My Teacher, My Master Pt. 02My Teacher, My Master Pt. 02


My “teacher,” the guy I met on the app who was playing that role, Mr. Clark, now held a lot of power over me. At some point, the role play became almost real to me, so I’ll tell you this story as if it were.

I had first gone to him because of my grades, and he turned me into his sex slave. And at the end of our first meeting, when I was naked and in his power, he told me that I would be continuing subservience to him whenever he beckoned.

I actually liked that. I know I’m attractive, and he’s not so worthy, and the combination of a not so worthy person completely owning someone like me turns me on a lot. So two days later, he messages me saying, “Be at my place at 3 o’clock.”

I knocked on the door at three as commanded, having some idea what was going to follow. He opened the door, I entered, and he locked it behind me. His place featured a rather large living room with a nice couch. It was carpeted, and there were curtains concealing the windows. At the far edge was a dining table.

Before I had a chance to say anything, he took me by the hair to the table and pushed my head down on it. I heard the slip of a leather belt coming out from the loops on his pants, and immediately felt a sharp pain on my ass. “You fucking ass hole bitch,” he said with a bit of anger, “you were disrespectful to me in class.” The blows continued. I had no idea what he was talking about.

He explained. “I saw exactly where you were looking when I was teaching. You were undressing me with your eyes, you dirty slave. You shouldn’t have done that, because I have power over you. And I’m going to use it.”

A few more slaps of the belt, and then he grabbed me by the hair and pulled me upright. “Stand in the middle of the room,” he ordered. I obeyed.

“Take off all your clothes.”

“Yes master.” I stepped out of my shoes, and took off my socks. I straightened up and took off my shirt. I have an awesome torso, smooth and muscular without being too large. When I take off my shirt in the locker room at sports, I catch the other guys stealing glances. And this older man not only gets to stare outright, but can order me to make any pose, and feel me and play with me as he wishes.

I continued by taking my pants off, and revealing that there was already a bulge in my underwear. Yes, this Mr. Clark was good-looking for a 40 something, and being his nude slave turned me on incredibly. I stepped out of my pants, and a little too eagerly, pulled down my underwear. My dick jumped from being released, and the feel of the air through my private parts, as Mr. Clark looked at me in my nudity, was divine.

“Now, shit boy, get on your knees and apologize.” I obeyed. “Please, my master Mr. Clark, I know I’m a worthless piece of shit. I did look at your body, but I can’t help it. When you owned me the other day, I realized that I love being owned. I admit it, I love being your nude slave. Please forgive me for being disrespectful, I didn’t mean it at all. It was worship.”

I was impressed with myself for that little speech! So was Mr. Clark. “That was actually good. I may begin to like you if you keep on like that. But you kolej escort still need to be punished and humiliated. Get on your hands and knees and crawl in circles around the room. Keep going until I tell you to stop.”

I did as I was told. I went down on my hands and knees, and started crawling in circles. I felt my balls jiggle between my legs, and I knew that my ass was looking great. My thighs stretched with each forward movement, and my biceps flexed with each change of arm. Mr. Clark was watching me with a smirk, and with one hand in his pants.

And then, there was a knock at his door. OMG! What followed was not what I expected. He had warned me that he had total control over me, and that that included in the classroom, but I was still unprepared to be “exhibited.” But that’s exactly what he had in mind.

“Go answer the door.” I froze. He got up, spanked me on my ass, and pulled me up by my hair. “Go answer the fucking door.”

Wow. Now I was nervous. I moved a little too slow, and he kicked me in the ass. “Move it.”

I went to the door, and gingerly opened it. It was Calvin! How did this guy know a guy from my class? My mind was spinning. Calvin’s the good-looking bully in the class who picks on me the most. And here I was, completely nude, my cock erect, standing there before him. And “Mr. Clark” was only playing my teacher! He looked at me and gave the most evil smirk I’ve seen. “I had to see this for myself.”

What? I must have looked like a shocked deer. Somehow, Mr. Clark had obviously met him. Wait, so Cal was also on the app? I had no other explanation.

But however it came to be, this was now part of my humiliation! To be nude and subservient in the presence of the boy I hated the most, and who hated me. Mr. Clark and Calvin had been plotting…

And, yet, this turned me on even more. “Get on your hands and knees now,” ordered Mr. Clark,” and bring your master Calvin into the center of the room.” “Mr. Clark, you’re the best,” said an arrogant Calvin. “Get down, Zach bitch.”

My head was reeling, but this scene was getting so hot. I got down on my hands and knees. “Beg him to ride you,” ordered Mr. Clark. Shit. I did not know what to feel, turned on or hatred and humiliation. But I didn’t have time to think this through, because I saw Mr. Clark nod to Cal. He immediately gave my ass a real hard smack, and then grabbed my hair, pulling my head up to look right at him.

“Who’s your master now, bitch? Beg me to ride on your naked body, shit face. Beg me, like a little faggot shit.” He pulled a little more, and it hurt a ton. I had no choice. “Please, master Calvin, please ride my naked body. Pleassseee!! I’m begging you, you win. You are my superior, I am your slave. I have no dignity in your presence, forever. Please honor me and ride on my back! I’m beggggging you!”

Mr Clark laughed with Cal at this, and commented, “Zachy is a real horny shit, isn’t he.” Cal answered, as his weight landed on my back, “I always knew he was a faggot. But some guys thought he was cool, and he thought so too hahaha! Just look maltepe escort at you now, nude fuck Zach. You like my hands playing with your ass?”

