My Sweet SeductionMy Sweet Seduction


Did you ever have a good day that just got better and better till it became great?Hi, I’m Jade. I have a day off work today…..and it’s all mine. It’s one of those warm balmy days when the sun is warm enough to make your skin glow. I slip on a little strappy summer dress and a gorgeous pair of heels.I’m going to Bohemia today. It’s an inner city suburb full of galleries, boutiques, cafés and surprises. I love the atmosphere. The lone guitarist scratching a living on a street corner. I feel life pulsing here. Bohemia is different to all other areas, it screams “fuck high rise, we don’t want it.”I browse through shops, drooling over all that I can’t have, making mental notes of what’s worth a second look. Shopping can be thirsty work, so I head off to my favourite café.The Three Monkeys is one of a kind. I love it here. It’s an intimate, inviting place, a fusion of Middle East meets nana’s old furniture. Walking through, I pass an alcove with cushioned seating shrouded in gauzy fabric, little tables for two with inlaid chess boards, some with backgammon. There are a couple Çukurambar escort of time-worn old sofas that beckon… “sit on me and you’ll never want to leave.”I make my way out to the back, to the garden. This is like home, only on a grand scale. Outdoor settings for two, four, six and a huge big round setting for party groups. All of this is shaded by two huge Jacaranda trees in full lilac bloom.I find the only vacant table. My coffee is a few minutes away, good time to catch up on text messages. I’m so absorbed in one of them, I hardly look up when I feel someone at my table. I assume it’s the waitress. Yeah rude, I know. “Excuse me, is this seat taken?” Startled, I look up into the most exquisite pair of eyes on the planet. OMG don’t stare like that! These eyes are chocolate brown almonds. She has a dark olive complexion and thick curly long dark brown hair.Now don’t go thinking I’m a lesbian, I’m not. I just enjoy watching people, all kinds. I love watching the elderly, so much life experience written on their faces. But I digress.”Oh, demetevler escort bayan oh yes, I mean no, sorry, I was miles away.” We make our introductions her name is Lana. She tells me how she’s new to Bohemia, just bought a little apartment a couple of blocks away. She’s passed by the Monkeys a few times, today she was drawn in by the delicious smell of coffee and the sound of laughter. Well, over coffee and about thirty minutes, we’re laughing, having fun getting to know each other. I like her.I tell her about my favourite haunts along Boundary street, we seem to have a similar passion for shopping. She tells me about a sexy pair of stilettos she’s seen. She lays her hand on my arm as she speaks. She’s done that twice now. Oh man, is she flirting with me? We decide to hit the shops together. I take her to my favourite boutique, not mass-produced garments, but still affordable. We both find dresses we love. In the bag, straight off the rack.We pick up a few essentials of life, bath oil for me, a new lippy for Lana. Escort dikmen The fantastic plastic hasn’t been too abused. Last stop is an old curiosity shop Lana wanted to visit. I make a beeline straight to the old jewellery. I love art deco. Jewellery in this style is as rare as hen’s teeth. I debated whether the plastic had enough stretch to let me buy the piece I’d found. “Hey Jade, get your butt over here, girl. Check this out.”She’d been looking for an old picture frame. She’d found it. This frame was huge, solid wood with amazing delicate carving. The sales lady was great, she let Lana haggle her down 25%. The deal was done. The sales lady was pretty savvy though; once Jade was the proud owner of the frame, sales lady told her they didn’t deliver.I can see a plan being hatched from twenty paces. Lana looks at me with those gooey chocolate eyes. “We could carry it together Jade, it’s only two blocks. I have a great bottle of white in the fridge.”We must have looked a real sight. The two of us in our little dresses and stilettos, shopping bags over our arms, lugging a massive picture frame along the street. But she’d been right. It only took us five minutes.Before long the frame is propped up against the wall in the lounge room.”Glass of wine, Jade?” No need to ask twice. Again there we were having a laugh, the wine having an almost instant effect. I get so giggly after just one glass.

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