My Twin Sisters And I Play ‘Dare’ Pt. 06My Twin Sisters And I Play ‘Dare’ Pt. 06


The next day Ruby and Mom led a business meeting in the den about the new dildos. I joined them as Ruby called the meeting to order. God, she looked sexy and all business at the same time. Her bra-less breasts filled the thin blouse and her slightly darker nipples thrust forward. I think all eyes were on them instead of focusing on her eyes.

“This is just an informal meeting to try and work out a family business with me as the factory rep and Sis as the leader of this section. This is what I propose. I would like twins to work with me here and in the field giving demonstrations of the dildos to select, very select audiences of hand-picked, wealthy ladies that I am personally acquainted with. They are ladies who are interested in the dildos and are reliable and have to be protected from disclosure. All are wives or girlfriends of prominent male individuals and include politically upper-crust men who can’t be included in a scandal.

“We aren’t doing anything illegal, but a sex scandal would hurt the men in their political future. Women buying dildos! Think what the newspapers can blow that up to, including names?

“Sis, what I want to do, with your approval and the twins, of course, is to use the two of them in my presentation., I use a nom de plume in my business relationship and the girls will both be anonymous, using masks and special make-up when they use the dildos on each other. They will be dressed in thin gossamer negligees and disrobe to begin their presentation. I will give the speech for the ladies present and the girls will use the dildos on each other while the ladies watch. When the ladies try the dildos on their friends or girlfriends, we three will help them and show them how to adjust the items. Contact with us is forbidden, incidentally.

“Girls, this is your chance to make some money during the summer breaks and on special holiday times, so it does not interfere with your college classes.

“You two will get $500, tax-free, each, for every presentation plus a fixed percent of the sales at the show. It will be a select group you will perform for. Your identity will be strictly protected. Incidentally, nothing about this is illegal. In it I just want to keep it low-key for the ladies sake.

I popped up. “What about me?”

“There is a really big market for porn videos, and I have a friend who is a wholesaler in that market. It is perfectly legal now, also we can get the best and most wanted videos at rock-bottom prices. You will be set up as a Corporate Entity. We are licensed and have to pay taxes, but I think you can handle that with your MBA degree. You come up and I will set it up for you and the gentleman to have a meeting and work out the details. He has been wanting to expand down this way. It’s a good time to contact him.”

I breathed a sigh of relief.

‘OK, any questions?” Ruby asked. There were a few minor ones.

“Now, everyone to the master bedroom for a sex orgy. Anything goes, ladies and gentlemen. Let’s have a ball.” Mom called out.

Mom led us down the hall and to the master bedroom. The huge bedroom had mirrored walls and a circular mirrored section over the bed. Silken sheets made the bed comfortable, and Mom had lightly scented candles all over the room giving it a soft glow and scenting it with a delightful odor. Champagne in iced buckets was by the bed and soft pillows were on the bed to help position lovers who wanted to try new positions.

“Have a drink then let’s undress, slowly, and choose a partner, or two for fun and games.

I picked Pam and we slowly undressed each other. Nude, she molded herself against my body and I shivered in delight as her breasts pressed against my chest and our hips thrust together. We kissed deeply and our hands moved over each other’s bodies as we let our emotions flow.

“I want you to fuck me with the help of Anita. Do you mind?” Amy asked a minute later.

“I’d love to. What do you have planned in that sexy brain?

“I want to do a 69 with her and I will be on top. You can get behind me and fuck me from behind. I’ve always wanted that to happen with you. Can we do that?” She asked kissing me deeply.

‘Oh Hell yes!’ I thought. “If Anita is OK with it.” I replied.

She pulled away and went over to Anita who was in the arms of Mom and Ruby. She brought Anita over, holding hands, and I stood there with a rock-hard cock pointed at the ceiling as the two moved to me.

Anita looked down at my raging hard-on and asked, “OK, you want to fuck Sis while she and I are in a 69, right? What do I get out of it?” She asked with a wicked smile.

“Well, the next thing is you reverse positions, and you do a 69 again with you on top, and I fuck you from behind. Sound good?” I asked pulling both twins close to me and kissing them one by one.

Mom and Aunt Ruby smiled broadly, bursa escort looking over at the three of us hugging and kissing, and Ruby said, “Go for it you three while we watch and do each other.”

