My sexy best friendMy sexy best friend


Angel’s glistening green eyes stared a me. She was quite beautiful and I was glad to call her my best friend. We hadn’t been hanging around very long, just a semester or so but our personalities matched up and we started handing around all the time.She told me she had made out with a girl before, but I didn’t judge because so had I. I had no feelings for her and didn’t worry about the possibility of her liking me. “I wish I had your chest, Ashley” she sighed.”Why mine?” I wondered.”They’re big, unlike mine. Boys like big boobs,” she replied.”Don’t wish that, you have a wonderful body and any boy would want you.”I looked deep into her eyes.”I mean it,” I added.She just crawled onto my bed and laid on her back. I crawled in front of her, sitting at her feet. I stared at her body and felt an abnormal tingle in my pussy. I found myself licking my lips and eyeing her pussy. She was wearing shorts and had her legs slightly spread, exposing a few small pubic hairs coming out of the side. I bit my lip. I felt the sudden need to masturbate to her but I felt it would be wrong. We had both güvenilir bahis been with a girl before but we weren’t gay or anything and we were best friends. I never noticed this kind of attraction towards her before.”You’re really sexy,” I blurted.”What?” She sat up slightly.”Oh….umm-I ummm…”I stammered.”You really think I’m sexy?””Yes.”She sat up and looked at me. It was like my compliment set something off in her head.She laid back down and we changed the topic. I moved beside her, laying inches apart.”How are you only getting a 78 in gym?” she asked me while running her fingers through her hair. I noticed a flex in her bicep.”I don’t really like gym,” I answered.”It was okay. I could do better push ups and sit ups than the guys in my class could which shows how weak our school is because I barely have abs,” she declared, lifting her shirt.I had to resist the touch. They looked rock hard. Her toned abs, her sexy eight pack. I couldn’t make out any words to say to this. Why was she turning me on so much? Why was I so attracted to her?She pulled her shirt back down and said, güvenilir bahis siteleri “see, don’t you agree? I barely have any abs.””I disagree,” I answered.She pulled her shirt all the way up this time, exposing her bra. She had small 34A tits that would fit perfectly in my hands. God, just the thought of grasping them makes me wet. They were perky and round, kept together with an off-white lace bra.”Feel how much flab I have,” she requested.I reached out and touched her rock hard abs. I felt no flab. In fact, it felt like she was flexing.She left her shirt up even after I pulled my hand back. She still kept her abs flexed and her chest exposed. If only she was wearing a thinner fabric bra. I wanted to know if her nipples were erect.That little tease! She is teasing me! Could she sense that my pussy is soaked and my clit is throbbing? She knows I’m turned on and is using it against me.She sat up and gravity pulled her shirt back down. We were a good distance apart but I could smell her perfume from where I sat. It was intoxicating so I leaned in.Why have I never iddaa siteleri noticed how fucking sexy she was? My nipples are hard, my pussy is wet and pulsing from horniness. I need her.I reached out and touched her thighs. She didn’t react so I slid my hand up her inner thigh towards her pussy. I stopped just inches away, testing her reaction.I looked up to find her biting her lower lip and looking at me with hungry eyes.I moved my face to hers, I could feel her hot breath. We were both biting our lips and could practically read each other’s minds. We both wanted this.I tilted my head forward, lightly caressing her lips with mine. I moved my body closer to her and just let my lips melt into hers. We fell back onto the bed with her head on the pillow, me on top of her. I started with my hands in her hair and moved them down her neck. I am now touching her chest. I grabbed her left breast with my hand and gently squeezed it. She let out a soft moan.I parted my lips from hers and started to kiss her neck and continued to fondle with her breasts. I reached up her shirt and slipped my hand in her bra. I grazed her erect nipples.She stopped me and I thought I had gone too far but she took her shirt off instead. She fell forward onto me and kissed me, her tongue swirling around with mine.I was running my hands up and down her back.

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