My Teacher, My Love Ch. 13My Teacher, My Love Ch. 13


Part 13 – Stress Release

Amy decided that it was time for bed for the both of us, and we both bid goodnight to our parents. I was pretty tired as I completely undressed and got into bed. Amy had a quick shower and soon joined me. The sheets were still slightly damp from this morning, but neither of us was really bothered. Amy said she would change the sheets tomorrow after work.

“So how are you feeling really?” Amy asked as she held me, one hand stroking my hair.

“Better with you next to me. But earlier I felt like such a child and realised that even though I am technically an adult, life without friends really left me unprepared for the responsibilities I have accepted in the last week.”

“Life can be pretty tough for most people, even if you were 30; I still think you have had to deal with a lot.”

“Do you think maybe I have rushed into things?” I asked quietly, both afraid of the answer and Amy’s reaction. She was silent for a moment but did not stop her movements.

“Over the past few days I have felt closer to you, the feelings I have for you are so new and wondrous and the happiest I have ever felt. But now that your parents have adopted me, I feel truly part of a family. So close in fact that ever since I have called them mom and dad, it has felt so normal that tomorrow I want to go somewhere I change my surname to Green.” This shocked me, but it made me so happy to hear her say it.

“I don’t know what to say, that sounds so beautiful. The fact you have only known us for less than a week, that we have made you so welcome as to want to change your name. But don’t you think it is a bit soon?”

“Exactly my point Sophie. So far everything that has happened as been the right thing, until a few days ago, I was still questioning it, but when the idea came about changing my name, I just thought, why fight it, whatever happens, can sometimes happen for a reason, we just have to take each day, learn from our mistakes and try new things. So we take life as it comes, sometimes it has it’s up’s, like us being together is definitely up there at the very top of great, then life has it’s down’s, like the pressure and sadness you feel by starting a friendship with Melissa. Melissa sounds to me like she could be the best friend you could ever have, you have things in common and you can really help her.”

“But you are my best friend Amy, only you.”

“I agree Sophie, but what we have is different from what you and Melissa have. We have a bond of love, a love that no one can take from us, as long as we remain honest and true to each other, nothing can change that. topkapı escort Melissa is a different type of friend, she is someone who you can confide in, and she can do the same with you, which she has done trustingly with you already. And I am very proud of you that the first thing you wanted to do with Melissa, apart from make friends, was to help her, and so far you are doing it very well. But one day, you will tell her that you are gay, and that I am your partner, and when you tell her, she will be happy for you, because that is what best friends do.”

“Not all friends. Look at Claire; she turned her back on you when you told her.”

“Over the years I think part of me understood why. When Claire asked me if I liked her and when I told her I did, I think she got scared when she became aggressive towards me and gay people. I think she may have had feelings for me as well, but was just too scared to admit it. Maybe like me if she had time to think things through, she may have come to like me in that way or just be happy to be just friends. But she had already done the worst thing she could ever do to a person, especially me, and decided to just stay away. Over the last few years since I became a teacher, seeing all the children laugh and play, sharing secrets, standing up for each other, I have been remembering all the good times Claire and I had. I wondered what it might be like to try and find her, maybe now we are both adults we can discuss it maturely. I even think from a therapist’s point of view it may give me closure on the pain I have felt all these years.”

“Do you want me to help you find her; I mean it sounds like a good idea to maybe finally find out why she did what she did”

“Sophie, you are doing it again, helping me deal with my problems, while I’m trying to help you deal with yours. Claire has had plenty of chances over the years to find me and apologise, so if I want to do this, I am quite happy to wait, now that I have you I don’t feel the pain anymore, just unanswered questions. But thank you Sophie, just wanting to help me so freely without even thinking about it, makes me realise just how amazing you are and how much I love you.” She leaned over me, bringing our lips together. We soon lost control, conversation over. I pulled her fully on top of me. We slowly gyrated against each other as our kisses became more frantic as the need to share our love became more apparent to us. My hands were exploring and holding her back as she lifted slightly so she could get her hands on my breasts. She was very rough to start with and was pinching my nipples. I stopped her fatih escort with my hand.