I led the twin beauties to the bed, and we rolled to the center and came together hugging, and our bodies pressing together. What a feeling, me, the twins, both in my arms in the middle of a huge bed, naked, and ready for sex, sex, sex!

Anita took Amy into her arms and began to kiss and fondle her sister. They soon were moving into a 69 and that was my cue to help Amy move over Anita while still eating her pussy. She knelt over her sister, still with her mouth covering Anita’s pussy. I moved behind her sexy ass and took my cock and moved it to her pussy and slid it up and down her slippery slit.

“Yes, Lover slip it inside me, fuck me. I need it now. Ohhh, Sis, I’m getting fucked while I eat your delicious pussy. Put it IN Bud!” She cried. Her hips came back, and my cock slid inside her tight pussy.

I slid my hips forward and felt her velvet pussy close over my cock and I pressed it down, down inside her till I felt her cervix against my cock head. I moved my hips from side to side massaging her pussy deep. She moaned her pleasure, and so did I and reached around and took a firm breast in each hand and squeezed them gently.

Amy raised her head from Anita’s pussy and said, “Love, push your cock all the way inside me, then slowly pull it all the way out.”

My hips met her cute ass then I started to slowly withdraw, wondering what was going on. I quickly found out as her vaginal sphincter muscle firmly closed around my cock. I gasped it felt so damn good! I pulled the head all the way out and then started to push it back in but now her pussy was firmly closed.

Amy laughed. “Nita, I just kept Bud’s cock out using Aunt Ruby’s lesson. Practice makes perfect! Bud, try again!”

I pressed and my cock slid into her tight pussy again. It slid to the bottom and immediately her pussy tightened around my cock pleasurably. She was milking my cock! I slowly fucked her and each time her muscle tightened as I withdrew.

I moved up slightly and knew I was close to her ‘G’ spot and sure enough she gave a sob and said, “Yes, right there. keep doing that, you have hit the magic spot and I’ll give you the ride of your life! A little faster! I think I can keep up my end of the fucking! Nita, I’m close! Tongue my clit as only you know how to do! “

I increased the pace feeling her pussy tighten at just the right moment till I was almost ready to cum inside my beautiful Sister. I was panting from the fucking I was giving my Love. “Now! Now! “I cried out, and Amy screamed out a cry of joy and pleasure as she climaxed with me.!

A minute or so later, spent, I slid out of Amy, and she turned and lay on the bed. Mom and Aunt Ruby clapped their approval.

I said. “That was the first act, girls! Anita is next. I need to recharge a little. Some champagne might help.” Aunt Ruby came over with a glass for me and sat down by us and stroked the twins gently and lovingly.

“What did you do to Amy, Aunt Ruby? I’ve never felt a pussy clamp down on my cock and ‘milk’ it like she did! I suspect you had something to do with that, right?” Ruby pointed at the twins and indicated for them to tell me!

Anita laughed. “Aunt Ruby slipped into our bedroom a couple of nights ago and woke us up with kisses and caresses. Most pleasant! She told us she wanted to show us a way to make a fuck most sensational, for both male and female!

“She took us across the hall to her bedroom, which as you know has a king-sized bed. We got in bed, nude and Aunt Ruby lay down on her back and had us lay down on each side of her. She told us what she was going to do, help us learn how to make our pussy muscle, the vaginal sphincter muscle, contract, and give the male a real stimulating fuck.

“She had us spread our thighs and put her fingers inside our pussies on each side of her, then she slid two, then three fingers inside of us moving them in and out till we were very wet. Then she told us to pretend we were peeing and wanted to shut off the flow of urine. When we did that, she said “Good I felt your vaginal sphincter muscle tighten. Again! Again! Again! Tighter! Concentrate!” We kept this up for about ten minutes, then she called a halt to let us rest.

I looked over at Amy and grinned then took my hand and placed it on Aunt Ruby’s pussy and pressed a finger up inside her. A moment later my finger was inside Amy too finger fucking her pussy and I slipped another finger up inside her. We began caressing and stimulating her pussy and clit.

She laughed and told us to slip our fingers deep inside her and feel how many contractions she could perform after having used it for years. We did and it bursa escort bayan was amazing how much control she had over her contractions. She could counteract slightly, up to so firm it made our fingers numb.

