My Sisters Pantyhose and Feet Pt. 02My Sisters Pantyhose and Feet Pt. 02



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To know whats going on read part number 1.

All characters are 18 or above


I wanted to run after her as she was closing the doors to her room but decided against it. I needed to give her time for whatever decision she would make, with whatever outcome there was for me. To clear my head I went to shower, throwing all my clothes in laundry basket and leaving soiled hose on top of it to later decide what to do with it, not really smart if I look back at it but I wasn’t at top of clear thinking back then.

Taking shower was probably the best idea, clearing my head, coming up with a plan. I would try to go to her and beg not to tell our parents as they would probably lose their shit with me doing such perverted stuff. Everything was coming together in my head and when my mood started getting just a little bit better it all crashed down again when I exited shower and noticed that the hose are gone! She must have taken them as I was showering, probably as evidence to out parents. I was again horrified. Without thinking much I knocked on her doors but there was no response. I put my ear to the doors and tried to catch any sound in her room but all I hear was some muffled sounds, probably crying. Not knowing what else to do I just went back to my room from our shared bathroom while I caught glimpse of myself in mirror, naked, probably better that she didn’t open the door.

Sleep came really fast and dreams with them. I was still lying in my bed naked while she came into my room. Her body only illuminated by moonlight coming trough my window. She was wearing silk robe but as our eyes met she dropped it down revealing her bare chest and legs encased in the same pantyhose i soiled this evening. My dick was rock hard under covers and already twitching just from this view. She surely Demetevler Escort saw it looking straight at it.

“Show it to me big bro, show me how I make you feel” – her eyes never left mine as she said it and just like I was enchanted I slowly pulled down the covers I was lying under. As her eyes where glued to mine before right now they were glued to my penis which was standing still harder than ever. Her hands started to travel around her body, her fingertips gently teasing already hard nipples. One hand focusing on her breasts while the other very slowly lower and lower until she touches her pussy. My dick started to leak precum just by looking at my sexy little sister rubbing her pantyhose covered pussy and her tits.

“Touch it for me big bro, touch yourself just” – I didn’t need more encouragement as i started masturbating looking at my sister playing with herself. She rubbed her pussy the same speed I jerked off, slowly at the beginning but getting faster and faster as i got more and more turned on. She started moaning as she was no longer matching my pace but she went wild with her hands, one of them pinching her nipples and the other furiously masturbating her pussy. I felt the tension building up in my balls as I was getting closer and closer and then she made most wonderful sound and she came. Her legs refused to listen her anymore as she collapsed on the floor but her gaze never left my dick. I was almost at my boiling point when she sat on the opposite site of my bed and with help of her hands she moved her pantyhose covered legs so her feet were sitting on my thighs. She started rubbing her feet against me as I was at the edge.

“Cum on my feet big brother, I know you love them, I know you want them. Mark them as yours, cover them in your hot baby batter.” – Even if I would want to resist those words put me way above Demetevler Escort Bayan the edge as i erupted. She took her foot and placed in on top of my dick as I cummed and my whole load ended up on her foot. As I finished she started rubbing them together.

“So much cum big brother, you really must have wanted to violate your little sister feet with your cum.” – She said smiling as she started to peel them off her legs and placed them on my night table, then without saying anything more she stood up and went to her room collecting her robe on her way there. Best dream ever.

When I woke up in the morning well-rested and relaxed still thinking about my dream and before yesterday problems came to me I saw them. There they was, my sisters black pantyhose on my night desk. Was this really a dream or was it a reality? When I took them into my hands they were still wet with my cum, so it must have been reality! Not really knowing what to do with it, or if my mind is not playing tricks with me, as maybe it was me who placed them there, instead of laundry basked as I though I just went on with my day. Started with shower to clear my head again and before I bothered myself with any school work, as it was school next day, I went to kitchen for some coffee and breakfast. As I was at the bottom of the stairs I saw Marie getting dressed and when she saw me she said

“Hey, I’m going out with my friends, will be home at evening probably. There is lunch money on kitchen countertop if you want to order something.

“No worries, have fun with your friends!” – And after that she was gone. Maybe it was fot the better that only me and Paula was at home that day as out parents still haven’t returned from their business trip, so I could have a chance talking with her. As I was pouring myself coffee she came running down from the stairs. When i Escort Demetevler saw her I probably looked like deer caught in the lights. She was wearing same robe I dreamed of and what I firstly thought were bare legs turned out to be nude pantyhose.

“Did Marie left already?” – She asked not really paying attention to my reaction as I saw her.

“Yeah, she just left, why?”

“On, nothing much. Just wanted to ask her about something. Did something happened big bro? You seem flustered.”

“Yeah, I wanted to talk to you about yesterday”

“Hey, no worries. I knew you masturbate, like every guy does it, hell even I do it sometimes, but maybe next time lock your doors, you wouldn’t want mom or dad finding you like this.” – She laughed as she said that, but my mind was going like thousand miles per hour. Why she didn’t mention night at all, only about when she caught me masturbating?

“Yeah you probably right, will try to remember it next time” – I smiled and tried to look as unbothered as I could but I was screaming inside what was going on.

“By the way, wanna watch a movie later? There is this new horror I wanted to watch but I’m scared to do it alone” – She asked looking at me with those green eyes I dreamed about and started to get hard behind the counter remembering my dream.

“Yeah, sure, we can order pizza, Marie left us some money for lunch, eat and watch movie after that.”

“I love the idea!” – She came closer to me and when there was not counter between us my eyes automatically went to her feet, looking so hot in those nude pantyhose, which by the way was my favorite color. – “See you later BIG brother” – I can swear i heard her emphasize word big, when she grabbed coffee I poured myself, kissed my check and went back to her room. I stood there dumbstruck with my dick already hard wondering what is happening or am I losing my mind.

“What the hell am I getting into?” – I just said to myself as I poured another cup of coffee and went back to my room.


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