My Wife and I Ch. 01My Wife and I Ch. 01

Female Ejaculation

This story is based off and closely resembles a story written by another Literotica author named Cruelwarrior. The original story was titled “My Wife, My Lover Chapters 1 teasing the delicate folds. I pushed her legs apart wider and drove my tongue deep in to her heavenly sweet pussy. I opened my mouth as much as possible, taking her clit in to my mouth as well.

I slowly inched a finger, then two, in to her. I sucked fiercely on her clit, searching and finding that special nub, inside, just above it. I gazed up in to her face, smiling. I love watching the look on her face, the failure to produce anything more than the occasional squeak as she erupts in orgasm. Her eyes shone with violent lust as I buried my tongue in to her as deep as I could. She closed her eyes and screamed güvenilir bahis out in orgasm as I ran my tongue over her pleasure button along with my thumb, fingers buried deeply inside her.

Her thighs clamped down, squeezing my head, while I licked and swallowed up as much of her as I could, saving a taste for her. I kissed slowly up her body, watching her come down. Our tongues entwined with the other when I finally got to her lips. We shared the warm, sweet taste of her pussy, slowly groping each other, still in the heat of passion.

An almost evil smile crossed her lips before ripping my boxers from my body, wanting me. She gripped my thick shaft and slowly stroked me to my fully erect, loving the sight of it. She pulled my cock to her, slowly kissing and teasing güvenilir bahis siteleri me. I’d had enough. Smiling, I lifted her from the chair, putting her back on the floor. Wrapping her legs around me, she told me to fuck her. She told me to fuck her fast and hard.

I positioned my cock and forced myself in to her, pistoning in and out of her, obeying her wish to be taken. She screamed obscenities, growling like an animal as I rammed harder and harder in to her, causing her to gasp almost every time. As we felt orgasm building between us, I doubled my efforts, thrusting harder and faster in to her. My cock grew larger with each thrust until I shot deep in to her, as she screamed again, louder, when orgasm flooded her body.

We lay together on the floor, iddaa siteleri breathing deeply, trying to regain our composure. After a few moments, I felt my cock begin twitching between my legs. She felt it to. She leaned over and we embraced in a deep passionate kiss, my cock growing larger, and her pussy getting wetter by the second.

I lifted her up and carried her to our bedroom. I placed her on the bed and told her to get on her hands and knees, her favorite. I slammed in to her, all the way, in one thrust. I started to roughly fuck her, treating her like my own little plaything. She began to moan, begging for me to fuck her. I told her she was my personal cock-slut, slamming harder and faster in to her dripping pussy, playing with her clit with one hand. She started tightening around me, pulling me toward orgasm. I started to thrust harder in to her, moaning loudly, my cock shooting another load deep in to her pussy. We collapsed on the bed, tired and exhausted, drifting off to sleep…

To Be Continued…

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