My Wild Anal Exam, Part 2My Wild Anal Exam, Part 2


I didn’t think I could take any more of this embarrassing ordeal, but the doctor told me he needed to examine farther in than his fingers could reach. But none of his instruments would suffice, as they weren’t biological or whatever, and my body in its current state could react very badly to them. He calmly explained that it was not an unheard of medical practice to use the technique of penile insertion. I, of course, began freaking out. But he discussed in detail the “procedure” and assured me that there was nothing sexual about it at all, and that as a trained doctor he would perform the procedure carefully and with the utmost professionalism. Again, let me just state for the record that, although it was at times very embarrassing and uncomfortable, I could have just said no and walked out whenever I wanted. So, as much as I hate to admit it, I did consciously choose to let all this happen, and everything he did to me was consensual on my part.He went on to explain that the two most dangerous conditions we’d have to avoid were not having enough lubrication, and me being too tense. Either one of those could really cause some damage. He said that I’d need to get comfortable with his “instrument” before the insertion, and that it needed to have tons of my natural lubricant on it, i.e. my saliva, so the best isvecbahis way to accomplish both of those things was for me to take it into my mouth. Again, he assured me this was purely medical and nothing to be worried about. But I’ve never had any particular desire to have a dick in my mouth. Frankly the idea of it had always grossed me out. But he had a way of making it sound logical and like it was no big deal. Plus he made it pretty clear that my health may depend on it. So I figured I’d just be taking my new-found interest in experimentation to the next level. He said I should get down off the table and come over to the sink with him to start getting comfortable with his penis by washing it before any insertion. I was so weirded out, but I did what he said. He took off his pants and pulled his penis out of the fly of his boxers. It was mostly soft, but it seemed like it might be a little bit aroused. He stood on a little step stool and turned on the warm water. He said, “Go ahead and take it in your hands and work the water over it.” So I touched another man’s dick for the first time in my life. It felt about like mine, but it was so bizarre to be holding someone else’s. His boxers were getting wet so he said, “Excuse me,” and took them off. He put his dick back in my hands and had me soap it up and isveçbahis giriş run my hands all over it under the water. It kind of felt more or less like jacking him off. He definitely started getting a little harder. He said that when I was ready I should go back and sit in the chair. I did, and he came over to me and stood way too close. He told me to go ahead and take it into my mouth. I was so nervous, my stomach was churning wildly. I took his dick in my hand and started lifting it up toward my mouth, but I couldn’t quite get myself to put it in. I just held it for a minute, then I moved my head closer to it and tried again. My lips touched the head, and I jerked back and told him I didn’t think I could do it. He assured me that it would be just fine and told me to take my time. I tried to calm myself down, still holding his dick really close to my face. After a minute or two I slowly started leaning towards it again. This time when my lips touched it, I left them there. I took the head into my mouth a little bit and I felt the tip of it with my tongue. But I panicked and I backed up again, taking my mouth off of it. I decided to just shove it in and get the initial shock over with. Taking a deep breath, closed my eyes, and went for it. I meant to just take it in really fast, but I couldn’t seem isveçbahis yeni giriş to get my head to cooperate, so I ended up really slowly sliding my mouth down onto his dick, all the way down to the base. My tongue was pressed firmly up against the underside of it, so I felt and tasted every centimeter of the smooth head and warm shaft. I was really surprised to discover that it wasn’t nearly as awful as I thought it would be. For some reason I always imagined it would be slimey or foul-tasting or something, but really it was just kind of like sucking on your finger. Only it was softer and warmer. He told me I needed to make sure to get as much saliva on it as I could, so I needed to really work my tongue all around it. I slowly started pulling it in and out of my mouth, rubbing my tongue all over it. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I’m straight! I could feel his dick getting bigger and harder in my mouth. I was really freaked out. I couldn’t get my mouth all the way to the base of it any more because it had grown too big. But I kept shoving in as much of it as I could, feeling his hard cock filling up my mouth. I kept bobbing up and down on it, awkwardly working my mouth and my tongue all over it. He said I had to make sure it was well lubricated all the way to the base, so I took it out of my mouth and sort of pressed my face up against his thigh and wrapped my tongue around the base of his dick. I couldn’t really get a good angle, but I tried my best to get it as wet as I could, working my way up and down his shaft.

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