoming greater and greater. Because she knew exactly where I was headed.

I kissed and licked my way to her breasts. I licked my way up her swells and then avoided the areolas completely. Something like a growl sounded from her and I just laughed at her. Then, to “appease” her, I took one of her breasts into my mouth and swirled my tongue around her nipple. I sucked on it until she whimpered in pain. I released slowly so that the skin released from my lips with a soft “pop”. Then, I did the same bahis firmalar thing to her other breast except that I didn’t hurt her. I didn’t want her to remember my fucking her as being insensitive to her breasts.

Kissing and licking my way further south, I quickly made my way across her stomach, down towards her vee. With a groan, she opened wide her thighs and I dived in. Once again, I was amazed how her pussy was so wet and so inviting. A lot of my cum was still inside of her and I was trying to get as much of it as possible. Victoria seemed to have other ideas as she increased downward pressure on me. I didn’t want to leave so quickly and I really wanted to stroke my cock into her vibrating pussy. With a growl of my own, I wrenched my face away.

“Your turn,” I snarled as I picked up the massage tool. She left the setting on “high” and leaned her curvy buttocks against it and then moaned. The vibration of the massage carried up her spine and went through her neck and out through her vocal cords so that the moan sounded very much like a purr of a cat.

I could hardly wait. I knew exactly what I wanted to do and I had a fairly good idea of what the reaction would be like. If only my own reaction.

With a practiced grip, I took my already rigid cock in my right hand and with my left hand, spread her sensitive lips apart and put my cock between them. Then, very slowly I began to slide it up and down between those lips. Victoria gasped at the sensation and her head dropped forward. I used that opportunity to pull her head towrards mine. But, she wasn’t quite “sedated” yet and knew exactly what I wanted to do. With a bit of defiance, she jerked her head back and almost bumped the wall.

She used one hand to support herself as she used the other to push me back. I was still in control and began to thrust a little as I continued to slide my cock up and down and at a slightly faster speed. I set my feet apart so that I would lose my balance and then sped up some more.

When her eyes closed and her head leaned back against the wall, I stood just a little closer so that with each up and down stroke, the tip of my cock would slide just barely into her and then right back out. At that point, I was sliding up and down as fast as I could go.

Now, for you the reader, let me explain what was happening. The skin of a man’s cock is very sensitive. The labia of a woman is very sensitive. Combining the two in an up and down motion is like rubbing your hands together really fast. Eventually, they start to warm up because of friction. But, here’s where the difference is between hands and genitals. Victoria’s pussy seemed almost constantly wet and in this case, it was a good thing. Otherwise, skin rubbing on skin without lubrication would be very painful for both of us. But at this point, I had achieved wet friction. And, there was a sound of my skin sliding through her lips in addition to the hum of the massager. Ladies, have you ever slid your fingers up and down between your lips and felt the waves of heat go through your body? Now imagine that happening only this time, it’s a cock and you can kaçak bahis siteleri feel the head of that cock and as it is rubbing up and down, you can almost definitely feel it getting tighter and tighter.

Well, that’s what was happening. True to my promising formula, I was quickly losing control once again. Since it was the third orgasm for me, it was taking considerably longer to form. Suddenly, I realized that formula or not, she was losing control. Her body began to tremble and feeling the shudders, I stopped my up and down assault and slammed into her. I took hold of her hips and began to thrust into her like never before. And honestly, I’d never done it like this with her.

Victoria was quickly becoming aware of what I was capable of. Each time I slid into her, her pussy tried to capture me. She was trying to milk me like she’d done before, but I was taking my time this time around. Just when I was about to cum, I stopped and slid back out of her. There was a small bed on the other side of the room. I reached down and unplugged the cord for the massage tool. She awoke out of her “trance” and then I showed her the bed. Immediately, she went over and lay down, glad for the ability to get off of her feet.

I put the massage tool in the center of the bed and she lay on top of it. It was a bit uncomfortable for her, but she did it anyway. It also elevated her pussy so that I could kneel in front of her. I took her feet and pushed them up to rest on my shoulders while I started to plow her once again. I knew I couldn’t last much longer. She started to leak once again and I withdrew from her and noisily slurped up some of her delicious juices. Her thighs tried to clamp down my head, but slid away.

Once more, I slid into her and began to thrust in deep strokes. I’m not much of a “pounder” and rely more on my deep strokes. With all of this action, my cock which usually 7 inches long had grown to 9 inches. And it was starting to hurt. In fact, all of my muscles were starting to hurt from all of this action. I reached down and tugged the massage tool out from under her. She lifted her hips so that I could and then as she settled down onto the bed, I settled down on top of her. Our hips settled into a rhythm and I could feel myself climaxing once again.

“Wait,” said Victoria. “I want it in my mouth. I want to feel your cock in my mouth and I want to taste a bit of me with you.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, but I wasn’t about to argue.

“Ok, I’ll let you have it in your mouth as long as I can lick your pussy while you bring me to my last time. Just don’t clamp your legs together,” I said as I slowly withdrew from her. I knew I couldn’t last long. And in fact, I didn’t.

No sooner had I dropped down onto her and her tongue started to lick off my cock, my body stiffened as my cock began to throb. I made so far as putting my lips onto her pussy lips when I exploded once again. This was more of a gentle explosion and the flow was more like a river. She swallowed up every little bit and then stuck her tongue up the hole that all the juice had come from.

I turned and slid my weakening cock into her once again. I lay on my side next to her and we kissed each other until we both fell asleep. The last thing I remember was her curves fitting against my body and her beautiful lips just inches from mine…

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