My Straight Girl Crush Ch. 02My Straight Girl Crush Ch. 02


(All Characters Are Over 18)

I awoke to the sound of my alarm clock screaming at me. I slowly got out of bed and walked to my bathroom to start my day. I did my usual routine shower, make my hair all sexy, and brush my teeth. It was a normal morning for me. While I was walking down the stairs my phone started vibrating against my leg. I pressed the talk button.

“Hello?” I said.

“Hey it’s Anna” she said cheerfully.

“Oh hey what’s up?” I said plainly.

“Just setting up for my party tonight. You’re coming to it right?”

she asked.

I totally forgot it was tonight I thought to myself. “Yeah of course I’m coming silly” I said nervously.

“Good! Hey it would be really awesome if you came to my house and help me set up.”

I laughed “Alright I’ll be over in a little.” “Thank you! See you in a little bye.”

I hung up the phone and ran up stairs to get dressed. I ended up wearing a red and white plaid shirt with black skinny jeans and I also decided to grab my aviators since it was sunny. I grabbed my keys from down stairs and headed out to my hummer. While I was driving down the road I was thinking about how Anna really felt about me being a lesbian but of course my brain always over analyze things so I tried thinking about other things. I was driving down to seem what was suppose to be a driveway and what led to it was a oversized mansion. I got out of my car and walked to the door and knocked.

After a few minutes someone answered. He was a tall man with jet black hair that was combed Gaziantep Oral Escort back with gel. I figured he was Anna’s dad.

“Aww you must be Shane please do come in” he said very properly.

“Anna is on the back patio I’ll show you.”

I kept looking around in amazement while I mindlessly followed him. When we finally arrived he opened a sliding glass door which led to the back patio. I saw Anna and a guy hanging up lights.

“Anna your friend is here” he said.

Anna came running over and took my hand. My face became red and warm. “Thank you daddy” she said while kissing his cheek.

He began walking back inside until he was no longer in view. “Thank you again for coming to help and oh there is someone I want you to meet.”

She led me toward the guy while she was still holding my hand. He turned around and introduced himself. “Hi I’m Spencer Anna’s boyfriend I’ve heard a lot about you” he said while he shook my hand.

My mind went blank after hearing those words. “Umm I’m Shane good to meet you.”

This was gonna be a long day I thought to myself.

When it came around to be 9 pm the whole back patio was ready for the party and people started showing up. Within a half an hour the place was packed and some how I was left alone surround by random people at the lounge area by the pool. I felt stupid for even thinking that I had a chance to talk to Anna at a party like this especially with her boyfriend here. I just watched as everyone was enjoying themselves. I had to pee so I began walking toward the house. I managed to squeeze through everyone so I could walk up stairs to the bathroom but I heard yelling from the next room.

I opened the door just in time to see Spencer slap Anna across the face. “What the fuck are doing?” I yelled while getting in between Spencer and Anna.

“Shane this is none of your concern please leave” Spencer said calmly.

“No Spencer I suggest you leave unless you want me to call the cops and have your ass thrown in jail” I said while pulling out my phone.

He looked shocked that I even said that and he walked to the door while slamming it on the way out. I turned around to see Anna sitting on her bed while crying in her hands. I quickly sat next to her while I wrapped my arms around her.

“It’s okay I’m here” I said softly while holding her in my arms.

She looked up at me with her swollen lip and bruised face. “Can you please just stay with me?” she asked.

“I’m not going anywhere” I said while smiling.

She began to lay back on her bed and pulled me down with her so she could cuddle up against me. “Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yeah but I’m still a little shaky.”

We just laid there together cuddling eventually the noise outside started to lower and we quickly fell into a deep sleep.

When I woke Anna was no longer next to me which sent me into a panic. I quickly got up and ran into the hallway where I bumped into Anna causing her to fall on top of me. As a instinct I put my hands on her hips while our eyes just locked. It felt like a eternity until she jumped off of me and onto her feet. I quickly stood up facing in front of her. I knew my face was red because I could feel the warmth in my cheeks. “Well that is a very interesting way to say good morning” she while laughing.

I chuckled “Yeah it is.” She started to smile at me with her perfect teeth on full display. “Well I should get going since we have school tomorrow and I have homework that needs to done” I said awkwardly.

“Okay I’ll walk you to the front door.”

When we got to the front door I opened it and turned around to say goodbye. “Well this was a umm interesting party” I said.

“Indeed it was” she said.

I walked a little bit closer to her. “Thank you for inviting me by the way” I said while standing close to her.

“Thank you for comforting me.”

“Anytime you need comforting just give me a call” I said while smiling.

She pulled me into her for a hug and I put my hand around her waist. We began to separate but we stopped half way just enough to look into each others eyes. On sudden instinct I kissed her tenderly. I quickly came back to reality and backed up until I was outside again.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to it just sort of happened” I stuttered.

She walked toward me and gave me a quick peck on the lips. “I’ll see you tomorrow at school” she said while biting her lip and walking backwards into her house.

“Bye” I managed to say.

She waved goodbye and closed her door. I began walking towards my car and got in. While sitting there I thought to myself I can’t wait until school tomorrow. I started the car and drove down the the road toward my house.

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