My Sister’s Panties Pt. 01My Sister’s Panties Pt. 01


Although I am now 50, I fondly (and frequently) reflect upon those years from puberty to early adulthood. My name is Paul, and I am the youngest of three. My brother Fred is four years older, and my sister Leslie is two years older than me. Fred was a good big brother, but he was frequently absent because of his many activities. Leslie was very studious but not a nerd. She was pretty, 5’6″ medium length light brown hair and usually tanned skin. She had her share of boyfriends…most were assholes in my opinion. My parents were loving, kind and involved in our lives. We had a wonderful home, great schools, attended church and enjoyed a variety of social activities. Although my parents never talked about sex, my siblings and I started out very early and very actively.

For me, it all started shortly after my 18th birthday and it was my senior year in high school. I have always been athletic, competing in various sports, excelling in a few. Swimming was not just a sport, it was part of life. We had a pool that my siblings and I used more frequently than my parents. My older sister often sunbathed more than swam. She was an excellent swimmer, but she preferred to lay out and read. That was fine with me, because we weren’t allowed to swim alone.

One day, I came home from wrestling practice and wanted to take a soak in the jacuzzi. My mom told me Leslie was reading by the pool and to ask her if she would mind watching me. I went out the side door to the pool area and found my sister was laying out by the pool reading. She was in her sophomore year of college and seemed to always be in the books or writing.

As I walked into the pool area, Leslie asked me “What’s wrong?”

“I had a tough practice today, and I’m really sore. I was thinking I would hop in the jacuzzi.” I responded.

Then, she surprised me, “How about a massage? It will help more than the jacuzzi.”

“I don’t know, I’m kind of smelly and you’re busy anyway.” I commented shyly. I was trying not to stare at her in her bikini. She was propped up on one elbow looking directly into my eyes. I could see most of her breasts, because she had undone the back of the bikini top.

She said, “I don’t care. You don’t stink like Fred used to (our older brother). Come lay down on a towel.” She patted the towel. She raised up to tie her bikini top. When she did, I saw her breasts completely exposed for a brief second. It was incredible. Needless to say, my young mind responded without an intelligent thought, rather my cock became instantly erect. So, I dropped down quickly on the towel to cover my obvious erection. Leslie must have noticed, güneyşehir escort because she giggled a little bit.

I said, what’s so funny?

Oh, nothing…just something I was reading about.

I didn’t think anything more of it. I shifted a little to let my erection be more comfortable and hopefully die down.

Leslie asked, so where are you hurting?

Around my shoulders, middle back and my legs.

She took some of her baby oil and started dripping it onto my shoulders. I rolled away exclaiming “fuck, that’s cold…what is that?”

She laughed and said it was just baby oil and it would make the massage feel much better. “Now, quit acting like a baby and get back over here.”

I laid back down on the towel, my erection was no problem any longer, as it went into hiding with my yelp. As soon as her hands touched my skin I was in another world. Her hands were softer than anything I’d ever felt in my life. They glided with the help of the oil. When she began massaging my muscles, my erection returned with a vengeance. It wasn’t just the rubbing of her hands, but she had shifted and I could feel her leg on my side. Her breathing was steady but heavier than normal, and I could feel her breath on my neck and shoulders. It was hot and smelled of something sweet she was drinking. But the fragrance that was most effecting me was much different. I turned my head towards her and breathed in more deeply and concentrating on the smell. I opened my eyes and realized Leslie’s bikini covered pussy was just inches from my face. I could see a little spot right where the material covered her pussy. Fuck, I’m smelling my sister’s cunt and it’s amazing.

I was shaken from my trance with Leslie raising her voice at me…”I asked, does the massage feel good?”

Feeling like I was caught, I stammered back…”yeah, but my neck is bothering me now.”

She quickly got up, grabbed another towel and placed it under my face. She had me rest my chin on the towel. She squatted and sat right in front of me and started massaging my neck. I was staring at her “bikini spot” and taking deep breaths. Her spot was a little bigger and the fragrance was intoxicating. My erection seemed bigger than ever and it was all I could do to keep from reaching out and touching my sister. Before too long, she stood up and moved to massage my back. It felt good, but I was missing my front row view and smell-a-vision. But soon, she moved down to my legs…and my raging hard on was straining against the towel covered concrete. Her hands were magic and relaxed my legs güneyşehir escort bayan almost without any pressure. As she massaged my inner thighs, she grazed my hard cock head a few times. I thought, the next time she does, I’m not going to be able keep from cumming.