“Slow down Amy, we have all night, I know you love me, but I want us to be gentler with each other.” She nodded in agreement. And returned to my lips gently, sucking my tongue into her mouth, then massaged it with her own. My hand was still on Amy’s, guiding it on my breast, but I let go and began to feel her breast. Her nipple was already pretty hard but the more I rubbed her breast and nipple the more erect it became. She began to explore my neck as she licked and tasted it. I made a very nice love mark on her shoulder. Don’t ask me why, but I think she was turning me on so much. I managed to switch positions, as I moved her on to her back and me on top; I wanted my mouth on her breasts.

“You are just so beautiful Amy.” I whispered as I kissed my way down from her ear and neck to the valley between her breasts. “I want to taste every inch of you, but first I want my mouth on your breasts.”

“Oh god Sophie, I need your fucking mouth there now, please?” She asked so nicely, how could I refuse. As I licked and sucked her right nipple, I pinched and rubbed her left one between my thumb and finger. Then I switched places. Amy was moaning loudly by now. Encouraging me to continue. Even though I was lightly rubbing her pussy with my thigh, my attention to her breasts was too much for her.

“Oh fuck baby, I’m cumming, aaaahhhhhh.” She screamed.

“Wow, I haven’t even got down there yet.” She smiled but was still coming down from her orgasm. I had not stopped playing with her breasts, as my hand had moved to between her legs. Her honey was running from her lips, as I ran my fingers through her slit, as I felt her inside and out, I started on her clit, and then moved two fingers inside of her as I continued to suckle on her. Her skin was flawless, and tasted of Amy, so good.

“You taste so good Amy, I think I want to taste your inner you, can I do that?”

“Please.” She begged.

“Always so polite, I love that about you.” I could see the smile as we teased each other. I slipped down her body, kissing a trail, stopping a short while at her stomach, exploring her belly button. My fingers were building a slow tempo as I moved in and out of her. Her hips were matching the movements of my fingers as the speed slowly increased. Finally I moved down and started to taste the inner Amy, god she tasted so good. I licked around my fingers and her slit. But eventually I wanted her to feel really good. So I latched onto her clit, licking and sucking on it. Her hips started to move faster, so I started eyüp escort to increase the speed of my fingers.

“Oh god, Sophie, faster, please, oh right there. Add a finger, harder baby, oh fuck me good Sophie, and suck my clit harder baby.” I was building her up but she was going to cum real soon. Then her vagina walls clamped down on my fingers as she screamed my name.

“SOPHIE.” Wow, it was so good to here say my name like that. The noises I could produce from her and the reactions I could make her have. It almost made me cum when she did. After she has rested a few minutes. I crawled back up to kiss her.

“Can you taste yourself Amy?”

“Yes, but you taste better.” Then flipped me on to my back, into our original positions. “Do you want to try something new?”

“Not tonight, I just need you. So if you don’t mind? The area between my legs really needs your mouth on it. I appreciate any help you can give.”

“Always baby, anything to make you feel as good as you make me feel.” And she kissed me again before moving down to my pussy. She stopped for several minutes, giving my breasts some much needed attention, before my hands pushed her head further down my body. She started kissing around my pussy, taking her sweet, gentle time. Bitch.

“Would you please just fuck me already?”

“Well with language like that I may just have to stop.”

“Don’t you fucking dare? I made you cum twice, so pretty please with sugar on the top, I need to cum so fucking bad, please, Amy, my sweet love. I need you NOW.”

“With a plea like that, how can I refuse such a sweet declaration?” After being so gentle she suddenly became ferocious. Even though earlier I wanted her to take her time, my need was too much.

“Harder, faster baby.” She only used her fingers to separate my lips, but otherwise her tongue, teeth and mouth did all the work. She was so fast; it felt like every part of her mouth was touching every part of my pussy. I was building, I could feel it coming. I held her head tightly against my pussy, and then added more pressure by moving my legs over her shoulders. I was really moving quite frantically against her as my orgasm built. It didn’t take long.

“Oh yes, I’m cumming, AMYYYYYYYYY.” I screamed as I came. God I passed out again. Masturbation was in its infancy compared to her. I came to with Amy spooning against me, her breasts pressed against my back.

“So wonderful Amy, you are just too good to me.”

“I try my best, let’s sleep now, I have set the alarm to wake us up a bit earlier at 6.30am. I think I might have an idea to help Melissa agree to our secret, about me living here.”

“Ok, tell me tomorrow, now let’s just sleep. Love you Amy, night.”

“Love you too Sophie, very much. Sweet dreams my dear, sweet, angel.” I smiled as I drifted to sleep.

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