As he said it, his hands were squeezing my naked buns, and giving the occasional slap. As he did, I started crawling, with his weight on top of me. Damn was this humiliating, but despite it, my cock was hardening yet again. “Oh look,” he taunted, “Zachy’s got a hardon for master Calvin. That is so embarrassing, isn’t it? Especially when you can’t hide it from the guy you’re getting hard for.. me! Stand up, show me your fucking dick. I own you, bitch, Mr. Clark has given you to me today to do whatever the fuck I want with you. Get up, Zachy faggot.”

He got off me, and I stood up and looked straight at him. He got right in my face, and immediately his hands took possession of my balls and dick. As he felt me, he looked straight to my eyes, but I looked away in shame. He grabbed my hair and turned my head back to him. Shit, what a smirk he had. He was about to rub this whole incident in my face, and the relish he felt was in those superior eyes. Meanwhile, Mr.Clark was watching from the couch, hand in pants. Calvin finally spoke.

“Do you love me, Zachy? Do you? I sure hope that you do, for your sake. Because I’m feeling your balls, your dick, your ass. I can spank you and grope you wherever the fuck I want, and you’re just my nude slave. We’re not equal anymore, so if you don’t love me, this must be pretty darn humiliating. So do you?”

Well I certainly didn’t love him, and it certainly was embarrassing with my manhood in his hands, but my cock could not lie. I WAS getting turned on by this scene. I made a decision.

“Yes, master Calvin, I do love you. I love your hot hands on my most private parts..” He waved me to stop talking.

“That’s enough, Zachy sweet bitch boy, you’ve admitted it. Now we’ll make a formal declaration, on video.” At this, both he and Mr. Clark laughed heartily. Mr. Clark got out his phone, and Cal turned me straight towards him.

“Now you do exactly as I say,” he ordered. As his slave, whatever ideas I may have had, I couldn’t do. I had to obey.

“Yes, master.”

“Spread your legs, and put your right hand on your cock.” I did. “Now look at the camera and shake it with your hand.” I did that too, and it felt good, almost too good.

“Good. Keep playing with your cock, and tell the camera how much you love me, how you deserve to be my nude slave and how you love having me grope, spank and own you. Use your own words, and make it hot.”

Wow. I had to say all this while totally nude and playing with my cock in front of the teacher’s camera! Look how an average hookup had changed. I had walked in a regular twink, clothed with dignity, thinking I was just going to mess around a bit, and now I was my arch enemy’s nude slave. He expected me to tell him how much I loved him as I basically danced nude on camera! Wow, just wow. And even though this may have just started as fantasy play, every one of these things was actually happening, and now there’d be the video mamak escort to prove it!

“I am Zach, and I am master Calvin’s nude slave. Here is my naked cock, hard like a rock for master Cal. Master Cal has already felt my whole body, and spanked my naked ass. But I don’t mind, because I love him. He is so much more a man than me, I’m just his faggot toy. And you can tell I’m telling the truth by looking here, at my cock. See how hard it is? That’s because of Master Cal.”

To say that Cal was loving this was an understatement. His bulge was huge (as was Mr. Clark’s). And he decided to prove the point. He nodded to Mr. Clark to keep filming, and came into the picture, standing right behind me. Now it was his turn for a speech.

“And this is my shit face faggot slave. I own him, and can make him do any fucking thing I want.” As he said this, his hands came around to feel my chest and torso, and to pinch my nipples. “Do you like this, Zachy?”

“Yes, master Cal.”

“Good.” And then his hands went down, taking in my abs, and my dick jumped from pleasure, all on camera. They kept going down, until he softly wrapped his fingers around my cock, and moved it up and down.

“So you see,” he told the camera, “that Zachy is my nude faggot slave. Look how hard his cock is in my hands. And after this statement, he is going to lick my feet and pleasure me with his eager fucking mouth. And to end this video statement, enjoy!”

At that, he turned me around, pushed my head down, so my ass was to the camera, he spread my cheeks so my hole was revealed. He reach under and played with my balls for a moment, and then gave five solid spanks on my ass. After that, he signaled to Mr. Clark that the statement was over.

“I won’t send it now,” he said. Wait, send it??? To whom? Cal noticed my discomfort, and was in no mood to try to ease it.

“Yes, Zachy, Mr. Clark is going to send it to a few other guys in our class. Yes, I shared some info with him, hahaha. There’s a lot of shit that you don’t know, Zachy faggot. Everyone will see your important statement. But he won’t send it out right now, while you’re here. He’s gonna wait.. until we’re all in class together, when I send him the go-ahead. Won’t that be fun, nude slave Zachyyyy?” And with that, he gave me another spank on my ass.

“Now get to work.” He grabbed my hair and pushed me to my knees. Out came his cock from his pants, and my head was pulled in. “I’ll skip the feet licking for now, I’m horny to come. Serve me, faggot bitch, serve your master Calvin, Zachy baby slave. Serve me!!!!”

His meat was thick, slightly above average, but I have to admit, it was gorgeous. He was clearly super-horny, and shoved it right in my mouth, almost choking me. As he went in and out, he pulled harder on my hair and kept the insults coming. “You’re such a shit, Zachy, you don’t deserve to ever wear clothes in my presence. Look how horny you are for your superior. How does it feel to be my slave, Zachy? How does it FEEL?” And with that, he pulled out and exploded all over my face.

“Lie down on your back,” ordered Mr. Clark, who took off his shoes. I did. He came over to me and started to play with my cock with his feet. The gentle touching sent a tingling that I couldn’t resist, and within a minute, I shot all over myself.

And, I noticed, that Mr. Clark had also gotten some tissues to wipe up his cum. As they say, a good time was had by all, even me.

But what would happen with that video?

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