As if the massage couldn’t get any better…I thought the massage was over after my legs…she moved up, straddled me and sat on my ass. She said she could get better leverage on my back this way. She was putting her weight into the massage and a few times I could feel her bikini covered tits touch my back. However, that wasn’t even the best part…I could feel the heat and wetness of her pussy on my ass. Then it happened, without any manipulation, I came…and, I grunted and tensed. She stopped for a second, then I felt more pressure on my ass, her breathing became faster, she tensed and she soaked her bikini bottoms and my swimsuit covered ass. Obviously, she is a squirter. Without a word, Leslie stood up, wrapped a towel around her waist and went inside.

I didn’t move for a few minutes. I was stunned and in disbelief of what just happened. My 20 yo big sister just gave me a massage with kind of a happy ending for both of us. What the FUCK? I realized I was most excited by the smell of her pussy. I wanted more…would this massage thing ever happen again? What can I do? I decided to jump in the pool and swim a few laps to clear my head.

Days went by and nothing more came of the massage incident. Leslie never let on that anything abnormal or taboo had occurred between us. After a few weeks, I thought I would never again get to experience the joy, lust and love I felt that day with my big sister.

————————————- 8 months later ————————————-

My 19th birthday had come and gone. Up to this point, I had a few sexual experiences, but nothing compared to the feeling I remembered from the massage incident.

I usually had practice or some other activity after school. On one particular day, I came home right after school and found I had the house to myself. It was peaceful and I decided to listen to some of my sister’s music (we have similar taste in music). I went to her room to look through her collection. When I entered, something on the floor caught my eye. It was a light crème color pair of panties. I had seen them before as Leslie is not shy about walking around the house in a t-shirt and panties. But, this was different, much different. I went over and picked up the panties and just stared at them. She had worn escort güneyşehir these and not put them in the hamper. I had seen her dirty panties in the hamper many times and not given much thought to them.

Again, this was different, I was different. Upon staring at the panties, I began to wonder if they had her scent. I brought them closer to my nose and breathed in…picking up a hint of her scent, I brought them closer still and breathed more deeply. I yelled out…FUCK YEAH!!! I went over to her hamper and pulled out two more pair of white and light blue cotton panties. All were the same style, low cut briefs. All had her scent…of course the crème panties had the most scent, because they were the most recently worn. Besides smelling them, I began inspecting them. It was at this point, I thought I better take these to my room just in case someone comes home. Once in my room, with the door secured, I felt safe to continue on with my discovery and exploration…my sister’s panties. Each pair had a tiny hint of pee, no brown mistakes, light discharge and Leslie’s unmistakable pussy scent.

Being a novice to the world of the panty fetish, I really didn’t know what else to do at that point. I loved smelling them and looking at them…so, I tried the next thing…I put on a pair. I didn’t and still don’t care to wear panties; however, the feeling of my sister’s panties…where her pussy discharge was…I was rubbing against my now raging hard cock (I’m not a porn star by any means…7″ cut, moderate thickness…no complaints that I’m aware of). I was actually fantasizing about fucking my big sister’s pussy…having her squirt her juices all over me…and cumming inside her. I had her other pairs in my other hand and breathing in the scent with every breath. I felt intoxicated just like with the massage incident. Without much thought, I turned one inside out and took a taste.

Once again I yelled…FUCK YEAH!!! I pulled off the panties and carefully wrapped my cock, so that the head had the discharge on it. I started stroking, licking the other pair and repeating over and over…I love your cunt Leslie. Needless to say, I didn’t last very long. I started shooting ropes of cum into my sister’s panties. I was spent, one pair of panties on my cock and another pair still being licked. Then panic struck me, what the fuck do I with this cum soaked pair of panties. I thought for a second, then brought the panties to my mouth and started sucking my cum from them. I swallowed, it didn’t taste half bad, so I continued until I noticed Leslie’s discharge had kind of dissolved with my cum. I licked and I could taste her with me. I was hooked. I knew at that point, I want more and I want it more often. I knew I had to be careful, because getting caught would probably mean a lot of problems for me with my parents and sister. Thus begins my adventures with panties.


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