She told us,” Practice Ladies, practice. You can do it just sitting reading or talking. The only sign is a slight inward movement of your thighs as you contract. Nothing more. Practice and think of the surprise and perhaps, reward you will have from your lover!

“Now you two have made me very wet and horny, take turns finger fucking me and kissing my breasts and pussy till I can climax for you, Then I’ll return the favor!”

Anita finished with, “And so it went till we finally stopped to get some sleep in the early morning. We’ve been practicing a lot since then, and no one noticed! Surprised Bud? Satisfied?”

“Oh Hell YES! Most surprised and completely pleased!” My grin told it all! They all laughed, and I joined in.

“Rested? Ready for my turn?” Anita asked reaching over and stroking my cock till it began to respond.

“Ready, my lovely Sister. Any way you would like it!” ‘Ah-ha, both twins in the same night! YES!’

“A little different fuck with me. I’ve been talking to Aunt Ruby, and she suggested this, you sit on the side of the bed, feet on the floor, I sit in your lap facing away from you and your cock is in my pussy. My legs are spread outside yours leaving my pussy spread open to Mom who is kneeling in front of us licking my clit, my pussy, and your cock as it plunges inside me. That way she can help us have a spectacular fuck. You can stroke my breasts and kiss my neck and ears. IF you want to?” She grinned and kissed me.

“Fine, in front of the mirror and with one of the mini cams looking at us as we fuck, and Mom licks us” I agreed.

I sat on the edge of the bed, Anita slid onto my lap and guided my cock into her delicious pussy. I slid inside her, and we began to fuck slowly while Mom moved in front of us, leaned in, and began to tongue Anita’s pussy ending her lick at the top and adding a flick to Anita’s firm clit. Anita used Ruby’s teaching and her pussy tightened firmly around my cock each time I pulled cock outward.

I tried to imagine what it must feel like to be a woman, having a gigantic, long cock filling her pussy, even stretching her pussy delightfully, moving inside her body. Then having a skillful tongue flicking her sensitive clit to make it feel very more satisfying.

I reached around Anita and cupped her breasts and added the sensations of my hand caressing her breasts. She moaned softly as she laid her hand over mine encouraging me to caress them. The feeling of her soft firm breast added flames to my passion as I neared a climax.

I felt Mom’s tongue slide over my pussy wet cock and then she held my scrotum in her hands and fondled my balls.

“Fuck me harder Bud. Make me cum! I’m almost there. Mom, lick my clit hard too. I’m going to cum, yes! NOW! And she went rigid, and her pussy clamped around my throbbing cock and I too exploded.

We both cried out as we exploded together, and I bathed her pussy with my cum. Her pussy milked my cock in the final moments of our climax. Bless you, Aunt Ruby! I kept ramming my cock inside Anita till she had another climax and my cock started to soften. Mom did what Anita had done when I’d finished fucking Amy, her mouth went to the just fucked pussy and she opened her mouth and sucked the combined juices out and moaned in joy. Anita gave a little gasp of joy too and may have had a smaller climax.

Mom and Ruby were close by watching us fuck as Ruby laid her hand on Mom’s thigh Mom reciprocated and her hand quickly disappeared into Ruby’s pussy, and they finger fucking each other.

That image made my cock throb all the more and I seemed the center of an orgy. In my overloaded brain, I seemed to be above it, looking down on this group of sexually intent people, each trying to satisfy themselves as well as their partners. Soft moans filled the room, and we all were intent on helping our partner increase their pleasure. The twins and Mom went to take a communal shower leaving Ruby and me alone on the huge bed.

Ruby moved close to me, and we began to cuddle and kiss. Damn that woman knows how to kiss! I was almost spent, but soon Ruby’s hand and fantastic deep throat had me hard again. She rolled me over on my back and moved astride me. I smiled, ‘yes’, let her do the work this time. Or is that all pleasure? She slid my cock inside her dripping pussy and soon was posting expertly onto my renewed hard cock. Her beautiful breasts bobbed and swayed as she fucked down on me. Adding to my pleasure.

As Ruby posted on my cock slowly, I cupped her firm breasts and kissed the nipples one at a time till they were erect and jutting out. I licked her breasts and escort bursa stroked them sensually. She thrust her breasts against my mouth and purred a soft “Yes!” She put her arms around me, and her fingernails raked my back giving me a sharp pain that drove me to thrust upward, lifting her up and triggering an overwhelming climax in both of us.

My cock stayed hard, and I drove her to several climaxes before we were both spent and held each other till we wound down and lay breathing hard, recuperating from a wild and unexpected fuck.

She leaned in and whispered in my ear, breathing hard, “I’m sorry Bud, but I just had to have one last fuck with you before I went back home. I have to leave early in the morning. Caught you at the right moment, didn’t I? You really fucked the twins tonight. They loved it! I could tell. Many more fucks to come. You lucky Stud. And then there is Sis, be good to her too.

“She got the short end of her marriage with a short-changed husband sexually speaking. But he’s good with you fucking her. Doesn’t mind at all, as he told me confidentially! He’s a realist! He has a nice tight-pussied girlfriend who keeps him satisfied and who is a good friend, sexually, of your Mom.! Beat that! “

“You did catch me at the right moment, Sex Goddess! I promise to come up on ‘business’ in a few weeks, and we can stay in that lakeside cabin and have fun in our spare time. Sound good?”

“Truly, I can hardly wait. I think I’ve become addicted to that monster of yours, and you know how to use it so well!” She laughed.

“Thanks for the info on Pop, I had thought he had a girlfriend. I’ll take good care of Mom too. She disserves it and is almost as sexy as her sister.” I said kissing Ruby.

“Now, you and I are going to get the twins and take them to the bathroom by your room and I will show you three how the chemicals in the packages I brought, will work to keep the girls from becoming pregnant. Let’s go up and get them now. Timing is important!” We cleaned up a little then went up to the twin’s bedroom.

They were still up, laughing and talking. They grabbed Ruby and me and hugged and kissed us, profusely thanking us for a wonderful evening. Ruby told them they needed to take their PJs off and come to the bathroom. They undressed and looked absolutely beautiful as we walked down the hall. I couldn’t help but pat them gently on their cute swaying asses, getting laughs from them.

Ruby had several packages and laid them out on the counter. “Ladies. These are for you. It is important that you use them within ONE HOUR at the MOST AFTER INTERCOURSE, BEST AT UNDER THIRTY MINUTES. I got them from one of the world’s expert sexual intercourse experts in Paris telling her of the case of you two and your brother. No moral issue was brought up.

“This is 100 percent effective,” she explained, “sperm have to HAVE A SPECIFIC PH surrounding them when they are released in the vagina to be effective. What these chemicals do is, first RAISES THE PH WITH SALTS TO WAY ABOVE THEIR ABILITY TO LIVE. The salts dry them out IMMEDIATELY on contact. It totally destroys their outer cells. Neither solution is harmful to the female.

The SECOND SOLUTION IS WAY BELOW IN PH WHAT THE SPERM ARE ABLE TO STAND. This is a secondary safety solution and goes way below the other extreme that they can live in. One HIGH PH solution is followed by the second LOW PH solution. It helps the first by washing out the vagina of the debris left by the first solution.

“The directions and solutions are inside the case as well as glass measuring tubes to get the ingredients correctly. You use douchebags to administer them, including, one for each of you. Now I want you two to mix the solutions while Bud and I watch, then administer them to yourselves or each other, as you choose.”

The twins are making all grade A’s in college and this was easy for them. They knew it was important to get it right every single time, and the instructions were simple and explicit. They mixed the solutions correctly then Ruby and I watched as they sat on the toilet and administered the two solutions. We kidded them about using the douche nozzle to have fun, but they frowned and shook their heads. This was serious to them.

Ruby gave them the OK, and the instructions on obtaining more of the solution ingredients were with the papers. Ruby is one smart cookie and, oh so damn sexy. I knew I’d have to see her again soon, for, business as well as, mostly pleasure!

The days ahead looked so damn interesting, my sisters and I fuck whenever we want to, Mom wants to, and got to fuck me, and the twins. She said she had a couple of her intimate girlfriends who had expressed a desire to fuck me also. I’d met them and they were beautiful and sexy too.

I even went online and got the price of a bushel of oysters. Just kidding!

I plan to go visit Ruby for a couple of weeks and enjoy her and her girlfriends too. What a summer this is going to be! What else can a horny young man want from life?


My Twin Sisters and I Play ‘Dare’ Together.


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